Aomine still hasn’t shown us everything he can do. He showed me once before. He has an even higher level. Well, he can’t do it all the time. What he didn’t do this time, he probably couldn’t do. If I were really worried about him, I’d say it’s the soft spot left inside him.

Mom: *gives a super long lecture about dating and how I’m too young to do ‘some things’*

Me: [thinks] Dating is literally the last thing on my mind. Now anime and gay ships, on the other hand… Come to think of it, I wonder if that fanfic has been updated yet… Hm…

*clears throat noisily*  do you ever feel like a plastic bag… drifting through the wind… wanting to start again? do you ever feel, feel sO FUCKING DONE ABOUT YOUR OTPS NOT BEING CANON I MEAN THIS IS UNFAIR THIS KIND OF LIFE IS DESTROYING ME MY MOM DIDN’T RAISE ME FOR THIS

  • OTP: *smiles at each other*
  • Me: OMG, it's happening!!
  • Me: Keep calm, KEEP CALM!!
  • Me: Deep breaths, deep. In, out.. It's okey..
  • Me: It's just your OTP..
  • Me: ...
  • Me: *whispers* It's just your OTP being canon
  • Me: ........
  • Me: WWWhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaghhhhhhhh lawrhgluihg nigiuerhg nerguiiurz nouertoqerhqnkajwrehoiurezg
  • Me: *dead*
Canon AoKise

I’m AoKise trash so it’s my turn to make “why I think AoKise is canon” list. XDD
Firstly, AoKise is my OTP I love them so much….. I can’t stop. I’m addicted. And I can’t ship anyone else with Ahomine(but I’m okey with being around people who ship something else).
So okey! LETS BEGIN. 

1. Kise started playing basketball because of Aomine. (caaanoooon)

2. Aomine hit him on purpose. Fuck yeah, from that position the ball couldn’t hit Kise’s head.

3. Aomine knew his name!

(his eyes tho…)

Like Midorima said - it’s weird for Aomine to even REMEMBER someone’s name…and Aomine KNEW his name before he met him! ( *singing* i will go down with this ship) 

4. Aomine enjoys playing with Kise (and watching Kise hehe)

5. Except THAT time.

He was so worried (because Kise is his bae) 


*protecting his bae*

7. Aomine is lazy and he don’t care about his opponents (“the only one who can beat me is me”). But he care when Kise is playing with him.

8. They know each other best.

9. Satsuki ships AoKise.

10. Aomine believes in Kise.

11. They always have fun together (baka couple)

12. Aomine loves to hit Kise, to scare Kise or even eat his food (cause Aomine is immature and Kise is his crush. XDDD)

13. They participated in a school event ( as boy x boy couple XDD) that has a legend about winning it -> if you win this, you will be with your partner forever. 

14. Aomine likes Mai-chan because of Kise -> Kise gave him first Mai-chan photobook. 

15. Okey… THIS

(no homo tho XDDD) 

16. Kise’s  earing is sometimes dark blue.I wonder why is that, hehe. 

17. This official art! XD


AoKise has always been a big part of this blog (and of my art) and I just can’t miss not contributing to their day! So here you guys go~!

(Now time to disappear and study for finals)