He had a smile that didn’t just stop at his lips
—  Excerpts of a book I’ll never write #29//(via @a-graveyard-ofstars)
Salt Gift

This #microfiction is for all the krakens, mer-people, kelpies, selkies and water witches in my life. Of which I hear there are quite a few…

For as long as Annabelle could remember, she had spoken with the sea.

Not that it spoke back, not in words at least, but she had learned to read its ebbs and its flows. She could trace its currents like a skeleton and taste its moods in the salt air. She had felt its temper break upon her body and wrestled with its storm through a hundred rudders.

That evening, it was maudlin, as a steady rain poured a hundred times a hundred pin pricks down upon its surface. She closed her eyes and listened to the percussion of the raindrops on the skin of the water and the skin of herself. She imagined it was one skin and that the rain drummed out their conversation.

“I shouldn’t be scared.” She whispered. “I know you. I know you better than I know myself, better than I know the tide of blood in my veins. No lover will ever know the contours or keel of me the way you do. I was shaped by the beat of your waves.”

The rain ran in rivulets down her and she shivered as it played across the small of her back.

“I shouldn’t be scared to be given to you.” For everyone on that island was given to the sea on their 16th birthday and today Annabelle was 15 years and 364 days old. “If you were going to give anyone back, it should be me…”

The sea always did give them back one way or another. Though sometimes it was years or even decades before they washed up lifeless on the beach. And some came back afraid to ever touch salt water again…

Annabelle sighed.

“Well, I suppose if you do keep me for your own, it shall be nice to rest with one that I love.”

The next morning, Annabelle’s mothers woke her with a breakfast of fresh sardines and oysters. They wet her face with kisses and salt water as they walked her out to the Long Pier.

As she walked the pier, she passed all the people of her island, who had come out to honour her Gift Day. Each one tied a small pebble to her with seaweed twine as she went by. They were picked out especially and carved with tiny runes for luck. By the time she reached the end of the pier, she was quite heavy.

Her mothers kissed her again as they laid her gently in the sea on a raft of palm leaves.

They stood on the pier and watched as she floated out to sea. Soon they were just a dot swallowed by sea mists.

Before long, it began to rain again.

It occurred to Annabelle that she was never quite so peaceful as when the water held her and the rain played across their skins as if they were one.

Then the palm raft began to drift apart, for it had not been made to last. She began to paddle gently, keeping herself afloat against the pull of the beach pebbles that dragged her down.

She stayed calm.

This was peace.

This was bliss.

She began paddling harder.

Finally, her limbs aching, her lungs burning, her mind screaming in both terror and ecstacy, she gave herself to the waves.

But she did not sink.

Beneath her, she felt something strong and long and slippery holding her up.

She looked down to find herself caught in an embrace of tentacles.

The water began to roil and bubble and a great beast began to rise out of the sea.

Its skin was the colour of olives and slate. It had eight impossibly long limbs that stretched out around it and her. And, on its back, larger than ten houses, was a huge ship made of wrecked, barnacle-encrusted ships and sharp, bright coral. Its crew seemed human, except for the squid-like beaks where their mouths should have been.

As she gawped at it in wonder, it began to dive back beneath the waves, pulling her with it. She gasped a great gulp of air and as she did so, she found a small squid swimming into her mouth and wrapping its limbs around her face. She tried to scream … and found she could breath, the creature on her face providing her with oxygen.

It was then that she heard it. A great vibration through the water that soared in her ears. And it said:

“Welcome Annabelle. Welcome My Shipwrecked Child. Know That I Know You. For Each Time You Spoke With The Sea, You Spoke To Me.”

Had you been present, you would not have noticed one more drop of salt water added to an ocean. But, nevertheless, Annabelle offered a single tear to it.

“Know That I Love You. When The Sea Swallows You, I Shall Always Catch You. For You Have Been Given To Me And In Return I Would Give You The World.”

At this, a rope ladder was let down from the side of the ship on its back.

“So You Must Make A Choice. Will You Join My Crew As These Others Of Your Island Did?”

Sure enough, Annabelle began to recognise the crew as other children from her island, their faces obscured by the beaked creatures that gave them air.

“If So, Know Your Life Shall Be Glorious For We Shall Plunder The Treasure Of Both The Land And The Deep And Your Short Life Will Be One Of Violent Joy.”

The beast began to lift her up to the ocean’s surface once more.

“Or I Can Return You Home And You Will Live Always Salt-Kissed By My Blessing.”

Annabelle looked up, caught between the light of the sun as it dappled the sea and the crushing embrace of the depths.

“What Do You Choose?”

Annabelle smiled.

“Give me Salt and Blood and Wonder.” She said. “For the rest of my days.”

Make the best out of every day ☀️ i woke up this morning and it was ( and is still) raining outside 🌧
But I decided to go for a short run anyway and felt great afterwards 🙌🏻 took a cold shower and prepared my #nicecream for breakfast 😊 so don’t let the weather cross your plans. Leave your comfort zone and you will feel marvelous & make new experience that can enrich your life 🌸

You have to check out @mytime.toshine ! She is such a lovely Girl with such an inspiriering story! She is the living prove that you can make a change in your life and get a healthy and positive person although you faced bad times in your life! 🌱 #govegan !

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I have some exciting updates!!!
  • I’m going to be making a webcomic! ive been working on this for months now, but there was a huge lull where i was having very bad mental health problems. very sorry about that. but im ok now, and back on track! hopefully ill be able to share some more details soon :>
  • earlier this year, I was commissioned to draw a gallery piece for the 5th anniversary special edition of a short comic called Brian and Bobbi, by Adam Wilson. i would highly recommend reading this, it’s a mindblowing original and true to life story, taking the concept of teenage superheroes to a very genuine level, and it has left a big imprint on me. im so glad to be a part of it now! here are the links if you want to pre-order it!! (x) (x)

im very excited about what my future holds and I thank you guys for being here for me !! i love you all <3

sallybugg2017  asked:

A note on your short stories and such: That Story about River was so cute it hurt and now my heart hurts more for them. Jim and Aladdin are totally adorable. THESE JACKUNZEL SHORTS AND PHOTOS ARE GIVING ME LIFE LITERALLY THE ONLY REASON I AM BREATHING RIGHT NOW AND THAT STILL OF THEM HUGGING IS KILLING ME

Awwww, I’m so glad you liked it! The River story tugged at my heartstrings soooo much, especially because they are going through a rough time right now. Ugh. Pocaflynn. 

Also, yes for Jim and Aladdin being so adorable in every way. More. I want more of them. 

also, on that jackunzel note, since it’s been a little while: 

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Sorry I haven’t been around much lately! I am still very much alive. Playing dungeons and dragons, writing short stories about chasing ghosts, catching Pokemon, all that jazz.

It has been hard being on tumblr and living my spoiler free lifestyle hah. But I have been mostly successful besides the glaringly obvious.

“I waited a year,” he said, “a year for her to love me. But she always found just a little more spark in his eyes than in mine. Maybe he could touch her the way I couldn’t or maybe she just didn’t want me like she wanted the others,” he stopped, I think he needed a second to breathe, “but I waited a year; a year for someone who couldn’t, who wouldn’t see my worth. I stuck around for a year to realize that I could find better if I just walked away.”

You could tell from the sound of his voice that he was hurt, but it didn’t justify the fact that he left me just like she left him, and so I confronted him, “but you see that better was me - and you wouldn’t wait for me, you wouldn’t wait for the one who wanted to give you everything.”

—  c.f. // “his 2pm confession”
It hasn’t been easy. I’ve had dreadful days, days I just wanted to run away and days that I drowned in my tears. I’ve had to learn to love my broad thighs, my frizzy hair, the bags under my eyes, my crooked teeth and my not so flat stomach. I’ve had to learn to eliminate toxic people from my life, accept my mistakes and my flaws, overcome my fears and insecurities, let go of roads that weren’t meant for me and dreamed of new ones. I’ve grown up and understood life like I never have before. It hasn’t been a great year, and I don’t expect that to change within the span of one day. Change takes time, and now I’ve welcomed that gradual change with open arms. I can only hope that one day, I can look back at my younger self and smile at her and be proud of who she has become today.
—  because in the end, you’ve got to love yourself for who you are
You’re just an angry boy in a band t-shirt who has no idea what he wants.
But you will destroy people along the way because breaking things is fun.
So I cannot expect you to save me when you can hardly take care of yourself.
It is time for me to realize maybe I am not the only one who needs help.
—  Self Centered But Not Really

okay but my neighbour wanted to know why I was walking around the neighbourhood late at night in my pajamas so I explained I was trying to catch Pokemon in the Pokemon Go app and long story short she and her son now have the app and we’re going to the park tomorrow to hunt Pokemon with her son.

thatotherindianguy  asked:

Okay what is up with Taylor swift?

Long story short a few months ago Kanye dropped an album, The Life of Pablo. In one song on the ablum, “Famous”, Kanye says:

For all my Southside niggas that know me best
I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex
Why? I made that bitch famous
God damn
I made that bitch famous

Now it is obviously kind of a head-scratching lyric at the very least. Taylor Swift almost immediately denounced the verse, behaved disgusted about it and made a subtle reference to it during her acceptance speech at an awards show.

Around that time there were rumours from several sources that Taylor Swift not only knew the lyric existed beforehand, but that she had given the greenlight from the beginning, and that there was apparently video evidence to corroborate this. Taylor and her PR adamantly denied her knowledge of it. What’s more, they claimed the video didn’t even exist.

Last night Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s wife (for those who don’t know, although honestly I don’t see who wouldn’t but I’m not passing judgement by any means) posted a series of snaps on Snapchat of said video evidence, completely blowing Taylor Swift’s claims right out of the water and confirming her knowledge of the song’s lyrics well beforehand. In the video you can actually see that Kanye came to her respectfully, refers to her as a “friend” more than once, and tells her that it was his “responsibility” to let her know about the lyric before it was set in stone.

TL;DR: Taylor Swift is a petty white feminist who lied and used a fellow artist’s trust and respect for her as a platform to play the victim, when in reality she’s as petty, childish and vindictive as she’s always been and completely in the wrong.


I just submitted my short film “life round here” to the TIFF X Instagram Shorts Festival.

The film for me is a story about seizing opportunity when it presents itself.

Please help share, like[on instagram], and share some more. I’ll love ya forever.

Thank you! #letswinthis


an open letter to the punk ass clefairy hiding somewhere in the north side of lower manhattan

i see you first when i am on the southeast corner of gramercy park. it is 9:45 pm and i have just caught multiple voltorbs whilst fumbling around in the dark, and there you are. you are three pawprints away, and my battery is at 11%, but i am confident.

i know the strategy. how to carefully watch and notate when my distance to a pokemon changed in order to pinpoint it’s exact location. moments prior i had used it to track down a vulpix. i think, for sure, i can find you. i catch a doduo and head across 20th street, crossing up third avenue and continuing on 21st.

i reach the northwest side of peters field. you are still three pawprints away. i scan the map. the pawprints hadn’t changed when i went up third avenue, so you aren’t to the north. and you would at least be at two pawprints if you were further east, so both of those are ruled out. i am frustrated but not deterred.

i catch another doduo. if i came from union square before coming to gramercy, then you can’t be to the west either, because i would have seen you earlier. so you must be to the south, between where i live on 11th street and where i stand on 21st. i am ready. 

my phone vibrates. 5% battery. i turn my baseball cap backwards, face south, and run.

18th street. three pawprints. 4% battery. a meowth appears on my radar and i am tempted to find it instead, to give up on this mission, but i stay faithful to my instincts like a true member of team yellow. i catch two doduo while waiting for the light to change at 16th street.

15th street. 2%. still three pawprints. meowth is gone. the voltorbs from before are gone. it is you, me, and the doduo. i sprint through oncoming traffic on 14th and pass someone running the opposite direction. i think, for a moment, perhaps she is searching for you too. i keep going.

i check my phone. 1%. you are gone, not even three pawprints, gone entirely. there is nothing but doduo, no god but doduo. i collapse on the corner of third and 12th. i have failed. someday i will find you and get my revenge, but not today.

my phone is dim and silent. “i understand,” i whisper. i catch a doduo, and my phone shuts off.

We can’t be friends 👫👭 if you don’t like smoothie bowls 💁🏻 or carbs in general… just joking..or am I 🤗😉 Matcha Pineapple Smoothie bowl 🍌 ( frozen nanas+ froz. pineapples + matcha+ @realcoconutwater 🌰) right after school 💦💦 This photo may seem all lovely dovey but in real life, I was clutching onto my life…Long story short. The wind, rain and cold all made an appearance… #vegan

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Lost But Kept

Summary: Sehun finds out that you, his foreign gf, is pregnant and has a very negative reaction to it.
Member: Sehun X Reader
Type: Angst
Length: 1374 Words

This is rather painful to write and I’d like to think that it’s because it’s a heavy topic but if you guys are interested in my life (and I don’t really mind divulging hahaha), I was myself deemed as a mistake by my paternal grandparents. Heck, it wasn’t even a mistake. They deemed me a bastard, to put it aptly. It was a really long story that should be made into a novella but to cut it short, the divorce between my mum and dad was finalised the minute I was born. There was a lot of unease growing up on my part because of the guilt that I carried with me but I’m over it now because I’ve realised a long time ago that it didn’t matter because my life and my potential is worth more than the acceptance of people who I don’t even know. (also it was heartwarming because I’d like to think my mother felt the same way as y/n does.) :)

Warning: A lot of cussing involved.

- Admin Fits

Originally posted by parkchny

It started out with just a simple voicemail.

Hey babe! I have great news and I wanted to make it a surprise but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait so long so here goes: I’m pregnant! I can’t wait to show you the sonograms and everything! Anyways, call me soon! I miss you!

It was met with angry knocks on your door that demanded your attention. When you opened the door, heart clenching with who was at the door when it was late at night. You opened the door to the love of your life and your smile faltered at the intense stare that he had on you, burning your insides. He had the look of death: dark rings circling his eyes that were glaringly against his pale face that was framed by hair that had seen better days.

“Babe? What’s wrong-”

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Usually, when I take and process a gorgeous photo like this, I like to compliment it with a motivational quote. But this time, I’d like to tell a short story involving symbolism.

I took this photo just a few short days after moving out of my mother’s house and moving into a house of my own. I had just recently made the choice to end the bad relationship I was in, and proceed on my own. For a little while, life wasn’t as happy as it could have been. As the days passed, and the closing on my house got closer, I became increasingly less happy. 

And then I moved. I moved into a new house, to make new memories, new relationships, with new people. Leaving all of the poison and bad memories behind me. 

This photo, even though I hadn’t noticed when I took it, symbolizes looking away from the shadows and darkness of our old lives, and looking forward, and into the light and sunshine of a new life. The whole left half of the photo is significantly darker than the right half, which is bathed in sunshine, and in some spots, so bright you can’t even see it clearly.

I’d like to think that it’s a symbol of the new life we are starting. So unbelievably bright, and full of possibilities. 

“Keep your face always towards the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

‘I hate him.’ she cries out. with her teeth clenched together and she watched as her hands contract into her palms.

‘I hate him.’ she mumbles again. with eyes that were turning the rainy night into whirlwinds of grays and yellows, her body was trembling with anger. and she didn’t have the power to steady it; she wanted to remain hollow. she wanted to be everyones biggest nightmare; she wanted to seem as though she was as destructive as a tornado.

‘I hate him.’ she screams as her true emotions collapsed into her fingertips to see the pearl-shaped tears rolling down her cheeks were from her wide luminous eyes, leaving no smears on her cheeks. and she had foam forming at the ends of her mouth that made her sniffle her nose to try and keep it from traveling down her chin.

‘i hate him.’ she engraves into the streets with just her nails, which leaves her bleeding at the tips of her most-fragile joints.

and the outsider walking past can see that he was the stars in her eyes underneath the water filling them; for she can not hate the man she loves. the homeless man sitting outside the run down store could make out his name she scribbled into her skin if given her hand. the lady across the street could witness the home she was missing; the heart where she wanted to belong. she did not hate him, she loved him even at her most deadly hour.

—  Excerpt From The Book Ill Never Write #27
I don’t know why, despite our obvious differences, there is something overwhelming here.
I feel it when you touch my waist or when you call me dear.
I smile cause you get me and wonder how you don’t know,
that I cannot even begin to imagine my life once you finally go.
—  I Will Try To Explain