more thoughts on the weird elitism within twp: is the thing with margaret and elizabeth woodville, is that they are both very similar, they are both pretty equally manipulative to their own children, the difference is margaret is getting constantly cast as a power hungry, and it seems it wants us to believe margaret is bad for moving up the ranks while elizabeth is not for trying to keep the power that was hers before, elizabeth even chides margaret for using her actual title my lady the king’s mother as if it’s just oh so audacious for her to use it, when it’s just her title that is hers now  


“Margaret Beaufort was the most powerful woman in England of her day. After her son Henry VII was crowned, she signed her letters Margaret R. She was descended from Edward III through John of Gaunt, and was also a scholar and author who founded two Cambridge colleges.”

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‘There is a wonderful roughness on the skin, and I put my hand down and pull up my nightgown to see both knees, and they are the same: roughened and red. Saints’ knees, praise God, I have saints’ knees, I have prayed so much, and on such hard floors, that the skin of my knees is becoming hard, like the callus on the finger of an English longbowman. I am not yet ten years old, but I have saints’ knees. This has got to count for something, whatever my old lady governess may say to my mother about excessive and theatrical devotion. I have saints’ knees. I have scuffed the skin of my knees by continual prayer; these are my stigmata: saints’ knees. Pray God I can meet their challenge and have a saint’s end too.’

-10 year old Margaret Beaufort, “The Red Queen,” by Philippa Gregory