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Since NITW ended I need a new series to get into. Do you have any recommendations? Either Jack or Mark!

i got you, sweetheart! 💖 

Sorry but...

What the heck is wrong with prerecorded performances? (00;)
Just tell me?
It’s not like the boys sing live all the time!
It’s not like they don’t lip sing!
They just wanted to make the song look better, or didn’t have the time for the live performance!
So why can’t we just accept their way of doing things?!
Why is it such big of a problem and disturbance for many people?!
Really? I don’t get it!(=_=;)

If I am not mistaken, there NEVER was a time when they ONLY sang live!
So why care about it now?
“I’LL BE THERE” is a good song, can’t we just be happy with that?(00;)

They did a lot of other live performances over the new years,
why concentrate so much on this one?!