Saturated the door screen texture - CHECK

Added presets to the radio - CHECK

Tested the vintage chair - FAIL.

What the phuq is up with Alpha Mask Threshold? There is not one single consistent setting that I can find that universally works. This is set relatively low and pictures 5- 8 show the progression of tilt visibility.

Horizontal AMT is a bit of a challenge anyway - in S3 it would give a strange grid pattern from certain angles depending on where you are viewing and from certain distance. What is so damned annoying with this is there is a soft render on most things with the exception of these harsh/choppy transparencies. I am curious if I were to try the Phong-Alpha shader if that might help. Normally used for transparencies like glass, it might give a softer look to the seat area. This, currently, is just not going to work.

It’s the visual embodiment of my week. Suuuuuuuuucks.

Plus? They updated workshop so I could patch my game to test these objects/textures I have been working on. I even ‘splurged’ on the garden (variety) stuff pack. So … luxurious. sigh.


Left Photo
Weight: 265-270
Shirt Size: XXL
Waist Size: 36-38

Right Photo
Weight: 197-201
Shirt Size: LG
Waist Size: 33-34

Not anywhere close to my goals, but I need to remind myself on the days I feel down and out that my efforts have gotten me from there, to here.

I’ve lived 24 years in complete and utter hate and disgust in myself. I haven’t swam in a pool since I was 13 years old. I’ve strayed away from, and ruined relationships with people because of my insecurities. I’ve missed out on so many opportunities and avoided so many life changing experiences because I defined myself by my fat. It was a lot easier for me to wallow in my self-hatred, and be used to feeling depressed about the way I was. It was a lot easier to mask my sadness with a poor relationship with food, for food was my best friend. It was there for me whenever I stared in the mirror. It had my back every time my issues got the best of me. I was convinced that I would live the rest of my life with this mentality.

Whoever is reading this, you can do it. You can begin to see how amazing the body is when it begins to shape, and change to your efforts. You can begin to feel comfortable in clothes. You can begin to feel happier and healthier. You can begin to walk up a flight of stairs and not feel out of breath. If you are anything like me, you can begin to love yourself. Make yourself a priority. Make yourself smile.

not-jeon-biased asked:

and and this is really random but have u tried facials o u o (i have two weaknesses in my life: park jimin and skincare products ok) like i have no idea what u find wrong with your face (so im just assuming o:) but im a hoe for clay masks and face sheets and face scrubs. i can kindly give u a moisturizing rice extract face sheet mask and thROW IT AT YOUR COWORKERS FACE TELLING EM TO HYDRATE THEIR PORES AND STOP BEING THIRSTY FOR A FUCKING LIFE. fuck i, angry ok i stOP NoW. u v u 🌹

this actually made me laugh omg i love you dearly

anonymous asked:

Hey there darling I was planning on cosplaying as peter the 6th and i was wondering what you'd suggest to have my face as if i needed to take my mask off

Well, Peter hides what’s under his mask. But you could get away with some blue veins underneath. I think a lot of people have done that in the past. I dun wanna spoil anything.

You’ll see the effects of blue matter poisoning and stuff in Red Core, so hopefully that’ll be a source of inspiration for yah.