Sweet Affectionate Moments Meme

Decided to create my own prompt meme of affectionate moments as I can never seem to find a good list that has all the sweet moments that I love.

Send me a NUMBER & PAIRING and I’ll write a little something.


1. A Sweet Kiss
2. A Hot Kiss
3. A Tired Kiss
4. A Drunken Kiss
5. A Reunion Kiss
6. A Kiss of Relief
7. A Scared Kiss
8. A First Kiss
9. An Awkward Kiss
10. A Shy Kiss
11. A Morning Kiss
12. A Night Kiss
13. A Sorry Kiss
14. A Sad Kiss
15. A Hope We Don’t Get Caught Kiss
16. A Naughty Kiss


17. A Love Bite
18. Holding Hands
19. Cuddling
20. A Massage
21. A Promise
22. Caught in a Storm
23. Seeking Shelter
24. Slow Dancing
25. Exchanging Letters
26.Tending an injury
27. Accidentally Sleeping In
28.Teaching the other something new
29. Cooking Together
30. Sharing A Bath/Swim
31. Catching the other before they fall
32. Getting Caught in the Act

The first 5 people to put "I WANT YOU TO BEG!" in my inbox get to torment my muse!

1st person gets to tie my muse down and do whatever they like with them.

2nd person gets to torture the fuck out of my muse in anyway they please.

3rd person gets to break my muse’s heart. Completely devastate them!

4th person has something my muse wants but won’t allow them to have it until they do everything your muse commands.

5th person gets to get my muse hot an bothered and leave them wanting more.

Send me “FITE ME”...

And I’ll generate a random number and write a drabble/starter of our muses doing:

  1. snowball fight
  2. watergun fight
  3. splash war in the pools
  4. poke war 
  5. throwing “grass bombs”
  6. poke war (FB version)
  7. cook off
  8. pillow fight
  9. tickle fight
  10. playing uno
  11. food fight
  12. everybody’s it tag
  13. playing monopoly
  14. silly wrestling
  15. playing rock paper scissor to see who gets the last of their fav food.
  16. playing Mario Kart
  17. calling each other silly names
  18. trying to get Sharpie/paint on each other