My Non-FFXIV Characters

Hello! First of all, thank you everyone who liked and/or replied to my post regarding sharing my non-FFXIV original characters! To be honest, I was not expecting much of a response, but it was super flattering to see interest! I know I don’t interact here as much as I should, but I’m glad anyone would pay me any mind. I am looking to get back into art, starting with my original stuff, and this was a way of motivating myself. I’ll put mini bios of a few of my longest-running characters here. Putting this under a Read More so I can edit it later on, if needed. Thanks for reading!

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  • Shiro: Keith, date?
  • Keith: It's the twentieth.
  • Shiro: ...
  • Lance: Date?
  • Keith: I have raisins.
  • Lance: ...
  • Keith: What?
  • Lance: Please go out with us.
  • Shiro: We're getting desperate.
Daddy Space

✨Being woken up in the middle of the night because your little had a nightmare (or they can’t find their paci)
✨Knowing all of your littles stuffies by name
✨ Remembering every line to their favorite movies
✨ Stickers on everything you own
✨ The only bandaids you have are cartoon/movie related
✨ Your pantry is always stocked with their favorite little snacks/food
✨ At least ½ of your dishware consists of sippies, plates, and silverware that your little one begged for at the store
✨ Crayons are everywhere as well as toys
✨ Your fridge is covered in their colorings and drawings
✨ Having to hide makeup because you know no matter what your little will get into it
✨ Giggles followed by a long silence means having to check up on them immediately (and possibly bring along some cleaning supplies)
✨ Your bathroom is filled with bath supplies for them
✨ Playdates are always the best time of the week
✨ Walks in the park take hours because you can’t say no to them when they ask to play at the park
✨ Ordering their food for them at restaurants is basically a reflex

  • Hunk: Remember when I told you I liked Shay a lot?
  • Lance: Yeah?
  • Hunk: I have something important to tell you.
  • Lance: What's up, buddy?
  • Hunk: You have a crush on Keith.
  • Lance: ...what?
  • Hunk: On the bright side, he likes you too.
  • Lance: WHAT?!

I love Sam but honestly watching Achievement Hunter roast him for their entire play-through was so fucking funny

  • Allura: I'm very curious as to why you've made me a sweater when the castle has adequate heat and cooling systems.
  • Lance: Look, I knit stuff for people I care about and you're one of them.
  • Allura: So the beanie you made for Keith is-
  • Allura: He threatened to bite Coran for touching it.
  • Pidge: You're an amazing bean.
  • Keith: You're a fantastic bean.
  • Pidge: You're my smol red emo bean.
  • Keith: You're the trademark green bean.
  • Keith: BEAN-WARE OF US!
  • Pidge: EMO BEAN-
  • Keith: AND GREEN BEAN-
  • Keith: After lunch.


someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf