Kono BL ga yabai 2017

Top 20 BL manga

1. Yuuutsu na Asa - Hidaka Shoko (IM SOOO HAPPPYYYY!!! <3)
2. Yarichin Bitch Club - Ogeretsu Tanaka
3. Color Recipe - Harada
4. Zhen - Monzen Yayohi
5. Escape Journey - Ogeretsu Tanaka
6. Jackass! - Scarlet Beriko
7. VOID - Zariya Ranmaru
8. Hidamari ga kikoeru - Fumino Yuki
9. Ten Count - Takarai Rihito
9. ROMEO - Watanabe Ajia
11. Kikoeru? - Hashimoto Aoi
12. Mother’s Spirit - Enzou
13. Iberiko Buta to Koi no tsubaki - SHOOWA
14. Inu mo Kuwanai - Psyche Delico
15. Caste Heaven - Ogawa Chise
16. Motomete Yamanai - Masao Sangatsu
16. Isshou Tsuzukerarenai Shigoto - Yamada Yugi
18. MODS - Natsuki Kazuki
19. Mouichido, nandodemo - Aniya Yuiji
19. Yuki no Shita no Qualia - Kii Kanna

Top 5 best seme

1. Kurose Riku - Ten Count
2. Kuze Akihito - Yuuutsu na Asa
3. Asami - View Finder
4. Qaltaqa - Mother’s spirit
5. Fukusuke - Color Recipe

Top 5 best uke

1. Katsuragi Tomoyuki - Yuuutsu na Asa
2. Shirotani Tadaomi - Ten Count
3. Yoshimune - Iberiko Buta to Koi to Tsubaki
4. Miyauchi - Kashikomarimashita, Destiny 
5. Onoe - Ameiro Paradox

A Father's Marital Advice to his Son

**A father’s marital advice to his son.**

“My dear son, always remember that your wife is your life partner, for better or for worse; don’t be harsh with her, even if you are angry with her. Follow this advice, and consider it my treasure to you:

1. Always bear in mind that you have married a woman, not a man.

2. Don’t try to be victorious over her in every battle.

3. Give her a completely free reign in her home and do not interfere at all in her affairs.

4. Continuously praise her, especially in front of your family and pay extra attention to her in their presence.

5. Know as much as you can about her; be sensitive and pick up on subtle changes.

6. Surprise her with a gift on a day she is not expecting it, and give her little gifts from time to time.

7. Send her loving text messages once in a while.

8. Do not spy on her, and beware of doubting her and being overly suspicious.

9. Be keen to satisfy her physical and emotional needs.

10. Have a strong personality without being stern and obscene.

11. Don’t communicate what happens between the two of you to your mother.

12. Give her your ear, she’ll give you her heart and mind.

13. Kindness, kindness, kindness.

14. Understand the extent of the pressure she faces, then see if you appreciate what she does.

15. Always pamper her and massage her from time to time.

16. Call her from work, not to ask about dinner, but to say, "I love you”.

17. Remain composed during any conflict; neither raise your voice nor utter unbecoming words.

18. Honour her parents and speak well of them and invite them.

19. Pay attention to personal hygiene, especially your mouth (breath); and take a bath at least once a day.

20. Use lovely nicknames and address her with terms of endearment.

21. Be merciful and loving, verily, those with big hearts always win.

22. Let her feel how valuable she is, how much you need her and that you are proud of her.

23. Overlook trivial matters and rise above lowly matters; don’t be nitpicky.

24. Bury past negative stances and forget them (let bygones be bygones).

25. Ask her how her day went everyday.

26. Stand by her in any disagreements with your children, and share your thoughts with her when alone with her.

27. Spend on her from the bank of sweet words without limit.

28. When you get home, look for her before anything else.

29. Don’t minimize her feelings and needs.

30. Go out with her from time to time alone, with no kids.

31. When she’s ill, be gentle with her and care for her.

32. If you hurt her feelings, be extra kind to her and apologize.

33. Be keen to keep a smile; it is cheaper than electricity, but brighter.“

Via Shaykh Younus Kathrada

Meanwhile, as Yuuri angsts over fans hating him for “stealing Viktor,” there is a not insignificant portion of his fanbase that are pissed at Viktor

“Just rip my heart out and stomp on it on live television why don’t you @ v-nikiforov ?!?!?!” #viktuurikiss

“*Grins* I’m so *squeezes viktor plushy till head pops off* HAPPY for them *eye-twitch*” #viktuurikiss

@ yuuri-katsudon “If you ever get sick of that floppy haired drama-queen, I will happily become your next trophy husband”

“Guys, chill, they’re good together, they’re happy, Yuuri deserves to be happy”

“Sure, but why can’t he be happy with ME. I’ve already stalked him for years ಥ_ಥ” #creepynotcreepy

@ v-nikiforov “YE ARE NOT WORTHY!!!” #protectawkwardskatingson

v-nikiforov - “I know but [selfie of Viktor sipping from a mug labeled ‘Hater’s Tears’]”

yuuri-katsudon - “Did you have that specially made just to antagonize my fans???”

Part 1


Did you know that? : Monsta X 2nd Anniversary Edition 

Happy 2 years to Monsta X! 🎉🎂 I wasn’t quite sure about what to make this year so I decided to make this gifset containing a fact about each member. These all came directly from what the members have said themselves over the last two years! Now let’s get started on a message~ Thank you guys for the past 2 years and for many more to come. I have never been more invested in a group and honestly, I haven’t paid attention to any other new groups after you guys. I’ve fallen so hard for you since the very beginning. You’re my number 1 and you’ll always be. ♡ Thank you for all the love you give us Monbebes. Despite the hardships that you guys go through, thank you for continuously providing quality music and for all your hard work. All of you are so full of charms that stand out in their own unique way. You guys make us proud to call ourselves Monbebes. Just like how you look out for us, Monbebes will always be there for you. Congrats on 2 years!


Dating my little sister: the things you need to know. 

By Darry Curtis.

1. My sister is always right, no matter the situation. Even when she is wrong, she is right and you best not forget that.
2. My sister doesn’t kiss, and so long as you’re dating her… neither do you. Proceed to break this rule… I dare you. 
3. Everything you do to my sister, I will do to you- that’s not a threat, that’s a promise. 
4. When you pick her up for a date I expect you to bring tulips, they’re her favourite. I expect you to hold the door open and walk her to the front door- you best be the most gentlemanly gentleman that you can possibly be. Chivalry is not dead, but you will be if you break one of these rules.
5. My sister is a queen, and if you want every bone in your body intact you will treat her as such.
6. She is a good person, don’t even try to get her hooked on reckless things like drugs and alcohol or cigarettes. I find out everything, I have eyes and ears all around town. 
7. She has allergies to nuts and if she gets an allergic reaction when you’re with her… you’ll lose all your damn teeth. 
8. If you want to date my little sister I want your phone number, I also want your address- if you don’t wish to obey you can get the heck out of her life. 
9. If I have good enough reason to suspect that you’ve hurt my sister, emotionally or otherwise, you will suffer a long and painful death.
10. My precious, little sister is not to be toyed with. She isn’t game, she isn’t a booty call. She isn’t a girl that you can date to get over your ex. She is special, unique, there is not a single girl like her, so if she chose you, she chose you for a reason. Don’t break her heart or I’ll break every single rib in your rib cage… and then I’ll break your fingers and by the time I’m through with you, you’ll be wishing for death. 

Stay Professional! Pt. 11

Work AU! Fluff, Angst and smut: Jungkook x Reader

Part 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 (12 has arrived! )

Summary: Jungkook desperately tries to fix his mistakes. Whether it be through his irresistibly sweet speeches or something a little more, you were bound to fall under his spell again. 

A/N: Yes I am back! Did y’all miss me? 😘 I honestly think the mothers are the best characters ever tbh (ultimate wingwoman goals). Sorry I didn’t update for so long- I had my Semester 1 exams :) As always, feedback is appreciated! 

Jungkook knew that there was nothing he could do. So why did it feel like he was waiting for a miracle to occur? He rhythmically tapped on the dark mahogany table with his slender finger, tension built up to his shoulders. He felt as though he was going to snap at any given moment. And he hated the feeling. He couldn’t stand the nausea that bestowed upon him when he thought about you. At least he knew he fucked up this time.

“Jungkook, may I come in?” A familiar voice interrupted his toxic thoughts. He quickly glanced in the direction of the elegant voice and a small smile of relief spread across his lips.

“Of course mother.” He gave her a nod of affirmation before standing up to greet her properly.

“You’re probably wondering what brings me here.” She smiled warmly at him and closed the door behind her before seating herself across Jungkook’s table.

“Sit, son. We have some talking to do.” She spoke in a gentle tone- but Jungkook was beyond intimidated. He felt like he was 4 years old again, getting lectured and scolded. But this time it was worse because it wasn’t Jimin lecturing him, it was Jungkook’s actual mother- whom before had no time to do that.

He gulped noticeably loud before looking behind his mother’s shoulder and he avoided her gaze completely.

“Is it possible for us to do this tomorrow? I’m really not feeling good today.” He confessed and his mother raised an eyebrow.

“Did you think I was here to lecture you?”

There was a small pause that intensified Jungkook’s childish fear. Despite being a grown man, Jungkook didn’t deal with authorities well because it was abnormal to have people of higher status than him.

“You’re not wrong my darling but that’s not my main intention. I’m here as a mother today. How about we sort things out together?” She suggested in a sweetened voice and gently placed her hand on top of Jungkook’s and his trembling stopped.

“As you may also be aware, I wasn’t very happy when I found out that Y/N left the company. I assumed it was because of you- you do have a reputation for firing assistants quite regularly so I wasn’t surprised. But she had so much potential and she brought out the best in you so I was generally upset when you fired her. Not to mention, you looked so much happier with her around.”

“For one, I didn’t fire her. She left because Jimin offered her a job at his company. He told her that she was a burden to me and so she left.”

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Goomar (Pt. 2)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: Mafia AU, Smut (Heavy), Angst (Heavy), Fluff (Barely) *No heavy smut in the 2nd chapter either ;) but there will be small sexual actions*
Word Count: ??? (I don’t really like to do word counts so I’ll just say that length-wise, my chapters *after chapter 1* will always be pretty long.)


1 2 3 4 5

*Warning- Strong Language, Explicit Sex, Explicit Sex Talk/References, Gang Violence, Talk of Gang Violence*

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Reluctantly, you go with the Min’s to their large estate. Things couldn’t get worse…

Horrid wedding planning, crazy friends, and your soon-to-be husband whom you just can’t understand. Yet, your father raised you to be strong, and to stand by what you want and believe in. You can’t be controlled…and strangely, he liked that.

What does he mean?

Yoongi’s eyes burned into yours as he held you in place by a single finger, your body almost frozen in place at such a simple action. You couldn’t look away, and it felt as if the room was completely empty except for the two of you, who stood almost close enough for the distance to be a step away from intimate.

Your face almost went pale as he slowly licked his lips, the sudden gesture making your legs tremble. 

Oh dear lord, what is he doing?

“You must be (Y/N).” You exhaled the breath you were holding in when you heard his voice. The deep vibrato was music to your ears.

Breathe (Y/N), breathe.

Yoongi was toying with you. He knew what effect he had on you. He had this effect on every woman he meets. However to you, this was completely unfair. You had to fight hard to pull yourself from his trance, taking a step away from him and inching close to your father as if he could protect you. You looked up at your father, who only had the same bewildered expression that you had.

“Well as fun as this has been to watch, I must say that it is getting late. We live pretty far from this area and I would like to get back to my estate before noon tomorrow.” Mr. Min said, his nonchalant and bored voice almost catching you by surprise. His voice was almost as melodic as Yoongi’s.

You looked up at your father, who met your stare and a sad smile spread on his lips. “May I have a few minutes with my daughter?” Your father looked at the Min’s with an almost pleading expression. You’ve never seen your father almost seem powerless next to another man. But this wasn’t just another man. He was someone who could destroy your whole family with just a phone call.

Mr. Min nodded once, his permanent frown twitching slightly in annoyance at the fact that he had to wait for you longer than he planned. Your father grabbed your hand, pulling you away from the Min’s, and you quickly glanced at Min Yoongi, who was no longer looking at you.

“I’m going to miss you, Sunshine.” Your father wrapped you in his arms tightly, his face burying in your hair as your face was buried in his chest. You held onto your father tightly, your hands balled up into fists and grabbing a tight hold on his suit jacket.

You breathed in his scent, his familiar smell of cologne and cigars filling your nose and you almost let your tears spill, but you refused. Crying would only make this harder for not only you, but your father, who was almost trembling.

You let go of him slowly, feeling as if you were on display, which you were as you turned and saw that everyone was staring at you, including the Min’s. Yoongi’s eyes staring into yours.

It took a while, but with the help of your family you were able to pack everything you owned and you watched as they loaded them onto the Min’s private jet. 

“In case you get cold.” Your father handed you his jacket and you took it. You both knew that the private jet would have a heating system, but you didn’t hesitate as you grabbed your father’s jacket. The only thing that would remind you of your home.

Your father hugged you tightly once more, his eyes filled with tears that you knew wouldn’t spill. You forced a small smile as you looked at your father one last time before quickly following behind the Min’s as they climbed the steps onto their private jet. You wrapped your father’s large jacket around your shoulders, the heavy material covering your upper body completely.

Walking into the jet, you did not know what to expect. It looked better than you imagined. The seats were a clean ivory with black designed armrests and designs throughout the jet. Wine glasses rested on the small counter tops on the sides and there was a mini fridge next to every pair of seats.

You looked around, seeing Mr. and Mrs. Min sitting side by side in the back. Mr. Min looking at his computer while Mrs. Min was on the phone as she did work on her tablet. You then looked at Yoongi, who was staring at you in curiosity. You stood there, awkwardly clenching the jacket draped over your shoulders.

“Are you going to stand there when we take off like a dumb-ass or are you gonna sit down?” You looked at Yoongi in disbelief as you realized that he was trying to insult you. This was different from the Yoongi you met earlier, who was so quiet and mysterious, burning a fire inside of you. This version of Yoongi just made you want to punch him. 

You opened your mouth to say something, but you quickly closed your mouth as you realized the situation you were in and you quietly sat down in the seat diagonal from where he was sitting.

You heard him snickering silently and you huffed, turning slightly in the surprisingly large and comfortable reclining seat of the jet so your back was now facing him.

You were told that this was going to be a ten hour flight, so you decided to rest, not wanting to be awake to think about the fact that you were leaving your home forever. Your fingers brushed over your mother’s charm bracelet which was still dangling on your wrist and you sighed softly, wrapping your father’s large coat tighter against your body. The warmth of the thick material and your father’s scent slowly putting you into a deep sleep.

“Get up, we’re here.” You heard that familiar deep voice, but this time you were less than eager to open your eyes to look at the man who was going to be your soon-to-be husband. “Five…five more minutes…” You mumbled and Yoongi rolled his eyes, his tongue poking the inside of his cheek in annoyance as he stared at your sleeping figure.

He suddenly got an idea, and he smirked mischievously. He reached down and rested his hand on your knee and your eyebrow twitched at the sudden contact. He bit his lip as his hand started to softly crawl up your thigh. Your eyebrows furrowed yet your eyes stayed closed.

Yoongi looked at you, tilting his head to the side as he saw that you weren’t going to be easy. He tchiped, thinking quickly before leaning forwards so his lips were only an inch from your neck. He slowly went up to your ear, his breath tickling you. “I want you…” He whispered before going back down to your exposed neck and pressing a kiss against your warm skin.

Your eyes flew open and you jolted back, looking at Yoongi with wide eyes as your hand flew to your neck, your skin burning from the contact of his previous action. 

He only looked at you, gloating over his victory. “We’re here, so unless you want to spend the night in this jet again, I’d suggest you come with me.” His face returned to his seemingly normal careless expression before turning around and exiting the jet.

It’s only been one night and Min Yoongi has already made his standing on your ‘Kill List’. You grumbled angrily to yourself as you got up, your eyes straining from the bright light as you walked outside.

Was this really where you were going to live? You looked around in amazement at the large estate surrounding you. It’s a hundred times larger than your mansion back home, and you felt embarrassed that the Min’s saw what they could call a ‘common home’.

You looked at the large men carrying your things through the large wooden door of the Min’s home, and you swallowed hard nervously before walking inside.

Absolutely beautiful. You couldn’t keep your eyes off your surroundings. Paintings decorated the walls, a large golden chandelier hung from the ceiling, casting its bright yellow light over you. You looked forwards at the two staircases on the sides of the main room, leading to the same area that split off as the upstairs and went off into separate hallways which you assumed had bedrooms and such.

“Like what you see?” You jumped when you heard Yoongi’s voice by your ear, his breath tickling that same spot again. You turned around, looking at him with pure irritation. “You need to stop doing that.” You said, frowning at him.

“Or what?” He leaned in towards you and you were quick to back away. “Please take me to my room.” You looked at him, trying to keep your composure when on the inside you were literally screaming. He was ruining you in more ways than one.

Yoongi raised an eyebrow before shrugging and walking past you. “Follow me.” He walked up the stairs and you were quick to follow, your steps almost in sync.

He opened your door, your stuff already placed neatly around the room. You walked past him, looking around your room in amazement. “It’s so big…it’s bigger than my old room.” Your heart sank lightly as you realized what you said. You looked back at Yoongi, who was leaning against the door frame with his arms crossed over his chest.

“Is…Is this really going to be my new home?” You asked, your fingers rubbing the lace material on the end of your dress. He cocked his head to the side, looking at you with a confused expression. “Are you just now realizing this?” He rested his head against the frame, gazing at you. You scoffed at his response. 

“I am in no mood for this. If you’re not going to say anything nice to me then leave. I don’t have time for ignorance. I would like to be alone so I can sleep.” You quickly sat on your bed as you stared at him. He looked at you as if you just spit in his food and he scoffed, his tongue poking at the inside of his cheek again. 

“Listen princess, I don’t know how they treated you back home, and frankly, I don’t care. But this estate, this large area, is filled with mobsters. And not your flower picking, daddy loving, family like you have back home. These people have killed other people. Taken people from their families with no remorse. We don’t show mercy, and we don’t bitch about how crappy our lives are. We also, do not take any shit from snot-nosed brats who think they own shit because they’re marrying the next Don.” He snarled, and you were taken aback by his sudden aggressiveness.

Yoongi didn’t seem like the type to be this rude, but as you thought about it, he was a Min. And from the stories you heard, they were the worst of them all.

“If you want something, you get it. No one is going to do anything for you. So suck it up, and shut the fuck up. Goodnight.” He closed the door harder than you expected, the loud sound of the door slamming shut made you jump, your arms wrapping around yourself.

You couldn’t do anything. You just stared blankly at the door, as if Yoongi were still standing there. But he wasn’t. Snot-nosed brat? How dare he. You huffed loudly, peeling back the soft covers of your bed and you quickly took off your dress, leaving you in only your bra and underwear, and you crawled in. You covered your whole body with the large cover, the soft material laying perfectly on top of your skin. You quickly got comfortable enough to sleep, forgetting that you were indeed in a large home full of cold-blooded, murdering mobsters. And one was soon going to become your husband.

You did not get to sleep for long, since you woke up to a woman calling your name. You opened your eyes to see a woman with long brown hair staring down at you. “Mr. and Mrs. Min have asked for you to join the family for dinner.” She watched as you sleepily nodded as you sat up in the bed before quickly exiting your room.

You were exhausted. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. You also couldn’t get Yoongi’s words out of your head. “ We also, do not take any shit from snot-nosed brats who think they own shit because they’re marrying the next Don.” How utterly rude. You were not a snot-nosed brat,and you certainly did not think you owned anything in this large home. If anything you felt that they owned you.

You quickly slipped on a sweater and jeans, the inside of the mansion of the estate was a little too cold for your liking, but you weren’t going to say anything. You didn’t own anything in this house and the Min’s certainly don’t owe you anything. You will prove Yoongi wrong.

You stepped into the large dining hall, seeing the Min’s all sitting and drinking wine. They all looked at you, Mr. and Mrs. Min only glancing at you briefly before carrying on with their previous conversation. Yet, Yoongi was staring at you, his expression unreadable. You avoided his gaze, his words still replaying over and over in your mind. You sat far from him, your eyes looking down at the plate in front of you.

You didn’t feel hungry. You didn’t feel like sitting with this family that you knew nothing about. You just wanted to go home. You kept your hands in your lap, your head down to avoid the gaze Yoongi had on you. “Are you not hungry?” Mrs. Min asked, her voice soft as she glanced at you. 

You looked at her, innocently shaking your head. “No, I’m not.” She nodded before clearing her throat. “Well then, since we’re all here, I thought we’d discuss the future.” She began. “You and Yoongi will be getting married, and since this is my son’s wedding, I decided to be the wedding planner.” She smiled.

“You mean you just want to control everything and give me no say in what I do and do not want to do?” Yoongi interrupted, his eyes on his food as he used to fork to roll the peas around his plate slowly. “As a matter of fact, yes.” Mrs. Min clapped as she smiled wide. That earned a scoff from Yoongi, who rolled his eyes at his mother’s blunt answer.

“So i’m thinking first…what day?” She put a finger to her chin, thinking to herself. “Let’s just do it tomorrow.” Yoongi’s voice made your head shoot upward, looking at Yoongi who was just staring at you with the same unreadable expression. “I-I don’t think I’m ready for that.” You shook your head.

“I agree. Plus, I want to plan this wedding to be the most beautiful and I need time to get everything together. How a month?” Mrs. Min looked at the both of you, an eyebrow raised. 

You said nothing, not wanting to be against anything she says. A month is also too soon for you, but your fear of Mr. and Mrs. Min was too strong to protest. You couldn’t forget what Yoongi said. His family was cruel, and didn’t care if you had a family. Your life could end if they wanted it to, and you had no say or chance to beg for mercy. You simply nodded, Mrs. Min’s expression changing fully to a cheerful one. 

“Oh, this is exciting!” Mrs. Min said, instantly taking out her phone. “I’m going to make some phone calls.” She stood from the table and quickly disappeared down the hall. This change of character took you by surprise. Mr. Min only nodded in your direction, also following suit and following his wife down the hall.

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen her smile until today.” You mumbled, your eyes back down at your plate. You still didn’t want to see him. “I’m surprised you agreed to a month. Are you sure you’re ready for that?” Yoongi’s voice felt closer than you expected, but when you looked up, he was still in the same seat.

It was like he was always near, his voice only inches from your ear. You could still feel your skin burning from the kiss he pressed against your neck earlier. “I wasn’t going to say no to her.” You admitted that you were afraid. There was no reason to deny it. The only thing you refused to admit is that you were also scared of the man in front of you.

You weren’t scared that he’d hurt you. In fact, you knew he wouldn’t. You were terrified of what he does to you. Your mind is still yours but your body was completely under his touch. A single finger.

Yoongi said nothing to your words, nodding slowly before rising from his seat. “I’m going to bed.” His words sounded meaningless and you didn’t meet his eyes as he stood there briefly before you heard the heel of his shoes as he walked past you and through the other hall.

He is in the same hall as you. As if that we’re a surprise, of course it was the same hall. You waited until you felt that he was no longer close and you stood from the table, looking at your plate full of food that you didn’t touch. You had no appetite. Not here.

You slowly walked down the hall towards your room, glancing at all the paintings and small things on display that lined the walls. You were amazed how they could own so many things. It looked like they had expensive objects from all around the world.

You eventually made it to your door, your hand touching the cold handle of your door and opening it. A presence. Even though your room was pitch black, you still felt a presence. You reached out to feel the wall until your fingers touched the light switch and you switched it on, only to see that Yoongi was now in arms reach of you and he quickly pulled you inside, your door slamming shut from the sudden force.

He pushed you against the wall, his hands inches away from your face as he had you locked in place by his hold on the wall. You were trapped. And you could only stare at him with wide eyes as his shot straight into yours. He said nothing, his eyes now looking all over your face, his last spot on your lips.

Your breath halted as he leaned closer, your body shaking lightly. You quickly turned your head. No. You didn’t want this. But the fire burning in your stomach almost made you think something different. He leaned in closer, his lips close enough to your neck that his warm breath made your body shiver, your back slightly arching involuntarily. 

What is he doing to you? You felt your heart start to pound out of your chest as his lips slowly grazed your skin and you made a small noise, making him hesitate before slowly pulling away. You looked back at him, confusion clear on your face.

“Stop looking so sad. You’re ruining the mood around here.” He didn’t release you from your station against the wall, his eyes still staring at your lips but were quick to snap back up to your eyes, locking you in place. “Look at me more. It pisses me off when you don’t.” He still didn’t move. 

“Eat when food is given to you. I don’t need you passing out all over the place or getting sick and burdening everyone around you just because you’re sad.” His words were soft yet demanding, and all you could do was stare at him as he spoke. “You’re entitled to your own opinion, just don’t piss everybody off.”

He started to lean forwards a little and you quickly turned your head, your eyes shutting. You heard him sigh before feeling his hand grab your chin to turn your face forwards. Your eyes opened to see his stare, his eyes wandering as if he was searching for something. “I won’t hurt you. I will never hurt you. I will never force anything upon you. I’ll always wait until you’re ready.” His hand let go of your face, his arms falling back down to his sides and freeing you from his capture. 

You quickly moved from the wall, moving so you were farther from him. He looked at you and you could’ve sworn you saw a look of hurt but if it was there it quickly changed back to his normal carefree gaze.

“Please don’t play with me.” You blurted out those words before your body could stop you, and Yoongi only raised an eyebrow slightly. “I’ve never had a man this close to me. Never had a man touch my skin like you, or put their lips on my skin like you did. My heart doesn’t know what to do and my brain doesn’t know what to think. But I know you think it’s all a joke, to have me feel these things. Please do not play with my feelings. I am here against my own will. I had no choice to come here. I only did it for my father and my family. I am not spoiled, I can take care of myself. It’s only been a day, and i feel like I’ve been trapped for years.”

Your hands came up to wrap around your waist, hugging yourself. “I miss my father. I miss my home. But I have no choice but to be here and to marry you. This is not what I wanted. I want to have my own choices. So I’m choosing to say not to play with my heart, Min Yoongi. I’m not like other girls who may fall at your feet. My family may not be as cruel, but we are mobsters. I was raised to be strong, and to be a leader. I will not be toyed with.”

You hadn’t realized you had been staring at the floor until you looked up to see Yoongi’s eyes, his expression once again unreadable. That just made you frustrated. You wanted to know what he was thinking, and to see him look at you with no emotion made you want to scream. You turned around, not wanting him to see how frustrated he makes you.

“Who is toying with who? That’s what you should be asking yourself.” His words were cold, your head turning quickly to see him already leaving you room, shutting your door behind him. You stood there, astonished. Who’s toying with who? What the hell does that even mean? You were not toying with him, in fact, all you have done is stay silent, and you’ve even taken his insults without saying anything back to defend yourself. All you have done is stay small, surrounded by people who’s status towered over you.

These thoughts ran through your mind all night until you eventually fell asleep, the events of today leaving you extremely exhausted.

Black. That seemed to be the only thing you saw when you dreamed. There really was no explanation for it, nor could anything or anyone help you understand the meaning. That’s just the way your mind worked. Not that you’d complain, since the dreams you’ve heard from other people seemed bothersome.

Sometimes you were glad you couldn’t dream, but sometimes all you wanted was some color. A flash of greens, some reds, or maybe some yellows. But it was the most troublesome when you’d see flashes of yellow and think maybe this was the start of a dream, but would be rudely awakened by the reality that these flashes of lights were not illustrations of your subconscious. Instead they were the flashes of sunlight entering your room as your uncle opened your window blinds, letting the sunlight seep into your room and cast over your eyes, blinding you as you awakened.

You opened your eyes, the sun shining straight on you and you held your hand above your eyes to give you shade to look at the figure opening your window blinds. “Uncle?” You sat up and narrowed your eyes to see clearer and you saw that it was not your uncle. Instead, it was Min Yoongi, who was staring at you with a raised eyebrow at what you slept in. You looked down to see that you stripped down to just your bra and underwear again, your black laced bra on clear display in front of the man.

Your face became red hot as you quickly pulled the blankets over your chest, covering yourself. He could only chuckle, the deep laugh and small smile on his face only made you more embarrassed. “Well, good morning to you too.” He teased, and you pouted, looking away from him. 

“Please forget that you saw anything.” You looked back at him. “I’ll try. I just can’t stop thinking about the question if your panties match.” He sneered. Your mouth opened wide in surprise. “Pervert.” You folded your arms over your chest, securing the blanket there. “Only for you, princess.”

You willfully ignored the nickname he gave you and huffed loudly. “Did you come in here to invade my privacy or was there an actual reason?” You glared at him. He said nothing at first, instead just leaning next to the window and crossing his arms. “Well, I was going to tell you that my friends are coming over to play pool, and I want you to be there so you can meet all of them. But seeing how you’re barely dressed in front of me, now makes me want to stay here to see how far this will go.”

You scoffed, rolling your eyes. “You’re so cocky. Who said you were going to get anything from me?” You were obviously annoyed, and that only entertained Yoongi more.

“Well, I am your future husband. To be more specific, your fiance. That puts me on a pretty high pedestal, and it’s a shame that I’m almost close to marrying my fiance and I haven’t even had the pleasure to kiss her.” He was playing with you again.

You narrowed your eyes, your blush returning back on your face. “I’ll meet your friends, but you’ll have to kill me first before I’ll ever let you kiss me.” You snarled, watching as he chuckled again, the sound only infuriating you more. “Don’t tempt me.” He headed towards your door, glancing at you as he took hold of your doorknob. “They’ll be here in an hour.” He closed your door, leaving you alone once again.

You took a long, much needed shower after the day that passed, enjoying the hot water falling onto your skin like bullets. You had your hands through your hair, washing the shampoo from your long locks. Your mind always wanders while showering, and you started to think about your family back home. You wished you could talk to your father, or hear his voice, but all you had to keep him in your mind was a jacket that still smelled of him.

You got out the shower, wiping the fog from the mirror so you could look at yourself, wrapping yourself in a towel and grabbing another towel to dry your hair. You walked out the bathroom, going straight to your suitcase and pulling out a matching red set of lace underwear and a bra. You suddenly remembered what happened earlier with Yoongi and your face became red again as you hurriedly put them on, feeling embarrassed that you had exposed yourself like that.

You own plenty pajamas, but the day was so long and tiring that you simply stripped and went to bed. A mistake that won’t happen again. You opened another suitcase, taking out the dresses that were inside so they wouldn’t wrinkle. You looked at all of them, deciding to put on an olive green summer dress, the end of it adorned with white lace.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, your hair now dry and you decided to put it over one shoulder, your long hair draping over your shoulder and chest. You looked on your nightstand, seeing your mother’s charm bracelet and you quickly put it on, lightly feeling the sun charm dangling from it and smiling. 

No matter how much you missed your mother, your memory of her was still strong, and you were happy that you still had her close to your heart.

It took you a few to figure out where the pool room was, but you were quick to find it when you heard Yoongi’s voice along with other men outside the door. You knocked before slowly opening the door, looking to see Yoongi along with six other men staring straight at you. You stood awkwardly, closing the door behind you softly. 

“Guys, this is (Y/N). My fiance.” That word still made your heart pound and you looked at Yoongi as he looked back at you with a smirk. “Wow, she’s even more beautiful than you described.” One of them said, his lips forming a smile and you spotting dimples that appeared on each side. “I’m Namjoon.” He said, reaching out his hand which you took respectively.

After meeting all of them, you had a general idea of who they were and their personalities. Kim Namjoon, is really smart and kind, yet he tends to break a lot of things. You overhear the others calling him the ‘God of Destruction’ which you later fully understood.

Kim Seokjin, who you were later told to call Jin, is the oldest in the group of friends, yet he acts like a child. He likes to tell really horrible jokes, though Yoongi’s friend, Jimin, was always the only one to laugh. Park Jimin is very nice and is almost the same height as Yoongi, but he is a lot more playful that him. He likes to tease the others, and he always laughed at jokes, no matter how terrible they were.

Jung Hoseok is so funny that you had to hold your stomach sometimes from laughing so hard. He always had the best responses, and he sometimes did random things to make everyone laugh. You knew immediately that everyone loved him.

Kim Taehyung is not from this world. That’s really all you can say. He’s a sweetheart and also just as random as Hoseok, but he did things that only made you question his state of mind. But you knew immediately that he’d be a friend that you would be close to.

Jung Jungkook is the youngest, so everyone treats him like so, but he is also the most muscular of the group of friends. Jin always tells him to calm down and to relax his muscles as a joke, and he would always just smile, his teeth reminding you of a bunny. You had to admit that he was adorable, yet his muscles told you otherwise.

You sat among them, watching as Namjoon and Jungkook played pool while the rest of them sat on the couches around you and drank beer. Yoongi held one out to you but you quickly shook your head. “I’m underage, plus, I don’t like the taste of beer.” Yoongi raised an eyebrow. You never told him your age.

“Really? How old are you, (Y/N)?” Taehyung asked, looking at you curiously. “E-Eighteen…” You looked at Yoongi, who looked at you with wide eyes. “Woah, Yoongi! You’re marrying a young one. What’s the year gap there?” Namjoon looked at the both of you in surprise. “Like, six years?”

You looked at Yoongi in amazement. “You’re 24?” Yoongi only stared at you, the same amazed expression on his face.

It was late at night when the boys finally left, leaving you and Yoongi alone in silence. He didn’t speak to you once after finding out how old you were, and you looked at him slightly annoyed as he walked away from you to head towards his room. 

“Min Yoongi!” You watched as he stopped and turned to look at you. “You didn’t speak to me for hours.” He looked away, his tongue poking his cheek again as he gave you an annoyed glare. “Why didn’t you tell me how old you were. You’re practically a child.” He watched as you walked over to him, close enough to where you don’t have to shout.

“I am not a child.” Your simple words made him scoff and you crossed your arms, returning the annoyed glare. “I’m not a child. I am mature enough to handle my own decisions and situations, and I know right from wrong. I am an adult, and you will treat me as one. So don’t ignore me like that, and do not insult me by calling me a child. I will not be belittled by yo-” Your words were cut short by Yoongi’s hands reaching out and grabbing you, pushing you against the wall hard as his lips crashed into yours. One of his hands held you in place by the back of your neck while the other held you in place against him by your waist.

Your skin was on fire. His hands felt like hot pans as he burned your skin from the inside.

He’s dangerous.

Your eyes were wide open, staring at him as he kissed you hard, the feeling a little painful but his lips were so soft. Your eyes closed slowly, feeling his lips move on top of yours and you couldn’t help yourself from kissing him back, causing a low groan to leave his lips.

What are you doing? This is wrong. This is wrong.

But you couldn’t stop. You kissed him back, immediately letting him take dominance in the kiss as he held you close to him. Your hands went up to tangle in his hair, pulling him closer against your lips.

It was as if you were trying to engulf one another. As if no matter how close you were, you wanted to be closer. You wanted to feel his hot skin against yours. You wanted to feel his fingers gently sliding against your body, keeping you in place against his. You felt his tongue swipe against your bottom lip and you quickly felt his tongue slid into your mouth, his tongue sliding against yours, eliciting a moan from your throat.


His tongue pulled away and he gently bit down on your bottom lip, drawing back slightly before letting go and moving down to your exposed neck, hungrily leaving wet kisses and marks on every place he could. You bit your lip, your eyes closing as he sucked on one part of your neck that made you moan out loud, the sensitive area making your legs shake and Yoongi’s grip on your waist tightened as if he was holding you up to keep you from falling.


His lips returned back to yours, your kisses almost sloppy as you felt his hands go under your thighs only to lift you up against the wall, your legs wrapping tightly around his hips as you felt him pin you harder against the wall. You felt his tongue return back into your mouth, your tongues sliding as you hungrily kissed each other. You felt him grind hard against you, the fact that you were only wearing a dress made you shiver, feeling him over the thin material of your underwear. Your mind which was in a haze finally snapped back into reality of what was happening.

This is wrong. This is wrong. You need to stop this.

You pulled away quickly. Yoongi was quick to look up at you, his clouded eyes almost searching for the reason that you pulled away from him. “Yoongi…” Your words almost came out as a whisper. He looked at you a second more before realizing what was happening and was quick to carefully set you down.

You smoothed out your dress as Yoongi took a few steps away from you, running his hands through his hair. “Fuck…” You heard his frustration and you looked up at him to see him leaning against the wall on the opposite side of you.

“You don’t know what you’re doing to me, Princess.” He said, your skin growing goosebumps at how he looked at you.

“I don’t know what you mean. I’ve done nothing to you, accept argue with you over everything.” Your hand ran through your hair, which was slightly tangled from him grabbing at you. He shook his head, his eyebrows furrowing. “You don’t understand, do you?” He looked at you, studying your expression before tchiping and walking past you.

“Forget about it. Goodnight.”

You watched him disappear down the hallway and you fell back against the wall, your hand going to your heart to calm down the fast and heavy beating in your chest. You had no idea what he meant by the fact that you were doing something to him.

 You only stood there, still feeling your lips swollen from the harsh kisses and your neck felt tender from the marks he left. Your fingers lightly touched your lips, the feeling of his lips on yours and the taste of him on your tongue still lingered and made you feel like your brain was going to melt.

What did you do to him? What does he mean?

Author’s Note


I apologize deeply for posting this chapter so late. I just felt that I was in a rush to finish and I honestly feel like if I rush, it’ll be a crappy chapter so I took some time so it’ll at least not suck as much as I kinda feel that it does.

Just a reminder that even though I’ve written plenty of fanfics, this doesn’t make me an experienced writer. I don’t think I do very well, but I believe that if it’s something I love to do, I’ll keep doing it.

But if you guys really like it, then that also helps too, haha!

This is the second chapter, so if you want more, please don’t hesitate to message my inbox! I’m very quick to respond, unless I’m doing something really important, which can happen so just be patient with me please :)

Thank you to everyone who has been so kind and commenting on chapter 1 and liking and reblogging it, and those of you who followed me, thank you so so so much! I am very happy to see such positive responses from everyone.

I hope this chapter satisfies you, and I’ll try my hardest to make the third chapter ten times better than this one.

This is a growing experience, and I’m so glad that I get to do this with you.


ultraprocrastinatingwriter  asked:

Do you have any advice for aspiring comic artist? Or artist in general that are struggling to find motivation?

[Replying to this publicly because I think other people might be interested in my response]

1) There will always be days when you don’t have motivation. It can be weird to think ‘I’m doing this awesome creative thing, it’s my dream, why aren’t I motivated?’ but it happens. It happens to everyone. Don’t feel bad if it happens to you.

Doing something creative is hard work. It’s draining. Work is still work. If art is a hobby for you, you can always take a break. But most comic artist have deadlines, which means drawing even if you don’t feel like it. So if you can push through the days when you’re lacking motivation, you’ll be in a much better position to create comics :)

2) Try always drawing at a certain time of day to build a habit - habits can help you keep going through a rough patch.

3) Try setting yourself really small, manageable goals and then reward yourself once you’ve reached those goals eg. I will watch the next episode of Little Witch Academia once I’ve inked these four panels :)

4) Try to maximise your motivation by making sure the thing you’re working on has plenty of things you want to draw and write about eg. Always Human had cute clothes, and cute girls, and cute girls kissing girls, and night skies and lots of blushing. Usually wanting to draw one of these things helped me keep going when my motivation deserted me :)

5) This website is gold. Read it. Absorb it. It’s amazing :)

I wish you all the best with your art/future comics :D

hislittlespace  asked:

any tips for littles with mental illnesses? wether its regression tips, self care tips, or anything you can think of (I just rly need something right now)

I can only give you what I do and what my CG encourages.

1.I always keep stuffies near by. I line them up and include them in my activity.

2. Don’t “force” regression. Rather encourage it. Remember, you sometimes will slip no further than middlespace. Don’t view that as failed regression, go with the flow.

3. Worries keeping you from regression? Get a notebook and make two columns. Column one is “stuff for tomorrow” and column two is “silly thoughts”. Write all your thoughts down and put it in another room. With your thoughts and worries all written down, no more fears of “what if I forget to do that?!” they’re all written down for a new day. Plus, you can see all your silly thoughts after a good sleep. Any persistent thoughts, speak to your CG, parents or therapist.

4. Little games. I recommend Toca Boca games if you are not feeling regressed but want something simple. They’re easy, no reading and are cute. Non gender too.

5. Avoid triggers and stimulants. No coffee, tea, chocolates, energy drinks etc.

6. Water in a sippy cup or bottle. Water helps so so much and a cute bottle helps encourage drinking it!

7. Don’t skip meals. Even if your brain is telling you a million reasons not to eat. Food is energy and your brain consumes a huge bulk of that energy.

8. Don’t feel you have to talk yet, Sometimes you’re just not ready. Talk when you feel prepared.

9. Feeling too adult? That is fine! Remember, whilst it’s not a comfort zone, there is nothing wrong with feeling Big. Try indulging that side as well. Sometimes I’ll go on non-regression binges for days! Mental health is for both sides! Go see a Big movie. Eat at a cafe at lunch. Read a novel.

10. Thoughts are just thoughts. Like sitting on your lawn and watching cars go by. Your brain evolved to think and sometimes it does that job TOO well. It’s ok. You’re not broken.


Okay! So, I am traveling right now, so I will have a bit of time to write, so I thought, why not try this out? @filthygum gave me some ideas, so here we go!! (Thank you so much!!!)

I don’t blame my mind.

Chapter 1

You were always a quiet, loner girl, and didn’t really have a lot of confidence, so you never really questioned the fact of having no friends, it was fine for you. The time came for you to move, and, you ended up in a small town called ‘Derry’ and started to go to school in the morning, working at noon and passing out at night, soyou could pay for your little apartment close to a street called Neibolt.

The things that you were famous about at school were: you were a talented, but freaky artist, always doodling monsters in your book, in a way that would send shivers down anyone’s spine. And: you were the 'loner girl that no one messes with.’

Because of your aggressive reputation, that you gained when standing up for a boy from your class, that was being bullied by 'The Bowers’ because of his weight. Basically what happened was that you and Henry got into a really bad fight, you got really hurt, but he was way more hurt than you, so technically you won.

Because of that, no one talked to you, scared that they would get punched in the face or sacrificed for demons. But you didn’t care, it was still better than your old school, you just couldn’t forget how disgusting the boys were, and how they would flirt with you and try to touch you, because of fear, you became violent andkept spacing out, never really talking to anyone, unless it was necessary.

No one knew about that fear, and you hoped that it would stay that way. During lunch, no one would go and ask if they could sit with you and no one tried to steal your money, so it wasn’t the worst scenario.

One day, that you didn’t really have to work, you were walking home after class, when you heard some familiar voices whispering and laughing, you looked back, it was the Bowers, you tried to walk faster, when you felt one of them grab your arm, they dragged you into their car and held you still, pushing you out of it on theground and standing around you.

You jumped as fast as you could, getting up and looking around, to try and understand where they brought you to, it was close to a river of some sort. The guy that was standing behind you grabbed you by the hair while Henry held your chin tightly, staring into your eyes, in a menacing way:

“My, my,could it be that our strong, satanist girl is scared?! That’s new…”

You squirmed around, scratching his arm, and said:

“Leave me alone!! I didn’t do anything to you!”

“Oh, you did, freak, trying to defend that tub of lard that you don’t even know, made the whole school think that I’m a pussy. I’m gonna show themwho I really am.”

He laughed in a dark, almost psychotic way.

He grabbed you by the shirt and pushed you into the river, the water was cold, and you felt him and another boy holding your head down. Panic took over you, and you started moving, pulling their feet and squirming your legs until they let go of you.

Once your face met with air, you took a deep, noisy breath, gasping and gagging while staring at them, when they got inside the car. Henry got up and said:

“What a shame, Y/N, you are actually a very pretty girl, but I wouldn’t even try to fuck a weird ass bitch like you.”

He smirked and got into the car. You hissed and screamed asloudly as you could:


They left, while Henry made a sour face at you, pointing his finger at your face. After they got out of there, you got up and looked around, still a bit dizzy, shaking in terror and because of the ice cold waterthat was covering your body from head to toe, you noticed that you were close to the sewers and that there were a lot of plants around.

You climbed up a small hill and sat over the concrete tunnel, the entrance for the sewers, so you could catch your breath and calm down a bit. You were filled with fear, but slowly relaxing, feelingsafe because you were on your own once again.

You heard something from the tunnel, and quickly crossed your legs, so they wouldn’t be hanging. It slowly started to sound like a familiar song, that you couldn’t really tell where you heard it. A music box playing a slow, almost creepy, circus song.

You started humming along once you recognized the song, and it stayed like that for almost fifteen minutes straight, once the music stopped, you felt a bit curious, but it was getting late, so you decided to just go home.

Crossing the small forest over the hill, you got to the kissing bridge, so you already knew where you were. Your hair was soaking and your clothes were still a bit wet, so you just dragged yourself across the city until you got to Neibolt.

Getting inside your small room, you grabbed some clothes, took a really hot bath and went over to the desk, grabbing your sketchbook, some pencils and erasers.

You started smiling toyourself and humming the music from the music box, so you just decided that you would try to draw a Jack-in-the-box toy, with a sort of creepy, but cute clown coming out of it.

Something that amused you was how you could concentrate in some small things like drawing or writing, but never in work or studies.

You stayed there for almost two hours, until you finished the drawing, it looked just like what you imagined that was happening down there, the water was perfectly shaded, leaving some light on front of the toy, as if it was close to the entrance of the tunnel, while the clown was dangling over, but almost straight, on the right sideof the box.

You never really colored your drawings, but you pictured the little puppet wearing a red, black and white vest, with dark blue hair and red lips, showing a disturbing smile, with crooked, sharp teeth, it’s eyes were soulless, looking straight at you.

Suddenly, you heard a small 'tap’ on the window, it was starting to rain. You pushed your chair towards your window, staring blankly out of it, smiling softly. It was the perfect night for you, quietly by yourself, after a hot bath, in a stormy, windy weather.

However, you couldn’t stop thinking about what Henry saidand did, so you just sat there, questioning yourself: 'Why do I try to protect people that I don’t know and I don’t protect myself?’ 'Is this why no one gets near me?’ 'Are they scared of me?’ 'I guess that if I show that I am insecure, people will think that I’m weak.’ 'Am I really just some weird freak?’

All of these questions enrolled your mind, so you just decided that you wouldn’t care, everyone got bullied anyway, so you weren’t a special case at all. The other people around would get called fat, useless, slut, faggot, trashmouth and things like that, so, by your point of view, being a freak wasn’t all that bad.

Some time passed after you forgot about the bad thoughts and you were still looking at the rain, totally relaxed, as you noticed a light sound coming from the window, as you got up, you noticed that it was the music box once again. You felt your body tensing up and chills covering your skin, but you just breathe it in and thought to yourself: 'It’s just a stupid toy, it can’t hurt me.’ And opened the window slowly.

The toy was sitting right at your window, just standing there, you looked around and a little far was a figure, wearing white and red, you blinked a few times and it got even closer. You just froze when you saw a tall, slim figure of a clown standing on your backyard, looking at you, while the music started to play slower and slower until it stopped and a small clown popped out of it, you couldn’t even breath when you saw that it was just like the one you drew.

You were completely terrified, not able to think straight, you just ran into your house and tried to hide from that thing. He crawled in by your window and slowly walked around, almost like he was feeling your scent.

You couldn’t even move when you were laying on the ground, looking up at a almost seven feet tall clown, looking down at you and mocking you, shaking his arms and legs and laughing.
He was drooling, eyes looking yellow and somehow in different directions.

For some reasons, your fear slowly got drained by your curiosity, and you started looking at all the details. The position of every single hair, his makeup and the color mix used, the folds on his clothing, along with the bells. Your mind got so used to the monsters that you created that, in a situation where you would be risking your life, you wouldn’t even realize. Creatures did not scare you anymore, humans did.

You decided to get up, slowly while backing off, you didn’t mean to look all fierce or anything like that, you were just so amazed by him that you couldn’t help yourself. So you just let out the question:

“W-who are you?”

You said, with your enthusiastic but shaky voice. He was still much taller than you and just tilted his head, looking down at you, as if he didn’t understand what you said. Do you just tried to repeat, slower this time:

“Um… I’m Y/N! Who are you?”

He grinned in a curious way and bowed down, as if he was performing, and answered with a creaky voice, while looking at you:

“Well, Y/N, I am Pennywise, the dancing clown!”

He let out a freaky laugh and stood up. You were completely relaxed now, just curious, still looking at every little thing you could, so at this point he just looked a bit bored, but curious. He decided to look into your fears, but you had nothing specific, you were only scared of certain people, from your old town.

Mean while, your mind took note of everything that was happening and that he was doing. Your eyes followed his every move, and he noticed that. To play around a bit, he waved and giggled. Because of your 'trance’ you looked at his arm waving, as if you were hypnotized, as soon as you noticed that you shook your head quickly and tried to make eye contact with him:

“*Laugh* Well, Y/N, I will see you around. Just passed by to give a gift for moving to Derry~ I hope you like it.”

You looked out the window and before you could even open your mouth, he was gone. You grabbed the music box and closed it, pushing the clown into it, as you were slowly absorbing what happened. You just thought that you could do that tomorrow, you never payed attention to school anyways.

Meanwhile, Pennywise was heading back to the sewers, making himself invisible for humans. He just couldn’t understand, any other person would be terrorized and he would have had a feast, but why were you so natural? Why did that look so normal for you? At that point, he was already questioning if you were even human. So he just decided that he would take some of his time to watch you, he had to find out what scared you, and now that was stuck on his head, no one would change his mind.


TOP TEN RUCAS TAGS (as voted by my followers)  
                     » 1. otp: it’s always been riley. 

look, i don’t believe in coincidences. i believe coincidences are the universe’s way of telling you something. and what are the odds that one day on the subway, riley falls into my lap? it’s always been riley. it’s always been riley since day one. 

Heart to heart.

Pairing : Past!JaredxReader
Word count : 1,937
Author :Mel
A/N : More parts for @bigdaddymongoose.

Part 5 of ‘My son, Bringer of Storms.’

The next Friday, you were standing in front of your fridge, glaring at it. “How dare you.” You mumbled. “I’m starving, and you might as well be empty.” Nothing looked appetizing enough. Shutting the fridge with a sigh, you turned to the counter and opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out some take-out menus.

You were bent over the counter flipping through them when you heard a knock at your door. “Coming!” When you pulled it open, you were surprised to see Jared. “Hey. I thought you were heading home, like usual?”

He shook his head. “Gen’s..” He shrugged. “She’s still pretty pissed at me. It was strongly hinted at that I should probably stay away for a bit.” He licked his lips.

“I’d say I’m sorry, but you kinda deserve that.”

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My LA Reputation Secret Sessions Story :D

(i realize that this post is long so i decided to break it into fun little sections with names inspired by friends episodes :D )

The One Where Taylor Nation Attacked Me

On Thursday, October 19th I got the taylor nation dm :D The one that made my heart beat faster than ever. I stared at the blue little “new message” circle for what felt like hours (it was minutes, tops) and it had me crying and shaking at 10:24 am in my school’s dining plaza probably weirding out everyone around me. I was honestly minding my own business freaking out over the Gorgeous announcement when this happened. I could not believe it I couldn’t even breathe properly, but I opened the message and there it was, the all caps CONFIDENTIAL and everything.

The gag is, in the days before that moment i constantly shoved that thought in the back of my head because i didn’t want to be sad knowing that it would never happen to me. Yet even with it shoved in the back of my head I had such a feeling of hope. Sooo many people tried saying 1) taylor loves me 2) they think i’m gonna meet taylor this era or 3) they want me to meet taylor and as happy as that was for me it felt so :( bc it was such BLIND HOPE and i felt like it would honestly never happen for me. Ironically, i made so many tweets being sure that this would never happen to me, for example:

(the amount of old tweets or posts of mine where taylor proved me wrong and has made me look like boo boo the fool is hilarious)

but it wasn’t blind hope :D

Also, three hours before my taylornation message, I randomly tweeted “Don’t you see the starlight, starlight, don’t you dream impossible things!” which is….wild…like i can’t believe the universe works that way.

(point being i hope you guys who haven’t met taylor yet know you shouldn’t ever stop believing that this could happen for you. I know it feels like aimless dreams and impossible wishes but it definitely could happen for you, especially when your idol is trying just as hard to reach you.)

*taylor swift voice* next chapter

The One When It Was October  22nd

i have never felt so many emotions before in my life and i’m literally the most over emotional person in the world. my organs were flipping inside of me my heart was ready to jump out of my chest and there wasn’t enough air. it was such a feeling you guys. I was riding in my car with my parents where they would drop me off and i’d like to first of all thank the world that there is a 1989 secret sessions video out there so I could prove to my parents that this is a thing Taylor does and it wasn’t a scam and i wasn’t going to get kidnapped. My mom was legit scared to let me go and said “Lizbeth if you’re not back by 11 i’m gonna call the police” laasdkljakljs it was so funny (I got back at 11:17 she was scared but she obviously did not call the police she just waited outside the meetup with other worrisome/waiting parents) but anyway i checked in i met up with people and a lot of us knew NO ONe or just made friends with anyone we could find or some people did get to meet up with friends which was so nice …honestly everyone in that room was just very friendly and very happy for each other and just happy in general. We were all going through the same “i can’t believe this is real and it’s happening to me” thoughts. So we got loaded into the bus and everyone was chatting and excited and nervous and excited and happy and just in shock. 

The One Where I’m In Taylor Swift’s Home

holy fucking shit??!!?!?!?!?!?! it was soo beautiful and big and we stayed in the pool area and were greeted with refreshments and food/snacks that i was too nervous to eat (except 1 rep cookie). When we were called inside, the room was very cozy and warm and there were candles everywhere and blankets and pillows and i loved it it was very intimate. I was so excited for her to just pop up and she did, she came in from the back and we all started screaming :D you can hear people start to sniffle bc honestly most of us were just on/off crying the whole night. She was so cute she did a little happy dance holding her laptop and there was extra screaming when we saw Alana, Jack, Ruby Rose, etc it was just so surreal. You guys…taylor was there….. she was so close and this wasn’t some high quality video interview i was watching her from this was my own two eyes and she was right there. She greeted us and explained how it’s gonna go and told us how excited she was to be doing this for us. You guys she loves us so much, not just the 100 fans in that room but everyone of us on here. She wants to do this, she’s excited to do this. She is also the happiest I’ve ever seen her be. throughout the whole night I just got very emotional at how happy she was and how sure of herself she was and just how cute it was seeing her so :D. Honestly, the fact that I’ve always called her my best friend but this time in that room she was talking to us and sharing stories with us like we were best friends was….wow. I love her. We danced to LWYMMD and it was so fun and the entire room just radiated :D :D :D :D!!!! and everyone was having the time of their lives just dancing with her. She truly wanted everyone to have a good time and made sure everyone knew how happy she was to have you there. Many of us have eye-contact moments and it’s completely amazing to know. Like that’s just how much you can tell Taylor was really dedicated to making this night feel special for all of us. i love her idk if i’ve mentioned this, i love her. fun fact: i love her

The One When I Liztened To ‘reputation’

just kidding i have a few words that i can say :D !

It was so good. It was so so so good. My face went through every emoji possible the whole album through. Sonically and lyrically it stunned us all and it was so enjoyable and full of bops and classic Taylor Swift genius writing, but like on a whole other level of amazing. That’s all I’ll say :D (Also the pre-releases, as much as i love them and would die for them, aren’t the peak of the album trust me, there’s soooo much more)(y’all are gonna be so shook)(i still am)(im also so proud of her you can tell she’s proud of her work and she very much should be)

The One When The Night Was Flawless And It Finally Happened

I have loved Taylor for as long as I can remember. She’s my #1. She’s always been, like she’s genuinely my best friend. Her saying “you are the longest and best relationship that I have ever had” that one time at the 2013 BMA’s was the most validating thing. Because like…i know. She’s been there when I was sad and when I was happy and when I needed someone. I’ve loved and defended that woman to anyone for years and have dealt with sooo many teasings and “she doesn’t even know you”s. So the fact that this happened was…….. wow.

As I was getting closer and closer in line the butterflies (the beautiful kind) were going wild inside of me. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe i got to be here. I spent the last three days convinced i was gonna get a message that it was a mistake and she didn’t mean to invite me or it was gonna be cancelled or i couldn’t go or something because i was honestly so in denial. but it was almost my turn and the feeling when it’s hitting you that this moment you’ve wanted for so long is here is the most amazing and exhilarating feeling in the world. 

When it was my turn I walked up to her and was greeted with open arms and said “hi I’m liz” and she goes “Yeah i know you’re lizbeth right’ and i like gasped and was like “omg how did you know” and she’s like “yeah you’re lizbeth” :D :D :D :D (HER SAYING LIZBETH ACTUALLY MEANT SO MUCH TO ME I MADE A POST ABT IT) so i was like “taylor…i have to get this all out because if i don’t i’m gonna hate myself” and she laughed at me. queen of laughing. and then i just went for it and said “taylor, you’re my best friend.” and she said “aww” and I continued “like you are really my best friend. you’ve been there for me in my lowest moments and in my happiest moments. I love you so much. Like i literally sing with you in my car all the time and make sure it’s loud enough so it sounds like we’re singing together” and she laughed and went “oh my god i love that it’s like we’re duetting” and I’m like “yeah we are duetting taylor we honestly go off!!!” and then got serious again and told her about how there was an entire year period where I would cry myself to sleep every night listening to Safe & Sound because that year was so bad for me and it was so comforting to listen to. Then she gasped and said “oh my god” with the most concerned and loving look in her eyes. And i said thank you for everything and she grabbed my hands into hers and said “thank /you/ for everything i love that thank you” and then she went on about how happy she was that she was doing this and how she loved getting to do this for us and even with jack being there how nice it was for them to be seeing our reactions to the work they made. and she goes “and your reactions to eVERYTHING i love that” and i was like “oh my god taylor all those reactions were so genuine” “i know they were!” “because that album was just so so good it was so amazing i loved it so much!” and she said thank you :D 

when it was time for our picture she asked what kind of picture i wanted and i was like a hugging pic but for Reasons. and she looked at me like she was ready to #lizten which i appreciated. so i explained that there’s a picture of Taylena hugging at an awards show i couldn’t remember i probably looked sTUPID when she asked which one it was and i was like guh…idr…. but anyway i was like i wanna be on this side bc Selena was on that said and i was like “taylor i love you and Selena so much you have no idea I literally call myself taylena’s daughter and everyone agre-” and she cuts me off and goes “oh we would definitely adopt you we would totally adopt you she would want to adopt you i can confirm that she would want to adopt you”…. IF Y’ALL COULD SEE THE DUMB LOOK ON MY FACE…………. GUH….. every time i call taylena mom now it’s gonna be #legit ….wow….anyway i was shook. so we got into position i was like another reason i wanted to be on this side is because when I met her i was on this side of our pic too and she goes “oh i like that I love your attention to detail”…wow…..queen of compliments. and then we :D (((also quick mention that the fact that she has curly hair again also meant…a  lot to me..not that she doesn’t always look good in any hairstyle ever but i’ve just always been insecure about my curly hair and seeing that she’s embracing hers again makes me emo.))))

so i hugged her one last time and told her i loved her and she told me she loved me and i walked out of the room still looking at her, facing her as i walked backwards and she still looked at me and that was it…I got handed my reputation merch bag and couldn’t stop smiling on my way out. :D

I am so happy and so grateful for her and everything she’s done for me and I feel so blessed to have gotten to thank her for it all.

@taylornation​ thank you for all the work you did to help make this possible for all of us too.

@taylorswift I love you and I miss you already. i can’t wait to see our picture together. you are still my best friend and will always continue to be. i’ll also be sending you the adoption papers for you and Selena to sign soon. :D