Help, my partner says every single day that they love me and appreciate me and that I make their days better and that I’m beautiful, and over time that’s begun to sink in a lot. My partner is making me see someone beautiful in the mirror and even if I don’t always see someone beautiful in the mirror my partner makes sure I see that at all. God. god omg I love them so much. Please help I’m gay!!

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⨕, ❤, ѩ

⨕ - Are you a jealous role player?

Absolutely. I don’t like sharing ship partners at all. In my experience, multishippers are fickle and often cut corners on their writing. They also pick favorites. I don’t play that nonsense. I’m not going to compete for your attention, just like I’ll never made someone compete for mine. My ship partners MUST be single ship, or I won’t have them at all.

I also refuse to roleplay with/follow any blogs that share my own muses, because I know I am prone to judging them against my own writing. I know it isn’t fair, so I avoid the temptation completely by ignoring them. I’m also much too paranoid about adopting their ideas. I won’t be accused of being a thief even if I know some have stolen from me. I try my best not to be petty.

❤ - Are you and/or your muse currently in love with someone?

Sivir is currently single and miserable.
Ashe is married (but I have no Tryndamere to be married TO)
Morgana is in a flirtationship with a Vladimir.
and I am very much in love with @vonsilvermoon.

ѩ - Are there any characters that you love, but simply cannot role play?

I have a lot of muses I love but can’t roleplay. 

I’ll say for this one: Riven.
I love the character that she COULD be, and I can’t wait to see what lore changed they throw on her because literally anything could be an improvement on her existing story. She’s a sad character, a broken one, a lost soul. I’d love to write her rise and fall and her phoenix rising back to the top.

However, there is a staunch over-saturation of Riven blogs that I don’t care to compete with, so I’ll let them do it. I’ve already got enough on my plate, and I know my ideas go against the “fanon” that’s destroyed her.

Tarot Readings

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All of my partners specifically in my closed relationships have been more worried about my str8 guy friends trying to get at me than my gay guy friends and it’s hilarious. My gay guy friends could be asshole naked in the same room as me and my partners have not had a single problem. Matter of fact, I’m super close friends with one of my exes and I’ve stayed at his place for days at a time and my partners have never had a problem with that or been uncomfortable with it but the moment one of my str8 guy friends is around and gives me a hug or spoke about sex all I’ve ever heard was “He’s trade and he’s trynna fuck. I dont trust it.”.

Individual suffering (or lack thereof) should not determine queerness.

So I’ve been thinking more about why it is that statements like “You’re asexual? Well, you’ve never been disowned by your parents or harrassed on the street, therefore you’re not a real queer” really bother me. The assumption that asexuals can’t have problems or can’t be queer is huge part of it, but for me I think the biggest problems that I personally find with it are these:

1. It measures individual queerness by individual suffering, which effectively punishes queer folks who have been lucky enough to fare relatively well for not having suffered enough, which is a really harmful and limiting perspective that get stuck obsessing over past oppressions instead of fighting for future opportunities and equates making social progress with betrayal of the “true queer” ideal.

2. It assumes that I, personally, have been fortunate solely because of my asexuality, and that if I were a “real queer” I’d have the suffering to prove it - when in actuality, I am fortunate mostly for other reasons that still would not change even if I had a more “traditionally queer” identity like being lesbian or bisexual:

  • It’s true that I have not been disowned, or ever had to fear it- not because I am asexual, but because I have a very accepting, LGBT+ friendly family. My parents have always made it clear that there is absolutely nothing bad or unusual about being something other than heterosexual, and coming from a family with multiple relatives already out of the closet and the knowledge that they will be cool with me no matter what meant that I was lucky enough to escape that fear - no matter what I ended up identifying as.
  • It’s true that It’s not illegal for me to marry my (hypothetical) partner - not because I am asexual, but because I live in California, which in a major supreme court decision this summer legalized marriage for all couple regardless of gender. (whether we’d be recognized elsewhere would be a 50/50 chance depending on my partner’s legal sex, much like it would be for many other non-monosexual queer people)
  • It’s true that people don’t harass me when I’m with my partner - mostly because I’m single and don’t have a partner, so as with all single people, queer or otherwise, this was not even applicable in the first place.
  • It’s true that I am not harassed on the street much - because I have a conventional, not very butch look, and I happen to spend most of my time in some of the most queer friendly areas of the country. Since no one ever stops and politely asks how you identify before they harass you anyway, my actual sexual orientation doesn’t actually have any input on this.
  • It’s true that I have never been harassed for being at an ‘asexual’ bar - mostly because we have no permanent resources like that, but then I’ve never been harassed when leaving actual gay bars and queer conferences and other such spaces. 

All of these statements of my so-called “asexual privilege” would have been equally true if I were bisexual, which is what I thought I probably was before I found asexuality, and which is still the most resonant identity for me after asexuality. 

Using suffering as a benchmark for queerness isn’t just harmful to people like asexuals who often face difficulties different from the stereotypical ones - it’s harmful to any queer person who has had the good fortune to live a good life. By defining queerness solely by suffering it precludes the possibility of a future where queer people can be free of suffering. So instead of trying to invalidate the identify of anyone who hasn’t had to suffer as much as some stereotype would predict, we should be working towards a future where all queer people will be able to be that fortunate.

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hi! i feel like this is quite a weird/invasive question so you're so welcome to not answer! :-) i've just been doing research on the position of the urethra bc i've always thought mine was kinda weirdly positioned and far away from the clit. i stumbled across your blog, and noticed yours is very similar to mine, which was lovely to discover!!! i was just wondering if you ever have any pain during penetration??? or if you do, do you know how to minimize it??? thank u xxx <3 :-)

Yes. I doubt it’s because of my urethra position, though, since I rarely-to-never get UTI’s, but here are some tips for making penetration less painful:

  • - Do Kegels often
  • - Lots of foreplay
  • - Lube
  • - Going slow
  • - Gradual insertion (rim the edges, one finger, work up to two, etc.)
  • - More Lube
  • - Different positions – sometimes on top or from behind works better for penetration

And, honestly, I still have pain with penetration often, and my partner has trouble even getting a single finger inside me sometimes. 

Even when all of these steps are taken, I might have to call it quits early on penetration-play wrt to my vagina. It may be Vaginismus or just the way my body is shaped, I don’t really know or care, because penetration isn’t a big part of my sex life. It doesn’t have to be! I actually get off more being the one who’s doing the penetrating. 

Nothing is set in stone that if you have a vagina, you MUST have it penetrated in order to enjoy sex. If you do enjoy it that way and would love for it to not be as painful, then definitely, look into Vaginismus (and even talk to your doctor) and other ways to reduce your pain during penetration. 

Otherwise, also try to explore your clit, anus, being the one TO penetrate and all sorts of other ways to have sex and get off – it just might wind up your favorite way of having sex.

Good luck and happy fucking! <3 

Translation of the article. I’m French so please, don’t blame me for the possible mistakes. Thanks :) 


Icon for Givenchy, the main character from « The Mentalist » tell us about the women in his life. By Judith Pardo.

 You know what? I’ll never watch “The Mentalist” the same way I did. Meeting Simon Baker, it’s leaving the interview with the proof that great men still exist and being convinced that being a celebrity doesn’t stop you from staying simple. That’s what we call a good interview.

We are here, the both of us, in the suite of a great hotel, by ourselves, without any press agent – which is rare for someone that famous.

He comes towards me, elegant in his suit, says “hi” by kissing me on the cheeks (waouh), smiles and explains to me that he is still a bit jet-lagged for he arrived from Australia few hours ago, and says to me “So, I’m supposed to talk about the women who influenced my life, right?” “Yes, that’s it, it’s for BIBA” and I hand him the magazine. He opens it, asks me questions, keeps turning the pages and stops on a Tourism article to be awed in front of a picture of a travel van. “Great, I love it. Look, the roof can be open and a bed can fit, that’s great.

Everything is said: the natural and simple side of the Australian man. But we are here for the women of his life…

My wife.

It’s the most important woman of my life. We’ve been married for more than 20 years. She taught me “love”. We share everything; she is my “partner” in every single plan, even for work. It’s important to me to have a different opinion even if it’s different.  She is also someone who helped me understand the other women in my life and how to appreciate them more. I can say that thanks to my wife, I am closer to my mother.”

My daughter.

She is 21. She is very very important to me obviously because she is my daughter but also because she makes me think differently. I can be surprised and learn a lot about her vision of the relationships between men and women. She is modern and philosophical. It’s unbelievable, to see how it changed for the best, since my generation of my step-father’s. Of course, I can see it with my two sons who are 13 and 15 but I can tell that my daughter influences my life because she pushes me to be better.”

All the other women!

I grew up in Australia in a middle social class and in a male and competitive environment. That was it, there were always fear and danger between men. I was a sensible child and I think I felt more at ease with women. I had the impression that they didn’t judge me. They probably understood me better than I understood them. Women were, to me, beautiful, fantastic, different, exotics and mysterious. It was actually pretty funny to see that what intrigued me the most – the fact that they communicate – is what has been the more useful to me. Facing a problem, for instance, a women is not going to help you fix it but is going to talk about it, and it changes everything. I like this exchange and that’s probably what drew me to my job … and my wife. I have always loved the women who exchange, who communicate, who talk, strong women.”

          okay fam its about to get gushy.  now idk if people write this section out of obligation or    
   something but I sure don’t.           I write this section bc I genuinely, genuinely want to thank
  EVERYONE who’s been on this roleplay experience and journey lbr with me.  It’s been nearly
   two years of  writing this dork and while there have been challenging moments overall I’ve
   loved the experience so much         . I’ve been blessed in this community to meet so many
   amazing, talented and welcoming people who’ve become my mentors,  my friends and my
   partners.  Every single person who I follow has added something to my life, and to the way
   I write Peter.           I would have never been able to grow and create this character without
  everyone’s help, and I will never be able to fully communicate how grateful I am to everyone
  who took a shot with me and Peter. I’ve loved meeting and befriending you all so much. Im
  so sorry for everytime I’ve talked about guinea pigs when you don’t care. Nah nah ily all so
  much you’re all incredible fam and the best people okay !!                     kkk now the list ok

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So for the past two days this man has been in the main area of my college campus, the plaza, spewing his hate and “passing judgement” on all those he deems to be “sinners” while claiming himself to be a saint.

Yesterday I was walking with one of my friends to meet my partner for our break between classes, and saw a large crowd of students surrounding him and debating with him about what he was saying. I pulled my friend over to him thinking “Hey it cant be that bad, it will be good for a laugh like all the other ones usually are”

I was wrong this time however, so very fucking wrong.

Before I knew it i found his words to enraging and demeaning. He started singling out individuals in the crowd, my friend and myself included, and telling us how he was a saint and we were lowering ourselves to the level of animals for loving who we loved and defying gods natural order of subservient and devoted women and we were all going to burn in hell like Freddy Mercury (Really? Why Freddy?? is that supposed to deter me???). He was consistently misgendering and mislabeling my friend and I. He kept calling us lesbians, which neither of us are, and he kept calling us women, which I am not. He refused to listen to any points we tried to bring up, and never answered our questions for him. It got to the point where the police where called and searching for anything they could charge him with, but he knows the laws, so he knows exactly how far he can push them and they unfortunately couldn’t catch him.

Today he did the same exact thing, except he singled out my friend and my partner even more. Before me and my friend got there he had apparently been targeting my partner and their roommate, and even went so far as to call my partner a “dirty little homo” and singling them out every time he made a reference to “homo-sex”  After we got there he started to single out my friend because she dared to get close and speak out to him. Before there had been yelling back from people in the crowd, but everyone was at least 15 feet away. My friend immediately went up to him and started trying to have a rational debate with him, but he simply kept repeating that she should “know her place woman” and then moved on to telling her that she was a lesbian (which isn’t how she identifies and what she tried to tell him) because she couldn’t get a boyfriend and she should stop checking him out (ewwwww). She responded that he was disgusting and that would never happen, and told him she as actually engaged, to which he asked her what she was engaged too, and then if she was engaged to a dog.

I swear I’m not making this up. An actual human said these actual words and actually believes them.

I guess I’m posting this because I couldn’t find any other stories about this guy or the church/organization he claims to come through online. All i could find when I did research was positive things, and I guess I’m just really shocked that there isn’t any media about this.

He told me he works for a church called “Bible Holiness Assembly of God” in Missouri (I go to school in Colorado) and he said he was a “Campus Evangelical” whose duty was to go from campus to campus across the US spreading the word of God.

I don’t really know what to do with that information, so I’m putting it here because I need somewhere to rant.

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Your Hacker AU is absolutely brilliant! Would you consider writing more addition?

(parts one, two, three, four, five, and six

You’re in luck; I got tired of writing ficlets so you get a fic!)

Rose placed the phone on her shoulder as she rifled through the cupboards for sugar. “Yeah, Mum. The job is great. I’m learning a lot here.” She paused and rolled her eyes. “No, the boss is nice, mum. How goes everything at the hospital?” 

She noticed the Doctor enter the kitchen, eyes bleary and still dressed in his striped pyjamas. He was usually a morning person, but Rose knew he had been up all night with a job. Rose quickly found the sugar and fixed his tea for him, and he took it from her with a yawn.

Jackie prattled on about the gossip she obtained from the nurses, and Rose listened with a fond smile. Eventually, though, Jackie was told that her calling hour was up, and they disconnecting reluctantly, Rose promising to visit as soon as she could.

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How does that work ur poly so arent u always available

No. Being polyamorous doesn’t mean I’m always available. Being polya means I’m capable of being in a relationship with more than one person at a time but the terms of my availability depends on me and my partner(s). I could be single and dating/talking to no one and I could still be unavailable.

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oq prompt-regina finds out she is pregnant in sb, suspects robin is the father bc of the tattoo and tells him about it

Regina glanced at the stick in her hand and couldn’t decide whether she felt elated or panicked. She eventually settled on confused, since there was one giant question she had no answer for:

How on earth could she be pregnant?

Obviously it had happened during the year none of them could remember. But that still didn’t answer the ‘who?’ or the ‘under what circumstances?’ portion of the question.

There was a part of her that felt violated, as if her body had been invaded without her consent. But there was a larger part of her that knew deep down that the circumstance of this conception was a happy one.

Her mind drifted to the man with the lion tattoo. Robin. Dare she hope that he might be the father? She couldn’t imagine being happy with any other possibility.

But how to explain her suspicions to him?


She took a few days to think about it. She separated herself from the others for long periods as she walked the town, trying to catalogue all the ways that this news would change her life.

One day she found herself in the forest, breathing in the fresh smells of nature. Lately she had found it relaxed her like nothing else.

Footsteps sounded behind her, and she knew without turning that it was him.

“What brings you out here, Your Majesty?” he asked as he settled beside her.

“I needed a space to think.”

“If I’m not mistaken, you’ve been thinking a lot lately.”

She glanced over at him in surprise. He raised his brows as if daring her to contradict his words.

“Indeed I have,” she replied slowly.

“Do you wish to talk about it?”

She hesitated. “Yes,” she said honestly. “But I’m not sure you would want to hear it.”

He frowned. “I can’t imagine that would be the case.”

She sucked in a deep breath and decided to take the plunge. “Even if there is a…possibility that it has to do with you?”

She saw his eyes narrow in consideration. “Well, if it has to do with you and I, then I most definitely want to hear it.”

“It won’t be what you are expecting.”

“I am a big boy. I can take it.”

“I’m pregnant,” she blurted out.

His entire body tensed. “I see. And who, may I ask, is the father?” His words were tight, as if he had to work them out from behind a clenched jaw.

“I’m not exactly sure, though I have a suspicion,” she said cautiously.

He shut his eyes and took a deep breath, obviously making an effort to calm himself.

“Are you not sure because there are a number of possible options, or because you don’t remember the…event?” There was no judgement in his tone, but he seemed genuinely curious about the answer.

“The latter.” He nodded.

They were both silent for a long moment as Regina tried to manoeuvre the conversation in the direction it needed to go.

“Regardless of who the father might be, how do you feel about this?”

Their eyes caught and held. Ever since she had found out, Regina had never once thought to ask herself that question. As she did, she felt an unfamiliar longing spread through her. “Happy,” she whispered, feeling as if she was confessing her darkest secret. “I’d rather have Henry back, but this has no effect on the outcome of that. Purely in terms of this child, I am excited by the prospect. But I always thought that if I had another child it would be with a partner by my side. Being a single mother once was more difficult than I imagined.”

He nodded. “I understand that.” And she knew that he did.

They were silent again, Regina frantically trying to think of ways bring up his tattoo.

“So, who is this man that you suspect fathered this child?” He smiled, but his eyes looked a little melancholy.

“This is quite a tale, so bear with me.”

“Certainly,” he said as he settled more comfortably on the log.

“When I was much younger, before my days as the Evil Queen, I met Tinkerbell. You remember her? Yes, well, I was miserable, so to give me some hope for my future she used her fairy dust to lead me to my True Love.”

Robin started in surprise, but said nothing.

Regina took a deep breath and continued. “All I saw of him that night was his distinctive tattoo. I ran before I ever saw his face.”

“So, you believe this man with the tattoo fathered your child? A reasonable assumption that you would trust him so quickly after what you knew of him.”

She nodded, afraid to look at him.

“So, how do we find him? Can Tinkerbell use her fairy dust again?”

Her heart warmed at his immediate assumption that he would help her. “There’s no need,” she whispered. She reached out to take his arm and pushed up his sleeve. It wasn’t until she was tracing the ink on his skin that she felt him react.

Me?” he asked incredulously.

She nodded and slowly raised her head to gauge his reaction. At first, his expression was completely blank. Regina felt a panic set in, wondering what she would do if he rejected her.

Then, his face lit up in a smile and he crushed her to him in a fierce hug.

“Thank God,” he whispered. “I was not looking forward to fighting your True Love for your affections.”

Regina laughed. “So, you believe me? And you aren’t upset?”

He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her out to arm’s length.

“I have known from the beginning that this is the way we were heading. It may be a little sooner than I thought, but it hardly matters. This is everything I ever dreamt for us. Even if it somehow turns out that I am not the father, we will still be a family.” He placed his hand over her stomach. “All of us.”

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