What’s Ohno Satoshi’s driving force in life? - “Ultimately, what I love the most is seeing the smiles on the faces of the people who came to watch us.” - Ohno Satoshi (Translation by transitions0101@twitter)

Thank you, dear Satoshi, for making us smile so much with your adorable presence and your pure heart! Seeing you happy and enjoying your beautiful journey with Arashi is our great joy! We wish you the best today and always! Happy 36th Birthday, precious leader! All our love to you, the owner of the cutest smiles that illuminate our lives! ♥

11.2.2017 yup…it is here… Tomaaaa-kuuuun!!! Omedetouuu for all your hard work you did in that 21 years in big family which JE is! Dont mind haters! You are and always will be part of this family. I am so gratefull you decided to stay there. You overcomed hardships, gained lot of skills and was able to prove your talent. Those 3 years I have been your fan it was amazing to see your way to become successful actor and also great man. I am so proud beeing your fan. Please continue to pursue your goals and be always that Toma I know. Thank you for helping me in hard times, for giving me inspiration, for making me happy.♥ For me you will always be little bit different in JE family…forever the special one! Can’t wait for your surprises in 2017!!!