DR. BRENNAN: But…it’s bigger… on the inside. That is physically impossible. I would know. I am a scientist.

THE DOCTOR: Yup. Yeah, it’s physically impossible to create on your planet. 

DR. BRENNAN: What does that mean?

THE DOCTOR: What do you think it means? You say that something being bigger on the inside is physically impossible, but here you see it with your own two eyes.

DR. BRENNAN: So you mean to say… you’re not from Earth?


DR. BRENNAN: …Okay. And is this your…

THE DOCTOR: Spaceship, yeah. Did I mention it also travels in time?

DR. BRENNAN: Time travel is physically impossible.

THE DOCTOR: Again, you’re limiting yourself to the knowledge of your planet. You’re very smart, I know that, but you are restricted to the things you know. If something is beyond your realm of knowledge, it doesn’t make it entirely impossible. Besides, highly improbable things make for more fun. And here you are, standing in a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside and travels through time with an alien. What’s more improbable than that? But it’s happening.


get to know me meme: favourite jily oneshot ➢ ‘laisser derrière tout ce qui est perdu’ by @padfootdidit

“Stay.” Through the wide windows he sees Paris stretched out, twinkling lights and silhouettes. Her voice is a plea.

His voice is a saving grace. “Okay.”