Super self indulgent doodle…! It just started as a joke about not being able to dig through garbage bins anymore and somehow escalated!! I’m very sorry.

That being said, I can’t bring myself to draw anything past “one sided infatuation”, especially with a self insert… QuQ; I hope no one is really expecting more.

Nanu tried to make a joke but didn’t expect such an awkward response. She has her hands up and ready to be cuffed!! How embarrassing… This is why he just lives with a bunch of Meowth and doesn’t associate with people.

*turns down volume to minimum*
*sticks pillows up on windows*
*straps self to computer chair with a variety of belts*
*sticks cotton balls in cats ears*

“I am now ready”

*hits play button*


*house explodes*

OH SNAP, can it be?!  An ongoing monthly web-comic feature, with not one, but TWO SERIES running at the same time?  MY HEAD IS GOING TO EXPLODE!

I’ll be starting a new Patreon-supported web comic series for you to enjoy!  A new chapter of The Elephant Book every month for FREE, plus sneak peeks and bonus material for patrons who donate to support the comic!  OMG, SO AMAZING.  Plus bonus Bizenghast comics and appearances!  Cuz you know Edaniel’s not happy if someone else gets the spotlight for too long. XD

The continued adventures of Williams and Fairfax will be broadcast LIVE and IN YOUR FACE, every month in a new serialized format online!  Book 2 will be debuting very soon, and each new book will be collected into a graphic novel after it is serialized, so you can collect some IRL goodness!  And to those of you who already bought volume one of the Elephant Book, your support will be rewarded in a big way, with exclusive bonuses for everyone who owns a copy of TEB prior to this announcement!

BONUS!  With enough support from patrons, a brand-new, never-before-seen horror series called DARK HOUSE will be featured every month alongside The Elephant Book!  Stay tuned for a free preview of this mysterious new story!



today I:

  • learned my grandfather, uncles, and two cousins voted for trump
  • learned my grandmother was homophobic
  • learned there are wildfires all over the area that caused red alert air quality
  • saw a powerline next to my house spark like exploding fireworks
  • called 911 for the first time
  • travelled for 9.5 hours nonstop
  • got jeered at by my family for being ‘social justicey’

it’s not been a great start, but on the plus side, today I also:

  • learned about how computers work at the electrical level
  • had a really cool conversation with my dad on the drive home from the airport
  • had a delicious frap from starbucks
  • hung out with my brother for a while
  • finally deposited my tips
  • got to see my dog
  • started working on a cool poster i’m excited about

it’ll be better, I’m sure