For who the other day don’t understand why I shared that video about the memes
“i make memes (ew) and Is being a while that I want to start my original stuff (something that I will do) I think that memes are just a “start” to be an animator look at rossali like she did animations now- without calling them memes, maybe they look like memes? but only because people can only see that- or sleepykinq that do pmv or stuff like that, scotch too. I want to do something like that oneycartoons or some animation of gamegrumps (I really hope and if I have time) but talking about the memes, there is a lot of animators that try to change them like…try to do not do the same thing as the original let not the character only dancing like telling a story! But I loved this video a lot ‘cause you say a lot of true things like that youtube don’t suport original stuff…like I saw an animation of this AWESOME animator and she has only 23.100 fews? I mean it was a really fucking awesome work damn she diserve more I just hope that all this animator will grow up anyway…like me if I will nEVER DO IT HOYUCK jk I just  need pratice and work (sorry for the bad english) edit: anyway for who don’t like the animations memes don’t try to “change” the future animatos like “ew stop doing this ” or “thats only few frames ew” try to give good advices with kindness and being nice! we can help each other“

I think I need to start tagging more of my original stuff. Not just the longer #original stories but also the shorter # quickie captions as well as # I’m funny dammit!!


someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf