And you shall know…

We have arrived.

A bit like this, I guess I thought the world needed another one.

It’s so hot hrrrghnngnghn but at least I managed to draw a quick little thing before I feel too bad about neglecting the drawing board.
Also, little psa, Legion hits tuesday so I might disappear for a little while to make Azeroth safe for my waifu Anduin

anonymous asked:

your art is so cool! do u use references or just draw from your imagination?

I sometimes look up body structures for my original stuff just for some guidance! I feel like I draw best when i copy something tho, like with my studio ghibli drawings


((Just some post-cave thoughts.))

Imagine Arthur having good dreams.

Imagine Lewis didn’t die in the cave.
Imagine Arthur with two arms.

Imagine the two of them shopping for groceries.
Arthur trying to smuggle boxes of Hostess DingDongs into the cart.
Lewis trying to make him eat healthier and pick out a vegetable he likes.

Imagine Vivi and Arthur going Ice skating.
The one place where Arthur is graceful and Vivi has to cling for support.
Which, of course, he gives her.

Imagine mystery and Arthur sitting by a fire.
Arthur isn’t afraid of the canine’s teeth.
Mystery enjoys a belly-rub from a hand of flesh, not metal.

Imagine all four of them curled in the back of the van.
Ready to go on their next big adventure.
They are all together, and they are all happy.

Then imagine Arthur waking up.
Imagine him realizing it was all just a dream.
And that hurts worse than any nightmare.

(OH MY GOSH @kirbychan234. I almost forgot about us talking about that, but thank you for reminding me! I decided to do something in response :D )

(Vivi is recording and laughing herself silly. Mystery is elsewhere, taking a nap in the sand because it’s so nice and warmmmm~

based on this vine! )


rio and evie on their gay space roadtrip <3


(Guess what I did? A draw the otp :P

I like this but with finals I decided a flat-color sketch was enough. I might do a clean up and line-art later though! I should mention Vivi is on a step-stool, haha. only way to reach her ghost bae because he tol.)

Famous Autistic Creators

Ever since autism has become a more or less well-known thing in the public mind, people have been talking about famous people who could have been autistic or are autistic. Quickly it became obvious that the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) field is full of autistic people, which in combination with ideas and research of Hans Asperger and Leo Kanner lead to the stereotype that autistic talents only reside in the area of science.

It is not completely wrong since some autistic traits are indeed very useful for a scientist. However after several decades of autism awareness there seems to be an unequal shift towards praising autistics in STEM and ignoring the contribution of autistic people in other areas. I want to try and make the public image of autism more diverse. In particular I want to talk about creativity and autism: about writers, poets, artists, musicians, directors and other famous people who are or could have been on the spectrum. I think they too deserve to be recognized and talked about.

This post is separated into two sections: past and present. In the first section I will talk about people who lived before autism was described and who were diagnosed retrospectively by historians and biographers. The second section is devoted to people who have been diagnosed during their lifetimes or have self-diagnosed themselves after researching ASD (which is a valid option). I understand that an autism diagnosis is subjective and it’s impossible to know for sure if someone is autistic, so I’m giving you the reasons for including these people on the list. Whether you believe it or not you can decide for yourself.

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