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Did you draw the Destiel as the wedding squad pic? if so, you casted Dean as a groomsmen and Sam as the groom, look at the suits, the only one in a different colored one is the guy sitting behind the bar.

who said it’s a destiel pic tho

If I could go back and tell myself what I’ve learned now; I would say to stop chasing people who would walk away without a second thought. Stop chasing the thought that he will change and be better next time. Stop chasing the idea that things have to be a certain way to be perfect. Stop chasing the things that are over and done with.

Just start living for things that are real, and things will fall into place.

one time back when i still didn’t know much about how facebook worked, this lady who used to be my teacher a long time ago asked me how my hamster was doing because i used to always talk about it, but instead of replying with a private message or writing on her wall, i accidentally posted the most depressing status update ever