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i just started posting my art on tumblr but its getting zero attention. i was wondering what was it like when you started (you probably posted one of your amazing drawings and tumblr broke for the day because it couldn't handle your badass art lol) also do you have any advice for taking pics of traditional art? should i make them more artsy with props and angles or should it just be simple and neat pic of just the drawing?

Look at that badass first drawing I posted on tumblr that have… OH MY!…

the whole 8 notes!!! Amazing! I still don’t know how tumblr managed to survive this.

I had had a deviantart account before I joined tumblr (but I think it’s even harder to be noticed on deviantart).
Anyway, my first tumblr blog wasn’t exclusively my art, I reblogged other people’s art and edits and… everything really. Also, I drew shit tons of Sherlock fanart and some nice people with bigger number of followers reblogged my drawings. Still, the most popular piece got maybe 3k notes.
I made atalienart in december 2014 and for four months not much happened. The post that got the most notes (1070!) was a tutorial. Then this drawing happened and people liked it very much and some other drawings got around 5k notes since then yay! :)
And then (…I have a feeling I use “then” too often…), almost a year after I’d started my art blog, Draco Malfoy changed my life bringing more and more followers, asks and interest. And look where I am now, with my wasted life, not a single message from Rowling, 4/10, don’t recommend.

Also, no advice for taking pictures of your art because it all depends on your aesthetics. I like both, I mean I’m not that interested in your fancy markers laying next to your drawing, I won’t reblog the picture for the Fancy-fix 5mm Chisel Tip Liquid Chalk Marker Pen, I’ll reblog if I like the art. But I saw some really pretty compositions that I liked. Sometimes I even like enjoy those photos of screens with drawings better than the “normally” posted drawings… idk man, whatever tingles your pringles.

Such a long answer, sorry. Good luck with your art! :)

It’s finally that time again! Each October I post about haunted historic places and creepy artifacts so I’ve made a summary here of my most popular posts from 2012 to 2014 for you. Also, I’ll be making plenty of new Haunted History posts throughout October in addition to my regular history stuff so keep an eye out. Happy Halloween and thanks again for following me! :) Here are the links:

The Birthplace of Halloween

The Real Dracula’s Castle and yes, it’s haunted!

An Ancient Ghost Story by Pliny the Younger

Roman Skull with a Charon’s Obol

The Phantom Roman Army of Flower’s Barrow

Ghosts of Corfe Castle, Dorset

Egyptian Effigy ‘Voodoo’ Doll

Hecate, the Goddess of… Trick or Treating?

The Celtic Coligny Calendar: The Origins of Halloween

Ireland’s Gate to Hell: Oweynagat (The Cave of Cats)

The Pendle Witch’s Cottage with a Bricked-in Mummified Cat

Haunted Hadrian’s Wall: Milecastle 42 Roman Fort

(There’s many more tucked away below…)

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It's Edd Day / Gould Friday!

I’m going to draw either my favorite scene or the most memorable scene from the (statistically) most popular Eddisodes from each year! After checking around some places, here’s my line-up! It may change up a bit, though.

2004 - Edd vs Tom
2005 - Dudette Next Door
2006 - Tribute
2007 - Sugar Sugar
2008 - Zanta 2
2009 - Movie Makers
2010 - WTFuture
2011 - Hammer and Fail
2012 - Space Face
2013 - Snogre
2014 - Fun Dead
2015 - Trick or Threat
2016 - The End (counting individual parts, Saloonatics would take the spot, but why wouldn’t I put The End here)

Celebrating 4 years of Texts From FFXIII!

That’s right, this blog has been around for four whole years, which is pretty wild if you ask me. I definitely didn’t expect that the blog would keep chugging along for this long when I first created it. The blog also reached over 10,000 followers this year, which is also awesome. Thanks to all my followers and fans who have helped keep this blog going, however directly or indirectly <3

As I have done for the past few years, I’ve compiled a “greatest hits” list of the most popular posts from the past year (December 15th, 2014-December 15th, 2015). So here are the ten posts since last year’s anniversary with the most likes/reblogs:

10. “I just felt emotion and I’m not okay with it”

9. “today is monday, i feel like we should do something illegal” 


7. “You did a cartwheel, it was terrible.” “I remember that cartwheel, it was okay.”

6. “I murdered the dance floor call the cops" 

5. "Are you doing that thing where you’re convinced I made a terrible decision” “Daily.”

4. “you know that australian accents are like the bat signal to my vagina”


2. “Why is our fridge full of girl scout cookies and rum?” “You told me to go grocery shopping.”

1. “The only way he could ever pleasure me is if he lit himself on fire and let me watch”

Here’s to another year of Texts From FFXIII!

Meme Explanation: don't talk to me or my son ever again

“Don’t talk to me or my son ever again” is primarily an image-based meme where the quote is pasted on top of a picture of a character and a poorly photoshopped miniature version of themself.

The meme originated in November 2014, when tumblr user @splendidland began posting images with tiny versions of characters, with text including “HEY GOKU….LETS SEE IF YOU CAN DEFEAT ME AND MY SON…!!” and “its just me and my litle boy s…”. On November 4, she posted the following image of the character Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop:

On November 15, 2014 @snoutstriker posted a variation of the meme involving Team Fortress 2. A couple other variants were made, but the meme remained dormant for a long time.

The meme reemerged and evolved in connection with the here in my garage meme. On October 10, 2015 ladygolem responded to an image of Tai Lopez photoshopped into various sizes with the caption “dont you ever talk to my forty-seven sons in my son account ever again”, a reference to the most popular video parody of Lopez’s original ad. 

Later, @cashewmonster made another crossover of the two memes with a textpost reading “don’t ever talk to me or my 47 lamborghinis ever again”. This became the first example of the meme to gain more than 10,000 notes.

Since then, the meme has blossomed and gained many new forms, although it has retained a connection to the number 47.

Click here to see examples of the don’t talk to me or my son ever again meme.


Originally, I was going to use the best of tumblr generator, but it doesn’t seem to count text posts and that doesn’t work for me. So here is the notbecauseofvictories 500 club–all the posts with original content that got 500+ notes in 2014.

  1. The Real Tale of Aragorn and Arwen (far and away my most popular post ever, I am still amazed at how quickly it exploded, and how it continues to be reblogged. People flipping out in the tags about the last line is my favorite thing.)
  2. Frodo, and his importance as a hero for LOTR
  3. Ten Things About Boromir the Bold That Never Made It Into the Red Book of Westmarch
  4. Lucy Liu as Aragorn (for You Look Upon a Woman)
  5. [blank] by notbecauseofvictories
  6. The Star Wars Rebel Alliance – everyone is a lady au casting
  7. say you’re an angel cast down from heaven
  8. what happens when an angel falls in love with a human
  9. Futuristic Middle Earth AU
  10. Artemis Fowl – everyone is a lady casting
  11. Camelot – Fake TV Show
  12. Thor – everyone is a lady of color casting
  13. 10 Things Gabriel Finds Fascinating About Humanity
  14. a funeral march for the passing of gods, by notbecauseofvictories
  15. Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, rewritten
  16. Tell us something about the Annunciation

Happy fresh and shiny 2015 everybody!!! How was your New Year’s Eve? I’m superstitious, I believe that your first moments into the new year set the tone for the rest of the year. That’s why I chose to recreate my most popular nail art design of 2014, it has been recreated so many times and I’m happy to inspire so many other nail artists :D My favorite has to be the version that @tunaynamahal82 did for her guest post on my blog! This design works like catnip or something, and this time I made it glow in the dark. So let’s hope for more great nail art designs in 2015! For my base, I used @picturepolish Black, that I topped with HK Girl top coat by @glistenandglow1 (I buy this from @hypnoticpolish) and then mattified with @opi_products matte top coat. The sugar spun effect is made with my super fancy-lookin’ dotting tool from @christrioscotlanduk and my awesome-sauce glow in the dark polishes from @serumno5 called I Gleam In Pink, Solar Power, Orange You Sunny and Ultra Violet. Music is ‘Takeover Of The 8-bit Synths’ by Kevin MacLeod

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I was just wondering about that kudos rate you mentioned and 10 % seemed really horribly low. But then I just read something for maybe the fifth time, because I love it so much. I've already commented, bookmarked and left kudos the first time around, so I just go back to read and enjoy from time to time. Might this explain it a bit, if others do this too? I always feel a little shy about commenting and doing it on an old fic that I already left something on before seems a little much.

It is rather low, and I don’t know if this is still the case with most fandoms, but when this person told me this, it was about ten years ago. Things may have shifted. It’s about true for most of my stories, though, and you’re right - that doesn’t taken repeat reads into consideration! 

On ao3 I can see my stories displayed by hits, kudos, bookmarks, or comment threads in my stats. If I look at my top three most popular stories for the hits/kudos ratio, let’s see: 

Best of Three (posted February 2014): 71,246 hits, 3,019 kudos (4.2% kudos to hits)

Vena Cava (posted February 2014) : 33,584 hits, 1,641 kudos (4.9% kudos to hits)

Second Chance (posted May 2014): 33,474 hits, 2,133 kudos (6.4% kudos to hits)

So yeah, it’s not even 10%. I think that does vary with stories that get a lot of re-reads, though. It gets worse if you look at the ratio of comments, though. 

Best of Three: 71,246 hits, 468 comments - except that half of those are my responses, because I consider it rude not to reply, so it’s actually 234 comments. That means that only 1/300 readers commented. 

Just out of curiosity, I had a quick look at one of the most super-popular stories in the fandom just to see if it’s comparable. (I hope you don’t mind that I chose yours, @madlori!)

Performance in a Leading Role (posted July 2011) by @madlori. 511,512 hits, 10,483 kudos, 1,491 comments. Those numbers are incredible, of course! But percentage-wise, it breaks down to a 2% kudos to hits ratio, and even if I count all of the comment responses, 1/343 readers commented. 

I’m not complaining per se - this is just the accepted reality of writing fanfic, and it’s why a lot of writers try to make the switch so that they’re at least getting money, if not feedback. And I mean this: I’m one of the lucky ones! I’m well aware that there are TONS of writers who are receiving far fewer hits, kudos, comments, bookmarks, recs, etc. I have a solid base of readership and I’m immensely grateful for them all! And I mean this, too: I don’t mind people lurking, just reading quietly and not saying anything. I’m also well aware that just because someone clicked on a fic doesn’t mean that they: a) finished it, or b) liked it. And personally, I’d far rather they didn’t say anything if they didn’t like it and just quietly hit the back button rather than have them leave hate in the comments. 

Either way, what it comes down to is that I don’t think any of us are complaining! My comments on that post were more just meant to encourage people to take the time to say something to the artists and authors whose work they appreciate, that’s all! Have you really read stuff of mine five times???? That’s crazy! Thank you!!! <333333

ESTA. – “Carousel”

SXSW 2015 - OEB Score: 7; Popularity Index: 6

Pairs Well With… Sango, LAKIM, Iamnobodi


If I have my math right, Nate’s 2014 post on ESTA. received the most notes/reblogs through Tumblr of any OEB post ever, so ears are perked for a spin of follow-up collection So On.  ESTA. is a beat-maker by trade, but his effortless, in-the-pocket touch make songs out backing tracks, holding up strongly on their own.  So On is openly hypnotic and strives for naturalism in an electronic world. 

2014 Review: Esta is signed to the electronic music, hip hop, beats, and R&B label Soulection. He fits right into the innovative labels roster with his soulful electronic production style. His album Paradise is one of the most laid back enjoyable electronic meets R&B albums of last year. His production is wonderfully eclectic incorporating creative drum patterns and perfectly incorporated vocals.



Took me awhile cause i haven’t had internet in over a month but

here’s my 2014 art summary of my favorite stuff I did each month (cause I wasn’t crazy about my most popular posts set -ahem-)