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dear best friend(s)?

ok i have so ! many best frieds! so uhm . yeha

we have been friends since kindergarten! i mean woah! and im sorry for fading away from you in 5th grade and im so happy we started hanging out again! like! thats hella! thank you to going to two eagle with me (though it was just a year) everyone misses you! but uhm next perosn

jeff: yee haw my boi. u are so sweet and great and thank you for being a lil baby ur so great! ur art is so good ! even tho ur so young! yoiu are meant for greatness but do not let that overwhelm you! youre so sweet!

chris: you are like!! one of the oldest mutuals i have!!! youre so cool! and i love ur acnl town!!! you knew me from ur my old blog and ! man i frickin love you youre so cool!! thank u for being my friend!! and for tellin me abt the arc!

claus!: i just met you last week but man!! you are so frickin cool!!! youre super sweet and so chill to be around! you are waay to nice!! like? dude i dont deserve you ! thank u for liking my art and i cant wait to see what you draw next!!!!

shoot im running outta space so!! to all my mutuals!!

you are winderful thank you for being my friend!! i love yall thank you for liking me!!!

“Okay look, I know I have royal duties to attend to Ignis, but rescuing the Chocobos comes first.”

Teddy Remus Lupin

Teddy’s birth as seen by Lily, James and a very jealous Sirius

Sirius: I don’t like babies.

Lily: You almost died of happiness when you first held Harry. You even cried.

Sirius: *hissing* I did no such thing because I don’t like babies.

James: *grinning* Maybe it’s just this one baby Pads.

Sirius: Shut it, Prongs.

Lily: Another war baby, I hope his fate will be different.

James: It will be because this time the war will end, Lils.

Sirius: Tell me when it’s over.

James: You had begged to be there when Evans gave birth?

Sirius: I was young and stupid.

Lily: Aren’t you being a little bit too dramatic? You should be happy. It’s Remus for heaven’s sake.

Sirius: *sarcastically* I’m so happy that the love of my life is having a baby from my cousin’s daughter.

Lily: When you say it like that..

Sirius: *impatiently* Well, that’s how it is.

James: *excited* He is here and he looks like a handsome potato.

Lily: Oh this is weird.

Sirius: What is weird?

James: Let’s just say all those cousin marriages took it’s toll on your gene pool Pads.

Sirius: What the fuck are you talking about?

Lily: *quietly* He looks like you.

Sirius: You have got to be fucking kidding me.

James: Um, yeah, no.

Lily: Can I ask something? How will they know if he’s a werewolf or not?

Sirius: Full moon, there’s no other way to know. *pauses, stares at the baby* He really looks like me.

James: I think there’s another way.

Sirius: No, there i–

Lily: His hair is becoming ginger?

Sirius: *relieved* IS HE A METAMORPHMAGUS?

James: Apparently.

Sirius: It’s impossible to dislike him and I’m trying really hard.

Lily: Teddy.

Sirius: What?

Lily: His name is Teddy Remus.

James: *laughing* Oh, now that’s cheating. Harry James, Teddy Remus I mean, come on Moony.

Sirius: He always thought he couldn’t ever have a child because he wasn’t entitled to it being the monster he is. I tried to tell him maybe thousand times, look at his face.

Lily: You like Teddy, don’t you?

Sirius: Of course I like him, I love him even. Look at how Moony’s face lit up, I haven’t seen his eyes glow like that in years.

James: Now, he has a reason to survive.

Lily: Did Remus just apparate from the side of his new born baby and wife?

James: He did, where is he Pads?

Sirius: He’s at the Weasley cottage where Harry’s hiding.

James: He is scaring the living shit out of them.

Lily: *smiling* Ah, I missed excited Remus.

Remus hugs Harry.

James: *longingly* Hug him for us, too, Moony.

“You’ll be godfather?” he said as he released Harry. 

Lily: *starts crying* Merlin, Remus must you make me cry? 

James: *his hands in his hair* My son is the godfather of my best friend’s boy. I never knew I wanted this until this moment.

Sirius: *sadly* He will be a better godfather than I ever was.

James: Pads. we chose you. Me and Evans. We chose you because we knew you were perfect for it and you did everything you could.

Sirius: Yeah, I got myself locked up in Azkaban.

Lily: No one is blaming you for that, not us, not Harry.

James: Harry loved you even though you had two years together, you were his Paddy and he was your fawn. I wouldn’t have even dreamed of making another person the godfather of my first child.

Lily: *staring into distance* We were going to have enough kids for each one of you to become godfathers but you, you were the obvious first choice. You are James’ brother, please stop feeling guilty about this. 

James: *trying to cheer Sirius up* Let’s enjoy this moment mate, imagine how punk rock this kid would be.

Sirius: *softly smiling as he’s staring at his hands* Very.

Lily: Come on let’s just watch Remus before the dark times start again.

Sirius: Yeah, you are right. To Teddy Lupin then.

James & Lily: To Teddy Lupin.


for a sadness that comes a long way, his smile was inevitable.

For a long while ago we all sensed something’s odd with him, he barely smiled back then and had this faint happiness on his face all a long, yet today our precious sunshine took the courage to open up and remove that huge burden off his chest, telling us how he suffered silently after his grandma passed away on the 4th of September, crying brokenly for the sadness inside him. KIM TAEHYUNG, i’m so proud of you sweetheart for going through those hard times and managing to put a smile on our faces when you, yourself needed comfort and happiness more than anyone else. My heart aches so much to know about the hardships you went through, the pain you felt and never let out, i hope you never experience hard times again /knowing this is hard to have in life/ i hope nobody ever takes your happiness from you, i hope for more happy days to make there way through your life.

Thank you for being strong through your hard times, thank you for having the courage to let out all that burdens you, thank you for trusting us to reveal your weakness and vulnerabilities, thank you for asking us to keep your grandma in our memories cause you never ask that from anyone, lastly~~ thank you for being the one who you are, a true sunshine brightening up and spreading happiness and warmth. I love you, Kim taehyung, i really do. ❤️

When it’s over I just want to be able to look in the mirror and say, ‘Well, you were a half-decent player.’

2003 Playlist
  1. Lil Mo - 4Ever
  2. 50 Cent - 21 Questions
  3. Jennifer Lopez/LL Cool J - All I Have
  4. Beyonce - Baby Boy
  5. B2K - Badaboom
  6. Beyonce - Crazy In Love
  7. Pharrell - Frontin
  8. Sean Paul - Get Busy 
  9. B2K - Girlfriend
  10. Missy Elliott - Gossip Folks
  11. Chingy/Snoop Dogg/Ludacris - Holidae In
  12. R.Kelly - Ignition (Remix)
  13. 50 Cent - In Da Club
  14. Da Brat - In Love Wit Chu
  15. Ginuwine - In Those Jeans
  16. Beyonce - Me, Myself & I
  17. Ja Rule/Ashanti - Mesmerized
  18. Bow Wow - My Baby
  19. Mya - My Love Is Like Woah
  20. Wayne Wonder - No Letting Go
  21. LL Cool J/Amerie - Paradise
  22. 50 Cent - P.I.M.P
  23. Ashanti - Rain On Me
  24. Chingy - Right Thurr
  25. Ashanti - Rock Wit U (Awww Baby)
  26. Nelly/P. Diddy/Murphy Lee - Shake Ya Tailfeather
  27. Monica - So Gone
  28. Marques Houston - That Girl
  29. Lil Kim - The Jump Off
  30. Alicia Keys - You Don’t Know My Name

My top 30 songs from 2003. Please feel free to reblog and add your favorite songs if not listed. Songs are clickable - Enjoy!


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Peter Parker x Reader


Prompt: Could you do a Peter Parker x Reader where you’re on different sides in Civil War, and you keep sneaking around so you can be together.

Note: This is hella cute. I love my baby. So, this is kind of reminiscent of a certain scene from Winter Soldier. I think you’ll like it.

Warnings: Potential CIVIL WAR SPOILERS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Also, a lil bit of swearing.

Being a teenager in love is a troublesome task no matter the situation. However, being a teenage superhero dating another teenage superhero tends to complicates things a bit more. Add the fact that one of you is wanted by half of the Avengers for pretty much going against the government and the law, and you have a hot mess. And as if things couldn’t get any worse for you, one of America’s most wanted criminals, you were dating someone from the other team.

You got the text from Peter as soon as he got to the mall. Your time together was short and sweet, and you had to make it count. So there you were, hiding behind a pillar in the mall wearing a hoodie and shades, staring at your phone like almost everyone else who was present.

You here? the text read. You sent a reply as fast as your fingers could type it.

Behind the pillar.

You felt a tap on your shoulder and jumped, surprised and scared, but it was only Peter. You hugged him tight, holding him close. He pulled you to his chest. You hadn’t seen eachother in weeks. Steve didn’t know you were out and you didn’t have much time before he would notice. Tony, on the other hand, didn’t even know that you and Peter were seeing eachother, let alone out on a semi-date at the moment.

“I missed you so much,” Peter whispered, afraid that if he let go, he might never see you again.

“I missed you too,” You replied.

“So what’s the plan?” Peter asked.

“Um, I don’t know. What if we-” You looked at your phone, reading an incoming message. “Shit.”


“Wanda’s here. And she’s with Steve and Sam.”

“Shit.” Peter agreed. His phone buzzed. “Uh-oh.”


“Mr. Stark is here too.”

“God, could this day get any worse?” You asked, staring at the ceiling. “But hey, at least I got to see you for a few seconds.”

“Maybe not.” Peter said, wearing his thinking face. “Follow me.” He took your hand and led you through the mall, headed towards the theater. You stood in line with him, waiting to get tickets.

“What’s the big idea, Pete?”

“Where’s the last place they would look for us?”

“In plain sight,” You realized what he had planned. It didn’t take long for you to get to the front of the line and buy your tickets. As soon as you had them, you slipped into the theater together, taking a seat near the middle.

“So we just wait here for them to find us.” Peter said, taking your hand and rubbing it with his thumb. “And when they get here, we’ll distract them.”

“Who did you train with, Natasha Romanov?” You teased. Nat had taught you this as soon as you had joined the team, long before the split. You were glad to finally put the tactic to use.


It was about halfway through the movie that Steve and Sam walked into the theater. You squeezed Peter’s hand in panic. He looked to you. His heart was racing, but he tried not to let you see it. His brown eyes searched yours for a few moments, waiting.

“What do we do?”

“Public displays of affection make people very uncomfortable,” You bit your lip before leaning forward and pressing your lips to his. His eyes widened in shock before drifting shut. He pushed up the armrest between you and pulled you close to him, holding your hips gently. His lips were so soft, so careful. He didn’t want to screw up your first kiss.

When you pulled away, breathless but very content, you looked to see if Steve and Sam were still there. Luckily, they had left. You sighed in relief, resting your head on Peter’s shoulder.

“Hey (Y/N),” Peter whispered, his hand rubbing your shoulder.


“If they come back, will you kiss me again?”

“Yeah,” You nodded. He laughed.

“Will you kiss me even if they don’t come back?” He asked with a cheeky smile. You laughed softly as you brought your hands back up to his cheeks.

“Do you even have to ask?”


H: well I’m just saying if you lost a pound or two, your life would be just about as easy as mine.
Y/N: oh…
C: yeah well Holly I bet if you closed your legs here and there you wouldn’t be getting treated for, what is this your 5th STD?
H: *gasps* you’re going to pay for that comment Gallagher! *runs away*
Y/N: Carl that wasn’t a nice comment!
C: but she was commenting on your weight which I think is even worse.
Y/N: but slut shamming isn’t okay!
C: but baby you’re not fat, just a lil thick! *slaps your ass*
Y/N: Carl Gallagher I love you. *kisses his neck*
C: I love you too princess, we taking this back to the house?
Y/N: you bet your ass we are. *kisses lips*
C: that’s my girl!

-requested by anon
-not my gif

lil vanessa and lil nina have never had a fight ever because they are the worlds most perfect friends and you can fight me on this

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♡ = my personal favorites ^^
m = hints/contains sexual content

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Sugardaddy!Jimin drabbles (collab with noir0neko!)



Imbroglio (ft. Jungkook): prologue // pt. 1 // HIATUS





Imbroglio (ft. Jimin)

Within Confines and Comfort Zones: pt. 1 //















S H I P  F I C S


Habits and Obsessions (read on AO3!)
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Game/requested drabbles


Taking the “rigurosum” test to my agriculture class ♡♡

Made this in the break while talk about the grades with other teachers. I dunno how we finish to talk about the fandom hahaha.

Lil’ fast doodles of not so baby f!pal and baby f!goth… and an anon
C'mon!! Fell needs more love!!!! So i give my love! 😚😚😚

*an wild anon wants to pet baby f!goth*

F!pal: Dun cone any closer to my toy! It’s MINE!

Anon: But Goth is not a toy

F!pal: Shut up! U dun know anything! He wive with me his entiwe wife!!

Anon: Entire life? You sure? How do you know?

F!pal: ‘cos I wove him, and I will care of him for ewer!

Anon: Aww! How sweet of you, Palette ♡

F!pal: Now I need to feed my toy *try to take him off* mmh…

Anon: Your toy is too big and heavy for you. Want me to help?

F!pal: Ok, yes pwease, but dun touch too much.

Anon: Ok.

F!pal: Maybe I wwet you to touch my toy more often if u be good with me…

Anon: Aww thanks!


F!palette belongs to @angexci
F!goth belongs to @nekophy



cute bare faced jiyongie all bundled up (๑>◡<๑)

Baby Surprise

Hercules Mulligan x Reader

Modern AU

Author(s): Lil Laddie

Words: 1502

Warnings: Swearing, pregnancy, panic, alcohol, implied smut

Request: ILYSM you are amazing, Darlin’(s)! Could you do a pregnancy one for Hercules Mulligan? Like how she tells him she is pregnant and she is nervous about how he reacts? I love y'all! - anon

A/N: This was my first Hercules imagine and that made me really happy because I absolutely love him! But I hope this is what you wanted when you requested, lovely anon! And here’s a reminder that requests are open!

You looked at the pregnancy stick in your hand, shaking slightly as you waited for the minutes to pass. You couldn’t be pregnant…could you? You had the symptoms of pregnancy, but it could easily be just a virus going around. Plus, you and Herc almost always used protection. There was no possible way. Unfortunately, you were proven wrong as two lines appeared. Your blood went cold and you could feel yourself shaking.

You were pregnant. You and Hercules Mulligan were going to have a child. You felt tears stream down your face. A flood of emotions all overcame you at once. You were happy, nervous and scared all at the same time. It was completely overwhelming, yet you still couldn’t believe what was happening.

“I’m pregnant…” You said out loud, your voice echoing through the, what you thought was empty, apartment.

“YOU’RE WHAT?!” Alexander barged through the door, his voice booming in the bathroom, making you jump.

“Alex! When’d you get here? I thought I was home alone!” You said, feeling much more panicked than before.

You were so scared that he was Hercules for a second…Wait Hercules! How was he going to react when he found out? The two of you had never talked about starting a family. The doubts and fears started to fill you mind. One right after the other they all went in tormenting you mind. What if he left you? What if he wanted to put it up for adoption? What if he hated kids? There was no stop to these thoughts.

You felt your breaths quicken and become more shallow. More tears fell down your face at a quicker rate. Before you knew it, you were fully sobbing hysterically. Alex crouched down in front of where you were sitting and pulled you into a hug, holding you tightly to his chest. He shushed your cries, and helped you begin to calm down.

“What are you crying for? You and Herc are going to be having a baby. Shouldn’t you be happy? Or are the pregnancy hormones already kicking in?” Alex bombarded you with question, letting you begin to feel overwhelmed again. Taking notice of his mistake, he quickly started talking again. “No need to cry. He’s going to be very happy. I promise you.”

“Are you sure? Cause what if he doesn’t want it? Or even want to be with me anymore?” You asked, watching Alex’s expression soften.

“There’s nothing Hercules loves more in this world than you. If he could have a mini you too, I think it would make his life even more enjoyable. He would never leave you because this is something he’s always wanted.” Alex reassured you, your tears slowing at his comforting words.

“Why are you here, Alex?” You asked, suddenly realizing that it was the middle of the day and your best friend had just barged into your home.

“Oh, sorry about that. I was grabbing a couple things for Herc. He forgot them for his presentation today, with Washington. He also wanted me to invite you out to drink with us and all the boys tonight.” Alex stood up, walking towards the door.

“Oh, okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you later tonight.” You said, looking back down at the positive pregnancy stick in your hand.

“Tell him tonight. Trust me, he won’t be even close to upset.” Alex grinned at you before grabbing what he needed and leaving the apartment.

You slowly stood up, still a little shaky, but much more confident. You were going to be okay. Alex was right, Hercules was a level headed guy and would never ditch a girl just because she was pregnant. He loved you and you loved him. You hoped and prayed it would work out fine.

Taking one last look at the stick in your hand, you wrapped it in toliet paper and threw it in the trash. You had other things to focus on, including figuring out how to break the news to him. You walked out of the bathroom and took a deep breath. You could do this.


“(Y/N)! You came!” John cheered when you entered your local bar.

“Did you think I’d ditch you boys?” You smiled, sliding into your usual booth.

“Of course not, mon ami. But, Alex mentioned that you might not be feeling up for it.” Lafayette shrugged, taking a swig from his beer.

“He did?” You asked, shooting a glare at Alex, who was flirting up a storm at the bar.

“Yup, and he’s already completely wasted.” John laughed chugging his own drink.

“Where’s Herc?” You asked, scanning the bar for him.

“He ran to the bathroom real quick.” Laf said.

Nervousness began to gnaw at your empty stomach. He was going to be back any second and you’d have to tell him. You knew the sooner you gotter it done the better you’d feel, but still it was absolutely terrifying to even think about.

You loved Hercules more than anything and didn’t want to lose him over anything, especially not a baby. And even he wanted the baby, it was just as scary to think of the two of you as parents. Missing out on going to the bar almost every night with the boys and not being able to go on anymore spontaneous trips. This baby meant responsibility for both you and him. Were the two of you even ready for that yet?

“Hey babe, you good?” Hercules waved his hand in front of your eyes.

“Oh! Sorry, I was just thinking.” You blushed, not even realizing that Hercules had exited the bathroom and scooted to sit next to you in the booth.

“How was your day?” Herc grinned at you, intertwining his fingers with yours.

“It was…exciting! I got some surprising news, I may need to share with you later.” You attempted a smile that only grew as he smiled back at you.

“I can’t wait to hear it! Now, how about a couple of drinks!” Herc took his hand from your beginning to stand up.

“Wait, babe!” You called as he began to walk away, hoping to stop him from ordering you a drink.

“Don’t worry! I already have your order memorized!” Herc gave you a thumbs up before he turned and walked to the bar.

“Shit.” You huffed under your breath.

“What happened?” John raised a suspicious eyebrow at you.

“Um…nothing. I have no idea what you’re talking about.” You stumbled over your words.

“You’re tense and zoning out every five seconds. What’s going on?” Laf asked, studying your face for anything that would give you away.

“I just have things on my mind. Chill, okay?” You defended yourself quickly.

“Okay…” John and Laf kept a close eye on you as Herc and Alex walked back to your table.

“Here you are, m’lady.” Herc winked, sliding your drink to you.

“Whoa! Herc, she can’t drink that!” Alex slurred, completely drunk.

“Shut up, Alex. It’s a perfectly good drink.” Herc rolled his eyes.

“Alex, don’t be an ass.” You tried to give him a signal to shut up, but he obviously didn’t get the memo.

“No, it’s not that! The alcohol will hurt the baby! And I don’t want my future godson to be messed up!” Alex threw his hands up in protest.

“Baby?” Herc asked in alarm, his head whipping around to look at you. Your breath caught in your throat.

“Yeah! That baby in (Y/N)’s stomach. The one that you helped her make.” Alex nodded, taking another shot and slamming it on the table.

“(Y/N)?” Herc’s eyes were wide.

“Um, yes?” You replied, trying to ignore the confused stares from everyone at your table.

“Are you pregnant?” Herc asked, slowly taking your hands in his.

“Yes and I’m so sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. I just found out earlier today and I was trying to figure out how to tell you. Alex only knew because he was there when I was freaking out that the test was positive. I’m so sorry, Herc. I’m so sorry!” You rushed your words out, tears pricking your eyes and threatening to fall out.

“What are you sorry for? We’re going to have a child!” Herc cheered, pulling you tightly in his arms.

The boys began cheering nonsense things about becoming uncles and fighting over who would be the child’s favorite. Herc kissed the top of your head and continued to hold you close to his chest.

“I love you.” Herc mumbled into your hair.

“I love you too.” You sighed contentedly, nuzzling your face in his neck.

“Just one thing…” Herc trailed off, looking around at his friends.

“Yes?” You asked, following his line of sight at the boys taking rounds of shots in celebration.

“Can we agree to let one of the Schuyler Sisters be the Godparent and not one of these idiots?” Herc asked, John Laurens now showing to the others how he could belch the alphabet.

“Agreed.” You giggled.

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Would you mind creating a Stony fic rec where they have a daughter, or even single dad Tony? I love your blog so much, you are absolutely amazing ❤️ thank you!!

Hi! Awww ♥ Thank you so so much! *hugs* Stony + baby girl has to be one of my fave tropes so here you go (btw, two things: 1. This is just a ‘Stony have a daughter’ rec. Will do just a single dad Tony one if anyone wants me to. 2. Not all of these fics are fluffy, most are though. Just a few with a lil bit of angst.):

To start all the ficlets by the amazing @captainstarkreportingforduty​ (all of hers are ridiculously fluffy)

  • The one where… Tony buys a ranch for his baby 

Link to Ao3 
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Tony doesn’t mind a little weight on his chest 

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Steve takes care of his family 

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Steve and Tony undertake their biggest mission 

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Steve and Tony enjoy a lovely tea party

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Tony has no regrets, and in the end, neither does Steve

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Tony really should be used to this by now

Link to Ao3
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  • The one where… Steve and Tony bring home the best present of all

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… there are some early morning family moments

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

  • The one where… Steve and Tony get more than a glimpse into their future

Link to Ao3
Link to tumblr post

Summary:Tony hadn’t slept the night before and he knew Steve hadn’t either. They’d just laid there, side by side, listening to each other breathe and thinking their own thoughts. Somewhere around dawn Steve had rolled onto his side and splayed his fingers over Tony’s heart.

Summary:“On a scale of ‘make me sleep on the couch’ to ‘take Sarah away from me and kick me out of the tower,’ how angry at me would you be if I told you our infant daughter’s first word was a swear word?”(Or, Steve and Tony raise a kid. Shenanigans ensue.)

Summary (of part one): It’s just another Sunday, until it isn’t, and Tony’s own life becomes the very last thing he’s concerned about.

Summary: Raising a girl has it’s challenges, but Steve and Tony manage with aplomb. Kind of. Sometimes.All right, maybe not at all. But they’re trying, okay

Summary:Evidently, aliens aren’t the only thing that come out of wormholes. Future children also happen to fall out of them, too. Or maybe alternate universe is more likely.Because there’s no way this is Tony’s future daughter that’s just appeared in his workshop calling him ‘Papa’ and talking about people and things he’s never heard of. And there’s absolutely no way he broke up with Pepper only to end up marrying some ‘old man’ that probably can’t even get it up. That Tony Stark might have been that desperate for a ring, but he sure isn’t.And Bruce and Rhodey are absolutely nuts if they think he constantly talks about the Cap because he’s secretly attracted to him. No, the guy is just a sanctimonious jerk that needs to be taken down a peg. It has nothing to do with attraction at all. Nothing.OK, not too much.

Summary:Steve wakes up to a third body in his shared bed with Tony. Frigga, the goddess of prophecy and midwifery, apparently gave them a gift - one that Tony doesn’t know how to receive.

Summary:When the Avengers raid a very dubious scientific installation, they come across something they’d never expected to find. Their discovery turns out to be even more surprising than first suspected, and it leads the team - especially Steve and Tony - to some new and very undiscovered territory.

Summary:It wouldn’t be Christmas if Steve wasn’t having an existential crisis of some kind.On this year’s agenda: Confronting the horrible realization that the serum that kept him alive in the ice for seventy years now keeps him from being able to age past the moment when he was first transformed into the peak of human perfection.Which maybe wouldn’t be horrible except for the fact that this means he’ll remain exactly the way he is as he watches his loved ones grow old and die. And Steve Rogers has no desire to outlive his family.

Summary:When Steve falls asleep in the middle of the Alps on Christmas Eve 1944, the last thing he expects is to wake up over seventy years into the future in a sleepy, snow-covered New York village right out of Currier and Ives.And father to a toddler.And married to a man.