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Hello. :) Fowlham is so... Mainstream! Julieresa will always be my OTP!♥ I don't hate Fowlham... I just don't ship it! And i agree, everyone has his/her OTP's! ;) I think, Julieresa is MUCH cuter, than Fowlham! In my Headcanon, Julian has a HUGE Crush on Theresa, but is to shy, to confess her his Feelings. What do you say? Please reply. :)

Me too! ^w^  Because I’ll never betray my otp. And I’ll go down with this ship!! >_< Okay, never mind. Indeed they’re so cute. I can see your headcanon. I like to think that Julian is really shy to admitting his feeling too. And maybe, he’s something like afraid to confess his feeling to Theresa because he don’t want to get rejected also he thinks that he’s unpopular. That’ my headcanon I think XD