Day 25: Red Scarf

Little Hinata attempts to knit a scarf for Naruto but doesn’t work out the first time (especially with her baby hands XD). Over the years she has less and less time to work on it. When she’s a genin, she’s was constantly training so she gains some sores and bruises. As a chuunin, she continues to improve her skills but still makes mistakes. Finally, in the Last she perfected her knitting skills and finishes the scarf!

Idea was from my friend too-much-for-feels! Thanks girl!

you bested me

prompt: the loveliest ray of sunshine startswithhope asked for: canon CS, Emma is trying to scold their kids because one tied the other to a tree and Killian can’t stop laughing enough to be helpful.

word count: ~1600

rating: we’re talking fluff without plot here, do i even have to explain that

Standing in the kitchen, Emma has a hundred things on her mind that she has planned to get done, hopefully.

Summer in Storybrooke is delightfully warm and for once, her kids are getting along enough to play outside together.

For now, at least, she doesn’t have them running around the house playing tag or arguing about stupid things like who had the remote and what show they should watch.

Killian is standing beside her, taking the dishes from her as she hands them his way and sticking them where they belong after drying them off.

“Do you think we should take advantage of this quiet respite?” Killian asks, his hip bumping hers.

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