Hey guys so I’m on my way to America right now for a holiday so it’ll be a bit quiet on my side in regards to art and hc posts.

When I get back though I want to contribute so much to the new bandwagon of synth ocs going on because I honestly just love it and I’ve been waiting for this ever since the game came out.

I really believe synths have a lot of potential as ocs and I’m really happy that others seem to have picked up on that idea now.

There’s the whole side of the fandom with ghoul ocs and while they’re amazing and cool, I just have more of an interest in synths personally.

So uh, keep posting, because I’ll honestly reblog the vast majority of synth oc art and stories because I LOVE IT ALL.

Keep it up guys, see you in a few weeks.

(I’ll have internet access so I will be semi active though perhaps not on tumblr IM… We’ll see)

to be honest this one isn’t very creative but the reeeason why i made is is because i made a video demonstrating the process of making this <- video <-obligatory link to 4k

pz don’t look at the rest of my videos if you like nick

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COUNTRIES I’VE LIVED IN: Lithuania :) :)


LANGUAGES I SPEAK: Lithuanian, English a little bit Russian and Japanese

FAVOURITE FILM OF 2015: When was 2015?? wait I will google I came to a conclusion that I don’t watch movies…

LAST ARTICLE I READ: Probably smth about dogs…

SHUFFLE YOUR MUSIC LIBRARY AND PUT THE FIRST THREE SONGS PLAYING: Jonghyun - moon // Taemin - Sayonara hitori // Hyuna - How’s this (puts on kpop playlist and then wonders why there’s only kpop)

LAST THING I BOUGHT ONLINE: Solar battery charger thingy for @zombie-in-the-closet brithday

PHOBIAS/FEARS: Lighting, fireworks, death probs

HOW WOULD MY FRIENDS DESCRIBE ME: @zombie-in-the-closet tried to convince me she loves me when she obv doesn’t (I mean who calls their friend “faina” a.k.a nice *sigh*) and @i-swear-i-dont-use-this (a.k.a the loveliest cutie ever) said this


I also was told that I don’t have enemies, I’m confused help

WHO WOULD I TAKE A BULLET FOR: Totally not @zombie-in-the-closet and totally my friends XDD

IF I HAD MONEY TO SPARE, WHAT WOULD I BUY FIRST?: I would buy something for mom and the take my friend for a trip, I also would probs buy my friends clothes, bc I’m a mom

I tag: @zombie-in-the-closet, @verymentalalien, @fightingswedes, @kimmyungjun, @xboredbear, @jungkooksoftwife idk I think most of you did it already so sry

(( im going through my Nick Relevant tag rn and one of the posts is a meme I filled out for all three of the OCs here

and im jsut

‘’SCARS: Moss has several scars along her back and a long scar that runs from her right shoulder almost down to her elbow, ‘‘

where the fuck did the scar on her arm come from????? why did I write that down if I can’t fucking remember what it’s from??????? what????????? ))