my bnha oc Iwamoto, Hirotoki !
his quirk is power outlet. he can generate electricity throughout his body; being able to create, shape and manipulate electricity;; and charge your phone orz
I will make another post with more information !

Daddy Space

✨Being woken up in the middle of the night because your little had a nightmare (or they can’t find their paci)
✨Knowing all of your littles stuffies by name
✨ Remembering every line to their favorite movies
✨ Stickers on everything you own
✨ The only bandaids you have are cartoon/movie related
✨ Your pantry is always stocked with their favorite little snacks/food
✨ At least ½ of your dishware consists of sippies, plates, and silverware that your little one begged for at the store
✨ Crayons are everywhere as well as toys
✨ Your fridge is covered in their colorings and drawings
✨ Having to hide makeup because you know no matter what your little will get into it
✨ Giggles followed by a long silence means having to check up on them immediately (and possibly bring along some cleaning supplies)
✨ Your bathroom is filled with bath supplies for them
✨ Playdates are always the best time of the week
✨ Walks in the park take hours because you can’t say no to them when they ask to play at the park
✨ Ordering their food for them at restaurants is basically a reflex

someone: i always skip “to break in a glove” to be honest…like what’s the importance of a baseball glove, wtf


anonymous asked:

In your hiatus(?) post you talked about original projects and I was wondering if you could tell us a bit about them? I'm always super excited when fanfic authors I adore write original things so I'm curious

i can but it’s super boring lol, i’ve been writing some 3-5k short stories to submit to literary journals mostly. 

i have one about living in a shitty flat and not knowing whether the person you’re in love with loves you back being published in august, and another about being the person everyone thinks is a dangerous fuck-up even though you have a good reason that i’ve nearly finished.