The desert planet, SOMNAN. 

Somnan is best known for it’s manmade waterways, which wind through its lone, walled city of Kuru, and feed into Somnan’s sole body of water, the Oasis. The planet’s principal inhabitants, the Somnites, have spent years cultivating their desert paradise, and have since created an ever-growing populace of over five-hundred, off-worlders not counted.

Does anybody know anything about t-shirt prints?

I’ve always wanted some cool Ghibli t-shirts, but I’ve never been happy with the thousands and thousands of designs that are out there, hehe. So about a year ago I figured I would simply draw my own vector graphic and get my own design printed. So, I got one printed via Shirtinator, and although the result isn’t absolutely awful, it’s definitely not the quality I am after. The design looks dull and just not the quality of t-shirts you would get from retailers.

So does anybody know what method is best for printing designs onto t-shirts? Or do you know of any good websites? Maybe I need to adjust my design/colours for t-shirt prints?

I can’t use screen printing because my design has about 20 colours and also is used for large batches, and I will only be ordering 2 for myself.

That’s what the design looked like on the site, nice and bright and professional looking. But obviously the reality/result wasn’t as such.

3D Effect Tutorial (both Illustrator and Photoshop)

requested by Anonymous

This is a tutorial for how to create the following graphic:

I created the graphic in Illustrator, but this tutorial will demonstrate how to recreate the 3d effect in both Illustrator and Photoshop (whichever you have at hand and are more comfortable with).

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And if you found this tutorial helpful, please like or reblog!

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So here’s a little secret, I like to write stories. A while back I wrote a short excerpt about Cullen fretting over some alarming news about the Inquisitor. Ultimately I want to be able to do my own graphic novels, so I decided I’m going to start combining my two skills. Here’s my first one, a sketch of Cullen as I see him in my story, and you can read the story below! Please let me know what you think <3

Read the story here!


The Everthere - a post-reunion Korrasami roommate modern AU (ao3)

“Stay with me.”

It was the last thing Korra expected to hear. She was expecting to hear nothing, truth be told; because even Asami had her limits, and she wasn’t like Korra was; she withdrew when she was upset. It took more than a moment for the words to penetrate, and when they did Korra struggled to calibrate them - it was painfully easy to feel the strange weight under them, and equally rather difficult, in the moment, to draw out the reason, what with her heart twisting -

It sounded like something Asami could have said six months ago.

“What?” Korra said somewhat breathlessly.

“My house,” Asami said, as if that explained everything, kind enough to overlook Korra’s obvious confusion. “You need somewhere to stay, right? Well, I’ve got lots of room to spare. Rooms, actually.”

anonymous asked:

Hi there. You probably won't read this, but if you do I would really like some advice from such talented artist like you. I love drawing and honestly I'm not so very good at times. So when I get discouraged over details that I'm not getting well at in a drawing, what do you recommend I do? One day I wish to make my own graphic novel, but how can I become better at drawing if I get easily discouraged. Where do you find the motivation to draw so well? If you have any helpful advice, I'm all ears

Hello anon!  Even though I’m not able to reply to most of my Asks, I do read all of them and really appreciate when people send them.  <3 

Anyway, I get discouraged at times too, especially if I compare myself to others. But the first thing I try to remember is that instead of feeling like I’ll never be that good, I use their art as a learning tool instead and study what I like about it.  (Many artists also have tutorials and videos that are invaluable) 

Probably the most important thing is to just keep drawing.  Draw A LOT.  Studying art tutorials and books will help you learn new skills, but drawing is the only way you’ll actually improve. 

Do as many pictures as you can from start to finish.  Sketches and doodles help you improve too, but going all the way to a fully finished picture (whether black and white or fully colored) is how you’ll figure out a stable work flow. 

Have fun with your art.  If you’re not having fun you’re not going to want to do it.  Find something you LOVE to draw, something you’re really passionate about, whether it’s fan art from your favorite fandom, original characters, portraits, etc.  If you don’t love it, drawing will be harder than it should be.

Some people draw in silence, but me, I need music. On days when I’m sitting in front of the computer staring at Photoshop and not really feeling it, I turn on my go-to drawing playlist, try to blank out my mind, and just draw.  I have several types of drawing playlists, each designed to help me either get focused or get pumped!

Find something that helps inspire you and give you ideas, whether it’s books, fanfiction, movies, or squee-ing over your favorite headcanons with friends.  I’ve had conversations with people where I come out feeling like, “OMG I NEED TO DRAW THIS!”

Final note that may not apply to everyone but is still important to mention:  Take care of your mental health.  If there is something that is affecting your ability to function on a day-to-day basis, such as depression, anxiety disorder, etc. it may also affect your creativity.  Professionals are there to help you.  If you broke your leg, you would seek medical help.  If your brain is self sabotaging because of a chemical imbalance, you should also get medical help.  It may not be a quick fix, but it’s better than letting it fester and get worse.

I hope this helps, and good luck!!

So i’m sorry that it has taken so long to get this out but I did recently reach 300+ followers! I am incredibly blessed to have that many people following my trash and hope to be someone you enjoy following. I wanted to do something really cool like a giveaway but sadly I didn’t have anything to really give away so maybe at my next 100 yeah? Anyway, thank you for following me and making my experience ah-mazing, I promise to work harder and bring you better content in the future. Now, on to my follow forever!

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@timexbomb hunty, you and i have recently become friends and what can i say? before i became a krp you had abby loving ethan and now we have lilly and eunhyuk (who is whipped for her) and i wouldn’t have it any other way? thank you for being such a great partner/friend and i hope we have a million more threads in the future!

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@sncwflckes BOO you have become my closest friend on this site! (no shade to anyone else ily all) but I am always looking forward to our conversations :) thank you so much for listening to me and letting me love and support you through everything and i can’t wait to have so many threads with you and watch as our characters grow together! 

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Action Figure Tutorial

requested by anonymous

This is a Photoshop tutorial for how to create action figures and their packaging like in the graphic above.

The action figure is taken from a pre-existing photo and the packaging can be made from scratch, no stock images needed.

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask. And if you found this post helpful, please like or reblog!

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