My Life Expressed By Robert Sheehan

The 1st gif in your folder represents who you are:

The 15th gif in your folder is what your parents thought when you were born:

The 7th GIF Is the way your life was 2 years ago:

The 60th is your life right now:

The 57th gif in your folder is how you will be 10 days from now:

The 12th gif in your folder is how you will live 10 years from now:

The 55th is your taste in music:

The 4th is your relationship with your friends:

The 17th describes your love life:

The 26th is something people may not know about you:

The 10th is how you act alone:

The 53rd gif in your folder is how the same sex sees you:

The 46th gif in your folder is how the opposite sex sees you:

The 32nd gif in your folder is what you will dream about tonight:

The 11th is how your life will be:

The 8th is you on your wedding day:

The 29th is you finding out your wife is pregnant:

The 33rd is your reaction to finding out you’re a Grandparent:

The 75th is how you will spend your last day on earth:

The 19th is you at your happiest:

The 42nd is how you die:

The 36th is you in an afterlife:

My Life

Me: Oh my God! I just read the English translation to this song and Jesus Christ, it’s so sad.


Me: OMFG, stupid insane fans did this to *insert idol here*, it’s so sad!


Me: Dear God, whenever I watch this MV where they’re all crying, I cry too; it’s just so sad!


Me: Oh Jesus Christ, no. No no no no no. I don’t think that my OTP for this kdrama will get together, she’s leaning towards the other guy. SHE’S LEANING!!! Jesus this make me so sad!


Me: How is this even considered an ending?! They could totally have another episode! It can’t end like this or I’ll die! My life sucks, and this saddens me!

Aunt and Uncle:



I’ve been reblogging the shit out of everything on tumblr, and I’m like, I better post something that isn’t completely someone else’s….. *insert awkward laughter*

Anyways, I got onto tumblr, and was just chillin, cause I’m all like (almost)

Then I fell asleep without meaning to

But all the lights were off, and my phone was on silent, so when my Aunty rang me (I live with her) and couldn’t reach me, she rang the house phone. But because I answered neither of the phones, she started freaking and was all like

Anyways, after she cam home, because I fell asleep during the day, none of the lights were on, my bag for once wasn’t in the door way and the side door was opened, she assumed the most reasonable thing.

I’d been kidnapped.

It didn’t occur to her to check my room until later, and she wasn’t even looking for me, she was looking for my bag. Emphasis on the bag and not me part.

All was well though, untill I realized I have to (practically start and) finish two drafts for two assignments that are due tomorrow. But I blame procrastination and distraction on tumblr. It’s all tumblr’s fault. But I love tumblr ^-^

Anyways, bye bye!!

Going to bed, with no homework completed for tomorrow.

& I’m just like

but I know tomorrow I’ll wake up like

because I’ll have all this homework to do right before class..

but for now, SLEEP!

My drawing process in GIF form

First I get an idea, and I’m all

And then I tense up, and suddenly the art is all

And then I feel very sad, and I am all

But then I remember that it’s just a drawing, crank some tunes, and proceed to be all

And then art happens

Oh my God!~

Here’s how my day has gone.

-Woke up late, watched recorded PopAsia (I <3 Mystar now, it has a purpose)

- Screwed around for a while, listened to music, went on tumblr and asdfghjkled over followers. Legit, I was all like

                                                                            *Gif not mine*


It was cool :PP

Anyways, continuing on - I walked in the heat up hill to the shops to see my friend, then barely hung out with her because she had to get picked up early. fml. But, I got a lift home :PP

- Was looking randomly on, and I found ‘Hearty Paws’. 

                                                                                *Gif not mine*

'Why was I excited?’ Is what some of you may ask, but if I’m correct, that’s the movie Minho Kang Tae Joon watched with his mum in To The Beautiful You. So I got all excited, was watching it and BAM! My happy demeanor changed as if Key had flown over here personally to say he hates me for doubting him as my bias for three seconds (I blame it on Onew). I was all like

                                                   *Gifs not mine*

Even so, after all this I was like 'this must be shared on Tumblr’. Anyways, I got on and it was like, saying I had a new followers. Again. In the same day.

Once again, I was like 

                                       gif ACTUALLY mine

Ha. hahahaha, I made a gif for this occasion, so really, it was a gif for both me and  yorlabosoflytoseoul. Thanks for the follow!~

So, my day was a rollercoaster ride of emotions, how was yours?