In the one month that I cut the most toxic person out of my life…I got an amazing hair cut that returned my confidence, I became more joyful, more energized, got a second job that I love, my babies at my nanny job officially see me as a 3rd parent and I’m making more money than I ever have before that I got approved to move into my very first real apartment!

Y'all just one month…just one whole month and my life is pretty darn good.

Yaoyuruzu Momo: You keep a list of everyone based on how good-looking they are?

Todoroki Shouto: Yes, I do… Number Two.

Bakugou Kastuki: This is fucking stupid.

Todoroki Shouto: You’re just mad because you’re number eight.

Izuku Midoriya: *coming from the door* Hey, Todoroki, do you want a piece of cake?

Todoroki Shouto: Of course, Number One! I mean…Midoriya!

overworn nasa sweater. | a mesh edit

I have like. way too many nasa pieces of clothing irl tbh. all ur sims should have the same luxury. enjoy !

  • There’s 6 swatches. 5/6 are from @cupidjuice‘s dream pop palette (it’s a given at this point tbh !!) also shoutout to jade for saving my life w/ their amazing help ily <3
  • the design itself is the nasa logo redesigned to be in simlish. (pretty redundant sorry)
  • should have its own thumbnail
  • base game compatible
  • please let me know if anything goes wrong w/ this in ur game!


UPDATE: this is so weird but for some reason the texture of the old mesh I put this over is showing up for other people. Somehow this didn’t show up for me in my CAS but I know exactly how to fix it! I can’t get to my computer now but I’ll have it fixed as soon as I get back. Sorry for this inconvenience!!

UPDATE UPDATE: PLEASE REDOWNLOAD !!! it should be fixed!!! I feel so bad for not being able to fix it earlier but i literally couldn’t fix it until i got home from work. the file is updated so please download at the same link and let it overwrite the existing file in your mods folder.

aaaaaaaaand i’m back and i have some korrasami for you! :D

Reputation secret session

I woke up this morning at almost 4 am and I found an email with this picture…I still can’t believe it. @taylorswift buddy, you look so beautiful, but not just physically. You are one of those persons who is a gift from the Lord and I’m so grateful you chose me and made me live the most amazing night of my life with the most amazing, caring, gracious, spontaneous and positive person I have ever met in my entire life. I love you so much from the bottom of my heart ♥️.


London, 13/10/2017

lance asks keith what his favorite animal is and keith just Lights Up and starts going on and on about hippos like did you know they can hold their breath up to seven minutes lance?? did you know they’re one of the most dangerous animals in africa?? they can live up to 40 years lance did you know that?? and lance just listens to him talk and talk and is reminded of how In Love he is with this boy, this boy that loves hippos,

  • What she says: I'm fine.

Me and you, let’s spin it in a different mode. All we gotta do is crack the code.
Purple crayon, lock and key. From desert sands through forest trees.
What could be your mystery?
“Let’s quit,” she said. But I won’t quit .
Forget blank pages. I wanna live my life amazing, outrageous, sure. 
But when I step on the stage - whoa, in my head from off the page 
What more do you want from me? Can’t you see what I could be? 
Purple crayon, my possibility.

Imagine Tom talking about you in interviews after your child is born:

Pushy Interviewer: So were you there? Did you watch? With my kids I couldn’t watch so I just stayed up by my wife’s head.

Tom: Yeah, man. It definitely is a lot to take in, but I consider it an honor. You know, I grew up in a family of all boys, but my mum always made it very clear our whole childhood that having a baby was like– the most painful thing on this Earth and we needed to respect women for doing that.  

Interviewer: She raised you right, huh?

Tom: I’d like to think so. After we found out she was pregnant, one of the first things she decided was that she wanted to do it naturally. Which, you know, I really respect that. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, so I think it was important that I just be as supportive as I could. The whole process was insane. She did great.

Interviewer: Did you actually cut the cord? I did that with my son.

Tom: I actually didn’t. But I caught her. It was the craziest thing, man. The doctor was there and they said to give one more push and then the nurse literally like grabbed my hands and the doctor guided my daughter into my arms. It was the best moment of my life. I cried.

Interviewer: That’s amazing. Were your parents there?

Tom: Hers and mine both were out in the waiting room. We waited to find out the sex so I got to come out and say it was girl and everyone cheered and my dad cried. It was pretty great.

Interviewer: Now, you guys are both pretty young still, and you’re carrying a massive franchise on your back. How is that going to balance with parenting?

Tom: You know, that’s a good question. I think, for me, it feels really important to be present. I think in this industry, a lot of actors, men in particular, get to have a spouse and a family, but then their job is this separate life and they kind of go away and work and travel the world and leave their partners behind. And that isn’t to pass judgment– different things work for different people. But that was something we talked a lot about. I didn’t want my role as a father to be a side job. So I think for now, the girls will travel with me wherever I’m shooting. 

Interviewer: Wow.

Tom: Yeah, it’s a big sacrifice, on the girls’ part. I mean, the baby won’t remember it, and we haven’t decided what we’ll do when she’s school aged, but it’s a real privilege to be able to have a partner who believes in what I’m doing so much that she’s willing to come along for the ride of it. My hope is that I’ll be able to be a really involved father as a result of it because, you know, I’ll be able to go home to them at the end of every day. Try to be as normal as possible.

Interviewer: Do you have any pictures?

Tom: Do I ever. She’s the prettiest little girl in the world, mate.

I sat on stage at Great Comet (8/2 matinee) and let me tell y'all what happened:

 * Lucas handed us the basket of dumplings and I basically had an internal freak-out. I didn’t know what to say other than “thank you”. 

* He also leaned in REALLY close and sang in my face during the Prologue. Making prolonged eye contact with Lucas Steele is simultaneously frightening and thrilling. 

* When Marya said “these gossips and crybabies”, she gestured to our section. My friend and I just shrugged in agreement. 

* Mary and Natasha brought over stools and sat in our section during Natasha and the Bolkonskys. Courtney and Denée sang right at us and it was wonderful. 

* Denée sat right next to us at the end of No One Else. 

* It was probably the best rendition of No One Else I’ve ever heard Denée sing. 

* My friend who I was with had a henna replica of Alex Gibson’s bear tattoo on his arm. Alex sat next to us during the Opera scene and couldn’t stop smiling after he saw the tattoo. 

* Anatole’s entrance up close was EPIC 

* I had never noticed before, but Anatole begins kissing up Helène’s hand/arm. Then, he pointed to his cheek and as she leaned in to give him a peck, he quickly turned his head so it was on the lips instead. Her reaction is the laughter that you can hear during the Opera before Sonya comes back in. 

* Speaking of Sonya, I had Ashley Flannagan under studying for her and she was incredible, but I’ll get to her later. 

*Being up close during Natasha and Anatole felt almost like I was watching something intimate and private that I shouldn’t. Like there was so much sexual tension that I truly felt like I should look away (but of course, I didn’t) 

* Lucas does a really cute brain explosion feature with sound effects in between N&A and the Duel 

* During the Duel, Lauren Zakrin came over and “did coke” on our table.

 * Anatole’s little dance is so funny 

* Also Balaga eats out Sonya?!?!? 

* I had never realized what happened between Anatole and Marya during that scene until now. Basically, during “here’s to the health of married women”, Marya bends over and Anatole begins spamming her with her riding crop. THEN she turns around and gets on her knees and reaches for his pants… then Pierre cut them off. I had no clue that Grace and Lucas did that until now. 

* Also, Nick B and the music director are DJs with a laptop during The Duel and its funny 

* Oak’s Dust and Ashes was incredible 

* When the chorus comes in, they’re lit up in the orchestra aisles and mezzanine with this soft golden light from underneath them. I had never seen that from the front before, and you can’t tell they’re lit up from behind. Pierre sings up to them, because they are truly the angel’s chorus he’s praying to. Then they leave when he sings “I want to wake up” and he loses that bit of hope because he’s not ready yet. Basically, during my 4th time seeing the show, the poignancy of that moment hit me like a goddamn truck. 

* I was in Natasha’s mirror in Sunday Morning behind Pierre which was pretty cool

 * Helène draped her cloak over the railing in front of us. It hit me and I wasn’t even mad. 

* Being in the middle of the Ball is amazing. I could see the faces Natasha and Anatole were making. And the kiss went on EVEN LONGER than I remember. 

* I began mouthing along to the chorus of Letters and bopping along. Josh and Andrew noticed and smiled at me. They also bopped next to our section for a while. * I got a letter from Amber Gray/Helène, which made my night

 * I’m still amazed that Lucas can hit those notes™ live 8 times a week 

* He held out the last “just say yeeesssss” so long that people started applauding 

* Ashley Flanagan ’s Sonya Alone was INCREDIBLE. She’s different from both Brittan and Ingrid. But she was on the verge of tears and so was I. 

* Some of Lucas’ shaving cream hit me during Preparations 

* I also got hit with the green coat™ during the Abduction and it was a blessin 

* Nick Belton gave me his guitar and said “hey I need to dance can you hold this for a minute thanks” and I was living for it 

* During the really long “whoa” after “everyone raise a glass”, I raised my egg shaker in the air. Lucas shook his head and kept making the “raise up” gesture. I was confused, so he grabbed my waster bottle and shoved it in my hand. Then he smiled and ran back up the steps. He did this all while holding the note, by the way. It definitely gets longer each time. 

* Just before he began singing “goodbye my gypsy lovers”, Lucas made eye contact with me and winked. It was glorious.

 * The Helène and Marya kiss is possibly my reason for living. Amber had Grace’s lipstick on her for a lot of the rest of Act 2. 

* I caught one of the pages of War and Peace during the madness

 * Speaking of the madness, what Lucas does with that violin is ridiculous. He just leaned into our section, turned in to face us, and played something ridiculous that I couldn’t even attempt 

* Balaga/The Abduction was so fun on stage because I could sing along with everyone and nobody cared. It was the most enjoyable and energetic 15 minutes of my life. 

* The Petersburg Note™ was amazing as always 

* Amber sat in our section for the last 20 minutes of the show sobbing, which made me sob too 

*  Basically, it was an unforgettable experience. This is the only show that it’s even possible to have an experience like this. Where else do the actors sit with you, hand you their instruments, smile when you sing along, and just make you a part of their world for 2+ hours? The Great Comet is a unique and unbelievably incredible show that I’m so glad I got to see four times, and I’m even more thankful that my last time was on the stage with this insanely talented company

My seats!