My Otome Games Obsession Has Reached a New Level:

So… If you’re an Otome Games lover, you probably know just how hard it is to come by good English-translated otome games. 
Since… well, they aren’t translated all that often. And when they do… the wait can kill. 
So… funny story: I decided to learn how to read in Japanese so I can play more games ‘^^
I know right? Crazy. 
I understand spoken Japanese pretty well but I never imagined to actually venture into the reading part. 
However… I’ve done this once before. With English. 
I was so disappointed and frustrated to wait for my beloved books to be translated into my native language that I came with a declaration of war: “You know what? Fine. I don’t need this. I shall overcome this language barrier and I SHALL read.” 
It turned out splendidly if I do say so myself (: 
Since I completely threw away my language out the window and am currently reading and writing solely in English haha ‘^^
Japanese is next *muahahaha*