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Oml this is too much XD

Y’all really gonna satanize Mon-El because he made a mistake wanting to save Kara and then telling her how he feels about her AFTER KARA LITERALLY ASKING HIM WHETHER HE LIKES HER OR NOT. And even after telling her, he accepted she doesn’t like him back so he just left… like what would you expect him to do??? 

But if it was anyone else doing, it would be alright and iconique for them to try to save Kara and I wouldn’t be seeing one (1) single post about this, right? And don’t even try to tell me it’s not about this, because I just saw some nasty posts literally tryna make him the devil incarnate because of these reasons.

PS: Drink some water to help you flush the extra sodium from your body. Y’all need it.

Everybody still stunned by the fact Yuri on Ice is revolutionary in every sense of the word, but to be fair they warned us by naming the series’ OP and ED History Maker and YOLO.

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In which Lee Kwangsoo sums up a k-pop bias perfectly.


ok idk if someone posted about this before but I legit cried when I realized this while I was rewatching ep1 

So in episode one we see Victor skating to his theme that is subbed as stay close to me BUT I just noticed it is actually said  離れずにそばにいってよ
(hanarezu ni soba ni itte yo) which literally translates to ‘Don’t leave me and stay by my side’

and I am sure we all remember when that is said again
YES, In episode 7 when Yuri said the exact same thing to victor at that crying scene, (in which they subbed it as stand by me) Yuri was probably referring to the theme title and it only sounds like a way to convey his feelings as a confession, thus, we see Victor so shocked. I was wondering all that time why was he THAT shocked to see Yuri having a break down when he purposely broke his heart and expecting a meltdown like this. There, that is the reason

and maybe that’s why Victor had the courage to kiss Yuri later on and by surprise he both meant the quadrable flip and his confession…MAYBE 

I am crying and I kind of both hate and love how this anime keeps attacking my feelings.


girlfriend!hyuna x boyfriend!ravi instagram accounts

Every year Sam asks for one thing, nowadays.

“Dean, what I want for Christmas is for you to get your fucking head out of your ass.”

“Happy birthday to me. Hey, Dean, I really really want a puppy and for you to ask Cas out this year.”

“Happy new year, guess what I wished for, Dean. That’s right! Please stop staring at cas and make a move, now.”

“Happy Hanukkah! It really is ruining my life Dean stop staring at him. I think you’re drooling.”

soooooo, i’ve been wanting to watch carmilla for a long time cuz i wanted to know what all the fuss was about but i was always busy and i was always like “ok i’ll watch it later” and i never really did, but anyways, i’ve just finished the series right now (i literally watched all the seasons non-stop) and all i’ve got to say is 1) i didn’t think i could be any gayer yet here i am  2) fuCK ME uP & 3) is the word “ship” still a thing cuz i am shipping. HARD. like 2012-directioners-shipping-larry hard.