It’s finally that time again! Each October I post about haunted historic places and creepy artifacts so I’ve made a summary here of my most popular posts from 2012 to 2014 for you. Also, I’ll be making plenty of new Haunted History posts throughout October in addition to my regular history stuff so keep an eye out. Happy Halloween and thanks again for following me! :) Here are the links:

The Birthplace of Halloween

The Real Dracula’s Castle and yes, it’s haunted!

An Ancient Ghost Story by Pliny the Younger

Roman Skull with a Charon’s Obol

The Phantom Roman Army of Flower’s Barrow

Ghosts of Corfe Castle, Dorset

Egyptian Effigy ‘Voodoo’ Doll

Hecate, the Goddess of… Trick or Treating?

The Celtic Coligny Calendar: The Origins of Halloween

Ireland’s Gate to Hell: Oweynagat (The Cave of Cats)

The Pendle Witch’s Cottage with a Bricked-in Mummified Cat

Haunted Hadrian’s Wall: Milecastle 42 Roman Fort

(There’s many more tucked away below…)

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“Each social media network creates a particular kind of teenage star: Those blessed with early-onset hotness are drawn to YouTube, the fashionable and seemingly wealthy post to Instagram, the most charismatic actors, dancers, and comedians thrive on Vine. On Facebook, every link you share and photo you post is a statement of your identity. Tumblr is the social network that, based on my reporting, is seen by teens as the most uncool. A telling post from 2014: “I picked joining Tumblr and staying active on here because: 1. I’m not attractive enough to be a Youtuber 2. Not popular enough for twitter 3. Facebook is dumb.” You don’t tell people your Tumblr URL, you aren’t logging the banalities of your day—you aren’t even you.”

Full cover story here.


My Top 5 Most Popular Posts of 2013 (by flora-file)

It has been a good year for me on Tumblr (radar, lensblr, new followers galore), but as good as it has been I must admit my little blog is one of the only things keeping me afloat these days. 2013 may go down as one of the shittiest years of my short existence on planet Earth. I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to kick 2013 to the curb. Bring on 2014.

As the year winds down I’ve gone through the thousands of my photos I posted this year and picked out my personal favorites. I’m forever surprised by the reactions to the photos I post. Often a photo that I think is incredible gets hardly any love, while a photo I was about to delete instead of post goes viral. Why were these 5 photos so popular when there were others that were probably better? These 5 photos generated more than 66 K notes between them. What makes them so special?

 I went through and picked out some forgotten posts (more or less) that I really liked, despite how well or poorly they were received by the internetters out there. Most photos have an interesting story behind them which I will try to tell, so for the next few days I will be sharing some of my personal favorite photos from 2013. Namaste.
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My Most Popular Posts of 2014

December ♥ 98

November ♥ 65

October ♥ 1754

September ♥ 375

August ♥ 558

July ♥ 1210

June ♥ 343

May ♥ 2478

April ♥ 718

March ♥ 1925

February ♥ 787

January ♥ 178

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I’ve wanted this for so long. So long. Thank you Anime Boston 2014.

A recreation of that ever so popular moment when she tells him he is incompetent XD
I’M super happy with this and all the others from this shoot. Everybody involved got some great shots. I’ll most likely reblog whatever anyone else posts <3

Credits: Beatrice cosplayed by me, redustrial-ruin, Battler Ushiromiya cosplayed by maxieyi-marz, Photo by


Check Out What Happened Last Week at the BLM: Dec. 29, 2014 – Jan. 2, 2015

News and Events

On Dec. 29, the BLM transferred $115 million to the U.S. Treasury for revenue generated from the sale and auction of crude helium from the Federal Helium Reserve, a resource owned by the American people and managed by the BLM’s Amarillo, Texas, Field Office. The transfer augments an earlier transfer of $100 million for a total of $215 million for 2014. Read the full story on the Department of the Interior’s website.

Social Media Highlights

On Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, the BLM featured its most popular 2014 monthly posts on My Public Lands Tumblr.  The BLM also celebrated 2,000 posts on My Public Lands Tumblr.

Last week, the BLM rounded out its BLM 2014 Highlights with a nod to the 10,000+ employees who manage the agency’s lands and resources.  Read the 2014 highlights posts on My Public Lands Tumblr.

The BLM shared additional Winter Bucket List locations on social media last week. Each day of winter, the BLM’s social media accounts will feature a location ready-made for everyone’s bucket list - for spectacular winter scenery, unique features and events, and even a few warmer locations for a winter getaway. Follow the bucket list series on My Public Lands Tumblr and My Public Lands Instagram.  You also can download the photos from our Winter Bucket List album on My Public Lands Flickr


NOTE: This is a list of scholarships, NOT websites that will match you up with scholarships. 

General Scholarships + Deadlines:

Resume Companion, $1000 (Ongoing) -

Brandes Scholarship Program, $4000 (12/15/2014) -

Crosslites Essay Contest, Varies (12/15/2014) -

Century Link Quote, $1000 (12/15/2014) -

MySolo401k Scholarship, $1000 (12/15/2014) -

Go College Abacus Scholarship, $500 (12/15/2014) -

Prince George Mortgage Brokers, $500 (12/30/2014) -

In Home Care, $1500 (12/31/2014) -

I’m In Scholarship, $1000 (12/31/2014) -

Data Entry, $1000 (12/31/2014) -

Bridgat Undergraduate Scholarship, $4500 (12/31/2014) -

SE: Top Ten List, $1500 (12/31/2014) -

Blogging Scholarship, $1000 (12/31/2014) -

Just Nebulizers, $1000 (12/31/2014) -

Excel Builders, $1000 (1/15/2014) -

Dancing Dandelion, $500 (1/15/2015) -

National Grid Public Service Award, Varies (1/19/2015) -

Be Yonic Scholarship, $3500 (1/28/2015) -

Technology Addiction, $1500 (1/30/2015) -

1-800-Wheelchair, $500 (1/30/2015) -

Women in Mathematics (1/31/2014) -

Ongoing (Monthly) Sweepstakes:

CollegeWeekLive, $1000

CollegeProwler “No Essay”, $2000

ScholarshipPoints, $10000

Cappex GPA Isn’t Everything, $1000

DoSomething, Varies

CollegeMapper, $1000

Niche No Essay Scholarship, $2000

Scholarship4Moms, $10000

Sussle, $500 -

Courage To Grow, $500 (31st of every month) -

Mendez Scholars, Varies (No deadline/rolling) -

Degreed: Pursue Your Passion, $1000 (ongoing) -


Happy New Year! What a year it’s been! I finished my first cookbook this year, and am so looking forward to sharing it with everyone in 2014. I wish you all lots of fun dinner parties, inspiration for new creative projects and champagne cocktails in the new year. Cheers!

The Forest Feast’s 3 most popular posts in 2013 were:

#1: Avocado Onion Rings

#2: Clementine Cake

#3: Cucumber Sangria

Thank you, my lovely readers, for all your support! Sweetest wishes for the year ahead.




I went through my “sport pony” tag to find out which were the most popular ones. So, based on the number of notes on their individual posts, here it is:

Sport Pony Top 10 [summer 2014 edition]

  1. Theodore O'Connor (1321)
  2. Dexter Leam Pondi (1017)
  3. Havane Welsh (905)
  4. Nia Domo’s Bolero (784)
  5. Kisaute Ho d'Othon (759)
  6. Qualitat des Bourdons (461)
  7. Top Chiaro di Luna (451)
  8. Rembrandt DDH (405)
  9. Djaipour (397)
  10. Piksou Perrochel (342)

PNYR 7 - Balloons over Bagan at Dawn This image was my most popular on social networks this year. 1253 pluses on G+ for example. My 2 follow-up posts will be two other images which were less popular but which I really like. There are also those images from 2014 that I really like which I will hold back for now till my next book is ready for publication (which could be some time off).
They all link to the importance of getting yourself in the right place at the right time and being ready.Doing that can be complicated and has involved lots of preparation, sometimes arduous travel, returning often, finding great guides and seeking consultation. And lots of pushing myself.  These are necessary, but not sufficient, conditions for many good images. Luck or grace is the other factor; a good sunrise, the right person and their gift of a portrait or the magical coming together of elements.So the last of my  #photographicnewyearsresolutions  is
Resolution 7 - Keep trying to do what I need to do to get myself in the ‘right place’ at the ‘right time’.  Wishing all my friends and fellow photographers a happy and productive New Year.

Subscribe to emails about future workshops and the next book here;  ©Robert van Koesveld Photography 


Originally, I was going to use the best of tumblr generator, but it doesn’t seem to count text posts and that doesn’t work for me. So here is the notbecauseofvictories 500 club–all the posts with original content that got 500+ notes in 2014.

  1. The Real Tale of Aragorn and Arwen (far and away my most popular post ever, I am still amazed at how quickly it exploded, and how it continues to be reblogged. People flipping out in the tags about the last line is my favorite thing.)
  2. Frodo, and his importance as a hero for LOTR
  3. Ten Things About Boromir the Bold That Never Made It Into the Red Book of Westmarch
  4. Lucy Liu as Aragorn (for You Look Upon a Woman)
  5. [blank] by notbecauseofvictories
  6. The Star Wars Rebel Alliance – everyone is a lady au casting
  7. say you’re an angel cast down from heaven
  8. what happens when an angel falls in love with a human
  9. Futuristic Middle Earth AU
  10. Artemis Fowl – everyone is a lady casting
  11. Camelot – Fake TV Show
  12. Thor – everyone is a lady of color casting
  13. 10 Things Gabriel Finds Fascinating About Humanity
  14. a funeral march for the passing of gods, by notbecauseofvictories
  15. Stephanie Meyer’s The Host, rewritten
  16. Tell us something about the Annunciation

ESTA. – “Carousel”

SXSW 2015 - OEB Score: 7; Popularity Index: 6

Pairs Well With… Sango, LAKIM, Iamnobodi


If I have my math right, Nate’s 2014 post on ESTA. received the most notes/reblogs through Tumblr of any OEB post ever, so ears are perked for a spin of follow-up collection So On.  ESTA. is a beat-maker by trade, but his effortless, in-the-pocket touch make songs out backing tracks, holding up strongly on their own.  So On is openly hypnotic and strives for naturalism in an electronic world. 

2014 Review: Esta is signed to the electronic music, hip hop, beats, and R&B label Soulection. He fits right into the innovative labels roster with his soulful electronic production style. His album Paradise is one of the most laid back enjoyable electronic meets R&B albums of last year. His production is wonderfully eclectic incorporating creative drum patterns and perfectly incorporated vocals.

Top 2014 My Public Lands Tumblr Posts

Happy New Years Eve, Tumblrs. Here are your favorite 2014 My Public Lands posts, by month. Thanks for a great year!

December ♥ 933

November ♥ 1361

October ♥ 437

September ♥ 1819

August ♥ 891

July ♥ 1259

June ♥ 1505

May ♥ 836

April ♥ 1436

March ♥ 4097

February ♥ 699

January ♥ 579

What’s our most popular post of all time?  It's Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument in Montana with 124,000+ notes and growing!

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Skins Cast Filmography Masterpost

I like to keep up with my Skins babies, so I made a filmography masterpost of the most popular celebs from the Skins franchise and their work. So we can see how they’ve come from before and after skins. Can’t wait to see everyone’s new movies this year. I’m posting their upcoming work as well; I’ll update links as they come to me over time. In my eyes, THESE are the faces of 2014! [P.S. Firedrive = Putlocker. Just click ‘Continue to File’, you have to pay for anything. P.S.S. If a number is crossed out like this, it means the actor wasn’t in that particular episode, but I added it in case you want to watch the full series ^__^]

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Celebrating 3 Years of Texts From FFXIII!

Three years ago today, I had recently returned home from college for winter break. In the midst of watching a livestream of the newly-released-in-Japan Final Fantasy XIII-2, I decided to make a blog of the FFXIII/Texts from Last Night mashup images I made to distract myself during finals week.

Now, three years later, I’m a (barely-employed) college graduate who writes fanfiction to pretend that I’m doing something useful with my life, and yet I still keep this blog chugging along. And with 4000+ posts and 8000+ followers, it still astounds me how much of a thing this blog has become. To all of the followers and fans out there, thank you so much for your help in carrying this blog so far. <3

As I have done for the past two years, I’ve compiled a “greatest hits” list of the most popular posts. So without further ado, here are the most liked/reblogged posts from December 15th, 2013-December 15th, 2014:

10. “Fuck morning classes. Fuck early work. Fuck anything in the morning that doesn’t involve sleeping, sex, or bacon”

9. “No seriously you guys are gonna get arrested” “Do me a favor I want you to reach down the front of your pants and underwear and just feel around for a while… if you happen to find your balls you can join us”

8. “I think i really like him…he was super cuddly and kept me company” “stop. you already have a dog”

7. “Hey, I took a sweater from your house. And, um, your  little sister’s virginity”


5. “my whole wardrobe smells like substance abuse”

4. “I’m so proud of us for not dying”

3. “Oh my god. I’m not ready to be an adult. I’m not ready.”

2. “Stop watching porn on my work computer” “STOP WORKING ON MY PORN COMPUTER”


Here’s to another year of Texts from FFXIII!

Celebrating 4 years of Texts From FFXIII!

That’s right, this blog has been around for four whole years, which is pretty wild if you ask me. I definitely didn’t expect that the blog would keep chugging along for this long when I first created it. The blog also reached over 10,000 followers this year, which is also awesome. Thanks to all my followers and fans who have helped keep this blog going, however directly or indirectly <3

As I have done for the past few years, I’ve compiled a “greatest hits” list of the most popular posts from the past year (December 15th, 2014-December 15th, 2015). So here are the ten posts since last year’s anniversary with the most likes/reblogs:

10. “I just felt emotion and I’m not okay with it”

9. “today is monday, i feel like we should do something illegal” 


7. “You did a cartwheel, it was terrible.” “I remember that cartwheel, it was okay.”

6. “I murdered the dance floor call the cops" 

5. "Are you doing that thing where you’re convinced I made a terrible decision” “Daily.”

4. “you know that australian accents are like the bat signal to my vagina”


2. “Why is our fridge full of girl scout cookies and rum?” “You told me to go grocery shopping.”

1. “The only way he could ever pleasure me is if he lit himself on fire and let me watch”

Here’s to another year of Texts From FFXIII!

SOLDIER STORIES: Survivor’s Syndrome.

Photo: Master Sgt. James Haskell was an aerial gunner for most of his 21-year career in the U.S. Air Force. Now, he struggles with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and says putting on a happy face to get through a day is like wearing a mask. (U.S. Air Force photo by Master Sgt. Kevin Milliken, 27 APR 2013. Source.)

PTSD: A Soldier’s Perspective | My case for the Syndrome of Survival.

(Blogpost by Joseph Miller, 15 JAN 2014. Source.)

A popular argument to fight the stigma of PTSD is to abandon it as a disorder. There have also been cases for calling PTSD an injury because of damage to the hippocampus, but this is perhaps the worst piece of evidence because this scarring occurs in bi-polar disorder as well as the entire spectrum of anxiety disorders: some caused by trauma, some not. The injury moniker’s most problematic issue is that it seems to create an acceptable male, or females living up to male ideals, non-mental illness. Even rape survivors are said to “have MST” instead of PTSD caused by rape in the military (why there is any effort to sterilize rape in the military continually blows my mind).

The worst thing about injury or trauma titles is their omission of how paradoxical and complicated PTSD, Shell Shock, and Civil War Nostalgia have always been. Injuries are often a lot more simple: rest, ice, compression, elevation does very little to your identity. War alters our identity and what we have is a persistent illness, disorder, or syndrome. Yet, anyone who truly understands post-traumatic stress grasps how it is the persistence of engaged survival skills into non-survival situations. Those survival skills ultimately saved our lives, but their persistence makes the mundane and routine parts of life harder to manage.

Syndromes are often permanent and the damage to our brain was not instant. It takes years of overuse of the limbic system to damage the brain’s declarative memory and create the scarring identified by injury advocates. Moreover, calling it a syndrome of survival also addresses the deep longing and even nostalgic memory of war. We are damaged, but most of us possess some longing to return, and even miss combat or trauma.

When we act like post-traumatic stress is solely an injury, we confuse injuries and disorders, all because of stigma. Assholes will be assholes whatever title is used, but calling post-traumatic stress what it is, with respect to trauma’s paradoxical complexity, helps us accept what war and survival have done to us. It will also help war survivors recognize what they have in common with rape survivors, and that their persistent problems are extremely difficult and life altering, but they ultimately come from a place of strength, not weakness. We are all survivors and we deserve a better title.

I know this is a controversial topic that many well-informed and capable people will disagree about, but as both a historian and combat veteran I’ve never been able to feel comfortable with any of the other popular titles. The syndrome of survival seems to captures all the complexity of survival as well as addressing lasting syndrome. Survival is a universally respected, even celebrated, aspect of the human experience and connecting our troubled lives to this ultimately positive fact will also encourage growth in all of those affected by trauma. We also need a title that people who suffer are more willing to bear publicly, so that the conversation shifts to become broader and more substantive. A title that should come with a stronger sense of corporate pride and empathy from non-survivors. A title that expresses a collective appreciation for what people have survived and the baggage that comes from it.

No other title does that the way one crafted around survival can. Survivor is a moniker encompassing the fact that we are not leaves blown about by circumstance. We survived through merit and resilience, and we can also survive the way that those original experiences have changed us, maybe even let our survival motivate us to be something better than we would’ve without our horrible experiences.

External image

Girl-on-girl action: A new visual landscape.

By Lisa Wade, PhD

Perusing my Facebook feed, I came across a photo proudly posted by a former student — now a hair and makeup artist — of two brides at a wedding.  It was beautiful and the young, conventionally attractive brides were leaning in for a kiss.  

When I saw the image, my mind immediately pulled up similar images it has in storage — frequently described as girl-on-girl action – and I was struck by the similarity of the images and their powerfully different messages.

Until recently, “hot girl-on-girl action” was the primary visual that involved women kissing.  In mainstream culture, genuine and open female same-sex attraction was almost entirely invisible, hidden and denied.  Today, the proliferation of same-sex marriages offer a new visual landscape for framing what it means for two women to kiss each other.

The meaning, moreover, could not be more different.  Though often women with same-sex desire use this assumption to explore real attraction, girl-on-girl action shots are ostensiblybetween two heterosexually-oriented women who are kissing for male attention.  These brides are presumably doing the opposite of that.  They are displaying love and commitment to one another. The kiss is for them and no one else and they are, implicitly if not actually, openly committing to making themselves sexually unavailable to anyone else, male or female.  This is far from the notion that they are just kissing a girl to get guys to think they’re sexy.

I wonder how these images — ones that depict sexual intimacy between women who love one another and do not seek male attention — will ultimately change how we think about “girl-on-girl” action in the U.S.  As they proliferate, will they push back against the male-centrism and heterocentrism of our society?  I think they very well might.

Congrats to the newlyweds! Their wedding photos can be found herehere, and here.

Lisa Wade is a professor of sociology at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. You can follow her on Twitter and Facebook.