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imagine if there was a situation where yona and hak had to pose as lovers before Yun and the others joined. Would of loved to see it happened. Especially if they went to an inn.

Hak: My wife and I would like your biggest room for the night, with enough wine and food for at least 7. We might be hungry later tonight… *wink*
Yona: Hak! *blushes*
Later that night, the rest of the HHB arrives (one by one).
Jae-Ha: My lady, where are you? I brought you flowers!
Kija: Where is my mistress?! I don’t trust Hak *hiss*
Shin-Ah: … *mutter* Don’t worry Ao you’ll see her soon.
Zeno: We’d like to see the missy and mister! We need to warn them mom is coming.
Yoon: Ignore these dorks. We’re here to see *tries to remember their codenames for when they travel incognito*… the mother of dragons and the dark dragon.
Inn clerk: *facepalm*

casual Johnny sketches


My bias everyone 👀💙


“Don’t trap me inside walls
Where I can’t see, no
If you won’t have me, then let me go”