Hi hello! 🍓💕💕 I’m an 18yr old FtM little with a love for dinos, space, and stickers! Not to mention a HUGE love for rodents(and snakes, oddly enough)! I have two Syrian hamster girls (housed separately, don’t worry) and two boy ratties! I adore the dark and scary side of the world too. I love occult stuff and animal oddities. I’m in love with the show American Horror Story, and shows like Taboo and Vikings. 

I’m disabled due to my PTSD, BPD, OCD, and my leg deformity. I’m able to walk, just with some trouble! I’m getting a mobility/psychiatric service dog here pretty soon to help me though. 😊 Despite all this, I do have a full-time job until I can apply for disability.

I’m looking for a feminine/neutral(that doesn’t mind being called Mommy) individual who is naturally a Caregiver. I don’t mind if they are non-binary or agender though!! I just don’t need another masculine presence in my life! ..An individual with the need and desire to take care of a little boy and treat him with respect, dignity, and love. Someone who doesn’t mind my slight curiosity to wear pull-ups and my need for attention and love. I just am looking for a Caregiver, but an eventual girlfriend/datefriend is fine with me!

I’m looking for someone who *doesn’t mind* that I am Polyamorous, as I have a Dada/Oniichan already. He wouldn’t be involved with you in anyway unless you ask to meet him. 

If you think we could be a good match, please contact me via Chat or Kik(my username is Kodace), so we can get to know each other! There’s honestly so much more to me than what is listed above, but I can’t go revealing EVERYTHING interesting about me right away!

So anyways, mutuals please do me a favor and reblog and everyone feel free to do the same! Thanks! 🍓💕 (Cross-tagging just a little)


January 19, 2017

Today my little princess is a month. Thirty one days since you’ve blessed the earth with your beautiful soul. Thirty one days since you’ve made mommy a better person. Just in this one month mommy has realized how fast time really does fly when with you. Every little thing is so exciting, some scary yet all worth it. Our bond is rapidly growing stronger each day and mommy is loving the tiny individual she gets to see blossoming in front of her. This is not the same 5 pound, 8 ounce baby I brought home with me from the birthing center. Now you are 8 pounds, 2 ounces and full of expanding curiosity. Mommy has never ever ever been in love like she is with you Kyleigh. Happy One Month to the apple of my eye, the sun in my universe, my sole reason for being.