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Heather @ Shale: U-Um hello Miss. My name is Heather, and might I say I really admire your strength and protection for your family. But from a mother to another did you have any trouble raising someone that is far from your typing such as your daughter?

Shale: Not only did I not know very much about raising a normal type, Honey is my first-and likely only- child. So there were quite a few bumps along the road, but it does get easier as they get older. If you are in need of any help, please let me or my husband know.

To Aeriana


I cannot know when this letter may reach you or when you will be old enough to understand it, but I feel as if you have a right to know about your birthright. Your mother and I’s relationship is hardly one that you will find lauded in songs or poetry. It is a relationship built on mutual respect, admiration, and desire to raise you in the best possible life. You were born to great potential on both sides of your lineage and with that comes a certain undeniable responsibility.

When I was old enough to read, fight, play, and think for myself, my father imposed upon me the knowledge of duty and blood. Unlike you, I was born to inherit nothing, your aunt Nathar and Isha were before my ability to ascend as Lord of the Emberlight, but still the wisdom he gave me proved to be invaluable in later years. He taught me that some lives are different and the circumstances of those lives greatly impact those around them.

You were born to inherit a great realm, a place of beauty and mysticism that I hope you will grow to cherish and love just as I have. You were born to inherit the beauty of your mother and her razor wit just as you were born to inherit my calculating and command. These things are gifts from your lineage and without careful cultivation they can be squandered and thrown away.

Your mother and I may at times have our differences, but there is one thing we agree to, it is our tireless focus to make your life better than our own. Our love for you is unquestionable and we will see to it that you live to gain what is yours by right. 

I welcome the day that you will read this letter for I hope it will be as profound to you as my father’s words were to me.



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There is a certain grace & beauty that women exemplify, i have always beem fascinated & in admiration of women simply because i was raised by a strong one, i am forever in debt to her for the sacrifices that she has made for me & my sister, there’s no one on 🌎 that can take my mothers place, she loves me from the minutes i was born until this present day, if i had the opprtunity to choose another person to be my mother i would still choose her.
12 For 9 months I carried your promise; Your weight, brown skin and loud voice set the earth realm afire I remember the first time You looked up at me Latched on for nourishing You now look to me for answers Discerning times are dire We’d been entrusted with a gift A responsibility A risk Raising a Black Male in America Your Father and I Accept the honor 12 years now in this thing There are times when I Reach for your hand You recoil and find it embarrassing My infant’s now a young man I hold tears back The mother’s universal language That express everything Honoring your evolving I try to relinquish my grip From Prince to soon coming King You’re transitioning At times you’re conflicted I feel your stare, admiration Nuances of dependency coupled with Respect unwavering I wail at the wall for you my Son When on the news I hear Their names called I stand still Tamir, Mike, Eric, Trayvon Tywanza, Pastor Daniel Pastor Clementa and Growing up Grandma Spoke of Emmett Till Assigned to my womb for a reason Aware of the vapor we share I can’t help but you hold tight Assigned to your life for a season To love, teach, nurture, pray for And empower you On this tumultuous journey Called life Happy Birthday Son…words cannot describe my heart for you. I love you to life KJ💙 iWrite 1.30.16 @authenticiteespeaks This piece is entitled “Dedicated To Our Son of Color” & can be found on my blog in its entirety at #HappyBirthday #Son #Melanin #musician #youngmusician #words #youngblackartists #Kids #poetry #Bassplayer #saxophone #writer #writersofinstagram #blackkings #poetsofinstagram #dope #teamnatural #naturalkids #dreadlocks #spilledink #love #positivevibes #poem #keys #blackart #power by indigointerlude

my mother.

One of my life’s most important possession is my mother.

In fact, it seems like there’s nothing she can’t conquer.

Be it work, chores, problems or obstacles.

The list is so long it might as well be a chronicle.

She’s so understanding and so faithful,

Worthy to be emulated and admired too

She gives people hope and praise,

Because she believes only by that will we be raised.

My mama spends time talking to me

Making sure there’s a solution to every problem I see.

Although she’s tired and has her own problems to deal with

She turns my giants into micro-molecules, like a sift. 

I love my mother because she’s the most important

And with that I salute her, my life’s allegiant.

I will await the day I can make big bucks and support her


My life’s most important possession is my mother.