me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this

My opinion on The Lego Batman Movie (spoilers ahead)

.I loved Joker the first two (2) minutes of the movie he was in

.BOY, I love condiment man!

.I’m not gay but Batman in that wig was pretty hot

.Wow, it is a lot gayer then I thought it was going to be and I was expecting it to be pretty gay

.I love Harely Quins’ actress and the nickname ‘girlbuddy’. Also how friendly and flirty her and Joker are, in a platonic way.

.Robin is soooooooo cute! If anyone even DARES touches him then you’re begin be dead!

.Noooo! Don’t hurt J-bird! I was actually reaching out for the screen when he left and I cried when Batman said how there was no us, protect the precious cinnamon roll :(

.When Batman went all love heart on Barbara, I actually growled. Get off my movies hetros!

.Note: I do not hate Barbara, she can kick anyone’s ass and don’t need no man to be a badass women.

.'And then there was that weird time in 19XX’ (forgot what it was)
Shows old Batman series with him dancing weirdly

.Joker is so oppressed with Batman, oh my god…

.'Before I didn’t have any dads, then I had one dad and now I’ve got Two Dads!’
Be proud to have two dads everyone.

.'British killer robot machines’
The Darlics appear
'Ask you’re nerd friends’

.So many references Jegus Christ! I can’t keep track!

.That lipstick though,

.'You had me at shut up’ *actually cried again*

.'I’m just gonna go out and say it, I hate you’
’*gasps* I hate you too’
'I hate you more’
'I hate you the most’
'I hate you forever’
THERE. IS. NO. HETROSEXUAL. WAY. OF. PUTTING. THIS. This is the gayest thing I have ever seen in my life and I’m so sad they didn’t kiss.

.'My dads are actually the same dad! And you’re both leaving…’ I cried grossly at this part, I couldn’t stop myself, the ending was too much for me.

.Wouldn’t Joker have to go back in there too though…?


In conclusion, Joker is gay and Batman is bi and they have giant homosexual hate make outs and Robin needs to be protected at all costs!

I’d been doing really well on my self-imposed lego set buying diet. And I splurged. Bonus, they only took a day to get here. *sigh* 

It’s 9pm and I’m tired. I’ve already assembled a set, of course. Time to do some quick pics and go to bed.

They won’t post for a couple days, though. Other stuff is queued ahead of them. Gotta pace myself so there’s still stuff to post when I just can’t do something new.