My Favorite KurtBastian FanFics

1.   Legally in love by KrazyForKurtbastian A year after Sebastian Smythe and Kurt Hummel break up, Sebastian a successful named partner in his own law firm (with his happily married friends Jeff and Nick) finds himself alone on his birthday.

2.  Who, Being Loved is Poor? by KrazyForKurtbastian Long ago in a land far away both Prince Sebastian and his devious step brother Prince Hunter have feelings for the lowly but beautiful stable hand’s son Kurt Hummel.
As both princes compete for the peasant boy’s affections Kurt must decide who he loves, the kind but misunderstood crown prince or his deceptively sweet brother?

3.  It’s Just Like a Movie by AndersonRex Kurt was a journalist for a struggling celebrity magazine, and Sebastian was an actor with enough baggage to go around. It’s only when Kurt’s boss assigned him an article that requires him get closer to his former rival, that he starts to wonder if the pros really do outweigh the cons.

4.  Beautiful Things Never Last by AndersonRex After Klaine’s breakup, Kurt seeks solace in Virginia. There he finds a certain Warbler who might help him rediscover the original Kurt Elizabeth Hummel.

5.  The Time When… by Starlight_Daylight: Collection of moments Kurt and Sebastian shared the time when they…Drabbles are not necessarily from the same AU unless stated otherwise. If not, they have no relations to each other.

6.  ‘til Kingdom Come by flipmeforward (vinterdrog): Series chronicalling the lives of Kurt and Sebastian.

7.  A Winter Full of Kurtbastian by afterdalton

8.  KB Week 2014 by OfAGroovyMind 

Day 1: Dalton!Kurtbastian.
Day 2: Cheerio!Kurt x Lacrosse Captain!Sebastian.
Day 3: Crossover or AU.
Day 4: Body Swap.
Day 5: College!AU.
Day 6: S4 Redo.
Day 7: Online.

9.  If I Never Drew You by Leydhawk:  Kurt has always drawn his clothing designs on a model of a boy he sees in his mind, a boy with green eyes, who grew and changed as Kurt did. When he gets into an AP art program at the local college, he never expects to meet the boy in person, or that Sebastian has been drawing Kurt since childhood as well.

10. Give Me a Memory. by Teardropfires“So for three years now, they’ve been doing this. This admittedly weird friendship that toed the line into unknown territory more times than he can count. Kurt had always assumed it was one-sided and unrequited.But none of this explains why Sebastian attacked Kurt mid sentence by smashing his face against his.”

11.  Like One of Your French Boys by cornflakesareglutenfree Sebastian draws, okay? It’s a masculine pursuit. Get over it. And sure, Kurt has good lines. And maybe he should take his pants off.
The fic where Sebastian is drawing Kurt in a coffee shop and then things get *saucy*.

12.  Meerkat Day by delightful_fear A Groundhog Day AU. Sebastian & Kurt are complete opposites, and being thrown together for a big case, when the universe throws a wrench into the works. Can Sebastian overcome the time loop he’s stuck in, and come out the other side smiling?

13.  Wrong Window by delightful_fear It starts with Sebastian sexting Kurt by accident…. Or was it an accident?
Things heat up between them and then go in a surprising direction.

14.  Distraction 'verse by artist_artists The first Kurtbastian fics I ever wrote! These go AU after season three, since they were written that summer, and it follows Kurt and Sebastian’s relationship from friends in college to more.

15.  Coffeeshop Drabbles by KurtbastianJust A Collection Of Drabbles, none interconnected but ALL of them kurtbastian!

16.  Glitter and Grease by scifigeek14 The club was called Desire and it was about as cliche as strip clubs came. What wasn’t expected was that the Raven was Kurt Hummel or that Sebastian Smythe would discover this fact.

17.  The Love You’re Given by Teardropfires:  Kurt and Blaine have been somewhat happily married for almost 16 years. They have a beautiful six year old daughter, they have great friends, a nice home in the city, and Kurt has a job that he loves. After an embarrassing flop from his first attempt as a solo act on Broadway, Blaine starts teaching at a few of the universities and has made the family move further from the theater district, much to Kurt’s dismay. Kurt continues to work his way through the community separate from Blaine, but has always been reluctant to take on major roles in order to keep the peace with his husband. After a drunken night of writing, Kurt and Rachel create the start of a promising new musical that has them all excited. When it gets up and running and receives some positive buzz, it puts a strain on an already rocky marriage. But one Sebastian Smythe, fresh off a nervous breakdown, threatens to knock it over the final edge when Jesse hires him as the producer. Kurt tries to save his marriage, be a good father, have a successful career, and find happiness.

18.  Summer Wind by iaminarage:  This verse is basically a series of fluffy one shots. In this verse, Kurt and Sebastian started dating in January of Kurt’s Sophomore year at NYADA. Sebastian is a student at NYU. It is generally canon compliant through the end of season 4.

19.  Control of the Heart by xonceinadream Sebastian’s always hated knowing who his soulmate is going to be, that he couldn’t choose his life. When Sebastian meets Kurt at Dalton his life turns upside down. He’s not ready for a relationship but he doesn’t want to hurt Kurt. When Kurt meets Blaine and starts falling for him that changes things for Sebastian and he comes to a few realizations. 

20.  Not Enough by Obsessivecompulsivereadr: After a year of a relationship with both Blaine and Sebastian, Kurt has had enough, and he’s decided to remove the source of all his relationship problems from the equation… himself.

21.  Make Me Happy by iaminarage After spending two years out on tour with Wicked, Kurt Hummel is finally back in New York and ready to take the next step in his career. What he’s not ready for is the sudden reappearance of Sebastian Smythe. This is the story of a career, a relationship, and a group of friends finding their way in the city they all love.

22.  Four Hearts by KurtsAnatomy (TheSwanOfWinterfell) Blaine Anderson, Elliott Gilbert, Adam Crawford and Sebastian Smythe are the four rulers of Dalton Academy and the Warbler Council Members. When new kid Kurt Hummel auditions for the Warblers, all four of them slowly begin to fall in love with him. Who will get him?

23. Is It Stalking If You Have Permission? by JessAlmasy The one where Kurt tries to turn a stalker into a boyfriend but has the small problem of not knowing who’s texting him.

24.  Life in Technicolor by hammersandstrings Kurt is fresh off a Tony win when he faces his toughest role yet: PR boyfriend to Academy Award nominee and resident pain in the ass, Sebastian Smythe.

25.  Hunter Clarington: A Mystery by rasyaharidy Kurt Hummel, an up and rising Broadway and film actor, is happily married with entrepreneur Sebastian Smythe, and best friends with renowned orthopedist Hunter Clarington. Although he is tied down with Sebastian for years as of now, some people would see the three of them in a polyamorous relationship, because of the affection Hunter gives to Kurt and the latter doesn’t even mind. But, of course, there’s a story behind everything. It is quite long, though.

26.  Of Bear Cubs, Meerkats, and Hobbits by Obsessivecompulsivereadr Blaine has cheated on Kurt, and while Kurt is in no way surprised, he is surprised about who Blaine cheated with – Dave Karofsky. While Kurt sets out to make changes in his life, Blaine won’t accept the break-up without a fight. And an unexpected friendship with Sebastian Smythe changes everything for Kurt.

27.  It’s Just A Bar, Right? by JessAlmasy After leaving NYADA, Kurt finds himself working in a bar with the last people he’d ever dreamed of. He’d known he was making a mistake since he first walked in the door, but he’d had no idea what he was getting himself into, or where it would lead.
AKA: The CoyoteUgly!Glee story that never should have been written.

28.  Later Then? by Obsessivecompulsivereadr:   Sebastian pulled him close and dipped his mouth near Kurt’s ear again, “Isn’t this where you tell me you have a boyfriend and I say something about not caring?”

29.  Call It a Clan (Call It Family) by monchy   On any regular day, Kurt would claim to hate children. But then, well, then there’s Madeleine Smythe.

30.  Safe Harbor by KattsEyeDemon When tragedy strikes, Sebastian has to find help in the one place he would never have thought. Living with Hudmels proves to be a blessing and his undoing at the same time: can he resist the boy he simply can’t have? Or will these unwelcome feelings destroy his only safe harbor?

- Link to My Favorite Lady Divine (because she is the KurtBastian Queen) Stories:

- I will probably have part 2 and 3, because there’s just so much talent.

- And seriously check out  hazelandglasz, iaminarageLady Divine (fhartz91)hummelssmythescifigeek14lilinascacophonylightsThumb3l1n4afterdaltonflipmeforward (vinterdrog)OfAGroovyMindAndersonRexKrazyForKurtbastianLeydhawkTeardropfiresStarlight_Daylightdelightful_fearartist_artistsValdyr,   Daughter_of_Scotland, Obsessivecompulsivereadr and  JessAlmasy on AO3. INSANELY TALENTED WRITERS.

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nonnie requested: 22. “Come over here and make me.” With Barry??

A/N: Oops, I made reader’s parents assholes. Sorry this was slightly based off my story with kurtbastian but with some minor changes here and there. I hope it’s not too bad but I apologize again for making your parents assholes if they are actually nice people. And the prompt isn’t directed to Barry as the idea was scraped since I was not a fan so. I’ve had to rewrite this whole thing since I forgot to save it and tablet froze up so meh. Please don’t be mad that it’s late. YN/N is your nickname if you forgot and feel free to tell me if you’d like another part. I might make this just a three part series though. Ships are closed for the time being and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!


                     Relationship(s): Barry Allen/Reader (dating), Team Flash & Reader (friendship)

You almost winced from how hard you were biting your lip as your phone that rang and flashed on the screen titled, ‘Mother & Father’ as you tried to ignore it. However everyone else was looking at you with odd glances since you weren’t usually in a dreadful mood but yet again they didn’t really know much of your history with your family. That’s why you moved to Central City as in to get away from Albany, New York and them since well, you shared a common trait with Julian. You came from an old money American family whom thought that they were much better than anyone who was below anything of high class. You could have anything you wish for as a child however, all you really wanted was to be like other kids.

To not have violin lessons to learning how to be a proper lady at the dinner table and know which spoon is your normal one and the soup one when they looked almost identical. Not to mention they also made sure you went to a private school with paid tuition, needless to say you didn’t have a normal childhood.

“Um, hey YN/N? Are you going to answer that?” Cisco asks as he gestures toward your phone that was on the smooth white surface that began ringing once again. You always preferred YN/N over your full name of Y/N so you always asked to be called YN/N instead no matter where you went. “I mean it is your parents that you don’t really wanna talk about for some reason but shouldn’t you answer? Not to be rude or anything.” He adds quickly from the glare you were giving him before you letting out a sigh. Cisco wasn’t doing anything wrong obviously, just trying to be kind of nice with the off putting ringing phone that seemed to never end.

“I’ll be right back guys.” You say as you went to grab your phone while moving out in the hallway, with it still ringing in your hands. Your parents are probably far more than pissed since you’ve missed three calls according to your notifications, sighing slightly of regret already when your finger clicked the green answer button. Pinching the bridge of your nose as you opened your mouth to speak but your mother cut you off about how important news she had to bring to you. While you were listening to your nagging mother of the news, everyone looked at each other in confusion.

You were usually in high spirits since you’ve become such good friends with all of Team Flash including Barry whom was the Flash but yet again, he was boyfriend for almost a good year. The burnet male had asked about your family multiple times but you always managed to change topics before it got too deep in the conversation. And what was going to come out his mouth might be his biggest or greatest mistake as he opened to speak while his arms crossed his chest with a glance at Cisco. “Hey Cisco? Could you maybe, I don’t know, look up YN/N’s file? I feel like there’s something she’s not telling us.”

The blond looked at Barry like he was insane or something as he narrowed his eyes, “Barry I understand you might be concerned for Ms. YN/N’s sake but isn’t it a bit like invasion of her privacy? She can tell us when the moment is right instead of hacking into her personal file on record.” Julian says before taking a glance at Cisco who made the face of something he wasn’t supposed to do. “Cisco, really?”

Cisco put his arms up in defense like he didn’t do it before settling them back down as Julian rubs his forehead. “I know, I know it’s wrong but I’m going with Barry. But there is a reason why YN/N probably doesn’t talk about her past ‘cause it’s similar to you, Julian. I mean, look at this stuff.” He says as he pulls up a hologram of your profile. “I mean YN/N or Y/N L/N is someone from old money. .”

“Graduated with A’s and honors from a private high school that is more than ten thousand per semester? Plus also really killing it in college too. Whoo.” H.R says with his mouth wide open since well, he’s not from this earth and schooling was much different than his. “Wow, that’s uh, er incredible.” He says as everyone looked shocked by all the things that your parents had you do. The only thing that you did want to do was listed on your profile was chorus and drama club since you were rather a fan of the theatre so that’s why you enrolled in college with majors similar in Central City when you moved here about three years ago.

Everyone’s heads snap back at you went your shoes clicked on the hard floor as you were shouting on the phone. “I’m sorry mother but I’m not going to marry this guy named William just because his family is like ours! I’m happy in Central City with my friends and my so called poor class boyfriend whom is named Barry!” There was a pause for a brief moment as you kept looking down, not yet noticing everyone’s reaction to you being angry. “Come over here and make me! There’s no way I’m leaving Central City if you like or not!” You huff as you pressed hang up on your phone before looking up to everyone’s eyes on you before your profile.

Sighing slightly as your rubs your face with your hand as Barry strides over to you. “YN/N, I just wanted to make sure you were okay and not hiding something important to us.” He says softly as he put his arms around you while you just leaned over to his chest. “Please don’t be mad at Cisco, it was all on me. And who is this William guy?” The brown haired male before pressing a kiss on your forehead.

“No, it’s fine Barr. I should tell you guys about my life and why I’m so not thrilled with my parents. Um, William is the guy I’m engaged to marry according to my mother and father since both of our families come from old money and we were set to marry when Will and I were young.” You mumble slightly as Barry’s eyes widen from when you said engaged and marry.

“Wait. .e-engaged? To Marry? Since childhood?”


Kurtbastian Season 6 AU: (aka my perfect Glee season 6)

We all know that the Seb “someone else” means himself
and at the end of my perfect glee S6 Kurt and Seb are together he he 

Corridors And The Memories

Pairing(s): Kurtbastian

Rating: G

Summary: Another day, another Blaine solo. This time, Kurt is done fawning over the Warbler and the safe walls of Dalton. He is more than done fitting in with the sea of blazers. But someone’s making him reconsider his decision of leaving but is that enough?

A/N: Welp, this was suppose to be a fluffy drabble but I have no idea where that ending came from. I might might mighhttttt have a sequel, eventually but as of now, just enjoy this little fic? Heh :x

Word Count: 1860 words

(Read on AO3)

“Hey Regionals! You just met our opening number!” Blaine cupped his mouth as called out into the corridor as the surrounding Warblers let out a cheer at the news. Well, surrounding Warblers excluding Kurt. It wasn’t very hard to notice an annoyed look amongst those overjoyed ones, which probably explains why Blaine immediately headed towards the latter once the area was slowly cleared out of the boys.

Smiling and nodding in acknowledgement as Warblers patted their lead soloist, congratulating him earnestly on picking a great song and getting to lead them once again. Kurt rolled his eyes at the gesture as he stood up, readjusting the strap of his messenger bag, feeling slightly more fidgety with it. His eyes surveyed the slowly emptying corridors, now currently covered with song sheets every where and judging how the entire student body were leaving without so much of a glance, he’ll probably be the only one around to clear up the mess.

“Hey Kurt! So what do you think of that song? Pretty upbeat huh? That’ll sure get the judges grooving along with us,” Blaine grinned, tugging the lapels of his blazer, chin up in mock suaveness.  

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AU in which Kurt and Sebastian are flatmates and they have feelings for each other but they can’t figure out it’s mutual. So when Kurt tells Sebastian they need to talk, Sebastian guesses Kurt found out and is going to kick him out. Eventually, Sebastian realizes it’s so much easier to confess your feelings when the other person is already doing so and while thinking they’ll be rejected.

Change in the Weather

Prompt: 100 drabble challenge
Number: 78/100
Pairing: Kurtbastian
A/N: No, not like ACITW. For @queerbastianwrites.

“I changed my mind,” Sebastian says, looking at the now-empty room. “It looks wrong. Maybe I can just tell the movers to come back.”

Kurt rolls his eyes. “You can’t. Someone else officially signed the lease. Bas.” As frustrating as it is, Kurt also finds it oddly endearing. “It’s taken us four years to decide to live together.” It’s not entirely accurate. They have no official anniversary. Kurt sometimes argues it’s closer to five. They’d been hooking up another year before they even realized that they had long-ago crossed the boundary of fuck-buddies and entered into boyfriend territory.

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