Band love

Band Game

Band Game Pick 10 artists that you love before reading the questions. 

1. A Day of Plague

2. All Time Low

3. Dance Gavin Dance

4. Alistair Hennessey

5. Circa Survive

6. Brothers Loyalty

7. We Are The Blog!

8. My My Misfire

9. I, Apparatus

10. Simple Plan

What was the first song you ever heard by 6? 

The Getdown

What is your favorite song of 8? 

The Sinatra

What kind of impact has 1 left on your life? 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that I would not be the person I am today without those boys. I love them with pretty much everything I have and would do anything I could to help them.

What are your favorite lyrics of 5?

Lock myself up in a room without a window, just to see if it was any easier to breathe. I was wrong. Never underestimate the daylight. There, it’s so much easier to breathe.

I fell apart in your arms for the last time and I felt free to do what I want because of the things you told me.

How many times have you seen 4 live? 

haha, um…20 times. XD I think I have a problem.

What is your favorite song by 7? 

I’m so G I’m almost H

Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad? 


What is your favorite song by 9? 


When did you first get into 2? 

Oh wow, since 2004 or 2005.

How did you get into 3? 

I asked a few friends for some new music and this one dude told me to check them

out and I did. Plus I’ve seen Johnny Craig in concert and I feel kinda cool XD

What is your favorite song by 4? 

About the Six of Us. A Self-Portrait. A little something to take the edge off. All of this Earth. Hangmans Handsome Neck.

How many times have you seen 9 live? 

Twice and both times were AWESOME!

Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad? 

hahaha nope! 

What is a good memory concerning 10? 

They got me through my ‘teen angst’ years. Where my mom censored every bit of music I listened to, she knew I was a strange one and it has taken her some time to accept my oddness. So, I had to get crafty and listen to something that at least sounded 'happy’ even if the lyrics were about being bummed out or feeling alone. One of their songs really helped me with the loss of my Grandma. Every time I’ve seen them they’re the nicest guys. 

What is your favorite song of 1? - 

Disgust. 'nuff said