So, the reason why I’ve been so inactive the past weeks is cuz of this. For the ones of you who don’t know who these guys are, this are Luke, Beau, Daniel and Jai aka The Janoskians aka my lifesavers. Last Saturday I met them and I never felt this happy in my life, they gave me motivation to keep going without even knowing they did.. I love them and I even could say that I loved my life at that moment..
They’re my inspiration, my motivation and my happiness and I feel good. ❤ ( @lukebrooks )

be with someone who will stop what they are doing to kiss you. Life gets crazy and busy and things happen and in the middle of it, i think its important to be with someone who can calm you and remember to make you feel loved
—  M.
One thing I learned is 
that in the face of true love you don’t just give up - even if the object of your affection is begging you to.
—  M.

I’ll miss o2l so much 😭 they changed my life in a positive way and i’m so grateful for that 😢i love them so much and i’ll always support them no matter what 💕they always find a way to make me smile and laugh, they’re the best 💞 i’ll always be a part of this beautiful family ❤ and i will never forget them 💟


City made of thin glass
Smoldering in pitch black
Sand so thick you can’t see the stars
Can’t tell good and evil apart

We feel warmth in the cold corners
Eyes in the back of our heads
We roll out when the day’s over,
Chasing silhouettes