Hello I’m Perla I’ve never submitted before but I’m hoping to find some cool friends and whatever comes my way
Soccer is my passion and I like pretty much all kinds of sports I’m very outgoing I’m a junior in highschool I can’t live without music. I’m a lesbian and I really don’t know what else text me some time:)
Sc- pearlv69
Tumblr- ostrademar
Bye bye. Have a nice day

I hate sports because they kind of ruined my childhood and fucked me up but then at the same time without the state of mind lifestyle they gave me I’d probably be dead

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1-10 for your sole Nadia!

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

And in case you haven’t seen her, this is Nadia:

1- What was their previous career?

With Nadia, I actually decided to run with the lawyer bit presented in game. I’ve got an idea running around in my head that she was involved in a sport of some kind beforehand, but I haven’t really decided.

2- What method of fighting do they use (ie- long range)

Close combat/ Melee

3- Main weapon? Secondary? Melee?

She varies between available melee weapons. She also carries around a pistol in case a mission really requires a gun fight.

4- Companion? Relation with said companion?

Since it doesn’t specify which companion, I’m gonna go with Piper. ^-^

She and Piper became fast friends and Piper was the first companion (other than Codsworth) that she really openly talked to about what happened. Eventually a romance develops between them. <3

Also of note, they wear matching hats. ;)

5- Family life prior to nuclear devastation?

Her relationship with Nate was great. They had a healthy dynamic between them and really loved one another.

Her relationship with her parents wasn’t very good. She did have an older sister that she was very close to, but who lived far away. So while they kept in contact, they didn’t see each other in person very often.

6- Favorite kind of post apocalyptic food

She always looks forward to noodle cups when she can have them.

7- Worst mutation in their opinion

Well, she has a very negative reaction to the various bug mutations to begin with because bugs freaked her out even before the fallout. And now those bugs are huge and hostile. She gets a handle on it soon enough though.

8- Opinion on Synths

Blast, I was gonna reply with a gif, but can’t find one that fits right atm. So …

*thumbs up*

9- Worst memory so far

I’m gonna have to say watching Nate murdered in front of her and Shaun being taken.

10- Best memory so far

Nothing really specific. Just being with Piper, especially in situations where they aren’t in constant danger

Ask me about my Sosu! (Susan or Nadia)

My favorite sports

I like many different kinds of sports such as : football, swimming, paintball, darts, and what is added to the list more recently is badminton. Let’s talk about football. These days I don’t play football as I used to do before. I only play rarely, but still I still enjoy playing it, or even watching football matches. I’m literally crazy about football matches. Beside of that, I love swimming. I used to swim every week back in the time. now days, I’m trying to swim as much as I can. Also, I love darts so much because it gave me focus on my life. When I play darts , I look at the board as targets of my life, so it gave me courage to accomplish my goals. Last of all, badminton is one of the sports the I like the most. funny thing is that I only starts playing it recently, and only for couple of times, but i like it very much. I will continue playing it a lot. Even though, I don’t know how to serve properly. I like many other kinds of sports. However, these are what I like the most. 

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Nice anon alert! Tell 10 things random things about yourself and then send this to 10 people you think are interesting and you want to know more about!

Didn’t I just do something like this recently? I’m running out of things to tell you guys!

  1. I hate raspberries. Or anything raspberry scented or flavoured. They taste like poison.
  2. I have a “pancake sense”. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, I’ll know when I have to go and flip my pancakes. Only pancakes though, for whatever reason.
  3. I hate any kind of sport or athletic activity. Watching or participating. Except-
  4. for the olympics. I fucking love the olympics and will watch anything and everything. Even water polo.
  5. The last summer olympics I got to watch someone with my name (first name and maiden name) win a gold metal. It was awesome. My niece texted me and said “aunty you just won a gold metal!” And I was like “I know! I’m so proud of myself! :’D”. She thought it was pretty funny.
  6. I think I did some serious damage to my toe the other day. I stubbed it on a rake and I can barely touch it on anything still.
  7. I am currently eating cinnamon hearts.
  8. I am planting my first garden this year and I am very excited about it.
  9. My legs are allergic to the sun. They never tan, they just burn. And I always get a heat rash on them if I spend too much time in the sun. So I can look pretty stupid looking: currently my back, shoulders, arms, and my feet are all brown, and then my legs are just vampire white with a red rash all over. Lame.
  10. Ten is excessive isn’t it? Hmmm. I have very long fingers. You look at me and think that I’m petite, so if you were to give me some gloves you would go for women’s small. Then I would laugh and reach for the men’s large. Which the fingers would be way to wide, but at least they would be long enough.

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15,bigender,5'6,my eyes are green and my hair is brown,I like sports of any kind and especially volleyball and tbh,Im the cheesy kind and i like the sea, so yes,long walks on the beach bc beach and sunsets are my shit and i also like kisses so yeah8)

: 0000 u s ound rllyrlly rlly cute ofc i w ould date u ?? u aint even g otta ask

Describe yourself on anon and I’ll say if I’d date you! x

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My crush is my boyfriend!! We both like the same kind of music and sport team so we see concerts and games together 😊😊 He's so adventurous and down to do whatever even if it's 2am and I'm bored at home. Yeah he has the nicest brown eyes and being in his arms feels like home ❤️

dude..goals.. I wish I had even a friend like that haha, hope you guys stay together for a long time bc what you two have is so precious mate!! x

I’m going to start skateboarding! My brother is going to teach me. when I was talking about it at the dinner table, his friend goes, “but what about your hijab?” “what about it?” “Won’t it get in the way?” And this is when I proceed to show my brother and his friend women doing all kind of sports, hobbies, careers, wearing a hijab. A hijab doesn’t prevent you from going for your dreams. Don’t let anyone shame you or make you feel like your hijab will keep you from enjoying life.

Blog Changes

Okay so my recent infatuation with a dorky sports anime kind of took over my life (and my queue) for a couple of weeks, and after some thought I decided it would be best if I reorganized my blogs here on Tumblr dot com. After all, the original purpose of this blog was personal stuff and art posts, but that’s getting buried in 900 posts about anime volleyball. So I made two new sideblogs to split up my content AND HERE THEY ARE:

1. robotfriendship is going to be my new anime/fandom blog. It will contain

-anime posts (right now mostly Haikyuu, Osomatsu-san, Yowapeda, Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun, Sailor Moon, etc.)

-Power Rangers and Super Sentai posts

-Other TV/video game fandoms like Undertale, Steven Universe, and so on

2. bookwasp is my new book tumblr. It will feature

-all book/play/poetry related posts 

-stories and stuff from work (because I work in a bookstore)

-my “currently reading” and possibly some liveblogs or recommendations 

-aesthetic posts that have something to do with books 

-stuff about coffee/tea/general cafe stuff, because those things just go together

3. kayweather (This blog, the one you’re reading) will continue to feature

- My art and comic stuff (which hopefully will be getting back in gear soon), and personal posts

- General aesthetic posts, other people’s original art and comics, pretty stuff you can buy, etc.

- Interesting information and reference things

- Dogs and bugs

- A sort of “best of” fandom/book stuff- things I think are particularly cool/funny even if you’re not “in” that fandom or things that resonate with me a little more personally

-Stuff that just doesn’t fit anywhere else, like jokes and podcasts and stuff

I hope that helps! Now some of you can avoid the massive torrents of anime/Super Sentai that appear whenever I marathon a show (or, if that’s what you like, now you can follow a blog just for that). It’ll take me a while to get all my posts moved around (and the new sideblogs are super empty right now) but the queue for this blog has already been sorted out.

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It’s this sweets #birthday as well!! Since the first day I met you, you have been one of the most beautiful, genuine, kind sports I have come across in my life. I love you & miss you dearly thank you for everything. @sam.diaries

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10, 18, 21, 50

10:Do you like the way that you grew up?
Yeah, absolutely. My parents could have pushed me to do some kind of sport tho so I would actually be good at something. 

18:A random memory from you childhood:
ahh seriously I can’t remember one single memory atm 

21:Do you think you’d make a good parent?
I’m actually not sure. I hope so tho, because I really want kids. 

50:5 random facts about yourself:
- I have four siblings
- I have no idea how I’m gonna survive as an “adult”
- I’m completely fine with watching TV and being on my computer all day.
- I want to be a teacher, but I don’t think I’m gonna be a good one 
- Seriously addicted to pepsi max and chocolate


During my very brief pre-injury days of pro rugby aspirations in Japan all of my teammates would speak with this special kind of sports slang and I loved it so much. I loved it all so much. I have to stop getting injured so I can train again… At this point Ol*mpic possibilities are essentially zero though

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i probably should've said this before but your name's so lovely and different. is rie short for something? i'm glad you're doing well; i'm good, too, i guess, it's kind of hard to tell sometimes. volleyball's my fave sport so that's pretty cool!! :')

yeah it is, rie is short for rhiannon but rie is the name i respond to :) thank you im sure ur name is beautiful too xxx
That’s great! yeah it is hard to tell sometime esp w me & my brain but i try to find happiness w the lil stuff
volleyball is my fav too ❤️