being on tumblr and not being an artist/art major is def odd bc i see so many ppl showcasing their amazing talents and like im a chemistry major but how can i showcase that….“hello everyone for today’s post im going to list the strong acids and bases off the top of my head ,, stay tuned for tomorrow we’re discussing solubility guidelines and next week is the cubic crystal system” it’s just not as cool


“There is no regret. You did what you thought was right.”

Monsta X - The Clan 2.5 The Final Chapter: Beautiful

I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I am always and I mean always proud of Monsta X and the things they have accomplished over the past two years. Listening to this new album preview this morning for their first ever full album, I can’t control my emotions. They never cease to amaze me with their talent. They have grown so much and I remember thinking the same with their Fighter comeback. How have they grown so much again just since November. As a resident Wonho die hard I’m also obviously emotional over his achievement of finally getting his music on the album. He showed his composition potential in No Mercy and now here he is doing what he loves for the boys and fans that he loves. All he has wanted since their debut was to produce music for Monsta X and him achieving that fills my heart with so much pride. Monsta X is barely 2 years old and they have already achieved so much and grown more than I ever thought possible, and I have never regretted the decision to become a Monbebe. These boys bring me so much happiness with their music, and their personalities and I hope that we as a fandom can repay even half of that. Let’s make 2017 their year and show them our love ❤❤❤❤❤❤

the signs as Sarah Schauer vines

aries: Fight me - Yours truly, the service industry 

taurus: #misplacedhater

gemini: Instigating another stupid conversation because you’re bored

cancer: When you’re desperate af

leo: Fun holiday wisdom from my grandmother

virgo: I wear 80% of the makeup out of everyone on my college campus

libra: These people

scorpio: Un-defending myself

sagittarius: A scenario I’ve been in 

capricorn: An upgraded metaphor

aquarius: I’m the hype man for pettiness

pisces: Always blessed with the worst superlative


i’m away without my laptop tonight but i’ve been thinking about the spinoff au of my twin au where it’s all about nino/felix

nino’s the only person in paris to spot that there are two chat noirs (bridgette isn’t separate from marinette in this au so there’s just one ladybug), and while avidly trying to interview the second cat which the media can never catch he ends up totally getting the hots for him and landing a serious smooch

the resulting problems are a) felix doesn’t know how to process this Disgusting Emotion especially when he sees nino at school every day, b) nino hates felix and only tolerates him because of adrien, so if he finds out who the cute mystery superhero truly is he’s going to flip out, and c) felix might actually be developing a VERY inconvenient crush

How can I even begin to describe Norman’s acting on tonight’s episode? He freaking killed it, he showed everyone (without saying outloud most of the time) so many emotions, so much grief, sorrow, guilt, courage, resistance and a lot of other things I can’t even think right now because I feel so proud of this man. He deserves to be appreciated for the amazing actor that he is and nobody can deny that after tonight. I admire him so fucking much! @bigbaldhead

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