Ship To Wreck Cover by Claudia Boleyn (original song by Florence + The Machine) 

Arranged and performed by Claudia Boleyn. Mixed by Nick Wood. 

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yesung1106: [trans] Dancing Machine … ㅋ💥 #Tokyo #Yesung #DancingMachine

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do you have pictures of you pre-transition?

Yes buy the sewing machine off my wishlist & you can have them

Hey guys!

This is a small idea I’ve been working on for a little while that I really hope you all can make it to, click the banner above for more info!

In short I plan to do a series of speedrun challenges in a marathon stream using my DDR Dance Machine as a game controller, these are all games I’ve beaten before but I’ve never been under the pump to beat them fast so it should be a fun time!

I’d absolutely love it if you could click here to check out my schedule and follow my Twitter and Twitch accounts if this is something you’d like to keep up to date with.

I’m still caught up with commission work but I hope to get back to regular art for you guys real soon, in the meantime I’ll be plugging this so I hope you don’t mind!!!

neraiutsuze replied to your post: greetings friends i am using tumblr fr…

welcome to the world of apple, it’s kind of like selling your soul but at least everything is shiny

i mean i’ve been using Apple products most of my life and i’ve solely used a MacBook Pro for the last 5 years so i sold my soul to them long ago. but i haven’t had a powerhouse desktop like this since i was a kid, so the difference between this machine and my struggle bus laptop is positively mind-blowing

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Could you right something for me? Something about being in love with someone who might love you back and says he does occasionally but mostly never show it. Being in love with someone who you know will never be yours but it's ok because you have enough of them to keep you going. Being in love with someone who even if you can't have him, you want to be his.

You say you love Me
But your actions clash against your words
Making a war in my heart
Even with the damage the war is doing,
I still want it to continue onward
I still love you
I still cling to you
Because I only need a few small pieces of you
A few small parts to help keep my machine of a life going
So you’ll say just the right words and give me just the right pieces to keep my love going
But I still want you in my life
I still want you here
I am okay with you never being mine
I have finally made myself be okay with the fact I can never have you
But at least let a part of me be yours
P.s. I’ve bee through the similar situation it sucks. I hope you’re okay and it works out.