“I still follow her on every platform and I still call and text her every day…In the hierarchy of my life, I am Katya’s friend first and her business partner second. If Katya wants to quit drag forever, I will go visit her working front desk at a Hilton hotel, or wherever she wants to work. But, you know, you want your friends to be healthy…No matter what goes on with Trixie and Katya, we will laugh through all of it.” 💟

Trixie Mattel for Life and Style Magazine.

Things I need my care giver to understand

1. I will feel like I’m lonely sometimes
2. I will get jelous
3. I will not let other girls/guys talk to you if I feel they might take you away
4. I need more attention some days
5. I won’t want to leave my house some days
6. I will disobey you when I feel like being naughty
7. I will ask for more stuffies, even when I have way too many
8. I might not like my body but I believe you when you say I’m beautiful
9. I don’t try to be annoying it just happens please don’t get mad

Womem are Amazing

I just learned today that my Mom had an abortion when she was 16. My Granny doesnt know and she probably never will. She sadly didnt feel close enough to her Mom to ever tell her so she did it alone. My Dad was the only person who knew until now. My mom is the strongest most amazing woman i have ever met and ever will. She carried this for over 25 years and has said she does not regret it, she has never regretted it. But she wants to make sure my sister and i dont feel like we have to do it alone if we are ever in that situation. I could scream it for a thousand years and it would never be enough

I. Love. My. Mom.

anonymous asked:

I just want to add to the GA thing. My mom doesn't even watch the show, but when she saw the characters lancing at a episode she said and I quote 'hmm, when are those two going to meet? They would be good together." Also why do they think ALL the magazines paired them together for shoots all the time considering the fact that they never met on the show. Because most GA see them together and are waiting for it. That's why everyone, even Jimmy Kimmel , asks not if but when.

“Not if, but when.” EXACTLY. I have had two portraits that go together as a pair, Jon and Dany, hanging over my bed since early 2014. When I first got them my mom was a little confused but now she’s like, “Wow! you knew all this time. Makes sense now!”

Also, anon, how cute is it that our moms love the show? Haha my mom and I cosplay together <3 (She sewed both of these costumes herself with an antique sewing machine and her own patterns! And 3-d printed Needle!)