I’ve always been a Nikon guy. Not because I think Nikon is better but it’s just because it’s what I’ve always used. My name is Luke Michael - I’m an amateur landscape/street photographer living in Istanbul, Turkey. I’ve been a photography fan for a long time but have only recently tried to get serious about making better pics. I love street and landscape photography and I guess my style sort of falls in between somewhere? Maybe cityscape is more my thing. Right now I’m using 2nd hand Nikon D7000 with a Nikon VR 18-200 lens. I’m trying to decide whether to go full frame or go with one of the new Fuji or Sony mirrorless with a prime lens for my next camera.


Tom Hiddleston putting green contact lenses on, on the set of Only Lovers Left Alive


Endless List of Favourite Characters Maxine Caulfield (Life is Strange)
   "My name is Max Caulfield, and ever since I was a little kid I knew I wanted to be a photographer. I’ve always seen the world through my own lens finder. Maybe it’s a way for me to be part of the world, but at a safe distance.“


“The spell will be broken and everything will be as it was before. 
My Cinderella will be a happy cinder girl.
But when you need a glass slipper,
you know I’ll be there.”  

Someday, My Cinderella Will Come ( いつか、シンデレラが) ~Ballad Arrange ver.~ // Kagamine Len
Music and Lyrics: Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△
Illustrations and Movie: Tama

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it’s 5:30 in the morning & i’m probably gonna dream about these losers.

(for delicotwilight​ and worick-archangelo​, aka the deligang pffffft)

Engineer-ish Steampunk Len for my October School Expo aka my Cosplay mid-terms test!

Haha yeah he’s not as steampunk as he could be… But when taking into account the amount of time needed to make the custom-made parts, I guess simpler would be better after all ;;;w;;; We’ve decided the theme would be Steampunk Vocaloid, so yeah! Also fuck the hands.