I’m done with the internet


Klovers younger sister by six years (she is 13 here).  She lost her hearing when she was 5 years old and had a very hard time at first, throwing tantrums because no one understood her, and because she could no longer hear her parents voices.  Klover knew what he had to do (being as brainy as he is) and studied sign language then taught Krystal as well as the rest of the family when he knew what he was teaching was correct.  She is much stronger now and doesn’t let this hold her back as it once did.  
She loves to play turf war with her family and on her own.  In order to help her in battle since she cant hear most attacks, she uses the bomb sensor as one of her abilities and also loves to use the killer wail as her special because it sends a rush in her body when she sets it off.