“When I first saw my girlfriend, whom I’ve been dating for four years, we just greeted each other in our neighborhood and moved on. However, I had a feeling that she would be nice, so I asked her if she wanted to go on a date, but I lied to her and told her that we are the same age. I couldn’t speak English so well.”
“Oh, she’s a foreigner?”
“Yeah, she’s American. She’s actually five years older than me. We dated for a year and I ended up getting caught lying, even her mother in America found out.”
“What did her mother say?”
“Age is only a number.”

“만난 지 4년 된 지금 여자친구를 처음 봤을 땐 동네에서 서로 인사만 하고 지나갔어요. 그러다 여자친구의 느낌이 좋아서 사귀자 했는데, 제가 거짓말을 했어요. 나이가 동갑이라구요. 영어도 못했으니까.”
“아 외국인이에요?”
“네 맞아요. 미국인이에요. 사실 저보다 5살이 많아요. 그렇게 1년을 만나다가 결국엔 거짓말 한 게 걸렸고, 미국에 계신 여자친구 어머님도 그 사실을 알게 됐어요.”
“어머님이 뭐라고 하셨나요?”
“나이는 숫자에 불과하대요.”

Please look out for yourselves and don’t believe things blindly. We all want tangible proof of something we believe in so ardently, and there are people in this world who will ruthlessly and mercilessly exploit that citing proof that isn’t proof at all. Use your brain and do your research and ask a million questions. Don’t take someone’s word for it, hell don’t even take MY word for it. Every single piece of information in this fandom is trickled down the telephone line or made up to take advantage of a person with heightened emotions. Some people mean well, and some people don’t. Like Sondheim said, “you decide what’s right, you decide what’s good.”

Title: you’re not alone
Summary: For two adults as inexperienced as they are, their first kiss is the scariest thing in the world.
Disclaimer: I don’t own Naruto.
Prompt: My Mistake
Rating: K
Warning(s): FLUFF. And possibility of OOC, idk. Probably.


She couldn’t sleep. For the past five hours, she’d been tossing and turning in her bed, sighing and chewing on her bottom lip, worrying about whether or not this whole confusing situation had been her fault. Should she have done something? She’d given him mixed signals, hadn’t she? Had she really made it all too awkward for him to make a move?

Exhaling softly, Sakura threw an arm over her eyes, swallowing the lump in her throat as she thought about the perfection that was last night, with their nervous glances and abashed, shared smiles, soft, hushed laughter and whisper quiet conversation, as they looked at the sheet of stars above them and watched as explosions of glittery embers ornamented the dark sky.

They had gone to see the Tabanata fireworks, together, after spending some few hours in the village strolling through the streets and observing the colorful decorations. Sakura had marvelled at them all night, gushing at the colors and smiling shyly at the romantic ambiance of it all. She hadn’t been able to look at Sasuke without sending her own heart pounding against her ribcage and her face flushing the deepest shade of red. But that was okay, because she could see—she wasn’t the only one nervous, the only one blushing.

The night might as well have been a dream.

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Since I’ve been keeping you all updated on my Peter Walter VI costume I figured I’d show you all the parts together so far. Again, if anyone has info on wigs (style/color/type) it would be much appreciated. I am also open for suggestions on how to make my costume better as always.