Random headcanon meme!

: What does your muse’s voice sound like? Is it light? High pitched? Scratchy? Deep? 

✍ : What is your muse’s handwriting like? Is it neat? Sloppy? Fancy?

☕ : Does your muse prefer coffee or tea?

⌚ : Is your muse good with keeping on schedule for meetings, appointments, or events, or are they always late? Or, are they always a bit early?

♿ : Has your muse had any injuries in the past?

☺ : What is your muse’s smile like? Do they smile often?

⚡ : How does your muse feel about storms? Are they afraid of them, or do they calm them?

⚠ : How does your muse react to possibly dangerous situations? Do they face them head-on, or do they plan out their actions first?

☃  : What is your muse’s favorite season? What about their least favorite season, if they have one? 

☂  : Does your muse like rain?

☼ : Does your muse like daytime or nighttime more?

🏨  : How well does your muse sleep?

: What are your muse’s thoughts on love? If they are not in a relationship, do they believe that they will ever find a perfect someone for them?

☘ : Does your muse believe in luck? How about fate?

⚯ : Does your muse have good eyesight? If not, what is it like? Are they nearsighted or farsighted? Or both? Do they use glasses? Or do they prefer contacts?

👓 : If your muse wears glasses, what are their glasses frames like?

♨ : Does your muse have good table manners? How do they feel about bad table manners?

❀ : What is your muse’s opinion about flower crowns?

♬ : Does your muse sing well? Regardless of whether they sing well or not, do they enjoy singing?

📐 : Is your muse good at math? Do they like it, or do they hate it?

♞ : What is your muse’s favorite animal?

εїз : How does your muse feel about bugs and insects?

📱 : Does your muse prefer calling or texting?

☆ : Of the sun, stars, and the moon, which is your muse’s favorite?

ツ : Does your muse prefer lots of friends, or just a few close ones?

✝ : Is your muse religious?

Role play blogs aren’t just about clique’s and it shouldn’t be about who you’ve known the longest either. Well it should be but also- there are a lot of shy cinnamon rolls out there waiting for you. But they don’t know that you can vibe with them right off the bat if they’d only send in a meme or a starter or something!

So reblog if you’re the type of blog that is open to NEW friendships even if you are already connected to old ones. New friendships mean new experiences and more people to talk about your muse’s together. This is a clique free blog despite the people who love sending me in asks and there’s much love for them but I’ve also got love waiting for you if only you’d send that one message.

Send a symbol for headcanons on my muse's eating habits!

🍎- What’s their favorite fruit?
🍞- Do they get healthy, whole grain style foods?
🥔 - How do they prefer potatoes?
🥕- Do they like vegetables?
🍇 - Have they ever drank an alcoholic beverage?
🍒 - What’s their favorite smoothie flavor?
🍗 - Are they a vegetarian or vegan?
🍟 - Do they like fast food? If so, what’s their favorite type?
🍕 - Do they like pineapple on their pizza?
🥞 - What’s their favorite breakfast?
🌮 - Do they like spicy foods?
🍦 - What toppings do they like on their ice-cream, if any?
🍫 - Chocolate or vanilla?
🍰 - Cake or pie?
🍬- What’s their favorite candy?
🍩 - Do they often have a sweet tooth?
🍪- What’s their favorite type of cookie?