Just wanna say, if you appreciate a person’s art/writing and ESPECIALLY their original characters, headcanons, ideas, rambles, fictions, etc.:

LET THEM KNOW! We obviously can’t read people’s minds and we also have no way of knowing people read the fics or liked seeing the art, so don’t be shy to give a like or reblog, or comment! 

I feel like a lot of people forget this and… the lack of feedback on original stuff can be really demotivating.

I keep wondering at which point does Thranduil get to know about Tauriel and Kili… I mean, He never gets to see them together! Nobody does actually, apart from the dwarves… Did Legolas came whining at him right after He saw them talk together up from the cliff..? Like “ADA! Tauriel is flirting with one of those stinky dwarves!” and between two glasses of wine at the Mereth and Gilith feast He’d be like “What?! That little sh*t! Leave it to me son!” … 8/ ….I don’t know, I’m still working on some assumptions…


The Originals Season 2 Appreciation Week; day 1: favorite episode

2.05 Red Door

realtalk though, the odds of me continuing The Liveblog in its current format are incredibly close to zero

what’s most likely gonna happen is, i’m gonna go on a 72-hour homestuck binge sometime this summer, when i’m in the right mood to get completely absorbed in smth, and occasionally throw screaming generic commentary onto the blog, just for the sake of closure


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And if you don’t have any allowance, it’s ok! Sending me hugs is also a lot ^^


I’ve seen it so much, it’s pretty much been established for me that Lewis, Vivi, and Arthur all have nicknames. Vivi uses them the most. Her actual name is Vivienne, but she prefers the nickname Vivi, and she likes to give other people new names too. She likes calling Lewis “Lew” or “Lewlew”, and Arthur “Artie” or “Art” whenever she can. She’s does it in a playful way, and neither of them mind, so the nicknames just kind of stick.

Despite the fact that they both tease her for it, Lewis begins using the ones she came up with for Arthur when addressing him, and Vivi he will call “Viv” or “Vi” at times. 

When they all get even closer, he begins to give them Spanish nicknames, ones they don’t understand since he says them so quickly, but allow Lewis to be honest with them about how he feels. He calls Vivi “El amor de mi vida”. However, Arthur is really good with languages, so he picks up what Lewis is saying and pushes Lewis to ask her out. Lewis had called Arthur “mi corazón” once or twice, but when he learned how quick Arthur was with picking up new words, he swiftly changed to referring to him as “amigo”, or by one of his  names, so Arthur wouldn’t learn how he felt before Lewis was ready to share.

Arthur picked up Lewis’s nicknames for Vivi, but he would only call Lewis “Lew”. “Lewlew” seemed too intimate for him to use, because as much as he liked them both, he knew Lewis liked Vivi, and she reciprocated the feeling, so he wouldn’t get in the way if he could help it.

When the group is reunited after the cave incident, and after a few months, Lewis begins to notice something. While Vivi doesn’t change much when her memories are returned, Arthur now only refers to the bluenette as “Vivi”, and Lewis by his given name.

He can’t figure out why this is, and when he expresses confusion at this odd change, Vivi pulls him to the side.

“Lewis…Arthur hasn’t used any of those nicknames since you died. He actually started calling me Vivienne for a while, but I was able to get him to stop after almost a whole year.” She bites her lip for a moment and rubs her eyes tiredly. “I don’t know exactly why, but….but I think the nicknames were a symbol of the friendship between the three of us. And Arthur…after the cave, he felt like he didn’t deserve that anymore.”

Even after the events of NWHS, I dont think Dipper and Mabel’s releationship will be really torn apart as the releationship between Grunkle Stan and his lost brother.

Not only for the 30 years of absent and silent shame/guilt/hate, but for the fact that Mabel has already recognized how much Dipper has sacrificed for her and she has never done the same. She understood how being separated of his brother for a dumb obssesion will no let into something good.

But the Author didnt.

He willingly left his family behind chasing his obssesion for the unknown for years and tasting knowledge from the hand of Bill lead him to the creation of a doomsday machine. Even knowing how dangerous it was he didnt destroy it. He just left the machine there for a perhaps.

He just didnt care. 

And now that he is back he is not going to notice how much his brother spent his time trying to bring him back. He is going only to notice all the flaws and the mess around and blame his brother of everything. He hasnt recognized how much his brother cared for him. He hasnt sacrificed for no one in his life because he doesnt trust anyone.

30 years apart from his true universe would have truly affected the man behind the journals. 30 years of loneliness and blaming everyone but him. Blaming his brother. He hasnt understand how much he needed/needs his brother.

Until is too late


Overworld Vahirom, both in standard and active, plain and shiny!

Took me a little work, and ripping apart each of the Tao Trio sprites, including fusions. Colors were approximated directly from the original Vahirom post. It was fun building such a cool dragon.

Maybe I’ll get around to making the frames for an idle animation, but it strikes me as the kind of dragon to just rest there, unnervingly still.

((Last thing I swear. I may have attempted an anatomy study thing with my version of Arthur. I didn’t use a reference or anything, so I’m sure a lot of it is wrong, but I was kinda trying to figure out where he had scars, so I didn’t mind too much. He is in his underwear and stuff, so I’m putting it under a read-more, since I doubt everyone wants to see that on top of injuries.))

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