people always ask me what I would want from a significant other, and this applies to how I choose friends too, but it’s just someone who doesn’t put up with all my quirks, but loves them and all of my oddities, like my voice and my sense of style. like they won’t think it’s weird that I sing really silly songs when I’m really happy, or that it’s stupid that I find animals more interesting than people and I have more opinions on Sanrio characters than sports. they won’t take my kindness as naivety, think I’m stupid for liking whatever band or song I like or think less of me for having feminine interests. They’ll find it endearing that I’m a soppy crybaby and that I wish I had Guy Fieri’s job, and the last thing they’ll ever want to do is put out my light.

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OOOH A SPORT LARRIE yay!! I mostly keep up with f1 and hockey but tbh I watch all kinds of sports..,. I love the olympics, I always obsess over the most random sports haha. YAY FOR Sports!' hate that people always gets surprised when I a girl in my 20's show interest and knowledge in any kind of sport (specially f1 and hockey..)

Nothing pisses me off more than people who think I don’t/shouldn’t knew about sports because I’m a woman, the fucking misogyny.

Three years ago I stopped for gas on the way to a Rangers game. I was wearing an Ian Kinsler jersey (miss you Bootsy 😭) and the guy at the pump next to me looked at me and laughed and said “I bet you don’t even know who is pitching tonight.” I normally ignore idiots but that day I didn’t. I told him who was pitching what his record was and asked him if he knew who was playing centerfield for us that night. No one should be shocked that he didn’t know. I then told him to could go head and apologize to me and he did.

Anyways yes I’m a sports Larrie and I love random Olympic sports too! What’s your hockey team? I’m a massive Stars fan.


Not a selfie, buT i’ve got important news: I GOT A NEW SPORTS BRA AND I’ve lately been very proud with my progress. [I think I see a teeny lil two pack coming in !! ] 

Honestly I’ve been wanting this sports bra for a lONG TIME but it was so expensive, but lately, I’ve been working hard and I’ve actually been able to stick with a pretty healthy diet and workout regularly, Now, I’m sosossoso proud of my progress. Even if it’s tiny two pack, it’s a starting point, and buying this sports bra was kind of my award.

and to keep it real: i took this with the wonderful lighting of my mom’s bedroom, and I am flexing !!

since I’ve already done quite a few Terrifying things today I might as well fb message my crush bc there’s not much more fear I can feel at this point tbh

also I had a dream last night that we went on a date and my car turned into an orange sports car that I only kind of knew how to drive and we got lost trying to find our way back to the garden state parkway??? brain why. brain we’re in vermont why would I take my crush to the middle of nowhere new jersey

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hi Katy my doctor told me that I can't practice any kind of sports in two months. What should I do not to gain weight?, thank u 💜

It’s all about how you eat so if you don’t eat more than your body needs you’re not going to gain anything.

◦92 Truths Tag

tagged by the lovely @coincidenced

◦rules: once you’re tagged, you have to fill out all 92 truths about yourself, then tag some people


◦Surgery: Never had one

◦Piercings: Never had one

◦best friend: My dog

◦sports: Soccer

◦pair of sneakers: The kind that lit up when you walked


◦drink: Water

◦call: My pops


◦song: The second opening to Attack on Titan

◦last time I cried: About a month ago???

◦Have you Ever:

◦dated someone twice: No

◦been cheated on: No

◦Kissed someone: No

◦and regretted it: No

◦Lost someone special to you: My cat

◦been depressed: Yes

◦been drunk and thrown up: No

◦kissed more than one person in the same day: No

◦In the past year have you:

◦Made a new friend: Yes

◦Fallen out of love: Yes

◦met someone who changed you: I don’t know yet

◦found out someone was talking about you: Yes


◦How many people do you know in real life from here: None

◦do you have any pet names: No

◦do you want to change your name: No

◦what time did you wake up this morning: 11:30 am

◦what were you doing last night: I was at a school dance, but I just sat in the bathroom and listened to gossip

◦name one thing you can not wait for: That last Gravity Falls episode yo

◦have you ever talked you a person named tom: Probably

◦nicknames: Subtractalyne, Smadalyne, twit, Adele

◦Relationship status: Single

◦Zodiac Sign: Pisces

◦Pronouns: She/her

◦Favorite T.V. show: HANNIBAL.

◦righty or lefty: righty.

◦eating: Nothing

◦Right now,

◦Drinking: Water

◦about to: Scroll through tumblr/ write

◦listening to: The Attack on Titan soundtrack

◦waiting for: Attack on Titan season 2 holy shit

◦want kids: Nah

◦get married: Yes

◦career: A writer

◦which is better:

◦lips or eyes: eyes

◦hugs or kisses: kisses, hugs freak me out man

◦shorter or taller: Doesn’t matter to me

◦romantic or spontaneous: In what context

◦sensitive or loud: Who knows

◦hookup or relationship: Relationship

◦troublemaker or hesitant: Both

◦have you ever:

◦kissed a stranger: No

◦Sex on First date: No

◦Broken someone’s heart: Yes

◦Been arrested: Not for lack of trying

◦Turned someone down: No

◦Cried when someone died: No

◦Fallen for a friend: No

◦do you believe:

◦In yourself: ???????

◦In Miracles: Meh

◦Love at first sight: …..yes

◦In heaven: Nah

◦In Santa Claus: Nah

◦I tag @fen-ryr @musical-cyclone @love-oblivion @hetalian-fairy


Pictures of my state, Arkansas. If you e never been to Arkansas, then you should visit. We are known as the Natural State. Mountains, cliffs, caves, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, wildlife… Too many to count. I’ve been asked by many what do we do for fun here. We get outside! Canoeing, kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping ( my favorite) and a kind of water sports keep us busy and happy. Now we have a world class museum donated by Walmart. Crystal Bridges is a free art museum and will take your breath away!!! I love to go out there on a pretty day to sketch, take a hike or see whatever new exhibit is there. I will post pics of Crystal Bridges soon