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Ford stumbled backward, nearly falling over from the force of the blow. He barely had time to recover before Crampelter lifted a leg and kicked him in the stomach. Ford was knocked to the ground. He tried to get up, only to have Crampelter put a foot on his chest, pinning him to the floor. Ford grabbed his ankle and tried to pull the older teen off him. Crampelter only increased the pressure on Ford’s chest. It was getting harder to breathe. Damnit, he was so close! His brother was just inside the building, preparing for his boxing match. He was so close to making it. Crampelter must have worked out that Ford would come along to support his brother and lay in wait for him to show up. He’d already been thoroughly beaten. His glasses were bent slightly. He had a black eye and numerous other bruises on his face. His whole body ached from punches, kicks and blows that were surely going to leave bruises.

Ford shoved and hit Crampelter’s leg pathetically. “J-just leave me alone! I never did anything wrong!” He gasped, his chest heaving with dry coughs.

Crampelter leaned down so his face was inches away from Ford’s. “You did do something wrong. You were born. A freak like you should have never been conceived. I feel sorry for your brother having to waste his time protecting a weak little freak like you.”

Ford fought to hold back the tears burning at the corner of his eyes. He couldn’t cry in front of Crampelter. He couldn’t. He couldn’t let these guys see that they got to him. Despite his struggles, tears leaked from the corner of his eyes and Ford found himself restraining sobs.

One of Crampelter’s friends, Alex, sneered at Ford. “Aww look, the little six-fingered wimp is crying. What’s that? You miss your twin? Wish he was here to protect your sorry little ass?”

Ford gritted his teeth and struggled again. He managed to knock Crampelter over onto the ground and scramble to his feet. He tried to make a run for it, only to be yanked back by Crampelter’s other friend, Justin. Ford was slammed against the brick wall of the building. His head was bashed against the bricks. His vision swam and he could feel something warm and wet dripping down the back of his neck.

Ford let out a sharp cry as Crampelter grabbed him by the shoulders and turned him round, forcing his chest up against the wall. The older teen twisted Ford’s arms up behind his back. Ford struggled against the firm grip in vain. “Let me go!”

“Hey!” Relief flooded Ford’s system as he heard his brother’s voice. He managed to turn his head around to see Stanley marching over to them. He was wearing his shorts and tank top, ready for the match. Ford felt a pang of guilt as he realised Stan was probably missing it. “Leave him alone!”

Crampelter sneered at him. “Oh yea? Who’s gonna make me? Yo- ooph!” His words were cut short as Stan slammed a fist into his side, knocking him sideways away from Ford.

Ford scrambled to his feet. His hands were shaking as he watched his brother singlehandedly take on the three other boys. He noticed Justin going to wrap his arms around Stan’s throat. Ford threw himself at Justin and wrapped his arms around the older boy’s shoulders, pulling him away from his brother. Justin threw his elbow back, hitting Ford square in the ribs. Ford fell off him with a strangled gasp, landing roughly on the pavement. He sat up just in time to see Stan knock Crampelter out cold with a hard punch to the jaw. The two others quickly hauled the unconscious Crampelter up and darted off with him.

Stan went over to Ford and pulled him to his feet. Ford was sporting a black eye and a bloody lip, along with possible broken ribs and multiple bruises. “Thanks,” Ford grinned.

“Any time, bro,” Stan grinned back at him.

“Ahem.” The sound of someone clearing their throat behind them made both twins turn around. Standing at the door to the school gym were the college representatives - the ones who had come to see Stan’s boxing.

“Sorry about that,” Stan scratched the back of his neck, blood dripping from his nose onto his shirt. “They were picking on my brother so I-”

“Decided to mercilessly attack them?” The leader, a tall, muscular man with dark skin and a bald head did not seem impressed at all. “As much as we admire your skill, your attitude towards fighting is far from admirable. Boxing is about respect and consideration for your opponent, not just raw fighting skills. I’m sorry, but we cannot offer you a place at our college with an attitude like that.”

Stan frowned. “But didn’t you see what those guys were doing to my brother?! They were beating him up first! I had to step in!”

“Had you simply disarmed the situation in a calm, controlled manner, maybe we would have reconsidered. But after a display like that, I’m afraid we can’t allow a dangerous thug to compete in our program.” With that, the representatives walked back through the gym and disappeared.

Ford swallowed hard. “Stan, I’m sorry-”

“This is your fault.” Stan’s voice was quiet and laced with venom.

Ford instantly recoiled. “Stan, y-you saw what Crampelter was doing. If you hadn’t come outside-”

“I would have won that match and gotten into that program!” Stan snapped. He whirled round, fixing his twin with a glare. “But thanks to you, I lost my only chance at actually achieving anything!”

“Stan it wasn’t my fault!” Ford protested, guilt seeping into his stomach. “You saw! It was Crampelter! He attacked me!”

“If you were actually able to stand up for yourself rather than relying on me all the time, I wouldn’t have had to come and save your sorry ass! Again, I might add! All I’ve ever done for you is protect you and you couldn’t bear the thought of me doing anything on my own!”

Ford flinched, tears burning behind his eyes. “Stan, listen to me-”

“NO!” Stan shouted. “I’m done listening to your sorry excuses. If you’d actually tried during those boxing lessons instead of reading your stupid books, maybe you could have actually been able to defend yourself for once!”

Ford took a step back, all breath stolen from his lungs. The tears that had been threatening to spill slowly slid down his cheeks.

Stan scoffed. “Don’t be so pathetic, Stanford. I’m going home. There’s no point in hanging around here anymore.”

With that, Stan turned on his heel and headed into the gym changing rooms to grab his bag. He didn’t wait for Ford as he stormed out of the building and back home. Ford followed behind him slowly, rubbing his eyes with his sleeve. Stan was right. He was too pathetic to look after himself.

When they got home, Stan stormed straight into the living room and tossed his bag onto the floor by the couch. Filbrick looked up from his newspaper. “So, did you win the match?”

No,” Stan grunted. “Ford was getting beaten up outside and I had to leave to go defend him. They told me they didn’t want a “thug” in their program and told me to get lost.”

“What?!” Filbrick was on his feet in an instant. Stan flinched, only this time his father’s anger wasn’t directed at him, but his twin. He stormed over, grabbing Ford by the collar of his polo shirt. “You did what?!”

Ford tried to step back, but his father’s grip on his collar stopped him from going anywhere. “I-it wasn’t my fault! Crampelter and his friends showed up and they w-were picking on me and-”

“Your brother had to miss the most important event of his life to save your weak ass?!” Filbrick snapped.

Ford was trembling, a lump forming in his throat which prevented him from producing coherent sentences. “B-but I-I-I-”

“You were too weak to defend yourself for once in your sorry life?!” Filbrick grabbed Ford’s upper arm and dragged him back towards the door. “Your brother could have made millions with a successful boxing career and you ruined it! You’ve lost this family MILLIONS of dollars!”

Ford struggled weakly against his father’s grip. He looked pleadingly over at his brother. “Stan! C’mon, you know this wasn’t my fault!”

Stan didn’t say anything. He shot Ford a cold glare and crossed his arms, turning his back to him. Ford felt his stomach drop.

Filbrick wrenched the door open and shoved Ford outside. Ford stumbled, landing on his backside on the pavement. The impact aggravated his already throbbing ribs and he let out a yelp. A split second later, a large, full duffel bag was thrown at him. The bag hit Ford in the stomach, almost knocking him over completely. He looked up at the doorway to see his father glaring at him.

“Honey?” Ford heard his mother call. “What’s going on?”

“Our weakling son just cost this family potential millions.” Filbrick growled, not taking his eyes off Ford. He pointed a finger at the teen sat on the ground. “You’ve always been weak. If you didn’t have your brains you’d have nothing. Don’t bother coming back here until you make up for all the money you lost us!”

With that, Filbrick stepped back inside and slammed the door. Ford flinched. He stumbled to his feet, one hand gripping his ribs with the other holding the handles of the duffel bag. He saw Stanley watching him through the living room window. Ford swallowed. “S-Stanley…?”

Stan simply glared at his twin and pulled the curtains closed. Ford felt his heart skip a beat. Tears welled up behind his eyes and spilled down his cheeks. Failing to hold back a sob, he gripped the duffel bag firmly and ran off up the road, ignoring the way his ribs screamed in protest. He kept running until his legs burned and he could breathe no longer. He collapsed on his knees in an alleyway, the bag falling to the ground beside him. He bent over, covering his face with his hands, more tears running down his face.

“I-I’m sorry, Stanley,” he sobbed.



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O mundo em que estou

São exatamente 03:00, não estou conseguindo dormir por conta das múltiplas coisas que estão martelando minha cabeça. Vocês podem achar que não estou bem, mas na verdade eu estou ótima, com apenas algumas porções de inquietações. 

Bom, não vou dizer que não sinto nada quando na verdade sinto medo, sinto saudade, sinto ódio, sinto também amor e outros diversos sentimentos que nem eu mesma consigo explicar. Ao escrever esse texto, sinto meu coração acelerar e meu estômago revirar, eu realmente não sei o que está acontecendo comigo e nem o que realmente me fez ficar assim. A única certeza que tenho é de que estou assim. 

Não preciso de ajuda, sou ansiosa, mas acredito que devo contornar meus problemas sozinha. Essas ansiedades não são de hoje e eu soube contornar durante todo esse tempo. Sinto que sou um peso dentro de casa e de que preciso de algo para mudar essa situação. Sinto que sou a pessoa mais egoísta do mundo, sinto que atrapalho a vida de várias pessoas, inclusive a minha. 

Não consigo enxergar meu futuro, sinto como se algo tivesse acabado, sinto como se estivesse morrendo aos poucos. Sinto que estou parada no tempo como se não tivesse saída, como se esse fosse o meu único lugar, o ponto de repouso, sem movimento e até mesmo sem equilíbrio, bamba. É meio contraditório, não é? Parece até não fazer sentido, mas a vida é assim, assim que me sinto, uma enorme contradição em um profundo vazio. É tanta contradição que ao estar “estática”, também encontro-me caminhando sem direção, sem rumo e o pior de tudo… Sozinha! 

- Emily Maia 


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[text] Please don’t do this. / [text] I want you to be happy. / [text] I know you may not feel like you are, but you are loved. And important. Please don’t forget that. / [text] I’ll be there in five minutes. / [text] Hey beautiful no judgment but why is there a bucket of KFC chicken in the bathtub?? ( tbh this is the first thing he'd say if hE EVE R MANAGES TO GO BACK TO HIS LEGALLY OWNED PROPERTY HATER PLS GET OUT ) thx

[text] Please don’t do this.

[text] Tell me…tell me what other choice i have? What can I do? I think i’m better off leaving then facing the past anyway
[text] you know that.

 [text] I want you to be happy. 

[text] i’m sorry. 
[text] but you know finding happiness isn’t easy.
[text] And I’d rather you be happy than me
[text] i think you might of thought that by sacrificing things would be easier…your guilt but I don’t think that ever washes away.

 [text] I know you may not feel like you are, but you are loved. And important. Please don’t forget that. 

[text] can u not get emotional on me
[text] lol
[text] i just bought takeaway
[text] come over pls
[text] and thanks i guess :) 

[text] I’ll be there in five minutes. 

[text] i keep thinking im running out of time
[text] that the next fire or next attack ill be gone
[text] like ill end up six feet under
[text]why ?
[text] why am i so afraid?

[text] Hey beautiful no judgment but why is there a bucket of KFC chicken in the bathtub??

[text] its a decoration piece……ahaha
[text] i got hungry 
[text] im sorry abt the smell its like 4 days old…
[text] just be thankful there r no rats 
[text] also the rats r beautiful not me get it right

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okok so i have a boyfriend and alot of girls are texting him and he let me go through his phone but he doesn't save his snapchat messages and i dunno i get really paranoid that he's going back to cheat on me and i know i should just trust him but there's something like in me that can't???

did something happen to you guys before? i don’t actually know how relationships work but if i were in a relationship, i think i will be perfectly okay with the idea of my s/o texting/talking to other people as long as it is wholesome and platonic. perhaps before being in that relationship, you weren’t able to trust him 100%, idk i believe that’s a fundamental part of love. just give him space and calm your nerves for a while, angel. don’t stress out! if he’s starting to act differently around some people, maybe that’s when you should start to sorta doubt? idk i hope this helps in a way! love ya! :,)

Creating clan lore

All right, I got a couple of requests to write about creating clan lore! People ask me about this a lot in general, but I don’t always have time to answer, so I’m excited to get some thoughts down in a permanent place. Please take my advice with a MAJOR grain of salt: I’ve seen fantastic lore clans who do the opposite of what I suggest here. The same method doesn’t work for everyone, and I’m not an expert by any means.

Get started ASAP

Don’t get discouraged looking at other people’s lore and assuming you must not be as creative as them. Most creators don’t rely on spontaneous genius to get things done — 90% of creativity comes down to hard work. If making a lore clan is something you really want to do, don’t sit around waiting for inspiration to strike. Open a document and start taking notes. Invest time coming up with concrete ideas, and be prepared to iron them out until they suit your needs.

Settle on a unified theme

You want your clan to be memorable and have a strong, consistent identity. Ideally you should use your flight affiliation as a jumping off point. Say you’re a Light clan. Are your dragons noble archaeologists in search of knowledge about fallen civilizations, or are they artifact traffickers operating within the Shade-corrupted shadows of the Hewn City? Rein yourself in if you start straying from the central concept. Settle on important roles for your dragons first and develop them as characters from there, with a focus on establishing interesting dynamics between them while you go. Which brings me to the next point…

Find sources of conflict

The main issue I see when people ask me for help is that their clan has no source of tension. Conflict is critical to any interesting story and will keep people engaged in your clan’s developments. It doesn’t have to be super dark — Steven Universe comes to mind as a “lighthearted” narrative with a ton of emotional depth through conflict. I try to aim for a strong source of external conflict (ex, warring with harpies) and internal conflict (ex, the commander of the guard wants to overthrow the clan leader). External conflict is good for action while internal conflict will develop your characters and give your plot emotional stakes. Try to avoid cut-and-dry villains and protagonists, so that people become invested in both sides. Twists will have more impact.

Stick to lore (for the most part)

If you want to interact with other clans ICly, I recommend staying loosely within the boundaries of official FR lore. A lot of this is a personal choice. I see people who do break lore and do a fantastic job with it, and have fun doing it, which is the most important factor. However, something to keep in mind is that if powerful gods live among your dragons, or your clan has started huge a war that’s tearing the entire Windswept Plateau apart, other clans may not be able to interact with yours in a way that makes sense. They operate within a different version of reality where gods other than the canon gods don’t exist and the Windswept Plateau is largely peaceful. Accepting your version of the world may break their own lore in such a way that it renders their clan unplayable, which needless to say will hinder your efforts to form IC relationships with other lairs.

And that’s all for now! I hope you guys find this useful, and thank you for reading my big wall o’ text.

darlings (warning loooong post)

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you people are all too precious for this world

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Have this skeleton to protect you from all evil

   (˼●̙̂ ̟ ̟̎ ̟ ̘●̂˻)
        ’ ’    
  ___’ ’___ 
O   V’ ‘V   O
|  (=  ’ ’ =)  |
|  (=  ’ ’ =)  |
“ ___’ ’___   “
 l               l 
  O }___{ O  
  |             |  
  |             |  
  |             |  

  /.\          /.\
  ‘’“          ”'’