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Hey, I was just going through your art and noticed your recent work including buildings/photographs - would you able to quickly go through your processes? Thanks in advance, keep up the great work!

no problem!

I use photos from trips. This one is from when I visited England.

throw it into photoshop, and go to the filters section. There’s other countour filters but I use the one under filter>stylize>trace contour (because it’s a uniform line weight and I like the look)

after this, use the slider and pick the contours that best show off the picture’s focal points and all. This filter can bring out a lot of details but sometimes you just need outlines and all.

after that, go to select>color range, and use the dropdown menu to select the highlights (ie get rid of the white on the layer)

then lock the layer, and fill it with the line color of your choosing.

finally, make a layer under it and do the coloring shenanigans. Since I use these for mainly warm ups or quick things, I just use a low threshold paint bucket, but if you wanted to be neater I guess you could use the inverting-magic wand deal.

after some cleaning up I get something looking like this:

I hope this helped!

messy concept stuff. Pyrrhic, (unable to sleep) keeping watch over the campfire. Being acquainted with Regicide’s sleeping side effects (which rarely occur), these shades bleeding from him unsettle her deeply every time.
Although he will recover from it next morning, she still seeks an answer. Only to be ignored.

Should I Make A Separate Account For DHMIS?

I feel like I’m spamming all of the people that followed me for my original stuff X’D

-please answer-


((Just some post-cave thoughts.))

Imagine Arthur having good dreams.

Imagine Lewis didn’t die in the cave.
Imagine Arthur with two arms.

Imagine the two of them shopping for groceries.
Arthur trying to smuggle boxes of Hostess DingDongs into the cart.
Lewis trying to make him eat healthier and pick out a vegetable he likes.

Imagine Vivi and Arthur going Ice skating.
The one place where Arthur is graceful and Vivi has to cling for support.
Which, of course, he gives her.

Imagine mystery and Arthur sitting by a fire.
Arthur isn’t afraid of the canine’s teeth.
Mystery enjoys a belly-rub from a hand of flesh, not metal.

Imagine all four of them curled in the back of the van.
Ready to go on their next big adventure.
They are all together, and they are all happy.

Then imagine Arthur waking up.
Imagine him realizing it was all just a dream.
And that hurts worse than any nightmare.


(Guess what I did? A draw the otp :P

I like this but with finals I decided a flat-color sketch was enough. I might do a clean up and line-art later though! I should mention Vivi is on a step-stool, haha. only way to reach her ghost bae because he tol.)


@leurauxe I saw your tags on the delinquent Iwa drawing… and … my hands moved on its own

But srsly tho school prefect oikawa HEAD PREFECT OIKAWA this image will never leave me ever again