Apartment AUs
  • Washer/Dryer buddies (always finding the other’s pair of socks, underwear, etc. in their basket after they get home.
  • I got your mail by mistake and I’m hoping you have mine.
  • You live on the floor above me and you stomp a lot. 
  • These walls are sort of thin and I can hear you singing horribly to the Pretty Woman soundtrack when you’re in the shower.
  • We both share the same noisy neighbor and we talk shit about them in the laundry room together.
  • There’s a drunk guy singing outside and we both look out our windows to watch.
  • I’m spring cleaning and you laugh at me for trying to hang my sheets on a make-shift laundry line.
  • You’re the horrible cook who I often see opening and closing your front door to get rid of the smoke.
  • You work in the main office and I’m constantly coming in to ask for a spare key.
  • I tend to lock myself out of my apartment a lot and sort of need to climb out your window to crawl into mine.
  • These walls are really thin; and I swear you’re the loudest orgasm-er I’ve ever heard.
  • You just moved in across the hall and I thought I might invite you over for a beer or something.
  • Dogs and I don’t really get along well, but…? I guess your dog sorta likes me..? 
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