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What are your stand out Berena moments/episodes? I love your blog, it's one of my faves 💜

Greetings anon :) Thank you so much for your question and kind comment about my blog- I have a blast on the tumblr and I’m pleased you do too.

Oh my gosh I have so many moments that I love so I’ve tried to whittle it down to my absolute favourites for ya.

  • My fave episode has to be Brave new world. Just perfection. 
  • The second Kiss. Still makes me swoon a little, and god bless the fabulous gif makers because I’m not alone when I say seeing that on my dash actually brightens my day a little. It’s medicinal
  • Life in the freezer episode was actually a stand out. Hella painful when Catherine Russell unleashes that emotion and begs Bernie to stay, but just such a lovely berena episode I think. The ‘journey’ we’re taken throughout all their scenes is always enjoyable for me, even the gut punch ones at the end. 
  • Back rub!! 
  • Gay arm wrestle. It’s legend. Mating ritual goals.
  • Out of sight,out of mind episode. Bernie works in aau for the first time and the banter is just brilliant to watch. First taste of significant Redgrave/Russell interaction and it’s a joy to behold.
  • Serena telling Ric about Bernie. “it isn’t a man…it’s Bernie” my heart. 
  • It tolls for thee. Serena bearer of take it to the grave and lifelong grudges forgives Bernie for not being honest about Alex. Calls her big macho army medic. 
  • Indefensible. 
  • Back in the ring. OMG the banter, the tone of the whole episode is so enjoyable. The looks! The body language! The “great speech Fraulein” help
  • Peace garden shoulder hug
  • First kiss ofc
  • The kill list
  • I do I do I do. 

Not so much ‘Berena’ but Prioritise the heart is also a stand out. I loved meeting Alex and seeing a more personal side of Bernie. Also very significant for Serena- she ditched Robbie and her relationship with Jason really changed. 

Honestly, as I’ve been listing them all I’ve realised how hard it is to pick and choose because it’s all been rather glorious (I’m making this positive so not gonna focus too much on the less so glorious times as of late). All of their episodes during the build up are brilliant.

So thank you! I’ve been reminded again just how much I adore this ship and about all of the lovely things they’ve given us that I’m thankful for…if anyone feels like riding this train and reblogging their faves/thing’s I’ve missed please go ahead! For now I’ll leave you with this little beauty, happy Sunday!! :))))

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  • Draco:
  • Heyyyyyyy potter?
  • Harry: Yes?
  • Draco: Willyougototheballwithme?
  • Harry: I thought you'd never ask. *throws arms around Draco and start making out*

A Philinda hand “touch?”

People, people. Let’s be real here and call it what it is.

That was a straight up Philinda hand CARESS. 

  • Yui: the sky looks beautiful tonight.
  • Hades: Yeah.
  • Yui: You know what else is beautiful?
  • Hades: *blushes* Who?
  • Yui: *blushes more* You.
  • Hades: *intensifies blushing then passes out in the middle of the grassy plains*