★★ Announcing Voltage’s first international Global Election for 2015! ★★

Help your bias get to #1 to get a gift from him… (♥ω♥ ) ~♪

The General Election has started, accessible through Sweet Cafe. Vote now!!

“You should’ve seen the way he was looking at you while you were out.”
I smiled a little. “How?”
“Like you’re the ocean, and he’s desperate to drown.”

               — Michelle Hodkin, The Retribution of Mara Dyer [x]

On the fated days of May 16-18 of 2015, Voltage Inc had their first official major sale. In 18 apps, all the sub-stories were reduced to $0.99 each and there were 25% price reduction for all the stories in a character’s route. (Except for My Forged Wedding, whereas only sub-stories were on sale, and Dreamy Days in West Tokyo, where only select stories were on sale.) 

It was the weekend where the Voltage Inc Tumblr Fandom officially died from either happiness or sadness because of their empty wallets. It was also the weekend where many credit card companies had called the members of the Voltage fandom, asking them to confirm their waves of purchases and their identities in case of identity fraud.

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This jewelry made me think of voltage games, not all games, but some.