EXO reacting to you getting a lead role in a movie

Suho: “I am so happy for you, jagi!…but please tell me there will be no kissing scenes…or nudes”

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Chanyeol: “AKSJDAKSDGKSJHDGAJH OMG IM SO EXCITED” *spins you around before leaving kisses all over your face*

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Baekhyun: “Yaaaaayyy I will get to see you dressed as a princess!”

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Chen: “Nooooo waaaaay! I am singing the title song for that movie BUT THATS NOT IMPORTANT, we need to celebrate this!”

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Xiumin: “Really!? awwee I am so happy your dreams are coming true so fast, my future oscar winner”

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Lay: “I knew Jackie Chan was going to cast you! I knew it! Come here baobei *he hugs you* I am so proud of you I can’t wait to see you on the big screen!”

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D.O: “What?! we’ll be in a movie together!” *gets all squishy but is dying of excitement*

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Kai: “Wait…they chose you to play the lead?! omg this is amazing, congratulations Y/N! Let’s go eat some chicken to celebrate!!”

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Sehun: “ARE YOU FOR REAL!? *gets up from his seat to hug you* I’m so happy for you! I can’t believe we will be the lead couple for the movie!”

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TFLN | The Missus Is Going to Visit Harry Filming

Harry. Missus.

Hey, my future Oscar winner x

Oh shut up. In your dreams.

It’s true.


I’ll stop. Won’t stop believing it though.

How’s my big star doing today?

I’m having a great time. It’s really sunny and so seaside-ish. I feel like a little kid on holiday when we all go back to the hotel after filming.

Aw, you having fish and chips every night?

A couple of times, just a couple.

You ok? x

I’m ok. I need you back here to discuss wedding food.

Why don’t you come here? Come down on Friday and we can spend the weekend together.

Really? You want me there?

Yeah, why not? We always finish shooting at lunch on Fridays and me & you we can do our own thing. I want to try this little restaurant I’ve found with you and we can walk on the beach at night and everything. This hotel bed needs testing out as well ;)

So you’re horny. I knew there was an ulterior motive.

Ha, I’m allowed to be horny but that’s not the ONLY reason I want to see you. Is a man not allowed to see his wife-to-be?

Not if he just wants a quick shag, nope ;)


What time do you want me on Friday? I’ll book a train x

Come for around midday? I only have to be on set for a couple of hours on Friday morning so I can come get you and take you back for a little tour of the set, maybe? Then we can go for lunch?

Sounds good. You sure you want me there?

I’m sure - all the guys will love you x

Ok, my love. Give me a Skype call tonight, yeah? Need to see your face.

Will do, sweetheart. Give Theo a kiss from me, keep sending the PUPdates.

Your puns..bloody hell.