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Wait Makoto... What do you mean?

….Masaru-kun. This is serious, I need you to tell me the truth. Takao-kun and the others…Did you give them the same masks as the ones the others kids in Towa City were wearing?

Eh…We…Y-Yeah, Monaca-chan told us it would make them stop being scared and helped them destroy Demons…

Wait…Those masks…They are the ones you were talking about the other day, right? The ones that are brainwashing the kids and making them do horrible things and which can explode at any moment…And all those masked children are also in danger because of the adults in Towa City, right?

Yes, I’m sorry, we still haven’t found a solution to those problems…

*turns to face Masaru* You…You’re telling me that you and your friends were the ones who made my siblings wear those masks? And that they are still in danger right now while you are safely here with us?



Plastic faces jabber-jeer and laugh
Evasive eyes that long ceased to smile
Kindness has taken a leave of absence
Vacated behind a jury-rigged trial

Snickering smirks behind feigned fronts
Judgment doled out in pointless plenty
Pulmonary palpitations plague my resolve
Wearing makeshift masks siphon me empty

I can’t relate
Will not debate
Herd mentality mandate
The need to congregate
To consequently deflate
Seems I’m lacking
It drives me irate
That heartless trait
The two-faced state

This time around
As much as I try
I cannot deny
The stupid soiling
The tedious toiling
Sends my blood boiling

Callous cruelty
Damned duality
Banal brutality
Mutated morality
Viral vitality
Tactless tonality
Nuanced normality
The final fatality

Living With Less

In my madness, or my sanity
Depending on who you ask
I began to shake off humanity
I ditched my social mask

My patience with the world at large
Once fierce as a saint
Had withered, died & discharged
I labored with restraint

I quit my job, I packed my bag
I headed out the door
Life’s a joke, a prank, a gag
I’m not playing anymore

Save your speech, keep your pills
You’re blind to the world I see
The shit you push only kills
What little is left of me

In want of nothing, I yearn for nil
That society would have me bear
You may run, but I’m standing still
We’re not going anywhere

No escape, the world’s still fraught
With all which I withdrew
Now I’m living with less than naught
I’m living without you.


Can…Can you guys tag anything related to the movie…

oh sorry about that dearie! i understand how you feel, as my mother has the same reaction that specific character. so sorry you have to deal with that!!!!!

Aaaa it’s totally okay! Its just, as of recently, every time I’ve seen this character I struggle to sleep at night because I’m so terrified???

Long story short, when I was little, my brother and I walked into a room to see what my dad was watching and it was the original movie. As kids, that really scared us and our dad told us if we were ever “bad” that same clown would come find us because bad children and blah blah blah you get the gesture

But heres the thing, my dad bought the mask of him and when ever we were bad, he would put it on and chase us around and stuff and since we were kids we didn’t really understand that was him. But it scared us so bad, we normally cried ourselves to sleep  Even if we made a mistake, we automatically got the mask. Sleeping became hard because I would always wake up in the middle of the night panicking if “he was going to get me”

I think back a lot of those days because it went on for years until he finally stopped. 

But like I said I don’t hate clowns just that clown in particular

Secrets of Slytherin no.72

Our masks do not slip often, but when they do, it’s best to asume it’s a lot worse than it seems. You see a ripple, not the tidal wave behind it.

[KOR/ENG LYRICS] Outro: Her by BTS


The world is a complex
We wus lookin’ for love
나도 그냥 그런 사람들 중 하나였어
진짜 사랑인지 뭔지
믿지도 않으면서
습관처럼 사랑하고 싶다 지껄였던
But I found myself
The whole new myself
나도 헷갈려 대체 어떤 게 진짜 난지
널 만나고 내가 책이란 걸 안 걸까
아님 니가 내 책장을 넘긴 걸까
어쨌든 난 네게 최고의 남자길 원해
아마 당연해 넌 내게
이 세계 그 자체였기에
죽을 거면 꼭 나와 같이 죽겠다던 때
니가 원하는 내가 되기로
God I swore to myself
So many complex
But I’m lookin’ for love
가짜 나라도 좋아 니가 안아준다면
넌 내게 시작이자 결말 자체니까
니가 날 끝내주라

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

어쩌면 나는
너의 진실이자 거짓일지 몰라
어쩌면 당신의 사랑이자 증오
어쩌면 나는 너의 원수이자 벗
당신의 천국이자 지옥
때론 자랑이자 수모
난 절대 가면을 벗지 못해
이 가면 속의 난
니가 아는 걔가 아니기에
오늘도 make up to wake up
and dress up to mask on
당신이 사랑하는 내가 되기 위해
당신이 사랑하는 걔가 되기 위해서
그 좋아하던 XX도 끊었지
그저 당신을 위해서
싫어하는 옷도 과도한 메이크업도
당신의 웃음과 행복이
곧 내 행복의 척도
이런 내가 이런 내가
당신의 사랑 받을 자격 있을까
언제나 당신의
최고가 되기 위해 노력을 해
이런 모습은 몰랐음 해

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

늘 그랬듯이 mask on
환호로 날 반겨주는 her
그대만의 별
아무 일 없이 빛나면서도
가장 빛나야 할 시간에
난 mask off
Lost star
내 짐을 내려놔 어둠을 즐겨
죽일 듯이 쏴대는
조명도 없으니 ye
그저 맘 가는 대로
감 닿는 대로 날 안 잡는 대로
Tick tock the dark is over
다시 너의 최고가 되기 위해
내 자신을 붙잡어
사랑은 사람을 미치게 해
그래 미친놈의 각오
가장 나다운 식에 대입을 하고
전부인 너를 위해
내가 내린 해답을 줘
그걸 사랑해주는 너
그로 인해 노력하는 나
니 존재로 새로운 의미를 찾고
빛을 내는 밤
난 알았어 어둠이 끝나도
내겐 넌 아침이란 걸
You woke me up

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

내 모든 wonder
에 대한 answer
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear


The world is a complex
We wus lookin’ for love
I was also just another one of those people
Whether it’s real love or something
I didn’t even believe in
I babbled on like a habit about how I want to love
But I found myself
The whole new myself
I’m also confused about what in the world is the real me
Did I realize I was a book after meeting you
or did you turn my page
Anyways I want to be the best man for you
It’s probably certain since you
were the world itself to me
When you said that if you died you’d die with me
I would become the me that you want
God I swore to myself
So many complex
But I’m lookin’ for love
I’m fine with my fake self if it means you’ll hug me
Since you’re my beginning and ending itself
Finish me

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

Perhaps I am
Your truth and lie
Perhaps your love and hate
Perhaps I am your friend and enemy
Your heaven and hell
Sometimes pride and humiliation
I can never take off the mask
Because the me behind this mask
Is not the one you know
Make up to wake up today too
And dress up to mask on
In order to become the me that you love
In order to become the one that you love
I quit the XX that I liked so much
Just for you
The clothes I hate and excessive makeup
Your smile and happiness
Are the scale of my happiness
This me this me
Do I deserve to receive your love
I always try
to become your best
I hope you don’t know this side of me

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

Like always mask on
Her who welcomes me with cheers
Your own star
Shining without any trouble
The time when I have to shine the most
I take my mask off
Lost star
I put down my burden I enjoy the darkness
There is no light that
shoots like a killer
Just as your heart goes
The way it feels, as you don’t hold me
Tick tock the dark is over
In order to become your best again
I hold onto myself
Love makes a person go insane
A madman’s resolution
I insert myself into the equation that is most like me
For all of you
I give the answer that I got
The you who loves that
Through that I make an effort
Through your existence I find new meaning
The night that shines
I knew even though the darkness ended
That you are my morning
You woke me up

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

The answer
To all my wonder(s)
I call you her, her
Cuz you’re my tear, tear

Trans cr; Jisoo @ bts-trans

… she slipped her anger into something silky and attractive, like she was putting on a lacy nightgown.
—  Martha Schabas, Various Positions
The Reunion

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Pairing: Bucky Barnes x female!Reader - Avengers x female!Reader

Request: Hey Bae 😚 would you like to do an imagine where you were Buckys wife in the 40s and after he got taken by Hydra you went through the same fate. Now 70 years later they found you during a mission captured and take you to the compound. Bucky feels overly happy but fears you won’t recognise him, but you do. So over the time you slowly get along with the new life and also your feelings for Buck didn’t change, you just experience a more intense love life 😉 this would be great & some smut hehe -anon

Warnings: Smut/NSFW (18+) - fingering and oral (female receiving) - some language - a wee bit o’ angst

Word Count: 3.6K

A/N: College is really stressful and I’ve had such a bad mental week, it’s been great. Any ways, here’s some good ol’ smut! There’s plenty more where this came from, so I hope it’s what you were searchin’ for. Requests/asks are still open, so feel free to drop somethin’!

Bucky’s P.O.V.

Y/N. Her name was Y/N.

It’s missions that this that remind me of her. The flakes falling around us bitterly kiss my face as Steve and I trudge through endless mounds of snow, heading for the large, rusted metal door embedded in the rough stone of the mountain. This is where I was kept under HYDRA control - where my previous life has ended and this new one began.

Y/N was my comfort - she kept me grounded. We had first met during a night-out in the city. I had convinced Stevie to go to a club with me, and she was the first woman I saw when I stepped into the dim room. We spent the whole night drinking and chatting, and by the end of the night, I knew she was the one that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with - I just never knew our time together would be so short.

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@miraculousfluffmonth day 26: Umbrella

I… kinda hate this drawing. All the pretty colors are there to mask my horrendously inconsistent art.

The umbrella scene doesn’t happen in this au (unfortunately; that scene is my entire being) however: there is an Umbrella Photoshoot.

Remember, gabe highkey ships these two idiots. It’s one of his good qualities. There aren’t many in this au but this is one of them. He makes mari do a photoshoot with adrien because “blah blah some bullshit about needing to learn all angles of the business blah blah” and like… he probably has a point, but his methods are like… as transparent as glass. Anyway mari and adrien are completely oblivious to most of it and they have a good time. 

under my um-ba-rella ella ella eh eh eh 


“We’ll steal your disbelieving heart!”

Part 3 of edit sets for witchsona AU

**Please DO NOT edit, use, or repost any of these! Thank you!

[UPDATED and COMPLETE character profiles (codenames, outfit, awakening scene, dialogues) under the cut!]

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