derekhough: Happy Birthday to my beautiful @arianagrande Love this video showcasing our goofy light hearted dancing before going live!

  • Sirius: I love you, my beautiful moonykins
  • Remus: I love you Sirius, my sweet sugarpie
  • James: I love you, my incredible Lilypad
  • Lily: I love you, my wonderful Jamsiepoo
  • Peter: I love you, my lovely, delicious bagel
  • Peter: *kisses bagel*

procrastinating-writer-rambles  asked:

Transitioning is a treatment for sex dysphoria. Dysphoria is a medical condition, and transition is the only treatment that works for most sufferers. Transitioning without dysphoria is like taking medication for a condition that you don't have - it appropriates our medical condition. It makes being trans seem like a choice, a joke, a political statement, a cosmetic issue rather than a medical one. Transgender isn't some special club, it's a treatment for an illness. Please stop appropriating it.

My God, do I love being trans. Being transgender is great. I love my beautiful trans boy body. Who else loves being trans? It rocks. ~🐱

yolanda being so unsettled by the industry and what they asked of her (which I think would be a normal reaction to be so blatantly sexualized by older men when you’re a very young teen) as opposed to mylene and regina just doing it and understanding it as a challenge is really so telling of their differences in situations… regina and mylene have nothing to go back from they’re from abusive households so their ambition really comes from a place of despair… yolanda is obviously close to her mom and has somewhere where she knows she’s safe and ultimately it really made the difference… love my beautiful and brave lesbian girl who didn’t mean no harm to anybody and who just got scared