Hi everyone! As a celebration of finally getting my store open, and in keeping with the festive spirit, I’m holding a buy one A4 size print, get another print free sale in the store! Simply mention which other print you would like in the note/message section during check-out and I’ll include it in your delivery!

The sale will only last until 10pm (GMT) December 12th (Sunday), so please don’t wait! If you’re still looking for some possible gifts you might find something here!

I will be getting stickers, charms, plushes and hopefully some other items sorted out for the store in the new year, so keep an eye out.

Here’s a link to the store! Thank you, happy holidays! <3

I witnessed something amazing today.

While playing legos Buster and I start doing a bit where his lego person bumps into my lego person and I make a big deal about it and act like my guy is sliding around on ice and falls over while profusely grumbling.

After doing this a few times for my own amusement I throw in a “bah, humbug!” while my lego person flounders like a fish. And Buster thought that word was the funniest word he has ever herd. The sudden and slightly different cackling started slow but built to a frothy full belly gasping after I repeated the word a few times. Buster looked at me with laughing but questioning eyes (“what the hell are you saying?!”), filled with giddy wonder at having heard something so unexpected and new.

I’ve never seen a kid react to a word like that. The /way/ words are said sometimes sure, but a word itself found so absurd it’s hilarious, that was a new experience. It was fantastic.