Aaahh!…right this is my first piece so I hope I’m writing it in the right place. I can’t believe I only started shipping in Jan and this happens. Eek! I could be dribbling on, sorry just I’m in the wine to calm my nerves.

Soooo…I went to where Sam was as it said on Twitter which company he was at plus I know the area around there. Went down on the off chance and very luckily spotted him.

He wore the same jacket as the Writers Video in LA or wherever with gorgeous glasses. He was walking out the building by himself and I opened the car door and shouted ‘Sam’. He gave me a massive smile and walked across the road to see me (HE WALKED ACROSS THE ROAD FOR ME!! Aaah!) Anyway he was saying 'hi, how you doing?’. Big smile from him still. He took his glasses off. His fucking eyes and teeth are sublime!!! He’s like carved from pure perfection I swear. 💟💟💟💟 I die.

I cannot describe what he smells like. I just can’t. Its like the best ever boyfriend smelling/groom on his wedding day gorgeous musk of a man smell. Its all consuming. I just can’t deal! I was thinking imagine kissing someone smelling as good as this. 😀😀 I literally was going to ask him what he was wearing but I thought I better not.

The sun was shining in our faces really, so I put my hand above my eyes and BOOM! I nearly melted. His smile is the best fucking thing ever!!!

So I was like 'sorry to bother you but I would love an autograph and a pic please’. Literally I couldn’t talk ffs. He said 'no problem’ but he said he didn’t have a pen. He touched his pockets (he touched his pockets for me!!!) then I said 'I’ve got a road map, I’ll tear a corner off for you to sign’ (wtf) and be said 'oh sorry’. He signed 'To Kelly, lovely to meet you, lots of love Sam Heughan’ xxx I die once more.
I swear I want to be buried with this and my photo. (I literally had no make up on but I ran out the door!)

We chatted about the place he was just at. He didn’t say what he was doing in there and he talked about how he got lost a bit finding the place and we talked directions back to Glasgow as he said that’s where he was going after. He sae my three kids in the back seat and he waved and said a cherry 'hello’. I swear to God my ovaries are non existent right now. My daughter thought him so handsome she said after.

I was watching him thinking I was just watching you on the TV yesterday. Its so fucking surreal. So I said 'I’ve just watched episode 5_and I cried at the end. You was fabulous I said and so was Caitriona’. And I watched for any sign of movement after hearing her name but he just said 'yes its emotional and we’re off to Scotland soon’. While he was writing his name leaning on my car. OMG he leaned on my car. I love him. I was watching his lovely hands. Breathe….

We took pics and he said 'we may get run over “ as it was near a road but I was like if I die, I die happy’. We took a pic but I said "it’s not a great one’!! But then I corrected as I realised that sounded wrong. I said 'nooo, of me not you,’ So he said 'we can take more’. He pointed his car out as he says 'he drove himself’ and he was by himself. He reached out to me for a hug 'omg!!’ so I hugged him back and I cringe at this but I gave him a little peck on the cheek. Eek! He said 'goodbye’ and walked away and got in his car. Such a gorgeous brand new Audi Q5 he has. I die as they’re my favourite car. I was imagining Cait sitting in the front. I drove behind him as he happened to be driving back pretty near where I lived. His gorgeous curls and height driving that car. He looked amazing. I was looking thinking I can’t believe he’s driving a car in front of me.

I can only say, he’s absolutely stunning, a gorgeous person inside and out, being near him is a joy. Cait will be the same in female form. Seeing them together, I couldn’t deal with I bet you as they would be beyond perfection together. As he talked I imagined them grocery shopping together, just being together and I practically welled up. I’m sure they’re together, I just can’t explain but being around him, she would complete him. I cry forever.

Right that’s it. I’m going to die now in my own feels and be buried with my amazing amazing memories!! Hope you enjoy this and it doesn’t read illegible but I cant deal RN.

Ship on ladies!!!


This song is Jesus. Like seriously.