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Requests are open?? Would you mind writing something for my baby, ML beauxbatons AU? Something magical slice of life or whatever you feel like!

When Adrien awoke, it was to a blanket of palpable reassurance and warmth.

This was strange, as the last thing he remembered was the biting chill of the study room after hours and the frustration of trying to revise an essay without his teacher’s input. Maybe he’d had a good dream…?

He blinked the sleep away from his eyes and lifted his head, finding his cheek had been glued to his essay. He must’ve fallen asleep on it while the ink was still wet.

The reassurance and warmth didn’t fade as he woke up, so he supposed the feeling couldn’t have come from a lingering dream. He looked around for the source, wondering if someone had caught him and left warming and cheering charms on the room.

He was just peeling his essay off his cheek when he caught sight of the ladybug.

Of course.

Salut,” he greeted his crush partner’s patronus, sleep-rough and a little slurred, and then yawned a jaw-cracking yawn.

The dust motes floating in the air of the tiny study room very nearly lit up in the sudden outpouring of affection.

Flustered, Adrien scrubbed at the ink residue on his burning cheek.

“…Nice to see you too.”

The ladybug flitted over, landing on the dryer pages of his essay, and it felt a bit like a hearth fire had gotten up and walked over to him, the outpouring of warmth was so strong. Trundling over the words, the little bug flickered its wings and saturated its aura with soft concern.

It could be for any number of things, but Adrien picked the most likely offense to address. “‘S okay. I just,” another yawn, “wanted to get a head start. Lost track of time.”

(It wouldn’t do for him, heir of the Agreste name, to be anything less than the best, after all.)

The ladybug beat its wings at him, and Adrien couldn’t help but feel that it was scolding him, somehow.

Breathing a laugh, he murmured, “Thanks. I’ll keep better track, next time.”

The patronus hesitated, appearing to consider something. Then, after a moment, it took flight and landed on the folds of his collar, hunkering down and projecting the emotional equivalent of a lullaby.

“Sticking around?” Adrien asked, undeniably tickled. It took energy for his partner to upkeep that aura, and that she’d do so remotely just to keep him company wasn’t something he’d been expecting.

The ladybug buzzed a short affirmative, not budging a millimeter.

Adrien smiled and turned back to his essay, ignoring the longing pang in his chest and the heat in his ears.


i ended up with a little something in between, oops :’D hope you like it /o/

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