5 times Baze had to endure tarine tea and that one time when it wasn’t so bad


Baze was nine and according to Chirrut, he was going to die a very painful death. People with his condition practically thrashed their limbs into knots before they died screaming.

“Unless,” Chirrut said, his face sober. “Unless we brew you one of those cures that Guardian Thanh sometimes makes. I’ve seen the way they do it and I can do the same for you.”

Baze was really not feeling well. He was shivering beneath two blankets, one of them belonging to Chirrut, and yet his forehead was burning up.

“I - think I’ll just go to the med bay and see Guardian Thanh directly.”

But Chirrut insisted. “You wait here. I’ll be right back.”

Chirrut was gone for two whole hours. By the time he came back to the dormitory, the ache in Baze’s muscles had deepened, and his body was a tense, fevered coil beneath the sheets.

“Here.” Chirrut pushed a covered teacup toward Baze. “I got all the herbs from the kitchens and gardens myself and brewed it. You’ll recover in no time.”

“You sure about this?”

“Of course la!”

Baze lifted the lid with trembling hands. The liquid inside steamed, tar-coloured, a lazy slick of oil across the surface. It reminded Baze a lot of beizicao, which his mother used to brew for him in order to ‘prevent sore throat and quell the heat of the body’.

“It looks like beizicao.”

“It is not bak ji chou.”

“I am trusting you on this.”

Baze took a gulp. There was no other word for it. It was, quite simply, the foulest thing he had ever tasted.

“You’re right,” said Baze. “It’s not beizicao.”

He was about to tell Chirrut that it was 10,000,000 times worse, but upon seeing Chirrut’s face, forehead puckered with worry and an anxious kind of hope, he didn’t have the heart to do so.

“It’s–not that bad,” Baze lied. “I almost feel better already.”

Chirrut heaved a sigh of relief. “Oh good. I couldn’t find any gei ji in the kitchens, and there was no more gam chou so I couldn’t make Guardian Thanh’s remedy. But I prayed to the Force and the Force guided me to  use other ingredients. In the end, I improvised a bit and mixed the medicine with some tea.”

“This is supposed to be tea?”

“Ya, medicinal tea, mixed with tarine leaves. I heard Guardian Thanh say Tarine is very good for you, expels the toxins of the body and drives out the damp in the bones. The Force guided me to brew this for you.”

“Oh,” said Baze, vaguely. “Thank the Force.”

And because Chirrut was still looking at him with those shining expectant eyes– to please him, Baze took another three sips.

“I’ll bring you another cup,” said Chirrut brightly.

“Thank you for looking after me,” said Baze, wishing he’d run off to the med bay when he’d had the chance. “Truly, you’re my best friend.”

Then he threw up all over himself.



Parts: one, two and three, four, five, that one time when it wasn’t so bad

(So I got my hands on Guardians of the Whills & finished reading a couple  of weeks ago, & the main theme of the book is basically how much Baze hates drinking tarine tea.Hence this nonsense. but…this is all iv’e got for now…

bak ji chou / 北子草 is a herbal drink. it’s not that bad, Baze is just making a fuss.

Chinese medicine on the other hand…come commiserate with me if you grew up with this lol)

edit: series is complete! all links above! tysm for reading. :)

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