今日は私がエスコート 昴さんに贈る Premium Birthday



Taking a bath together

What are you feeling embarrass about



Rose bath for two

Prepare yourself later for delaying on your part 

Happy Birthday Subaru! ♥(ノ´∀`)

(Translated with my crappy Japanese skills. Kindly credit if used)


一柳昴 プロポーズ編 



Smoking in the night

Sorry, did I wake you?



An important key

Wait here until I come back

(Translated with my crappy Japanese skills. Kindly credit if used)

Only I must protect them... no matter when, even if Arashi doesn't exist anymore... No! If we're all together then Arashi doesn't have an end...

Arashi’s Tears (‘07 Magazine Interview) taken from a blog ~

Ohno Satoshi:

“Honestly, men crying isn’t something really embarrassing. But I would easily cry in a lot of situations, and I wouldn’t want other people to know… There was once I was talking to Nino on the phone, and that kid suddenly said, "Riida, you’ve always been guiding us like this, truly, thank you… no matter what we say every day, in our hearts our riida’s definitely the best! We won’t switch you with anyone! Are you listening? You’re not dozing off are you?” There was something that filled my heart when I heard this…“

"I can’t even reply anything else but "I’m hanging up”. In the end I got lectured by him because of this…But I’m really bad at saying those things… Those kind children who can look at someone like me as a leader, I really truly love them. If I was in another group, I probably won’t be given such attention, therefore I’ve always been thankful… I’m not goodlooking, neither am I special, but because Arashi is very handsome and very special, therefore even I have become someone amazing…
"Maa…I feel very apologetic for someone like me to be leader, but I truly love them, very very much

“These idiots, even if they made a mistake where no one can forgive them, I will never be able to leave them be. Only I must protect them… no matter when, even if Arashi doesn’t exist anymore… No! If we’re all together then Arashi doesn’t have an end…We’ve walked together to the present, it won’t change in the future…When I think about this, tears will fall…