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I was at my frkends and I was leaning over a bathroom sink and I felt tiny needles on my leg. His kitten was climbing up my pants, on to my back, and on to the counter. He then saw himself in the mirroe and starting yelling

That kitten, as you might have guessed it, was me.

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Bucky shuffled his way to your room, he had had a few bad days back to back and you wanted to do something nice for him. He blushed softly & laid down cautiously as a dozen or so meowing kittens made their way to him. You had seen him scrolling through cat videos and called in a favor at the shelter. He began cooing & talking to the kittens as they crawled over him. A few began playing with his messy bun as the others settled into him and slept."We can keep them right?" He asks smiling at up you

Oh my god Bucky needs kitten therapy so badly!!

Fluffy Friday™



(sorry for the low volume. make sure to turn your speakers all the way up to hear clearly.)

Here it is! My unnecessarily frustrating q&a is finally up. It’s 50 minutes long, so if you make it through the whole thing, I am thoroughly impressed. 

I talk about:

  • Things no one knows about me
  • The All Time Low situation (all of it)
  • My tattoos/future tattoos and what they mean
  • Why I left bandom
  • Harry Styles debut album
  • How I set up my own writing experience, and who my writings are about
  • How I feel about 5sos
  • Favorite musicians I’ve seen live
  • #BROPE
  • Celebrities with the worst fanbases 
  • Why DIrty Work is the best All Time Low Album
  • What music means to me
  • How it is being an older All Time Low fan
  • Opinions on 1D’s solo material 
  • and my kitten Jagger making things more difficult to film

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Bucky is a massive tease lol, I'm so glad bucky made tony join them in bed, where Steve is always soft and slow, not sure what tony might want/need, Bucky's always their to make him feel overly wanted and needed. My sweet little cupcakes are too sweet. Thanks for treating us to chapter 8. And I hope when tony spends his week with them he never leaves and maybe they should adopt a tiny black smitten kitten to make them complete lol

Aw!!! I didn’t even think about them adopting a kitten!!! Oh my god how presh!!!!

I just woke up and fell down the rabbit hole that is the DDADDS “cultending”. 

No wonder Joseph got such a kick out of you teaching his creepy twins to recite lines from horror movies.


@lbardugo so my little sister and i want to adopt these kittens. i would name the gray one Nikolai because he has a playful and outgoing personality and she would name the black one Kaz because he just seems like a Kaz. we just have to convince our dad (who is a HUGE fan of your books), fingers crossed that he says yes!