you’re so pretty (but why am I like this?)

jikook, pg13 // college au, nerd!jimin & popular kid!kook, to be crossposted to ao3

a/n: this is 100000% self-indulgent fluff because i’m just so goddamn deprived ; u ; comments are very very much appreciated and if you have to know, jimin has sweater paws & rounded glasses somewhere along this fic (cause it looks so good on him gdi) akakjkjskadksshfgha!!! also @kitsune-no-ko come cry with me && sorry this is so late!!

is that where your heart lies? because my arrow keeps missing your target.

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(ft. Rick)

So apparently Miss Cleo is dead??? Like, okay. I am honestly really sad about this… R.I.P. Youree ;o;

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Earth Ghoul is my favourite :3

it’s 5:56 am here and i am crying reading this he is a precious lil angel ❤️

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he is a precious angel too innocent and pure for this world 😍❤️