• Percy : 'follow me on the snap @ waterboih2o !!!'
  • Annabeth : 'that's called a book. you should pick one up sometime'
  • Grover : 'lmao she said 'go outside' bitch no'
  • Nico : 'i hate myself enough i don't need you'
  • Will : 'why is this song six minutes long fuck does he think he is'
  • Clarrise : 'i'm gonna fukin assassinate you'
  • Travis : 'nah, i stole that shit'
  • Lou Ellen : 'julia stop fucking making 11:11's that shit isn't gonna come true'
  • Katie : 'tastes like i got a face full of fucking grass'
  • Jason : 'bro i can't fucking see. oh wait i don't have my glasses on.'
  • Piper : 'i'm stuntin on these hoes with messy hair and gucci bags under my eyes'
  • Frank : 'ya did this to yourself and dun fuckdeded up'
  • Reyna : 'we're gonna fight on sight bitch stop playin'
  • Rachel : 'how the fuck do you draw hands. asking for a friend'
  • Drew : 'how are you two wearing makeup and i'm still the prettiest one in the room?'
  • Thalia : 'when i die i'm gonna be a fukin orange tree my guy'
  • Luke : 'um, i think i might've fucked up but like, i didn't see this coming'
  • Tyson : 'ain't nothin wrong with being a friendly bitch'
  • Ella : 'deadass this bitch robbed a library. every time i see her she got a new book, ain't nobody got that many books'
  • Octavian : 'leave me and my pale self alone'
  • Coach Hedge : 'bat or metal rod. your choice'

My favourite Londoner : Mark Gatiss on John Foxx

Actor and writer Mark Gatiss was born in Sedgefield in 1966 and found fame as a member of The League of Gentlemen. The Devil in Amber, the second of his Lucifer Box novels, is out now from Simon & Shuster.

So there I was. Fourteen years old. Spending endless afternoons trapped in maths lessons that seemed to exist in a gluey, over-sunlit no-time, combating an acne-blemished forehead and developing hopeless crushes on straight boys. Nothing could save me from the deadly ennui of it. But then something did. Electropop! I’d missed punk, but suddenly my pale, skinny self had a home where all was eyeliner, long coats, heavy fringes, sharp cheekbones, blurred faces and vapour trails. And I had a hero. Reigning in suitably detached fashion on some great, grey autobahn - John Foxx.

Born in Lancashire, Foxx moved to London in the early ‘70s to attend the Royal College of Art where he founded Ultravox (or Ultravox! as they were then). Initially show-casing a Roxy-ish post-glam sound, Foxx developed a highly influential electronic style for the band, culminating in the album Systems of Romance . He then went solo, releasing the singles Underpass , No-One Driving and Burning Car (in the JG Ballard-heavy time, everything seemed to be about automobiles). The records charted but not spectacularly.

Ultravox, meanwhile, recruited Midge Ure and went on to massive success with a song about Rigsby’s cat from Rising Damp. I always resented that, and the fact that John Foxx was written off as a Gary Numan wannabe.

Certainly, the Krauty, frigid, kipper-tied image would come to haunt Foxx. His album Metamatic, recorded in 'an eight-track cupboard in Islington’, is a hugely original work. But Foxx moved rapidly away from this style, re-emerging a year later with the lush sounds of The Garden album. In fact, Foxx’s whole sound became ever more romantic, through the psychedelic influences of The Golden Section to the quite lovely In Mysterious Ways .

Commercial success proved elusive, though, and he effectively vanished from the music scene after 1985, concentrating instead on pioneering work as a graphic artist, designing book covers as diverse as Salman Rushdie’s The Moor’s Last Sigh and Jeanette Winterson’s Sexing the Cherry. But I kept the torch burning. I looked a bit like him in my youth and cultivated my fringe while scouring Oxfam shops in search of cutaway waistcoats.

Foxx went on tour in 1983, by which time I was a sixth-former, and I still have the ticket for the show at the Leadmill in Sheffield. I still have it because the show was cancelled. Twice!

When I was 19, I came to London on a drama-school field trip. At the first chance I had, I fled the seedy hotel in which we’d been imprisoned and took the Central Line to Holywell Lane, Shoreditch. I can still remember the thrill of seeing the place I’d only ever read about in obscure music journals. I asked some technicians who were humping in equipment if this was Foxx’s studio, The Garden. “Yeah” they said. “Go right up.” But I didn’t. I mean, what could I say? “John, what was that line in Rockwrok that I could never understand?” “Where did you get your eyeliner?”

As the years have passed, I’ve kept a weather eye on his progress. Ten years ago there was suddenly a brilliant new album, Shifting city , made in collaboration with Louis Gordon. It was the first of many excellent new projects, all of which I’ve lapped up. Then came YouTube. And in just a few clicks… the video for Endlessly that I’d only ever heard rumoured! The video for He’s a Liquid ! And so everything seems to have come happily full circle for this charming self-effacing and underrated musician. I just wish that I could still carry off that blond fringe…’

Emmerdale Live and Organized - August 11, 2017

Friday! Let’s finish this week out Emmerdale with a strong episode! You got this inside of you. I have faith in you. *Claps like a cheerleader on too much caffeine* 

I think the show needs a new opening. I like the floating heads and chicken and sheep. Shut up. I like weird things. DEATH BY SPRAY TAN: The leading cause of death in New Jersey. I can say that because I’m from New Jersey and my Irish self is pale as hell. *living a good life*


Leyla. Come on. Guys. Don’t yell. Nothing will change by yelling. Thank you, Vanessa.

Oh crap. They don’t know.

“He likes his breakfast in bed!” – Oh wow. Nice set up Tracy. *laughs*

Hey, David. Looking good. *wink*

I seriously love this little family. They are adorable and I will hurt anyone who hurts them.

UM. UUUMMMM….LEYLA. NO. He isn’t a good man. HE ISN’T A GOOD MAN RIGHT NOW. It’s a soap. He will be good down the line.

AWKWARD. AWKWARD Leyla. This will end badly. SO BADLY.

The Pub Club

Marlon is my mother. Index finger all the way.

I love The Beach Boys too Charity. I think she is using them for evil purposes though. *EVIL STARE*

Charity is up to no good. *evil smile*

Times Shares. Just say no. No. Bad investment.

Faith is in the middle of it all. LOVE IT. I adore it. I adore her.

Oh god. Everyone in this town falls for the time share scheme too easily. It’s kind of sad.

Charity’s middle names: Collateral Damage.

Oh, Charity. *shakes head* I adore you but damn. DAMN.

Charity. Seriously. She reads EL James. Calling it now.

Harriet in the background.

I ship Charity and Ross. COME AT ME, BRO.



I won’t lie. Are Jacob and Josh a baby version of Aaron and Adam?

You two have people who will protect you at home guys. Even you Josh. Is Josh related to Jason by the way?

Smart move Jacob. Smart move. Go with him, Josh. OH NO.

The Bartons

Look who is back! Finn. Fun.

Yes, we need all the help we can get to find Jacob and Josh. Even the Bartons can help.

Oh geez, Emma. Coming in hot there. Lets cool down now. It’s like you are guilty or something?

Ha. Too many ghosts. Say your last goodbyes. ANVIL PEOPLE. ANVILS everywhere.

“Grandchildren?” Plural? What? What is happening here?

HISS. Laurel isn’t drinking you block head.

The sons are getting worried. Ross isn’t this smart. Stop writing him that way show. *Waits for Ross fans to beat me up*

‘It’s Just Speculation!’

(Me at the ‘anons’ on Tumblr) 

As per usual: Stay off the message boards, respect each other’s opinions, breathe, reboot and eat a Snickers. If you want to talk theory or the show come on over to my twitter and Tumblr @AmandaJ718 (I’m a simple person at heart.)

Until next time, see you around in Emmerdale!

anonymous asked:

Hot water, shock with cold, add lotion and Aloe. That's what I do for sunburns. OR dump an entire bottle of conditioner into a bath and soak. Both work

I know rip my pale ass mayo redhead self will manage but thank u anon ily

nicknaklmao  asked:

I'm white passing and even i??? Benefit from racism??? My pale, blue-eyed self is statistically more likely to get a job than my dark-skinned father or sister?? I'm more likely to live a long life??? why are white people so Extra about racism like,,,

im also white passing and this is true. colorism is very very fuckin real and ir ecognize i have that privilege and it’s not fucking hard