Sterek Fic Rec

So I’ve joined the Sterek fandom almost a year ago and wanted to share some of my very favorite fanfiction I read during this time. Most of them are quite popular anyway, but I absolutely adored every single one of them and want to thank the authors for spending so much time and work into writing them. 

  • the broken radio is playing suicide by decideophobia 73K Rated E ~ beautifully written and absolutely heart-wrenching, comes with a playlist that you shouldn’t miss out on.
  • Play it Again by metisket 63K Rated T ~ Mostly pre-slash but the plot is great, Stiles is a bamf and all the other characters are beautifully fleshed out, this one will make you love the teen wolf universe.
  • Unchained by exclamation 156K Rated E ~ THE werewolf slavery AU I always wanted to read. The plot is fantastic!
  • Baking My Way Into Your Heart by theSilence 178K Rated M ~ coffee shop AU, the definition of Fluff and Slow Build, Also the first longfic I’ve ever read and the fic that got me hooked on Sterek.
  • BORN VILLAIN by whokilledcodyosmond 110K Rated M ~ so dark, so very very dark, this story fucked me up big time.
  • D33R3 by Amethystina 55K Rated T ~ Derek is an android, but he still has emotions, also there is another pet-bot that reminded me of Wall-E.
  • Enemy Lines by qhuinn 149K Rated E ~ Werewolves and humans are at war and Derek takes Stiles hostage, best ‘enemies to friends to lovers’ I can think of.
  • But Then What… by Stoney 23K Rated E ~ High School Jock!Derek and Nerd!Stiles, Absolutely sweet.
  • This is Not Our Fate by KindreTurnany 20K Rated M ~ Stiles and Derek are held captive and are forced to fight against other prisoners. Quite angsty. 
  • Cornerstone by Vendeline 83K Rated E ~ Derek has PTSD and Stiles is blind, also there is quite a lot of smut. Very thoughtfully written.
  • Prince Among Wolves by tylerfucklin 101K Rated E ~ Stiles is the new babysitter for Derek’s werewolf twins and falls in love with all three of them (and so did I).
  • Losers by stilinskisparkles 34K Rated M ~ Derek and Stiles are College roommates. Obviously they can’t stand each other, or can they?
  • [Sleep]Walking After You by relenafanel 56K Rated M ~ Derek is a sleepwalker and keeps visiting Stiles. Oblivious idiots at their best.
  • Perfect by Rikudemyx 39K Rated M ~ College Au in wich Stiles is deaf and Derek acts like a dick. 
  • Play Crack the sky by Derbobbs 122K Rated M ~ The Rock Band AU everybody is talking about. Drama, Angst and so many hurt feelings, is their still a chance for a happy end?
  • Safety in Silence by Survivah 66K Rated M ~ Derek knows that Stiles is his soulmate but he is afraid to tell him. Ohh the feels …
  • This Might Be Irony by thepsychicclam 38K Rated M ~ Stiles and Derek are childhood friends but recently they are drifting apart. I just couldn’t stop reading this one.
  • Trust Fall by Stoney 144K Rated E ~ Derek and Stiles switch bodys and have to learn to rely on each other. Loved Derek’s POV. 
  • All is Fair in Orgasms and War by bleep0bleep 63K Rated E ~ The pornstar AU in which Derek is a closeted cuddle bear. Funny, sweet and hot. Also Derek is super cute.

End of the world by vulturehopes


1. Overture - (Don Giovanni)-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart//2. Carmina Burana, O Fortuna-Carl Orff//3. Rosary Sonata #1 The Annunciation- Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber //4. Requiem-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart //5. Danse Macabre-Camille Saint Saëns//6.Siegfried Funeral March- Richard Wagner//7. Coriolan Overture (Karajan)-Ludwig van Beethoven//8. Dies Irae- Alessio Randon w/ Aurora Surgit//9. Ave Satani-Jerry Goldsmith//10. Seven Last Words, Introduction-Joseph Haydn//11. La Forza Del Destino-Giuseppe Verdi//12. Night On Bald Mountain-Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky//13. Dance of the Knights-Sergei Prokofiev //14. The Ride of the Valkyries-Richard Wagner//15. Dies Irae-Giuseppe Verdi //16. Commendatore (Don Giovanni)-Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart