Thank you, Jack, for the best and most inspiring night of my life. You are my hero.

I just got out of the show (I was the messy reddish-brown haired girl with a teal flannel who was on your right side and always making funny faces and throwing my arms up) and I can’t stop thinking about the end. Life really has tried to fuck me up in a lot of ways, and I never really thought much of it. I thought it was normal.

Tonight Jack has inspired me to take more control of my life, and be a little more positive.

Thank you, Jack, for providing an extremely intimate and inspiring show and message. This was exactly what I needed to kick my college and high school classes in the butt, and not let them kick me.

Thank you for being an incredible real person a and friend on stage. The flower crown looked glorious, the next stage is always death, and happy wheels 😉 but seriously, you are my lifesaver. @therealjacksepticeye you did amazing and I will never forget this night.

Mirror For The Sun - Part 10: Los Angeles (End)

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 9 

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 5226 I’m excessively wordy. Deal with it.

Author’s Note: Here we go! This is the last part! It is longer than it probably needs to be, and there are some parts I don’t love, but hopefully you like it. :)

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Laying on the couch in that massive hotel suite with her stretched and exhausted body half on top of mine, all I can think about is how warm and soft she feels like this. I can feel everywhere that our skin meets like I’m glued to her smooth warmth, her cheek pressed flat against my chest, eyes closed, her fingertips lightly tracing over my neck and shoulders, occasionally sending a shiver running across my entire body. I don’t want to move or think, I just want it to be quiet like this, swirling lazy circles over her back like this. This is how it should have been days ago, this is how close I want her all the time.

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89 Cal Vanilla Mug Cake

2 tbs flour, all purpose (56 cal)
3 packets/tsp low cal sweetener (3 cal)
1 pinch of salt (0 cal)
3 tbs milk, 3% fat (30 cal)
½ teaspoon vanilla essence

Mix the dry ingredients first in a microwave-safe mug, add the milk, and then microwave it on high for 40 seconds.
There may not be much, but I find the stuff to be a lifesaver when my sweet tooth is calling.

—- UPDATE: The cool thing about this recipe is that it can be mixed up for variety! 🌟If you don’t mind an extra 12 calories, replace the vanilla with one tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa for a satisfying chocolate mug cake 😍 🌟If you want to lessen the calories, replace one tablespoon of flour with one and a half tablespoons of oatmeal. This will decrease the calories by 19 👌 🌟For only 11 extra calories, add 20 grams of blueberries! Blueberry muffin, here I come! This one is especially tasty with the oatmeal replacement 😋 🌟A teaspoon of cinnamon is delicious and only 6 calories 😭 You can get creative with this one, the only limit is your personal calorie limit 😁
8 Tips to Start Learning a Language

I’m sure someone has already written something on Tumblr (or anywhere else, for that matter) about this topic, but I also wanted to contribute my opinion to the discussion.

Here’s something I hear often: I want to learn [insert name of language], but I don’t know where to start!

That’s actually a good question: how do you even begin learning a language? There is so much to consider: vocabulary, grammar, special expressions, tone, culture, not to mention the four skills—speaking, reading, writing and listening. 

Yes, learning a language isn’t easy. However, it doesn’t mean that it should be boring or downright impossible. Plus, learning a language is one of the most rewarding cultural experiences: once you can understand and communicate in a language, you immediately become part of the people who use that language. They are no longer strangers to you, and you are no longer a stranger to them. How cool is that?

So here is my philosophy of language learning and some tips for those who wish to pursue a new language. Enjoy!

Tip #1: Understand Why You Are Learning This Language

Determine your goals first. Do you want to make new friends who speak that language? Do you need to pass a test to work/study/live in a particular country? Do you just want to impress your friends when reading phrases in that language? Are you about to travel somewhere on your vacation? 
Once you know what your goal is, you will know your priorities, too. If you just want to be able to order from a menu, you don’t need to buy a 400-page grammar guide. On the other hand, if you want to live somewhere longer than 3 months, you probably need more than just a grammar guide. So before you do anything, ask first: what is my goal? Why am I learning this language?

The rest of the tips are for serious learners whose goal is proficiency or fluency in a language.

Tip #2: Determine Your Strength

Are you naturally good at imitating accents? Then start by getting used to the sound of language through listening and repeating. Do you love reading? Then start with the alphabet and reading patterns. Are you a grammar nazi? Grab that grammar guide and dig right in! Are you good at memorizing? Find an app for learning new vocabulary and begin memorizing.
Whatever you’re good at, don’t be afraid to start there. Exploit your strengths!

Tip #3: Do Everything at the Same Time

Okay, this may sound weird at first, so let me explain. In language learning, the four main skills are interconnected: reading, writing, listening and speaking do NOT function separately. So, it’s important to start developing all of these skills as soon as possible. Don’t wait until you’ve perfected reading before moving on to speaking, and so on. That being said, you have to determine your own schedule for when to practice what. For example, Monday can be your grammar learning and practice day; Tuesday can be your speaking and listening day; Wednesday can be your writing practice day, etc. It’s up to you to choose when to do what. My tip for you: DON’T do more than two skills at a time. More than two at once is too confusing, even if you’re good at multi-tasking. Take your time: consistency and diligence will pay off.

Tip #4: But Start with Reading

Yes, you should write, listen, read and speak at the same time as early as possible, but in my opinion, reading should come first. Here is why I think so: if you know nothing about a language, the fastest and the most effective way to immerse yourself in that language is to learn the alphabet and the reading system. Reading allows you to: 
a) explore written and printed content at all levels
b) make native-speaking friends online and communicate with them via texting
c) practice reading aloud, developing speaking skills and proper pronunciation
d) start copying words and phrases, developing writing skills
e) learn new vocabulary words

Tip #5: Make a Native-Speaking Friend ASAP

Nothing motivates you in language learning like a good, funny, crazy friend! Finding a native-speaking (and I emphasize native-speaking, not a more advanced learner) friend is much easier than you might think. If there is a community of native speakers in your area, get out of your comfort zone and join them at community events or language classes, if they’re available. But I honestly like online language learning partners better because you can make friends more easily and start learning faster. I’d suggest these platforms/websites:

  • HelloTalk

Of course, always be careful with meeting people online; but otherwise, this is a great way to make native-speaking friends. Oh, here’s another tip: try to find friends whose level of your own native language is very low—that way, you’ll be forced to use the language you’re learning, which is definitely a plus. Finally, be ready for lots of mistakes and corrections. Pride isn’t a thing in language learning, so forget it. The more willing you are to accept correction and learn from your mistakes, the faster you’ll get to that level when you won’t need too much correction.

Tip #6: Accept the Fact that This Will Take Time

Language learning takes time. Building a foundation will take anywhere between 2-6 months. Mastering a language can take years. So don’t be discouraged if you feel like you’re too slow: in a few months, you’ll look back and realize how far you’ve come. Again, consistency and diligence are key to language learning success!!

Tip #7: Don’t Spend Too Much Money

Here’s the beauty—and reality—of contemporary language learning: you can find everything you need without spending much at all. Why? Because most tools—grammar guides, listening exercises, sample readings by levels, language partnering platforms, etc.—are available online for free. So before you cash out, explore the web. 
This doesn’t mean that you should completely ditch the textbook. Some publishers offer printed resources that are extremely helpful: things like dictionaries, workbooks, flashcards, illustrated guides, etc. can be lifesavers. Just my advice would be to explore free online options before heading over to the bookstore or Amazon for more costly options.

Tip #8: Always Remind Yourself Why You Are Doing This

When you’re on the 200th page of a workbook, or when your native-speaking friend can’t explain a grammar rule, or when you’ve written out a word too many times to count but still can’t remember it in conversation… it’s easy to get discouraged. You’ll want to give up. You’ll think, “Why did I even get myself into this mess?” At those times, remind yourself of the reason why you began learning this language in the first place. Why are you doing this? What’s your goal? Has this experience been changing you? If yes, how? Those questions will help rekindle that fire and keep you going. And seriously, this applies to everything in life, not just language learning. So don’t give up just because you’ve reached a slump! We’ve all been there, and it’s about how you get out of it!

And of course, remember that no experience is a waste. The fact that you’ve started, that you tried, that you did your best, that you met new people (whether they stayed or not)—all this now makes up part of who you are and what you’ve been through. It’s worth it.

A goodbye letter to my friends and followers.

Dear Everyone,

I am sad to say that I am resigning from the blog FatedFujoshis. As of today, the blog will no longer do scanlations and will be under new management. They will continue to pursue blcd videos since the girls want to continue/finish their projects. As for me, I am withdrawing from anything that has to do with the blog, meaning scans, videos, and overseeing the blog in action! I wanted to say a few thank you’s before I leave for good.

@sentimientoyaoi (Nikah), thank you for all your help. I don’t think we could have been able to put out great work like Katsura Komachi scans or others if it weren’t for them. They also introduced me to many players in the scanlation business, which open many doors for many things blog-related or friendship/contact wise. Yoru, I will miss your colored pages you did for us, you have amazing talent, always keep it up. (Nikah we’ll keep in touch :P)

@nijiniji-nikubou-scans, lol Nina, you are my lifesaver on so many levels lol. I think she oversaw all our projects, even including some blcd videos recently. Anytime I would hit rock bottom, you were there to help me getting the process done the way I wanted it. And thank you for letting me borrow your staff… I don’t think I abused you too much, Ash ;) ( But I won’t say goodbye to you guys, because we will remain friends on Facebook :P)

To @crappy-bl-scanlations Nagareboshi, my moon lighter translator, who will keep on helping my girls, I think I annoyed you soooo many times with Japanese proofing everything so we could put our best work forward. Thank you so much for putting up with my annoying million texts a day. Even though you made me redo a video 5 times and get mad, I knew it was for the best for the blog even if I was being snarky from being so analllll lol

To all the others, like @justpeachyicedtea The Anon, @fluffwords, @lustfulcat cat, Dhyzre, Fantaisy, (if I missed anyone else please don’t hate me ;P )  thank you for involving yourself with our group when we needed help on missing staff positions. I am overwhelmed with how everyone was ready to be hands on and help out with projects. Truly the yaoi community is very generous. So please don’t be hasty/nasty when projects are slow. All these groups take great pride in releasing awesome projects.

To my staff, thank you for helping grow the blog’s content, if it wasn’t for you guys, I don’t think we would’ve had so much content to share. Starting this blog with you guys was a lot of fun, I won’t miss the mentoring at lolol. Keep helping each other and keep going, the Yaoi community needs to hear more perverted moans lol! It was a pleasure to work with you all.

And as for the followers to, don’t be sad, more videos will be on there way, just without my editing! Love you all thank you for following me and the blog, it was a fun ride. -Katsumi xox


I’m probably the only one who finds this funny but whatever.

The drama CD’s have better noises than the anime, confirmed.

Looking out for Trouble

Pairing: Tom Holland x reader

Fandom: Spiderman: Homecoming

Wordcount: 1,585

Summary: A sudden sitting job makes a turn for a surprise when there’s a promotion for the newest Spiderman: Homecoming movie at your kid’s school with the whole cast. Including Tom Holland himself.

A/N: The rare moments of inspiration… comes after midnight. Gsus guys it’s like 2AM here. I thought of this idea for a Tom Holland one shot, because of my history (adventures) in babysitting and being in the States for one and a half years. Oh and also the adorable interview with Tom and a kid gave me something extra to write with. And I KNOW this is supposed to be an Uncharted (more gaming) kind of blog, but I don’t care at the moment.
Warned you guys this was going to happen sooner or later…

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No matter what you’re going through, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it may seem hard to get to it but you can do it and just keep working towards it and you’ll find the positive side of things. - Demi Lovato

anonymous asked:

do you have any mafia!au or hybrid!au fanfics? thank you.

Mafia/Gang AUs

Hybrid AU

Life!Au Park Jihoon

Requested! Thank you for your request!

Genre: Fluff

Prologue: from enemies to best friends to lovers ♡

Age 5, “Okay everyone! Can everyone stand up and introduce themselves before we start the day?” The teacher says as she gets up and points to the boy near the door. The boy got up slowly and kept looking at the ground, “I-I’m Bae J-j-jinyoung.” “I’m sorry dear but can you speak louder.” “Teacher! He’s really shy!” “Yes I know Jihoon, but Jinyoung has to be able to speak for himself.” The teacher smiled as she motioned Jinyoung to go again. “I-I’m Bae Jinyoung.” “WOW! JINYOUNG YOU’RE VERY BRAVE!” You screamed as you clapped, showing your smile which had two front teeth missing. “t-THANK YOU!” Jinyoung screamed back before giggling with you. “y/n! Stop! Jinyoung is mine!!” Jihoon pouted as he steps in between you and Jinyoung. “When was he ever yours jihoon??” You crossed your arms. “SINCE NOW.”

Age 7, “Mom! I’m going now!! The others are at the door!!!!” “Okay Okay! Make sure to get home safe! And don’t talk to strangers!” “Okay!” You opened the door to find the others waiting outside with Jisung, a high schooler who offered to babysit. “Finally slow poke!” Jihoon said as he rolled his eyes. “Whatever kid with the different shoelaces.” “Hey! They’re in style~ STYLE~ right Guanlin?” “Huh? Oh yea, sure Jihoon.” “Hey take me more seriously!” “No one will ever take your shoes seriously!” “What did you say!” Jisung then tried to break the two of you off, but you replied “I SAID THAT NO ONE WILL EVER TAKE YOUR UGLY SHOES SERIOUSLY! ARE YOU DEAF!” Jihoon then ran up to you and pulled your hair and you fought back. The other kids then started joining you two in the brawl. Jisung was yelling “Kids, kids don’t fight. Do you hear me? I said to not fight!” Let me tell you something, Jisung quit babysitting the next day. poor jisung.

Age 10, your school was doing a play on Snow White and you were the princess. The bad part was that Jihoon was cast as the prince. It was the last day of practice and you were reciting your lines with your friends. The practice was going great, you and Jihoon were able to put hatred aside except for the little arguments of how you forgot some of your lines. You were excited to play the princess, but you didn’t want to kiss Jihoon. The teacher assured you guys that Jihoon can kiss on her cheek if he doesn’t want to kiss her lips. “Ew, I’m gonna get cooties because of you now.” “ I’m also gonna get the cooties, you better kiss me on the cheek. If you touch my lips, I’m going to kill you.” “We’ll see about that.” The next day, when the narrator stated that the prince will now kiss Snow White to wake her up, Jihoon slowly went down to kiss your cheek, but since your other cheek was itchy, you decided to turn the other way, but that resulted in Jihoon pecking your lips. After the play was finished, she ran to the bathroom to wash off the “cooties”. You then glanced at Jihoon and made eye contact for just a second, before both of you turned away blushing.

Age 12, You and your friends were currently in the convenience store buying ice cream on a hot summer day. Guanlin and Woojin were carefully examining each ice cream that would fit their taste buds, “Hey Woojin, which one is the one with oreo cookies?” while Jinyoung and Daehwi were fighting over which one to get. “Look Jinyoung. The chocolate one taste the best! Trust me!” “But the vanilla one looks good-” You and Jihoon already got your ice cream and was looking at the commotion in front of you guys. “Y/n, what kind of ice cream did you get?” Jihoon asked as he grabbed your hand and takes a lick of your ice cream. “Strawberry~ oh, why are you turning red?” You ran and hid behind Guanlin.

Age 14, You and your friends were currently in Daehwi’s house studying for finals with Jisung, your tutor. Hey Jisung, nice to have you back dude. You were sitting down with Woojin and Jihoon. Jisung was teaching JInyoung and Daehwi. While Guanlin, who was smart AF, was jotting down the answer to each problem. Woojin and Jihoon were helping each other while you were eating chips, waiting for the tutor to come help you with your problems. Woojin then excused himself to go to the bathroom and Jihoon moved next to you and started to steal from your bag. “Yah! That’s mine.” “Sharing is caring.” He stuck out his tongue.

Age 16, You and Jihoon were in the same class as the others were separated into different classrooms. Thus you spend much more time with Jihoon. “Hey Jihoon, do you remember what the teacher said before the break?” “He said we have a test in 10 minutes.” “Oh shoot-” “Here you can see my notes.” “Thank you! Lifesaver!!!” There was one incident when the girls from the other class got jealous of your closeness to the handsome boys in the school, resulting to them dragging you out one day. “Hey, you think you are really all that huh?” “You’re shouldn’t even be in that group loser.” “Who do you think you are?” They grabbed your wrist and dragged you to the storage room, despite your protest and kicking. “Stay in there and I hope you never come out!” rUDE. Luckily a student witnesses the scene nearby and went to tell Jihoon. It wasn’t long before you were out of the room crying in Jihoon’s arms as the other boys rushed over and started patting your head trying to comfort you.

Age 17, Jihoon was at his deathbed, lol jk. He just got really ill to the point where he can’t get out of bed. So you decided to be the one to bring him medicine and make him porridge. “Park Jihoon! See! What did Woojin warn you about when you decided to play out in the rain?” You gave him a good scolding before helping him sit up. “You have to eat, here.” You handed him his medicine before getting up to get a glass of water. “Hey y/n…” “Yeah?” You turned around to see his flushed face. “I think…” He let out a tiny cough, “I think I’m in love with you.”

Age 18, 1 year dating anniversary! 13 years of friendship. Congrats!! Daehwi gave you guys a pair of amusement park tickets. “Jihoon! Let’s go on that one!” You pointed to the rollercoaster on the map. You could feel him wiggle. “A-Are you sure?” “Nope.” You laughed, “But it’ll be fun! Come on!”

Age 19, current age. “Psst. y/n! He’s here!” You closed the memory book and put it back quickly into the gift bag. “Ready…3….2…1…” Jisung counted down. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARK JIHOON!” Everyone screamed as confetti went everywhere ‘Ah I’m going to have to clean this later.’ No need, you already see Minhyun with a broom. Jihoon stayed by the door. Surprised as he placed his hands over his face, covering most of his mouth. “Oh my god… guys…” He was going to cry. “Aww, it’s okay baby.” You went over to give him a hug while whispering, “Happy birthday love.”

Unedited. 1220 words. Thank you for the request! I hope you like it :) 

thank you for reading!  

wounded-corpse  asked:

do you have any dark Yoonmin fictions? like with guns and drugs and all things dark? Mafia, maybe have one of them as a prostitute or a drug lord or something? I'm really into that rn XDD

You should check out these stories

Gang/Mafia AUs

Bonus: Here are a couple of just prostitute YoonMin fics, no gangs are anything, just one is a prostitute.

Prostitute AU

P.S, Assume that all of these are rated and read at your own risk.

softjimon  asked:

okay but magnus + the first time he told catarina about alec !!!!!!

jess!!! i hope u like this cutie :**

p.s. this takes place somewhere after magnus and alec have drinks post luke’s healing thing idk i’m bad w timelines love me

500 follower celebration (closed)

When Magnus opens the door to Catarina’s apartment, he’s hit with the familiar scent of incense burning. It’s the scent of cedarwood, which means Catarina has just finished up with a client. Magnus carefully toes his shoes off and rolls his shoulders back, trying to relieve the tension when he calls out for Catarina.

“Living room!” Catarina calls back. 

Magnus makes his way there, spotting his best friend sitting cross legged on the floor surrounded by books. 

“I brought the werewolf hairs,” Magnus says, taking out a small bag from his pants pocket and tossing it to Catarina, who catches it easily. 

“You’re a lifesaver, my dear,” Catarina says as she gets up and puts the bag in a drawer. “Some client requested a healing potion that’s probably a thousand years old. He’s really making me work for it this time.” 

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Her Instinct/Imagine Jared Leto is Your Best Friend’s Dad - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Homecoming

This chapter was inspired by the song Side to Side by Ariana Grande. Feel free to listen as you read!

Sleep was useless. I was completely restless with thoughts of Mr. Leto crowding my mind: his smoldering eyes as he fumed at me, his crafty hands as they slid across my hips, and his breath against my face….ugh, I couldn’t seem to stop! I just wanted his hands on me, to feel his touch. I missed his kiss against my lips, my neck, my body. I craved him; no, I needed him.

I tossed and turned in the bed, ending in a twisted position on my back. It pained me that this torture was all my fault, too. I stared at the ceiling of my room, blackened by the blanket of darkness. I tried not to make too much noise to wake Allegra up. I could barely maker her outline in the nighttime. She seemed to be sleeping who was peacefully on the air mattress across from me.

I pressed my eyes shut, trying to force sleep to overcome me. Soon, my thoughts drifted to him wishing he was here, just 2 blocks down on Mayfield Street. I drifted into a dreamlike fantasy of sneaking out and going to see him. He’d open the door, no words between us, just impassioned silence. He’d pull me close to him, his scent hypnotizing me as he quickly leads me to his room with our clothes in their respective locations on his bedroom floor. He’d sit me on his lap as he hands roamed my body. His kisses transition form warm to gentle, then rough as he slowly makes his way down my body.

“Kerri..” he’d whisper in my ear. “Kerri….” Over and over…as we let our emotions solely control our actions…

“Kerri!” Allegra whispered urgently, shaking my shoulder.

Even in my fantasies Allegra always manages to get in the way. Can I at least get a break in my own mind?

“Kerri, are you okay? You’re sweating!” she touched my forehead.

“What?” I asked half sleep in disbelief. I try to pull the damp clothes away from my body. Well, the sweat explains a lot considering my dreamful fantasy, but this is bad.

“You think it’s a fever?” She asked worriedly.

“No way!” I yelled. My defense sounding a little too strong. “I just had a…nightmare, that’s all.” I replied softly.

“Let me get you some water and you can tell me all about your nightmare when I get back,” she said as she ran out the room to the kitchen.

Just when I thought this night couldn’t get any worse. Now I have to make up some ridiculous nightmare with whatever little focus I had left. Oh yeah, and at 2:00am. Here goes nothing…

Allegra walked back home to meet her dad when he returned home. Apparently he had an immediate meeting once he returned home. Too bad for me. I desperately wanted to see him.


On Sunday, my mom, brother and I were in Home Depot searching for this ridiculously hard to find floodlight. We were completely lost or at least that’s what my mom didn’t want to admit.

“Mr. Leto!” Nico squealed as he ran over to him.

It was like the heavens heard my cry. This was just what I wanted.

He ran toward Nico wearing black jeans and a button-downed black top. He left the top three buttons opened, revealing his sweetly trimmed chest. He was smoking.

I dropped my jaw as I took him in. How can a man look this sexy shopping in Home Depot?

He greeted all of us as he walked Nico back to us. He glanced at me and kept his focus on my mom and tried to further button his t-shirt as he greeted her. 

There was no point, his chest was forever imprinted in my mind for other reasons.

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