So apparently...

In the new dorm, the roommates are:

- YoonJin
(Always. Perfect roommates)

- VMon
(Imagine the chaos. I love it.)

- JiHope
(Brightest room in the building. Also, i’m pretty damn sure this room is the neatest & that it smells really nice.)

-  Jungkook has a room of his own.
(Maknae on top)

I remember them mentioning before though that the roommates were Vhope & Minjoon (which is why we saw a lot of minjoon interaction for a time).  I wonder why they switched…Hmmm…

Everything in me is screaming to run back to the comfortable, to not give up on everything I have. But then I remember- that is just life. You can’t live fully if you don’t let go of comfort from time to time.

You can get through this

March 21 2017

anonymous asked: idk how long ago u reblogged that palette thing but roy mustang d8?

haha get it he’s got some flowers and is askin u on a D-8 DATE!!

She was both an old soul and a free spirit. It was hard to understand her, but oh lord did you want to try.
—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #166

“I didn’t think you were interested in Mothman.”

“Mothman is my boyfriend.”

Yesterday I was feeling pretty lousy, so I spent the evening re-reading New Digs, a delightful College AU fic by SilenceoftheLlamas. This exchange in chapter 5 made me laugh, so I decided to draw it. ^_^

i hope everyone is okay today! if you aren’t okay please don’t hesitate to message me if you want to talk about it. ill try my best to help you feel better! ♡(*´꒳`*)


Devils v Rangers: Line Brawl Part II

  • Supergirl writer #1: No no no Kara can't be in love with a black man we need to introduce a new love interest what should he be like?
  • Supergirl writer #2: Well, he has to be white of course.
  • Supergirl writer #3: WAIT I KNOW! He should be a SLAVE OWNER!
  • Supergirl writer #1: Goddamn that's the perfect idea.

One thing about the typical New Englander accent is that it’s actually very tied up in social class, at least in the town I’m from. Almost all Blue Collar workers and their children and very few White Collar workers have the accent. In a way, it’s almost looked down upon and seen as uneducated. What’s funny is that even people who don’t have the accent will joke around about the stereotype and have a sense of community pride when it comes to people who don’t live in New England. In my town, each there are less and less people who have the accent each generation.