coobie2spooky  asked:

If I can ask, how are the arms for your costume posed/attached to your body? I'd like to make an Asura's Wrath cosplay at some point, and I always wondered how I was gonna do the extra arms. Thanks for any advice you might have!

Yes hello friend I am going to teach you the magical ways of easy secondary arms!

What you’ll need:

  • Mannequin arms/Molds of your arms
  • 2 giant screws
  • Medium Density Fiberboard
  • A harness of some kind (In my case, a sports bra)

Thats it thats literally all you need. Drill a hole into the MDF and the extra set of arms to fit the giant screw and then screw the MDF in on the body side of the sports bra, and fit the mannequin on the other side so it looks like this:

Then do that to the other side and put it on and it’ll look like this:

Looks kinda wonky. Lets put it on.

Whoa! Thats actually pretty cool! But what’s this??

They can move and hang freely! Depending on the tightness of the screw in your harness/sports bra and how tight the sports bra is (in reference to your body), the extra set of arms should be able to sit freely! You can of course use wire or string to keep it in place sometimes (Like I’m probably going to do) But its still pretty neat! Keep in mind though I’m going to paint mine for Opal and put armsocks over the top to hide the harness, so make sure if you make a harness for the arms out of whatever that you have a good way to hide them!

I hope I helped!