Today Sam and the kids are going to lunch with sams mom, their all excited Simplicity loves her grandma and I’m only going to assume E does too lol, and Ellis is sill really go with the crowd.. not that he has a choice❤️ I can’t wait to hear about the visit with grandma! Besides everyone loves grandma ☺️

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It’s been my mom’s birthday for about an hour now, so here goes her birthday post, from me to @trickbop

My mom is my best friend. She’s my favorite person to talk to and the absolute greatest person I have ever met. And I’m not just saying that because I wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for her giving birth to me.

I don’t know if everyone can relate to the feeling of being lost. Unsure of where to go next in life. But I bet most people can. I’ve felt that way so many times in my life so far, and I can say with confidence that every single time I felt that way I could turn to my mom for help and she was there to guide me. And her advice has always helped me know the right thing to do. Not a lot of people have a parent like that and that makes her really special as a mom.

But the reasons why I love my mom aren’t just the ways she effects my life personally, positively, every single day. I love my mom for a plethora of reasons that exist within her and outside of her relationship to me.

She is one of the funniest people on the planet. She is smart, thoughtful, clever, and quick. She has the best taste in movies, music, television, and all other pop culture. She is tenacious and has a strong moral backbone. I know she has been through more bad things in life than most people, and I still see her laugh & make other people laugh all the time. She is creative and talented as an artist and a writer and she can express herself better than anyone else I’ve ever met.

A lot of people who know my mom and who meet me or visa versa, tell us that the two of us are similar. I think sometimes she is surprised when I take that as a compliment. I think she thinks because she’s my mom I should be embarrassed of her or something like that. But my favorite thing to brag about is the fact that she’s my mom. I’m so lucky to have her in my life. And if in my adult life I can become even a fraction of the woman that she is- even a tiny bit as vibrant and brilliant and talented and generous and patient and kind and outspoken and bold as her- then I will consider myself a success.

And I love my mom for her faults, too. I don’t love her because she is perfect. She is a human being. And as I’ve grown out of being a kid I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know her as a human being and not just as a parent. I’ve gotten to see her anger and her disappointment and gotten to hear her honest opinion on things I might have previously been to young to understand. And I am so lucky to say that the more I find out about the person that my mother is, the more I love her.

Happy birthday, Mommy. I’m glad I get to spend today with you & I’m glad for every other day of this year that I will get to spend with you. You are my favorite person in this whole universe & you deserve the best of everything.

I wish I could have given you Patrick McGoohan, but I think we can settle for just watching more of his Columbos this week.

Mommy goal number one reached. I bought 15 books at a local thrift store after dropping off some clothes. I got it for a $1.51 I’m pretty sure. I intend to read most of these to my princess but I think a couple are gonna be a bit young for her. Plus we got a duplicate of the skeleton hiccups one. Idk if I wanna give them away or keep them just in case.