So I was at band for the first time today. And the band director Mr. Wilson asked me to play a little bit of the trumpet. And the assistant director Mr. Thomas said that my lips were too big to play the trumpet. The first time I was told my lips were to big to play an instrument.


19/half Chinese/half white/queer

Only very recently started feeling comfortable wearing lipstick because I was constantly told that my lips were “too big” and it would look bad.

I still very much feel like I’m stuck between two worlds, especially when both white people and people of color invalidate my identity as a poc and tell me that I’m not “allowed” to identify as such.

Happy AFAD!

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Hello! Kelly looks amazing. Can you please tell how do you make the mouth look so pouty? Because I can never get the cheeks so round on sims :(

Hello there! Thank you so much for the compliment. I can explain the best of my ability.

I really like thick, pouty-like lips, not too big, but big enough. I drag the mouth corners to make them frown or more “normal” looking.

Then I make them big as I please by just dragging the top lip upward and the bottom lip downward and more outward.

There’s nothing wrong with small lips at all, I just have a thing for full lips.

Here’s a tip: Lipsticks really help bring out the thickness and detail of the lips. Some lipsticks are made to make lips look thicker, while others add a pretty hue and shine to them. Oh and the ones with teeth are amazing. <3

About the cheeks, if you drag the cheeks outward, you can make them big and lowering them makes the sim even cuter ^^

I hope this helped.

Actually i hate when people tell me i’m pretty on internet because they never saw me in real life and it’s so easy to take a picture that look better than reality. Also even if they know me they’ll never tell the truth. I know I’m not beautiful and not even pretty. I think the only person which was honest with me is my sister, like she said I can’t win a model contest, that i don’t have the nose of a model, that my lips are too thin and my upper lips is big af. This is the truth, people should be more often honest. I don’t want people to be nice to me I just want them to be honest.

this is some late night shit ok but self love is so important. like. i used to dislike so much of myself i couldn’t even find a part of me i liked for what it was but within time i have learned to accept my flaws and embrace them and some of the things i used to (as much as i don’t like using this word) hate about myself have ultimately become my favourites and i now struggle to be negative about my own body. i mean sure there are things i’d like to change, i have a nonexistent top lip and my hands are too big and my jaw is weird and my nose too big and my boobs too small and im probably too skinny but after all, all those things are what make me unique. i used to hate all kinds of skin marks and nowadays they’re my absolute favourite thing in the world- i would give away a limb if that meant i get to have more freckles and maybe some scars with a story behind them and even just acne marks look as cute to me as do stretch marks. i used to not like my teeth but then one day a random old man told me i had a very pretty smile and i realised having slightly crooked teeth is not the end of the world and now i just can’t stop smiling. it takes time and effort to accept one’s flaws but in the end it’s so worth it. some days it’s easier than others to stay positive but i guess that’s just life. you get one body and as cliche as it sounds you just need to learn to take care of it, after all it’s your home, it’ll be the one to always be with you no matter what.

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I'm 16 and really wanna get lip injections not anything like too big but my lips legit look like Kylie jenners befor she got hers done .. Do u think people at school would judge ?

You aren’t getting injections just sayin. 1. No good plastic surgeon will work on someone under 18 for a random cosmetic reason. 2. I highly doubt you’re parents are down for that. 3. Use lip liner it rocks

Alhamdulillah. The best feeling for today is getting first fee. Some people its look little but its too big things can make my lip smile. Big thanks. The lessons and everything I learned.


maybe this isn’t all for me
maybe when I step out of the shower with my too tired blinking brown bulbs for eyes
I don’t want to cry out the black smudges that made their way into the slits in my face

to go out without my paint is a sin
but I am tired of paint
I am tired of the layers and lines and contoured sighs
I am tired of “enhancing my features” when I know the real reason
I know deep within
that under this paint and flawed skin that I
hate myself.

I do not like the feeling of Braille on my flesh
I do not like my big nose or my thin lips or my crooked eyes when I paint on this too big smile of mine
my too big too small too this too that unsymmetrical face.

When the paint goes on, my hatred shuts off and I learn sometimes It’s okay if I leave the house feeling abstract
as long as my face is in tact
but maybe oh maybe I can swallow enough air to last a whole day in my own skin and the paint it will lack

rant post feel free to disregard

So I’ve spent the past fifteen minutes ranting to my yaya (TL: nanny) about my favorite post-shower rant topic: me.

Okay, so I’m fat as fuck. I’m overweight. My thighs jiggle with each step, and with each step I take (wearing heels), I can feel the weight of a hundred and sixty-something pounds crashing down on the toes of my feet.

I’m also hairy as fuck. I have to do things to make myself look decent and to avoid being made fun of. I mean, in sixth grade, I was called ‘Hagrid’s wife’ because my legs were so hairy, and I struggled to keep them covered with my socks.

And my face is legit ugly. My nose is big. My lips are too full. The pimples can be used to play connect-the-dots, or can be used as a map for the constellations (I found Orion’s belt on my left cheek, no exaggeration). Oh, and I can’t understand why, but my face is just oily.

You don’t know how much I want to exercise, to legit start doing something to look presentable and proper, so that I can look more like the daughter I was raised to be. I’m surrounded by people who don’t talk about anything save for how 'fat’ they are, but they’re all in the healthy weight range. They say they’re so ugly, but they have clear skin. And honestly, I want to kick their asses because they don’t see how lucky they are to be able to fix themselves up, to be able to dress up without being told stuff like “Hey, you’re just going to (place). You don’t need that kind of attire.”

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. The people who are more stressed about life than I am certainly don’t look the part, while I look like I don’t know what the flying fuck sleep is. I’ve resorted to telling the maids to give me as little rice as possible to the point that they’re starting to question me and ask if I’m sure I don’t go hungry (but of course I lie and tell them the things they want to hear so they’ll shut up). Hell, I don’t even eat dinner on Fridays anymore and just tell my parents the Youthwalk dinner buffet has started so they don’t get mad at me when I don’t text them.

I know I’m being an ungrateful bitch because I’ve been blessed with 'other’ abilities, but this is what I want and need for me to really get my shit together. I want to be able to face people and look them in the eye without being insecure because I’m ugly. I really, really do.
L.L. Lioness pt1
Written at request for part two will be coming shortly.

by poetOflore

She was leaning against the wall, her arms crossed over her chest, wearing nothing but a pale-pink-lipped smile and one of my way too big for her button down Dickies. She had the sapiosexual libertine, feisty bookworm, fantasy thing going for her. The downy hazel locks pulled back and those cute big framed red color glasses that were unable to hide her playful oceanic eyes. She placed an ice-cold Rockstar Punch on the counter, and then before I could say anything she gently pushed me back into a chair. L.L. shook her head no before I could speak; my breath was chained to my heart anyways. The articulation of cognizant words, or thoughts never

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*looks out the window and sees you, smiling big* omg my baby *my eyes fill with tears*

perrie: *she smiles big and rubs your back*

me: *bites the inside of my lip, trying not to smile too big*

perrie: look at him trying to hide his huge smile *she laughs* he’s so excited you can tell