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Adzie you owned CHICKENS!? How were they, do you have any cute animal stories? 🐣🐣 I would love to cuddle a chicken

Yes! I did :D but as I was quite young at the time I can’t remember everything about them. 

I do remember out of the 6+ that my family originally had (they looked like this), I named one ‘Freckles’ because it had lots of lighter feathers on dotted about on it’s chest area :3 I was a bit of a grabby curious child though so I can’t imagine it liked me that much :’D

My sisters and I would collect the eggs every morning before going to school and one time my sister forgot to store them away in the house so she ended up keeping one in her pocket the whole school day ahaha. 

Sadly, we had a (presumed) fox attack on our pen one day and that was the last of those batch of chickens :( BUT a year or so later, we got three more! 

One of my sister’s got a really big grey/silvery feathered one that had lost a few of it’s feathers but was still really cute (i think it was this kind but i could be wrong), my other sister got a black one with a feathery afro which was soooo pretty (looked like this!) and then I had a v smol soft grey one that I called ‘Fluffy’ and loved to stroke :’) it kinda looked like this but a lot smaller.

I had a trampoline in the back of my garden and sometimes instead of jumping on it, me and my sisters would just cuddle our chickens and then run around the garden with them :’)) it was a lot of fun.

Sadly their demise was the same as the other batch of chickens despite our efforts to make the pen safer for them :’/ but one day if i ever come to own a lil house with a garden, i’d love to have chickens again :( !!!

Wish i had some actual photos of these chickens and remembered more of them but I hope that was still a fun ramble to read :’) thanks for the message! i hope you get to cuddle a chicken one day!


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Adventures of Oscar the Brave Cat

Old photoshoot since 2016.
 We with the girlfriend have decided to create a photoshoot long ago. At her home this remarkable plush kitten who became the main hero of our photohistory has been found.Oscar - a kitten who is afraid of nothing… even to climb on the highest trees! XD

My friend and I were happy with result of this creative experiment.