My love encourages healthy time alone; distance from each other and distance from all distractions. My love promotes the necessities of vibing in solidarity and the appreciation of silence spaces. My love doesn't bombard you with constant communication and understands that alone time is vital for growth. My love loves reflection, meditation and stillness.

It’s 1am I’ll post more prom stuff tomorrow!!! Also the waitress at Denny’s spilled my meal all over me but I still tipped her because she was a sweetheart and my dress was only $20 #dontbemeantoserviceworkers #accidentshappen #shewassonice #nowismelllikeixecreamandhonestlythatsdope


“Sometimes what you think is an end is only a beginning.“

Pre-Kerberos/Pre-Voltron photo manip set! It’s been far too long since I made these things.  c:

The only images that were not manipulated (short of some coloring adjustments) were the ship image and the last photo. I had to give poor Keith a hair trim, too.

For those of you waiting for requests from forever ago… Sorry it’s taken so long. I’m still gonna make attempt to get some of them done soon. ;;;

Click each image for better quality!

Other stuff I’ve made