The hardest part about loving someone is there’s always that part of you
that will still love them.
There’s always that part
that makes your heart stop
when you see a picture of them.
There’s always that part
that starts hurting
when you find out they’ve moved on.

There’s always a part of you that is incapable of moving on,
because it belongs to them now.
You dedicated it to them,
and now their fingerprints are all over it.
It’s covered in the sound of their voice
and the taste of their lips
and the way their skin feels beneath your fingertips.

If you’re lucky, that part of you will stay as small as it is, and there won’t be too much of a loss.
It’ll only be a pin prick.
But if you’re one of the unlucky ones,
like me,
it will continue to grow and consume every other part of you until there is nothing left,
and then the realization that they won’t be yours again
rips it away.
It rips the rest of you away,
and then there is nothing left.
They took the rest of what is left.

Signs as stuff my cats do

Aries: Chase each other at 2 am

Taurus: Meow at me for treats

Gemini: Jump on tall things

Cancer: Run between my legs while I walk until I pet them

Leo: Rub against inanimate objects

Virgo: Grunt when you kiss their head

Libra: Lay beside me

Scorpio: Tackle each other

Sagittarius: Play with crickets

Capricorn: Deny my love

Aquarius: Sleep all the time

Pisces: Roll off of things

Things I want as a Little Princess..

- Kisses 💋 

- Spankies ✋

 - Cuddles 💑

 - Daddy’s Cummies 💦

 - Tiaras 👑 

- Coloring Books 📖 

- Bows 🎀 

- Stuffies 🐧🐻 

- Kissies 💋 

- Cute Dresses 👗

 - Sexy Lingerie 👙 

 -Binkies 🍭 

- Sippies 🍺 

- Travel the World with Daddy ✈🌏 

- Lots and Lots of LOVE!! 💕

One thing that you’ll never see is that you turn back the clock for me;
back to a time,
far off,
in which I was honestly, truly happy.
I wish I could call it puppy love,
and say I was only hung up on a crush,
but it was never so insignificant.
It was first love,
and that’s the hardest one to shake.
It’s hard to remember the way we used to speak,
because since,
I’ve never met someone so unique.
You always treated me like a queen,
and it took me until now to realize
that’s just what I need.
It’s too late, of course.
You’ve slipped through my fingers.
But I’ll be here waiting,
because your presence always lingers.

look!! at!! my!! cat!!