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I wanna see what your weirdo mind conjures up by requesting Erwin 5B and Levi 6A 👍

“I love him. I love him. I love him.”

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The IKEA diaries


This is actually an idea I stole from Lady Day when I started reading her Jedtavius fic and wanted to comment on it for the first time. I couldn’t resist.

marching band au prompts
  • “band camp just so happened to fall on the hottest week of the summer and you shamelessly took your shirt off in the middle of rehearsal and i can’t stop staring” 
  • “i swear i can play my instrument but whenever you’re around i get nervous and start sounding like shit”
  • “you’re in the color guard and you hit me in the face with your flag so i had to march the rest of the show with a bloody nose”
  • “you play the trumpet and you are currently blaring in my ear do you fucking mind”
  • “the bleachers at this school are so tiny and i ended up sitting on your lap oops”
  • “i may or may not have a minor crush on you but this is a big problem because you’re the drum major”
  • “you’re autistic and people make fun of you because they think you’re untalented and weird but i know they’re wrong because i’ve heard you play before and you sound amazing please join the band”
  • “this football game is stretching for so long and it’s really dark and cold, so we’re now sharing two blankets, a scarf, and three hand warmers”
  • “i need to work on my posture and need to stand very still in position but you’re making that nearly impossible because you keep poking me and i’m very ticklish”
  • “we’re performing a duet in the show and we have to keep on practicing together until its flawless” 
  • “your instrument is never in tune and i want to scream at you because LEARN HOW TO TUNE IT’S NOT THAT HARD”
  • “we both auditioned for section leader. i can march well but can’t play well, you can play well but can’t march well, so we were assigned as co-section leaders”
  • “you forgot to bring your stand tunes so we’re sharing mine but i just realized how close we’re sitting and i’m getting kinda flustered” 
  • “you’re carrying a sousaphone and you look like you’re going to die do you need help”
  • “i offered to carry your sousaphone but holy shit i did not realize it was this heavy”
  • “marching is not really my forte and you offered to help me with my technique” 
  • “we just performed our last show of the season and yeah it’s emotional and stuff but you haven’t stopped crying for two hours are you okay”
  • “this bus ride is so long and you fell asleep on my shoulder. everyone’s taking pictures and i want to wake you up but you look too peaceful”
  • “i always make god awful music puns and you’re the only only who appreciates them” 
  • “we’re from different schools and both of our bands are taking their trips to disney the same week. we met at the park and you stole my heart and i s2g this is the band version of summer nights from grease” 
  • “our band uniforms make us look like fuckin nerds but you manage to make yourself look stunning please tell me your secrets”
  • “you’re always glaring at me and i am 95% sure it’s because you’re jealous i’m first chair but can we please try to get along”
  • “you have really bad shako hair but i don’t want to say anything because it looks too cute”

Originally I wanted to draw @infinitesimalee drawn out as a fairy and have her fly around Link, but nope, My OC Colin took over my feels and uh this is what happened. He’s 20 ft tall but I thought her “Meet the Artist” info height was 4″ not 5′4″! So I feel dumb, and this is so quickly drawn that she’s barely visible ahh okay welp here it is.

An Open Letter to My Neighbors

Dear fellow humans and/or other sentient life-forms,

I understand that you are excited. I understand that it is the week before the 4th of July. I am told this is an exciting and fun time of year. I understand the desire to celebrate. I do.


I have a dog. My dog does not like loud noises. They scare her.

You have the habit of lighting off fireworks two weeks before every major holiday. And for every week after. You also have the habit of starting them at two in the afternoon and ending at midnight.

You have been doing this for the past year and a half.

Do you see where I am going with this?

I am tired. I truly am. Because my dog, when scared, will try to burrow beneath my head and the pillow. Her anxiety can only be called a panic attack. Tonight, for instance, her panic led her to try to burrow behind the toilet to get away from the noise. She is currently plastered between the wall and my father’s face.

You may not have experienced the sensation of a shaking dog burrowing between your face and a pillow. Allow me to elaborate: it is not a pleasant sensation.

It is not possible to fall or remain asleep while experiencing this sensation.

I am asking you nicely, because I am told that calling the cops leads to even more firework nonsense, for you to limit your celebration to the holiday.

Please. For the sake of my sanity, stop doing this. You are ruining fireworks for me, and for my family.

Love, Me

P.S. I have asked nicely, despite the fact that I am entirely willing to look for you, find you, and light your houses on fire to tell you exactly how tired I am of this shit. 

P.P.S. If you reblog this telling me that I am a killjoy or party-pooping asshole, I will light you on fire. I have suffered enough.

Vernon: I Love You

submission by: anonymous

anonymous asked: can you please do a request where Hansol says he loves you for the first time?? and like he says it by accident but then realizes like “dang yes I love you”. thanks!!!

Summary: Vernon has kinda a bad day but ur there 2 cheer him up !

You gently knock on the door three times and cautiously push it open. Hansol sits on his bed staring at the floor. 

“Hansol?” You say. His head snaps up and he smiles weakly, quickly pushing the hair out of his face. 

“Hey (Y/N)…”

“Everyone’s worried, Hansol. You just got off stage and shut your self in your room we’re just-” You take a step towards him then stop dead in your tracks. “Are…are you crying?”

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brand - a mix for the casteless warden; brash, vulgar, betrayed, proud, strong.

and really, really pissed at leske.

i. that’s alright - laura mvula ii. how you like me now - the heavy iii. the pit - silversun pickups iv. 60 revolutions - gogol bordello v. hit ‘em up style - carolina chocolate drops vi. burn it down - awolnation vii. life in the city - michael franti & spearhead viii. alleyways - the neighbourhood ix. you fooled me - rachel kurtz x. shprt change hero - the heavy xi. i don’t need a hero - concrete blonde xii. go it alone - beck


Being introverted, shy, quiet and physically disabled with unfortunate features taught me something. We’re not going to get anywhere, black women, if we belittle one another. I’m upset about seeing black women that are supposed to be encouraging each other act like high school television mean girls. I grew up around beautiful people that were both beautiful and aware. Mind you, all of my school environments were tiny so maybe this was less common, but come on…not every girl has full lips, silky skin and dramatic curves…some people might just be into different things; not every girl listens to rap, likes fashion and likes to party. I feel like a certain version of a black woman is allowed to exist within the counterculture that’s been established to deviate from societal norms. She’s alternative, she’s woke, but she also does this, that and the other. She has tons of social media followers. She’s cool, yeah, but that does not give her a license to tease. I guess what I’m trying to say is that if you claim to be woke but you have a cold heart towards anyone, then you haven’t woken up yet. Knowing issues is one thing, but you have to work on yourself simultaneously. The girls that you laugh at will be somewhere else while you end up becoming what you didn’t want to become.

Headcanon: Varda is the most powerful of the Valar

(aside from Melkor obviously, but he doesn’t really count anymore)

The main source of this headcanon is that on Tolkien’s scale from “Arda is a totally fictional world” to “Arda is basically our world”, I tend to be closer to the latter…so the stars of Ea, to my mind, aren’t just tiny little tinkly things, they’re fucking huge balls of white-hot flame, with thermonuclear reaction going on in them. So…’how nice of you to crate the atmosphere, Manwe. Very impressive. And Ulmo, the oceans! Oh. How cute. Now excuse me while I go create UY Scuti. Oh and by the way, I made all of the black holes too. And the Pillars of Creation. And…well, you get the picture.’ (She is snow-white because the stars burn white hot, of course.)

Also, the light of Eru lives in her face. Just…do you fully realize what that means? 

Plus, I think it goes quite well with her being the most worshipped Vala or Valie among the Eldar. I mean, I know it’s sort-of said somewhere that it’s because the Elves woke under the stars and so they loved them the most, but…the Eldar were in Aman. They saw the Trees, or are descendants of those who did (and in that case they don’t remember the time when it was just the stars anyway). I don’t think they, specifically, would be all that impressed with the stars compared to that…to my mind, it would make much more sense in this context if it was the Moriquendi who worshipped her the most. So for me, the reason the Eldar in particular like to praise Varda…is because they were to Aman and knew how bloody cool she was.

So I think that while Manwe was the most attuned to Eru, Varda was the most powerful.

Feel Good Friday!

Anonymous Submission:

my adhd actually helps me do things better in school sometimes, like i get finished with writing assignments faster than people and it still gets a good grade because my mind works fast on the subject im writing about!!

@tiny-changeling’s Submission:

My mind moves so fast,
I can come up with haikus
on the spot. Thanks, brain. :P

@dinocatdraws’s Submission:

My favorite positive thing about having ADHD is the way my mind jumps around making interesting connections. I will gleefully find parallels between the most disparate things. I have no issue reading up about multiple fields of study to figure out a thing, where most NT people have a weird loyalism to their specialty - like psychiatry vs. neuroscience (until recently, anyway).

For example, in art school the different departments wouldn’t even associate with each other, and mixing media was often frowned upon. But I became fascinated with the possible applications of print making and metalsmithing in ceramics, my main major. I got special permission to research creating special inks for printing on clay using a form of lithography, used my block printing carving tools to carve into clay, and carved clay to make stamps and prints. I could info dump for days about chemicals and monoprinting and proper screenprinting technique on a slab of clay, how to print on a rounded form, or the right laser printer to use to make decals. Having an interest in multiple subjects simultaneously has always served me well, and in school I regularly wrote papers that included extra research from unconventional sources that I’d stumbled upon FOR FUN and ended up realizing I could use them. I had a paper published as a sophomore because my teacher was so impressed with the connections I made to present my argument.

ADHD can be a pain in the ass, and it made school stressful and occasionally hellish. But I do enjoy the way my mind works sometimes!

Anonymous Submission:

When trying to figure something out as a group, I often am not following the discussion very well and am off on my own train of thought, but sometimes when I impulsively blurt out the weird, less obvious connections my brain makes, it is exactly what the group needs to solve the problem even if I don’t realize it when I say it :)

Anonymous Submission:

Positive ADHD things: The way your brain will spin one thing off into an entire web of patterns and connections that seem random but shows you how things link in the most unpredictable and wonderful way. My mom will sometimes ask me what I’m thinking and how it results from what we were talking about and she always seems to fascinated with what I end up explaining.

@meg-culpa’s Submission:

I feel lucky because resume writing and filling out applications are two things I hyperfocus on even though I find them unpleasant When I was out of a job after moving to a different state I was able to fill out quite a few every day, which enabled me to find a new job quickly. And now I can use that skill for my husband while he gets things I can’t focus on done around the house. Hooray for actually useful hyperfocus! 

We’ll do it again next Friday. Please feel free to reblog and discuss how you experience the things people are talking about in this post. Do you also find them helpful or at least “not horrible”? If you think of something between now and Friday, please send it in and mark it for FGF!