My very first time drawing this ship! Might not be OTP, but I find this ship extremely adorable. I was actually a bit disappointed that Rarity didn’t end up being Maud’s first friend in “Rock Solid Friendship”! Huge missed opportunity. ;o;

Lordy, here goes another attempt at story. Consider it an alt-universe to that episode. :’D


Maud inspected the shiny surface of one of the diamonds she and Rarity had collected a few hours earlier. Her eyes narrowed and her gaze remained transfixed on the gem, occasionally turning it around in her hooves. Rarity was beside her, nervously biting her lip as she watched the mare do her inspection. She prayed that the sparkling diamond wouldn’t turn out to be another common gem. Yet, despite her worries, she couldn’t help but admire Maud’s focus and dedication as she studied each one. Really, they’re devotion to their respective jobs were identical…

“Rarity? Rarity.”

“Hm!?” Rarity shook her head, clearing her thoughts. “I-I’m sorry, darling. What were you saying just now?”

“I was saying that this diamond is of the colorless variety. It’d be perfect for the dress you have in mind,” Maud said in her usual monotone, gently placing the gem back down on the pile. Thankfully, most of the gems in Maud’s new home were very rare. She still felt bad for revealing most of the gems Rarity had been excavating for a while were common. Sometimes she could be a bit too blunt, and she hoped that she could smooth things over with her new friend. “We’ve got a good stock here. Should we go out and find some more…?”

Rarity brightened up, eyes sparkling. “Not at all, this is more than enough! Thank you so much for your help, Maud. With your expertise, I’m sure I’ll be able to craft even more gorgeous outfits than ever before!” The unicorn looked up at Maud with sheer admiration and gratitude. The taller pony almost looked a tiny bit bashful, her gaze looking away.

“It’s nothing.”

“You’re just modest. Honestly, I could kiss you!”

“… Then why don’t you?”

Rarity froze, speechless. Had she heard right? Surely not.

She studied Maud’s stoic, unchanging face. For the entire day they’d spent getting to know each other, Rarity learned it was extremely difficult to tell if Maud was joking or serious in some of the things she said. A unique, somewhat infuriating, brand of humor. Rarity would have considered this a joke had it not been for the very slight tint to the other mare’s cheeks. This brought a mischievous smile to the unicorn’s face.

“Alright, Miss Maud. I think I will.”


And I can’t believe I managed to do this in time. I’m so happy with both of them. I’m really glad Kilala’s contest gave me an opportunity to draw these ships. 💗

I had so much fun drawing the entire Dash family! I apologize, though, if some of the colors are a bit off, especially for Windy Whistles. Ah well. :’3


Determined to write her a report on her hero, Scootaloo finds a way up to Rainbow Dash’s hometown of Cloudsdale to do some research. There, she comes across none other than Rainbow’s parents: Bow Hothoof and Windy Whistles! Through the young filly, the couple are stunned to hear that their daughter has achieved her lifetime dream of becoming a Wonderbolt. With Scootaloo in tow, they waste no time in heading out to cheer Rainbow Dash on in every little thing she does. As supportive and loving as they are, Hothoof and Whistles are a bit too exuberant in their praises – to the point where poor Rainbow Dash is left completely humiliated and reluctant to have them around.

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Sorry for the delay with these reviews! Work really piled on the hours lately, and it’s hard sometimes to actually sit down, watch the new episodes, and jot down my thoughts. Nevermind fighting that dreaded art block and drawing up decent covers! So thank you for anyone who’s actually keeping track of my reviews and being so patient, you guys are lovely. ;u;

Speaking of, trying something new with my covers and using canon backgrounds! I think it really makes them pop now!


The Cutie Mark Crusaders notice that Big McIntosh has been acting strange lately. Curious, they follow the stallion all the way to Starlight’s old village, where they’re shocked to discover he’s developed a huge crush on Sugar Belle! The girls urge Big Mac to confess his feelings, but he’s soon intercepted by a love rival in the form of Feather Bangs, who is smoothly attempting to woo her as well. Unwilling to see Big Mac heartbroken, the CMC decide to help him win Sugar Belle’s heart.

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