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I’m in the back room putting away some of the amazing stuff Lu and I found this weekend, while the girls finish up closing the shop when I hear the sound of the beads along the front door moving, soft chimes and glass tinkling as they’re pushed together, the unmistakable sound of my little monster’s voice. 

“Mommmmmy.” He calls out in his perfect baby raspy voice,over the talking in the other room I can hear the little pitter patter of his feet as he runs across the old wood floors. 

I poke my head through the door just in time to see him notice me, his smile is from ear to ear as he runs to me, throwing himself into my open arms. 

“Hi stinker.” I pull his little body close, trying my best to kiss his little cheek. 

“Hi mommy.” My baby smiles at me but that’s all I get before he’s off again, he’s surrounded by things he can touch and break, he’d rather explore then cuddle. 

I don’t want to take my eyes off him, I missed him sure, but I’m mostly worrying about him breaking something, heels click along the floor stopping where I’m just about to stand up. 

“Hello sweetheart.” Sasha’s mom offers me her hand, helping pull me to my feet. 

“Hi.” Once I’m standing I lean in, kissing the soft skin of her right cheek, then her left. “I thought we were supposed to meet at the restaurant.” 

“Change of plans.” Sasha’s dad replies his Russian accent strong as his deep voice, he’s got a picnic basket in his hand and a fond smile on his face, tilting his head toward his first grandchild, “This one is in a mood today, we though it best if we skipped the public setting for dinner.” 

“Maybe if you would’ve let him take his nap this would not be problem.” His wife chides him, she smiles at me before rolling her beautiful eyes. 

“Not my fault they’re taking him away for the next two weeks.” He sounds really disgruntled and before I would probably be really worried that I upset him, but underneath an accent that always seems to sound threatening and covered by his mustache, I can see his lips twitch and I know he’s just teasing me.  

“You see him every day lyubov moya, this will be a nice break, some adult time.”

He turns his attention from us, handing me the picnic basket before walking away. Once he has Wren in his hands he lifts him above his head, making him squeal in delight, “Come on  zvyozdochka, is time to eat.” 

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I just want to add to the GA thing. My mom doesn't even watch the show, but when she saw the characters lancing at a episode she said and I quote 'hmm, when are those two going to meet? They would be good together." Also why do they think ALL the magazines paired them together for shoots all the time considering the fact that they never met on the show. Because most GA see them together and are waiting for it. That's why everyone, even Jimmy Kimmel , asks not if but when.

“Not if, but when.” EXACTLY. I have had two portraits that go together as a pair, Jon and Dany, hanging over my bed since early 2014. When I first got them my mom was a little confused but now she’s like, “Wow! you knew all this time. Makes sense now!”

Also, anon, how cute is it that our moms love the show? Haha my mom and I cosplay together <3 (She sewed both of these costumes herself with an antique sewing machine and her own patterns! And 3-d printed Needle!)

if you don’t think betty and veronica are the type of couple to furiously make out in front of anti-gay protesters than you are so mistaken my guy

So like my mom is the biggest dork ever and I love her so much. I haven’t seen her in like a month because of varying schedules and my emotional state so this morning she called me and was like I get off at 3 you better contact me after I get off. You know with the whole mom voice thing. So I texted her at like quarter to five and explained what was going on and she does what any mom would and tries to make me feel better. Since I live in a house with two toddlers things get pretty hectic and put that in top of my stress it sometimes doesn’t go well so her home is my home away from home. This is what she sends me a bunch of emojis, because she thinks she is a “cool” mom and then explains what the emojis are and spells it “immogies”. You don’t see the message of me correcting her but damn this woman is like the best mom ever

My mom is addicted to Black Sails now.

We watched season 2 episode 5 together, and because I started to watch the show earlier than her, I had to watch the final episode without her, the first thing she asked me, being aware of the no dead body showed on screen = alive, was “How does it end ? Flint and Thomas ? Do they meet again ?” (I told her “it ends well’)

She keeps asking questions and making theories about the characters as we watch the show, which she never does, usually she just watches and states “It sucks” or “yeah. It was kinda cool I guess” when the show’s over. The simple fact that she actively reacts to the show and asks questions about it when we’re not watching proves that she’s very into it.

My mom is addicted to Black Sails.

Told my mom what happened because she’s a Seokjin stan (I think that ups my chances of him being her son-in-law because she likes him) and she told me something that basically got me saying, “dude right?!” 

She said that “if he’s “useless” then why is he still in the group?” Like, if Big Hit doesn’t see his full potential, then why haven’t they kicked him out yet? 

That honestly got me thinking because Seokjin could leave anytime he wants to. All he has to do is terminate his contract, and he’s gone. I honestly think that idea is what scares the staff (especially Bang PD) the most. I also think that his members know that too. I mean for the recent Festa, Yoongi had Jungkook and Seokjin featured. Jimin can easily have the same high-pitch effect as Seokjin, so why ask Seokjin? 

I’m not saying that Seokjin would actually leave his “brothers” behind because of the sweat and tears they all put in to the group and the memories they made together along the way, I’m just saying that it is sad possibility that he can leave if he wanted to. It’s a scary feeling because when a person has had enough of being mistreated, they usually cut off the source of what’s making he or she feel that way. Let’s just hope and work hard to get Kim Seokjin + the rest of the hyung line the recognition they deserve. 

Again, you can have your favorites, but you should also appreciate the other members as well. Not just one member’s hard work made BTS the worldwide sensation they are now. Each member contributed a little something something to the group, and that’s how they achieved their accomplishments.