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Honestly I just want to be so disgustingly in love strangers actually cringe or gag when they see me and my partner but hahaha I'm forever single

honestly same oop it would be super nice for real :( you will find the right person some day!!! even if they’re not in your life yet you have so long ahead of you and you’ll find someone, i promise :p


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(p1)- I recently broke off an unhealthy relationship with a cheating ex, and started anew with a great girlfriend who has been better to me than anyone has been in my life, but today we went out and I was just placed in an uncomfortable situation.

(p2)- She kept on pressuring me to have fun when I told her outright that I was uncomfortable and stressed and just wanted to go home. Now I feel as though she’s angry with me for some reason and I have no idea what to do.

People who pressure other people are literally the scum of the earth. One reason why I’m single is because all my partners try to pressure me into drinking. It must be my age group. No means no. Don’t try to bargain with me. I will cut you.

If you said how you felt and she didn’t leave it alone, I would tell her that it made you feel disrespected. Don’t hold onto your feelings until you blow up 6 months later after fighting about something completely unrelated.

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I just need an honest opinion I don't really want to get married or have kids I it's creepy that there's a life growing in side you but all so I'm like 17 so idk maybe I will change my mind but I high doubt that I've felt like this since I was maybe 12-13 I would rather adopt than have my own bc there are many kids who need a home hand parents I will probably adopt even if I don't have a partner I will be a single mom who gives my kid/kids everything they deserve and I trie to raise them right

Well this is a serious conversation for the blog, but it’s totally normal to have these feelings. Again, it’s your life. I’m in no place to judge. I didn’t have the urge to truly want children until the past year and even now I doubt if having kids would be a good idea.

Just know that adoption is horribly expensive and there is a lot that goes into it. It can be just as difficult if not more difficult than having a child of your own. The adoption system right now is more of a money market than people want to believe (I study adoption reform and female reproductive rights)

If you don’t want children, don’t have them. I believe that a child deserves a loving household, no matter what form. However, children are expensive and a lot of responsibility. You are still rather young and should focus on being a happy teenager.

Again, this is my opinion, but I’m not really one to be having this conversation. I just have opinions based off what I’ve seen.

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who is the woman Mark Weber is talking about in that last gif? I thought the Aussie was single My bad

It’s his partner and agent, Ann Neal. I don’t know if they’re married or not but they live together with Mark’s son, I think. More can be learned from my friend, @markwebberaus! 😉

When I’m in a relationship, I tend to prioritize my hobbies such that I’m giving up ones of lesser relevance to dive into things my partner enjoys.

When single, the interests I’ve had since I was a kid come rushing back. In short, though I rarely blog it, space (and science in general) and literature are my current jams.

Also getting back into World of Warcraft a little. But I have a lot of life events going on here so that’s cool

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being into piss is like my biggest secret, I've never told a single partner, I wish I could see you irl

Same here, I’ve never told anyone irl about it except people I’ve met online because of it. And message me

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red through gray

red - what’s your sexual/romantic orientation?
asexual polyromantic!

orange - do you have any crushes?

yellow - what’s the last time you kissed somebody?
well, i dont think virtual kisses count, sooo never?

green - how to win your heart?
1. respect people if they DESERVE respect (ie shitty xenophobic racist sexist capitalist running for POTUS? nope!)
2. remember that im clingy. never speak 2 me and i will love u more

blue - what’s your ideal partner like?
uhhhhh idk yet! my partner rn is pretty awesome tho so :’)

indigo - are you single?

pink - post a picture of yourself!
m8 i would but like…. my intense self-loathing says no (i mean just msg me off anon if u wanna see what i look like i guess??)

violet - what are you like in a relationship?
im bad at self-analysis but id say im jealous, clingy, overbearing, annoying,

grey - when’s the last time you said ‘i love you’?
about five hrs ago (at 11:30 am)

Right now I am feeling sad about my pregnancies. They were both such difficult times in my life. With my first I was sick 24/7 plus unplanned+ young pregnant woman = can’t celebrate. With my second: break up w partner, partners psychotic break, single parenting a toddler +still young unwed judged pregnant woman= can’t celebrate.
I have this passion for pregnancy and bodies making new people’s bodies and for tiny humans and I feel like I was unable to embody that passion during the times I was pregnant. Maybe I didn’t like dig deep enough, get in touch w my divine feminine or something. In that way i feel like a failure. And it feels unfair. And I dont know if I will ever be pregnant again (because reasons) and I have incredibly mixed feelings about that.

But I also have these incredibly lovely healthy beautiful babies. I had amazing empowering births. And I suppose it is not too late to celebrate my pregnancies. I want to find ways that are meaningful to me to celebrate all the growing and changing my body did to accommodate these precious souls, to celebrate myself and myself as a mother.