When deciding to read a fanfic
  • Me:ooo, this one looks good.
  • My brain:but it's 1am, and you have a project due tomorrow.
  • Me:come oooon, it has a decent amount of chapters...
  • My brain:you haven't slept in-
  • Me:and look at all the followers! It must be good!
  • My brain:no! I'm putting my foot down! Read it tomorrow, you need SLEEP.
  • Me:it's rated explicit...
  • My brain:...
  • Me:...
  • My brain:*sigh* fine.
ADHD is moving a stack of papers from my table to the chair to the floor and back to the table to clean the floor or the table or the chair but never actually going through the stack of papers until the stack of papers has been around so long that it couldn’t possibly contain anything important so I throw it all in the recycling.

WOOOOW OKAY so after an embarrassing amount of time playing this, I finally got 100% completion. (Maybe you noticed a recent lack in activity ever since I first stumbled upon it.) I didn’t think to make a screen capture of the menu before you get 100%, but below is the general idea of it:

Before you even start a new game, the main menu features Haru only, front and center, with 4 blue silhouettes behind him. As you complete each character route, their silhouettes will be filled. When you complete all 4 routes and their silhouettes are all filled in, Haru waves and departs, leaving just the 4. When you finally get 100% completion, the menu changes to the final image up at the top. (Some of you might not care about it, but I thought it was a cool progress indicator.)

Overall, the story got really intriguing the further I progressed, as more and more evidence and backstory was presented. The pieces started falling together to tell a really twisted tale.

There were parts of this game that I absolutely loved and made me go “awww” – or made me go “oh shit is it hot in here or is it just me?” *COUGH*the thirst is real*COUGH*

Other parts made me cry and feel terrible about my decision even though I knew it was needed for 100%.

And, somewhat unexpectedly, yet not at the same time since it’s Japan, certain parts that I had to stop and walk away from due to shock, disgust, or from just being so ridiculous that you had to wonder why the fuck they thought of it. (While it’s fresh in my mind, don’t use butter as lube, kids. Unless you want literal dick butter jokes. Blehhhh.)

This is not a light-hearted otome. They venture into some pretty dark territory and they really go for it without hesitation – both in the story and in some of the sex scenes. I could list so many possible trigger warnings it would make your head spin.

Ahh well, I wasn’t planning to go into a review of the game LMAO I just wanted to document my completion of the game.

Oh, and as for which guy was my favorite to go for? I think it’s a tie between Maki (big, tall, blond guy wearing black) and Hiroyuki (shorter, brown hair wearing yellow pants).

Maki mostly because he’s so beefy and yummy looking, and Hiroyuki because he’s adorable and kind-hearted, and it’s hard not to fall for him.

If anyone wants me to go into more detail about this, let me know.

I think I had my weird quarter life crisis the last couple of years.
“I don’t like my life or my boyfriend! I’m breaking up and moving out!”
“I’m going to buy that scooter that he always told me was a terrible idea!”
“And I’m going to invest in a new desktop to do my art on!”
“Mom never let me play video games as a kid, I’m going to buy ALL OF THEM NOW”
“I always wanted to dye my hair blue. FUCKIT ITS HAPPENING.”
“Tattoos can’t hurt that much right? Ex boyfriend said they make girls look trashy. I WILL GET THREE.”

And now I’m easing into the tail end of it where now I want a nice place to live and a reasonably sized car with good gas mileage and a romantic relationship again and oh yeah kids, I want kids, shut up, I’m almost 30, that’s allowed.