Ask the Mun~
  1. What made you interested in playing the muse(s) that you play?
  2. Are there any characters you’d like to play besides the ones you do now?
  3. Ever made an OC? If so, can we know more about them?
  4. How would you describe your muse(s)?
  5. Post a selfie (recent or not)
  6. Are you in any other fandoms?
  7. Will you take suggestions on cosplay?
  8. When did you start roleplaying?
  9. Do you roleplay NSFW? (sexual, horror, ect) 
  10. Do you have any other hobbies?
  11. (For Gif makers) Have you ever had to re-do any Gifs?
  12. Have you had anything happen while trying to make the gifs?
  13. When do you normally get in cosplay/sit down to do replies?
  14. Are you still in school? If so, what grade are you in/what major are you studying?
  15. Plans for the future?
  16. Have you done any cosplay videos? 
  17. Do you sometimes feature other people in your ask sessions?
  18. What’s your favorite thread you’ve ever done?
  19. What’s your favorite ask you’ve gotten?
  20. Do you prefer a certain gender over another to cosplay/roleplay?
  21. Do you have anything you wouldn’t roleplay?
  22. Do you have any AUs you want to roleplay?
  23. Would you be okay with fanfics/fanart of you/your OC?
  24. Could we see more of _________ someday? 
  25. Do you consider yourself a good roleplayer/cosplayer?
  26. Are you planning anything special for your muse(s)? If so, what should we expect?
  27. Do you do any form of art work? Could we see some?
  28. Do you do commissions? 
  29. Do you have a job? 
  30. (Anything you’re curious about) 
The first 5 people to put "I WANT YOU TO BEG!" in my inbox get to torment my muse!

1st person gets to tie my muse down and do whatever they like with them.

2nd person gets to torture the fuck out of my muse in anyway they please.

3rd person gets to break my muse’s heart. Completely devastate them!

4th person has something my muse wants but won’t allow them to have it until they do everything your muse commands.

5th person gets to get my muse hot an bothered and leave them wanting more.