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hey just wondering, do you have a race preference? (regarding the hot bearded men)

My only preference is kindness and a good music taste

11 things...

11 Things about me:

1.     I love weapons,every kind of them.

2.     I am working out almost every day.

3.     I love drawing.

4.     I  am playing videogames a lot.

5.     I am new on Tumblr.^^

6.     My favorite actor is Vin Diesel.

7.     I am watching a ton of people on youtube.

8.     I love almost every kind of music.

9.     I broke,and cut my head with an axe once.

10.   I love riding my motorcross.^^

11.   I love playing Sports.

Now,11 question from @ryutolbx

1.) Favorite animal?

1.) Bear

2.) Do you play games on the web? If so, what websites do you usually play at?

2.) Nope,i don’t,i played,but that was a long time ago.

3.) No. of followers, followed people, and posts?

3.)8 follower,24 followed people,and 8 posts i think.

4.) Have you been outside your country? If so, where and why? If not, how come?

4.)Yes, i have been in Hungary,with my family for vacation. :)

5.) Favorite subject?

5.)Probably games,and zootopia.

6.) What is your opinion on other Zootopia ships (100% canon)?

6.)If theyare wildehopps ships,then it’s good. :)

7.) Favorite number? Why?

7.)My favorite number is 8,but i don’t know why.

8.) Favorite Zootopia fanart (link or picture please)?

8.)All of them are good,i can’t choose.

9.) Favorite art from all topics except zootopia (link or picture please)?

9.)Same,i can’t choose again. :P

10.) What do you think of your name?

10.)I love it. :) I think is nice.

11.) What do you think about your country?

11.)I think my country could be better,but the government is not caring about the people.

Now,11 questions from @datsemtx

1.) What is your opinion to Zootopia(I want a long one to read Friends<3)

1.)My opinion is that zootopiai is one of the best moovies evert created,they made something like never before,the effects were amazing,the characters were amazing,then fans are amazing,everything was amazing in this moovie,and i really like the producers,they are very kind too,so,the best part in this is the fans.Well it’s not that long,but i hope it’s enough. :))

2.) How do friends call you most frequently?

2.)My friends call me Bendzsi most frequently,that’s my nickname.^^

3.) What kind of music do you listen to the most recently?

3.)Well,i listen to a lot kind of music,but mostly i think it’s hip-hop,or rap.

4.) Would you consider Fanfics as “books”?


5.) What is your favorite outfit (from the appearance of it)?

5.)Hmm,i think it’s the black jeans,a white shirt,and a black leather jacket.

6.) What are you wearing when you’re home just to relax?

6.)Mostly short pants,with a T-shirt.

7.) What’s your opinion on Clichés (I mean the sort of friendly jokingly meant kind of ones, even some you throw at yourself)?

7.)I love them,if we are having fun. :)

8.) Wich place would you love to visit the most?

8.)Hmm,i think maybe Moscva,or America,i don’t know.

9.) Would you call yourself healthy?

9.)Yes,ofc I  eat sometimes junk food,but i am working out,and i am playing sports too…so yeah.^^

10.) Rather cold weather or warm weather?(no matter if rain etc. or not)

10.)Cold weather all the time,I hate when it’s hot.

11.) How long did it take you to make this post?

11.)Now as long as I was thinking. :)

Now, 11 questions from @ihavewaytoomanyproblems

1. Favourite place?

1.My home. xD

2. Where would you most like to visit?

2.Hmm,Moscva or America.

3. Favourite film which isn’t Zootopia.


4. Any pets?

4.I have a dog :),but i had ducks too.

5. Favourite YouTuber or internet personality?

5.Hmm,I think its IOBAGG,he is  a romanian YouTuber,I am watching him a long time ago,btw his channel’s name is CreativeMonkeyzArmy.^^

6. Favourite band or singer?

Well,my favorite singer(rapper) is Eminem,and my favorite band is AC/DC.

7. Have you got any hobbies?

7.I have a lot of hobbies,like crafting,archery,drawing,etc. :)

8. Number of followers and number of posts?

8. 9 Followers,and 8 posts I think.

9.Whats you’re favourite thing to do in your free time?

9.Hmm,playing videogames,I guess.^^

10. Best friends names?


11. How are you today?

11.I’m feel great. ^^

Now,my 11 questions

1.Favorite actor/actress.

2.Favorite moovie.(without Zootopia)

3.Favorite videogame.

4.Favorite artist.

5.Are you drawing?If yes,when you started it,and what are you mostly drawing.

6.Favorite Car.

7.Who do you hate the most in the world?

8.Favorite music.

9.Favorite zootopia comic.

10.How many pushups can you you do without stopping? :)

11.What was the most amazing thing you ever saw?

I want to thank @ihavewaytoomanyproblems, @ryutolbx and @datsemtx for tagging me. :))

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Give us the 411 of who Stairswarning really is

uhhhh, i have no idea how to answer this, hahaha. idk, i make pretty ok mac and cheese, when i get into something i go hard, i accidentally complain a lot, oops.

i really love writing fanfiction and want to one day write an amazing story of my own, i love basically all kinds of music, im still in high school, i fucking love video games (la noire is my current fav- portal 2 is my all time fav)

i love affection but im a lonely bitch, i love sour patch kids too much (like, eating a two pound bag in three days kind of love), and i really like jewelry.

idk what else to add, tbh. if you wanted anything more specific, message me!


disney princess films: “i want” songs

In most American musicals, the hero is a little guy (or girl) who doesn’t amount to much right now, but dreams of a brighter future. Usually, they do this with an “I Want” Song, where they sing of how this little town is too small and they know there’s a great big world out there for them…. If well written, the “I Want” Song can do an excellent job of establishing the character of the protagonist and their one burning desire that will motivate their actions from here on. (x)

BONUS: Not a princess, but from a princess movie:

Leave The Light On
  • Leave The Light On
  • Sara Ramirez

Leave The Light On by Sara Ramirez

♫ And I thank you everyday.. For all you gave to me.. For saving me, for the strength to carry on.. When I close my eyes.. I feel you close to me, still holding me.. Even though you’re gone.. And every night I leave the light on.. ♫

loving this song.. the music and the lyrics are addicting.. love hearing Sara Ramirez’s singing voice.. :)

some singing/musical headcanons for the paladins that no one actually asked for but im putting out there anyway ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

  • Lance thrives in performing in front of others
    • He would always be singing his heart out in the car with the rest of his family
    • His music taste is all over the place
      • seriously give him the aux cord for a long road trip and you’ll never hear the same song twice
    • Despite the eye rolls his siblings give towards his elaborate performances, Lance actually has a great voice
    • If he’s bored while the castle is still en route to their location, he’ll wander the hallways, whistling and singing whatever lyrics are running through his head at the given moment
      • This often results in medleys that are the structural equivilant to food goo
    • He sings much quieter as the days in the castle pass
      • He tells himself its because the hallways echo too much
      • He knows he’s lying
  • While Lance has never been shy about his singing, Keith is the complete opposite
    • He’s lucky if he can even hear himself sometimes
    • When they started out as paladins, Shiro was the only one who even knew he could sing
    • As time passed, he slowly began to let the others know
      • The first to find out was Hunk, when Keith began murmuring a repetative melody while the two of them worked on repairs for their lions
      • Next were Allura and Coran, who overheard his light harmonies as he studied the star maps in the observation deck 
      • Pidge found out when Keith walked past her workplace with lyrics passing through his lips. He hadn’t known she had been sitting there until later that night.
      • The last to know was Lance, when Keith found him shaking outside his door at night. They had seen more death than they wanted to that day, and as Lance burried his face in the hollows of Keith’s collarbones, Keith found himself rubbing circles into his back and whispering lullabies into his hair.
  • Hunk doesn’t sing, but he played guitar for 6 years before joining the Garrison, and took up ukulele sometime within the last 2 years
    • He and Lance had countless spontaneous karaoke evenings while at the Garrison
    • He’s always wanted practice more electric guitar, but he never quite got the hang of it
    • He’s made plans to scrounge up materials to construct a ukulele to practice with during downtime, but he hasn’t quite gotten around to it yet
  • Matt started learning piano at age 10
    • Katie would watch him with wide-eyed wonder as the years went on, and eventually, he began to teach her
    • The two of them would sit at the keyboard, sometimes repeating the same measures for hours until the sheet music was burned into their eyes and the notes rang in their ears
    • On other days, they would create the melodies from scratch, filling the household with a mess of noise, a language that no one but them could decipher
    • Katie never played much after Matt left for the Garrison
    • When she became Pidge and first saw the Garrison’s piano in the mess hall, she ran out of the room and back to her dorm
    • Somehow, there was just too much of Matt in that room for him to not be present
    • It took days before she could eat in the mess hall again
  • Shiro never had much musical experience growing up
    • He attempted the violin for a year and a half before he lost interest and gave it up completely 
    • After knowing each other in the Garrison for about a year, Matt would often play him quiet pieces on the piano in the Garrison’s mess hall
    • It became a weekly routine for the two of them
    • Eventually, Matt began to teach Shiro simple melodies, once that reminded him of home and sent his thoughts to the stars
    • Shiro would find himself humming those same melodies months later, when the nightmares drew him awake and the starlight no longer gave him comfort

(feel free to add more!!)


always // panic! at the disco